What is The Meaning of Robo-signing?

  1. You can define Robo-signing as, An action in which a person reviews, evaluates, acts, and ultimately signs 10,000 forecast documents each month. These individuals proved the existence of legitimate and justifiable grounds for confiscation and confirmed it by signing the confiscation before a notary. But, as it later became clear, due to the quantity and complexity of the required documents, these robotic signatures literally signed thousands of documents without reading or editing them. As a result of these measures, the country's five largest banks signed a landmark میں 25 billion deal in February 2012 with a coalition of attorney generals and federal agencies. The agreement aims to rehabilitate homeowners' losses and provide financial assistance to borrowers who have suffered losses through robotic companies. The transactions involved Bank of America Corporation, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Co., Citigroup, Inc. and Eli Financial, Inc. (formerly GMAC).

Literal Meanings of Robo-signing


Meanings of Signing:
  1. Write your signature on official documents.

  2. Recruiting people, especially for professional sports teams or record labels.

  3. Someone recently recruited exclusively to join a professional sports team or record label.

  4. An event at a bookstore or other place where an author signs several books for promotion and sale.

  5. Sign language.

  6. Poster delivery on the street or elsewhere.

Sentences of Signing
  1. The laws eliminate the need to sign complex contracts and instead allow consumers to sign simple transaction receipts.

  2. Permission is usually obtained by signing a permit document.

  3. This is called a marriage certificate and the marriage certificate has to be signed in front of witnesses.

  4. The Ramsar Convention was signed in 1971 on the occasion of World Wetlands Day.

  5. The Salzburg meeting took place on the third anniversary of the formal signing of the Stability Pact.

  6. The signing of the agreement on Wednesday was delayed for several hours due to a last-minute dispute over the distribution of electricity.

  7. He expressed surprise and concern that he had not been informed of the terms before signing the agreement.

  8. The agreement will be signed in August and development will resume soon.