Private Number Call

A private number call is placed when private number or private caller is displayed in your caller ID for an incoming call. Generally these calls will show on your phone as private caller, restricted, blocked, no caller ID.

private number call

Whenever there is a bell on your phone, your prime intuition will always to find out who is calling you but what if it is a private number call? A private number or private caller always wants to hide his phone number or identity from the person whom he is calling.

What is private number call?

A private number call is shown with private number or private caller w/c is displayed in your caller ID for an incoming call.
It means that the person who is calling you has blocked his number intentionally so that you won’t be known of his name or phone number. He / she can do this either through his telephone carrier or a smartphone by dialing 67 or any other code before dialing your number.
The use of private number calls is very much popular now days. It is used by many telemarketing companies as they use it to avoid when their numbers are blocked or reported. Private numbers a also used by business owners and tradesmen who don’t want their personal phone numbers leaked due to their business in their social circle or business clients.
Where there are positive aspects of somethings there are also some negative aspects of the same things. The private numbers have also many misuses. Lots of scams can also be generated due to private numbers as private numbers can’t be traced easily which would be beneficial for a private number caller.

How to make private number call?

The number of phone scams and number spoofing or cybercrime is increasing day by day since last 2 years. The wave of scamming is much increased in 2020. There is no doubt that these types of scams will increase as the time passes because leakage of numbers is getting common day by day. Most often the numbers are acquired or escaped from online databases or sometimes when you attend the calls of a call Centre or a robocall, your number can end up on a list. So keep in mind that not everyone you call should have your phone number.

One way to avoid such scams and protect your privacy is to hide your number when you make calls to the person you don’t know. It is called making a private number call. In this article I am going to show you some ways of how to make your phone number appear as a private number.
Generally there are 4 methods which you can use to make a private number call that are discussed deeply below:

1.Use temporary codes to hide your number while making a call:

One of the best codes which is used to hide number is 67. This trick works on both smartphones and landlines. In spite of this there are some other codes as well to hide you phone number and make it show private or unknown to the caller. These are:
#31# is for AT&T North American phones, Canada phones, most European and South American phones.
• 141 are for UK phones.
• 1167 is for most North American rotary phones.
The most common in these codes is *67. This free process will hide your number and on the other end it will show your number as private or blocked instead of showing your number.
• Open phone app in your phone that is used to generate calls.
• Open the keypad and enter the block code.
• After that enter the phone number of the person whom you are calling. There should be a country code.
• Press on the call on icon. Doing this will hide your number in case if other person do not have any app that unhide the private number call.

2.Block your number by default on your smartphone:

If you aren’t satisfied from using the block codes, the second method for hiding your phone number or making a private number call from your phone is that you should block your number from the settings of your smartphone. This can be a bit different in an android phone or an IPhone.

Using an android:
If you are using an android phone, it is possible to activate a setting that will let you to make a private number call and make your number private for all the outgoing calls from your phone.
• To do this, open the phone app and tap on the phone icon you use to make calls by your android phone.
• Click on the icon w/c is in the upper right corner. This may be an icon with 3 erect dots or lines or a button that has written more.
• By clicking on that icon, a menu will appear, in this tap on the settings options. From there click on the more settings options. It may be supplementary services in some phones.
• This will open another menu. From there click on caller ID. It may be show caller ID or show my caller ID. By clicking on this there will appear a three option menu.
• Click on Hide number in the show caller ID. This will hide your number when you make calls from android phones.

Using an IPhone:
While using an iPhone you can use the following steps to hide your number or make a private number call. These features are absent in some iPhones but I will tell you what to do in that case.
• Open the settings app in your iPhone. It is present on the home screen.
• Click on the icon that resembles the old phone. It is found in the settings menu in an iPhone.
• Then tap on show my caller ID.
• A toggle switch will appear having showed my caller ID in the side. If this switch is off, your caller ID won’t appear when you are making a call from your iPhone.
• Some of the iPhones like Verizon wireless doesn’t allow these features. Then in such phones, you can simple use the block codes like 67 or any other to make your number appear as a private number.

3.Ask your carrier to block your number:

The process of blocking your phone number is not in all kinds of phones or devices. In that case you should ask your carrier to block your number. If you want that make all lines on your account should be privatize, ask them to make this the default for outgoing calls.
For this you can apply the following steps:
• Open the phone app. It is the icon on the home screen. Tap on it and open it.
• Dial a code which is 611 on your keypad and then tap on the call button. This code is used to contact customer service.
• After that, follow the instructions to talk to the customer service representative.
• After following the instructions, you can talk to the customer service representative; ask them to make your number private permanently. It is a free service but many of carriers can charge fee for this.

