Definition of Icon:

  1. A painting of Jesus Christ or another holy figure, typically in a traditional style on wood, venerated and used as an aid to devotion in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches.

  2. A sign whose form directly reflects the thing it signifies, for example, the word snarl pronounced in a snarling way.

  3. Small pictorial symbol used in a graphical user interface (GUI) or in web documents to identify a file, folder, program, or device (such as drive, modem, printer). An icon is activated by clicking on it with a pointing device to start an operation or to make a choice.

  4. A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

  5. A symbol or graphic representation on a screen of a program, option, or window, especially one of several for selection.

Synonyms of Icon

Image, Idol, Portrait, Likeness, Representation, Symbol, Figure, Statue, Model, Agnus Dei, Holy Grail, Host, Pieta, Sanctus bell, Sangraal, Abstract, Abstraction, Altarpiece, Ark, Asperger, Asperges, Aspergillum, Bambino, Beadroll, Beads, Block print, Candle, Censer, Certified copy, Chaplet, Ciborium, Collage, Color print, Companion, Copy, Counterfeit, Cross, Crucifix, Cruet, Cyclorama, Daub, Dead ringer, Diptych, Double, Duplicate, Ectype, Effigy, Engraving, Eucharistial, Exact likeness, Fair copy, Faithful copy, Fake, Fellow, Forgery, Fresco, Glosseme, Holy cross, Holy water, Holy-water sprinkler, Idol, Illumination, Illustration, Image, Imitation, Incensory, Lexeme, Lexical form, Likeness, Living image, Living picture, Match, Mate, Matzo, Menorah, Mezuzah, Mikvah, Miniature, Mirroring, Model, Monstrance, Montage, Morpheme, Mosaic, Mural, Osculatory, Ostensorium, Panorama, Paschal candle, Pasticcio, Pastiche, Pax, Phony, Photograph, Phrase, Phylacteries, Picture, Portrait, Prayer shawl, Prayer wheel, Print, Pyx, Reflection, Relics, Representation, Reproduction, Resemblance, Rood, Rosary, Rubbing, Sacramental, Sacred relics, Sacring bell, Semasiological unit, Semblance, Sememe, Shadow, Shofar, Sign, Signifiant, Significant, Similitude, Simulacrum, Spit and image, Spitting image, Stained glass window, Stencil, Still life, Sukkah, Symbol, Tabernacle, Tableau, Tallith, Tapestry, Term, Thurible, Token, Trace, Tracing, Triptych, Twin, Type, Urceole, Veronica, Very image, Very picture, Vigil light, Votive candle, Wall painting, Word, Celebrity, Star, Superstar, Icon, Famous person, Great, Genius, Phenomenon, Luminary, Giant, Big name

How to use Icon in a sentence?

  1. This iron-jawed icon of American manhood.
  2. Peirce distinguishes three types of sign - the icon, the index and the symbol.
  3. The iconoclasts wanted to rid the church of images, icons, even paintings.
  4. It also said that although the sales will come from services such as mobile phone graphics, icons, screen savers and novelty voice mail, it is ringtones that will dominate.

Meaning of Icon & Icon Definition

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Computer symbols



  • Symbols or images that represent more complex things, such as people or ideas. Icons have also become prominent role models or role models (ie they symbolically represent the best in the class). Symbols also refer to computerized symbols or other small symbols that have meanings, especially in the design of signals and electronic devices that should be intuitive and self-explanatory. The image comes from the Greek acon, which means example and image, and was originally used to refer to religious paintings, especially Christ. The meaning of modern words and symbols is now widely used in terms of emotional signs (emotions and symbols) blocking computers / internet / phones, symbols used to convey emotions in email messages.

Meanings of Icon

  1. Paintings of Jesus Christ or other holy figures, usually in the traditional wooden style, were revered in the Byzantine and Oriental churches as devotional aid.

  2. Individuals or objects that are considered representative or worthy of worship.

  3. Symbol or graphical representation of a program, option, or window on a screen, especially one of several options.

  4. A symbol whose shape directly reflects its meaning, for example an abusive girl.

Sentences of Icon

  1. Icon clasts wanted to rid the church of photos, icons and even paintings.

  2. This iron when icon of American masculinity

  3. He also said that when services like cell phone graphics, icons, screen savers and new voicemail messages are sold, touch will prevail.

  4. Paris distinguishes three types of characters, namely, symbol, index and symbol.

Synonyms of Icon

ikon , graphic image , symbol , painted image , portrait , likeness , portrayal , picture , representation , graphical user interface , figure , idol


What is The Meaning of Icon?

  1. A symbol or image that represents something more complex, such as a person or image. Icons have also become prominent role models or role models (ie they symbolically represent the best in the class). Symbols also refer to computerized symbols or other small symbols that are used exclusively in the design of meanings and electronic devices intended to be intuitive and easy to use. The icon comes from the Greek word aiken, which means picture or image and is used to refer to religious beliefs, especially images of Christ. The meanings of modern words and icons can now be found in computer / internet / PN emoticons (emotions and icons), which symbolize mood in email messages.

Meanings of Icon

  1. Devotional paintings of Christ or other holy figures, usually made of wood and used in ceremonies in Byzantine and Eastern churches.

  2. A person or thing that is considered a representative symbol or worthy of worship.

  3. An icon or graphical representation of a program, option, or window screen.

  4. A sign that has the same characteristics as its meaning, for example a screaming word, spoken in the form of an insult.

Sentences of Icon

  1. This is the iron jaw icon of American masculinity.



Symbols or images that represent more complex things, such as people or ideas. Icons have also become prominent role models or role models (meaning they symbolically represent the best in the class). Symbols also refer to computerized symbols or other small symbols that are used to convey meaning, especially in the design of gestures and electronic devices intended to be intuitive and easy to use. The icon comes from the Greek, akon, which means picture or image and has been used for religious beliefs, especially images of Christ. Modern word and symbol meanings can now be found in computer / internet / pneumatic emoticons (emotions and symbols), symbols of conveying humor in email messages.

Meanings of Icon

  1. Devotional paintings of Christ or other holy figures, usually made of wood and used formally in Byzantine and Eastern churches.

  2. An icon or graphical representation on a program, option, or window screen.

  3. A symbol that has the same characteristics as a meaning, for example the word gruel, which is spoken in the form of insults.

Sentences of Icon

  1. This Iron Man icon of American masculinity