IOS 11 launched with a built-in screen recording option through which users can easily record I phone 7 screens without installing additional software. Now you get to know the answer of how to screen record in iPhone 7? Just go to the control center of your iPhone 7 and tap on the recording icon, as you tap recording will be started and a red line on the top of the screen shows recording is ‘ON’.

How to screen record in iPhone 7

Follow these steps to record screen in iPhone 7

Step# 1 Add recording button to control center

  • To add the recording button in the control center, go to the setting option, a list appears.

  • Scroll down the menu and click on the control center.

  • In the control center an option appears called ‘customize’, tap on it.

  • In customize, a list appears, some with – sign and some with + sign.

  • Functions appear with + sign means they are not included in the control center and you need to tap on it if you want to add it.

  • Functions with the minus sign shown are already included in the control center if you want to exclude it then you have to tap the minus sign.

  • If the recording option is not included in the minus list then to add it to the list scroll down and find a recording option that would be like a circle with another circle around, tap + to add it to the control center menu.

  • To check whether it is added or not come upon the home screen of iPhone 7 and swipe up if the recording icon appears it means it is added in the control center.

Step# 2 start recording

  • On the home screen of I phone 7 swipes up and taps on the recording option.
  • An option appears, shows the start recording option tap on it.
  • A count down appears, with the count of 1 recording start. Now whatever you do on your I phone 7 will be recorded.

recording with voice

if you want to record your voice with a screen then follow these steps.

  • Swipe up the home screen in I phone 7
  • Tap and hold the screen recording icon for 3 to 4 seconds
  • A message appears which shows the mic icon, tap on it to turn on the mic and tap on the start recording option.
  • A countdown appears, with the count of 1 recording start, now your voice will also be recorded with a screen.

Step # 3 stop recording

There are two methods to stop recording on phone 7.

Method #1

  • Swipe up the home screen of iPhone 7 and tap on the recording icon.
  • A message appears, shows two options cancel and stop.
  • Tap on the stop recording option to stop screen recording.

Method #2

  • A red line appears on the upper area of iPhone 7 that shows the recording continues. Tap on it
  • A message appears that gives two options to cancel and stop
  • Tap o stop recording option to stop screen recording.

Step #4 save the recording

  • When the recording stops a message appears on the upper area of the I phone 7 that shows your recording is saved into photos.
  • Go to your gallery or camera photo option and find your recording, now you can use it whatever purpose for.


  1. Go to the control center by swiping up the home screen tap on the recording icon and then tap on start recording.
  2. To record the screen with voice, tap and hold the recording icon for 4 seconds then tap on turn on the mic, and then start recording.

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12 Tips to record a perfect screen video.

Here are some tips that will help to record a perfect screed recording from an IOS device.

1. Enable does not disturb mode:

while recording an app review or demonstrate any feature of a mobile phone, suddenly an incoming call or a notification from YouTube or Facebook popup and disturb your flow of recording, now you are frustrated to think about recording it once again.

iPhone 7 and even every phone has an option called ‘do not disturb’ just enable it to protect from any distraction. Do not disturb also featured as silence mode to turn on this mode go setting then tap do not disturb a list appear, scroll down and tap on silence. Now your mobile is in silent mode.

2. Lock orientation:

My phone 7 has a special feature called lock orientation. This feature helps you if your device suddenly tilts while recording. What you need to do is just set your device up and down or sideway from where you want to record a video then swipe up and tap on the padlock icon.

3. Turn off display zoom

To record full-resolution video in I phone 7 then it is important to turn off display zoom mode. If you leave it on then might be possible that the screen recording would not be that much clear that it could be.

To turn off the display zoom mode go to setting then tap on display and brightness then go to display zoom or view, here you tap on standard and then tap. Now your device will restart and display zoom turned off.

4. Unmute your device

If your device is in mute mode then the voice coming from your device while recording will not be recorded. For example, you are recording a game on your IOS device and your device is in mute mode, the voice coming from the game will not be recorded until it unmutes.
The device in silent mode means mute, to unmute just press the side mute/unmute button in your iPhone 7.