4.Use a burner or Google voice app:

If you don’t know much about your phone settings or carrier settings, you can also use some burner apps. These apps will use your internet data and will allow you to make a call on internet by providing your phone a second number. There are many kinds of burner apps. You can use anyone of them. Some of them are:
• Hushed
• Switch
• Text Me up
• Ring 4
• Another number.
You can also use a Google voice app that allows you to place calls and messages from a second number instead of your mobile number. The google voice numbers are not recorded blatantly as long as you don’t give it to your known persons.

How to trace the private number call Or Call back on it?

The use of mobile phones and internet connections is getting common day by day. Nowadays, we often wonder how we would survive if we can’t have access to these. There are some occurrences where we want to keep our personal details private and protected because exposing these details can often leads to worse kind of scams as taking advantage of someone’s personal communication details is not a big deal nowadays. Keep your mobile phone number safe from the people you want to distance from. As I have mentioned above some of the ways to keep your number private, but what you should do when a private caller calls on your number. If you may be dubious of answering unknown and private number calls, how will you know about that caller or what should you do to call back on that number?
Here are some of the methods which you can use to trace the private number call or call back on that number:

1.Calling back on a private number call for free by using *69:

We all know that it is allowed and is possible for people to make their calls blocked or private but you can also reveal the identity of a person who is calling you. A service is created by the telephone companies which is called last return call will let you know about the details of the last calls on your phone. It is a free service for many. Dial *69 on landlines and #69 on your smart phone for getting the details of the recent caller. This will not allow you to find that private number but will let you to talk to that private caller.
Although it has a downside that sometimes the caller calls you to know that your number is in active state or not. This is basically done to leak your contact details to scammers.

2.Inspect the phone providers log:

If you are not successful in your search for private number call, there is another way to find out those details. Your telephone or phone service provider has a log of your incoming and outgoing calls. So you can search and scrutinize the call records of your mobile by signing in into your account.
Most often the private numbers are not hidden here in the lists. So in this way you can reveal the identity of unknown caller by comparing the date and time of your phone log.

3.Search for the private numbers with reverse lookups:

If you have found out the private number and you want to get more information about this number, you can use the method of the reverse number lookup. What you have to do is to input that number in Google search or yellow pages. By doing this you will be able to know whether the number is a landline number or a phone number. You can also trace the location of where this device is registered.

4.Use a service to reveal private number calls:

If you are constantly receiving private number calls and want to know about or unmask these callers, you can use a service known as trap call to reveal the identity of these callers. You have to pay this service. And it will reveal the blocked callers and will provide you the basic details of that number and the caller.

5.Putting up a call tracking to reveal private number calls:

The next method to reveal the identity of a blocked or private number caller is setting up a call tracking. So phone service providers offer a call service to track the calls that are threatening or harassing.
Dial *57 from landline and #57 from a cell phone after receiving a private number call. After a few minutes, if the tracing attempt is successful the company will send you a recorded message which will let you know about the basic details of the number and the caller. In some phone services it is free, while some services charge a little fee.

The private number calls are getting common day by day as with these calls the caller ID isn’t displayed on the other end. Instead of the numbers there displays a private number, unknown number or private caller. There are number of ways you can make private number calls. This can be done by some block codes, changing your smartphone settings or consulting with your carrier to do it. Some burner apps can also help in it. Beside this, there are also many ways to trace back a private number call on your phone. Dialing a free code, checking your phone log lists, searching these by reverse lookups, using a tracking service or setting up a call tracing are some of the methods that are used to trace back the private number call.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Can you call back a private number?

Yes, you can call back a private number by dialing *69 to call back automatically the last number that called you for landlines on your phone list.

2. How can I see a private number?

You can see a private number through TrapCall application it is the only mobile application that expose the phone number behind private callers.

3. Does * 67 Still Work 2020?

Yes *67 does still work and it’s free you can dial that code before the phone number, and it will temporarily deactivate caller ID.

4. What does * 82 mean on a cell phone?

*82 actually block your number and name from displaying on caller ID. Outgoing calls will be displayed as Anonymous ,Unavailable or Private.

5. What happens when you dial ## 002?

If your SMS call, data call or voice call has been forwarded you can dial this USSD code by dialing this code will erase them.

6.What is the difference between * 67 and * 69?

By Pressing *67 before dialing the number will blocks the user’s number on an outgoing call Press *69 to dial the number again of the last incoming call it activates the call return feature for your last incoming call.


The phone number scams are increasing day by day and result in worst situations for the targeted people. Therefore one should be careful while making a call to the person who is unknown. I have mentioned many ways in this article which would be helpful for avoiding such kind of scams. Although the private number calls are also beneficial as many businesses use these to deal with their customers.

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