Definition of Facebook:

  1. Spend time using the Facebook social media app.

  2. The social media site for the premiere was created by Mark Zuckerberg Alvarez, who graduated from Harvard in 2004. Depius is a creation that is placed on popular social media sites of all ages around the world. In order to use the Website, you must create a private profile in which you provide information about yourself, which can be made public or private, depending on your data security status. After creating your personal profile, you can ask your friends to like the page, articles you meet with your friends, and more. Facebook is a way to stay in touch with your friends or acquaintances. Facebook has about 1.2 billion users every month.

How to use Facebook in a sentence?

  1. If the boss knows how much time you spend shopping online or on Facebook, would you be happy?

Meaning of Facebook & Facebook Definition

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