5. Turn off in-app music

If you are recording a game and the game has music and the sound effect. Your device can’t record both simultaneously what you need to do is turn off the game music and let sound effects record.

To turn off game music go to the game setting and turn off the music. Later you can implement a soundtrack separately by uploading music.

6. Free up resource

While recording if other application running in the background then it will distract the flow of recording as recording or capturing is an intensive task and require a lot of system resources. It is better to turn off all the applications when you record your I phone 7 screens.

7. Use good quality mic

For good sound quality use a good quality external mic that would be plugin in your mobile device. It can also be used fully if you record voice after recording a video.

A good quality mic can reduce the background sound effect like the noise of the face or any other thing happening around. You need a quiet room where you can easily record your voice without any voice if you don’t have a space in your house then the bathroom or your cupboard is a good option where no noise disturbs you. Another funny but worthy suggestion is recording your voice inside your blanket.

You can also buy a mic booth or if you don’t want to buy a mic then earphones or headphone with built-in mic is a good option.

8. Prepare a script before recording

A good script can save your time and also helps you to make a good video. Plan what you want to record and then write a script according to it.

9. The length limit of screen recording

In iPhone 7, screed recording has no limit. you can record as much as you can the only limit is the phone space itself.

10. Create a new page:

To create a new page, you need to tap and hold the app and drag it to the left edge, now a new page is created.

11. Add music:

Good music in the background of your video brings your video to the next level. If your recording has no soundtrack then you can upload it and add it in the editing section.

12. Trim video

When your recording is finished now the next part is editing. In basic editing, you need to trim the beginning and the end part of the video. You can go for advanced editing where you can add text, effects, or music in your video from the video editing option in the device.

For more details about video editing see the article Graphics, Video Editing & Animation for Professional Development and Online Photo Editors To Improve Blogging

5 Reasons to record iPhone 7 screen:

Several reasons to record iPhone 7 screens, some of them are given below.

1. Easy to elaborate about something:

Through screen recording in an IOS device, iPad or PC you can demonstrate anything either it’s about to record video or persuading an app to some who is far from you.

It can also use by companies for professional purposes. In short, this feature is very helpful to an extent.

2. Record software bug or error

In our daily life, we use different apps some are perfect and some have some error or bug that is difficult to elaborate to the app creator. Now with this feature called ‘screen recording’, you can easily record it and then send it to the creator. This not only saves time and energy but also lets the creator reach the target problem area.

3. Make it easy to demonstrate new app features

With the screen recording feature, now it is easy to demonstrate new app features and functions on which you feel proud.

Another plus point in iOS 11’s screen recording feature is it narrates whatever is you are doing too.

4. Record the game that you are playing.

Nowadays gaming channels on YouTube are so popular. If you also want to open a gaming YouTube channel then the screen recording feature is perfect for you. You can easily record games that you are playing with sound and elaborate It with your audience from your iOS 11’s device.
For more details see the article How to Record Video Games ?

5. Give feedback

Instead of writing your feedback now you can just record it and send it. Either in the form of narration or by visualization say its own.


The frequently asked questions about the topic called screen recording in I phone 7 is given below.

1. Can screen recording be detected?

Yes, the red line spotted at the upper area of the screen of I phone 7 is a sign of recording.
If a person sitting far from you then there is no way to recognize either your mobile screen is on recording mode or not until you tell by yourself.

2. Will zoom know if I screen record?

when you record the screen during the zoom meeting, it will be notified to all the participants. You can’t disable this notification because there is no option to disable it.

3. Is the screen recording app safe?

The first disadvantage of installing an app is a lot of ads rushed out one by one that would be irritating and second, it can get viruses in your phone. So, according to my experience, it is not safe to install a screen recording app on your phone.

4. Is it illegal to screen share a movie?

Yes, to share a screen recording movie is illegal.


I phone 7 has iOS 11’s operating system that allows user to record screen with sound or without sound, both functions are available. The recording screen is very simple just go to the control center and tap on the recording option. To record a good video, you need to consider few things which describe in the above article. Further, there are multiple reasons and benefits for which a person frequently uses the recording feature in I phone 7. I love this feature; it helps me in many ways during my work.

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