Cracked Phone Screen

Things To Do About Your Broken Phone Screen

You’ve cracked your cell phone screen. Regardless of whether it sneaked out of your hand while you were on a call or you left it on top of your vehicle when you drove away, the glass is crushed.

Luckily, the presentation actually works, and maybe the touchscreen controls as well. So, what do you do now? Here are a few activities just in the wake of breaking your phone’s screen.

1. Does Phone Insurance Cover A Cracked Screen

The primary activity is check if your phone protection covers broken screens, and under what conditions.

Arranging a fix is simple and easy!

The issues with broken cell phone screens start when it unfolds you can’t get a substitution screen on the protection.

2. Use An Old Cell Phone

You need a phone, yet your screen is broken. So, what can you do? use an old phone instead.

If your phone’s screen is broken and it is not in a condition to be used or it is gone for fixing, then you need to get yourself another one for a time being un till the old one gets fixed.

Regardless of whether you don’t have an old phone you can change to incidentally, a companion or relative may. Ask, and you’ll have a helpful substitution until you’ve chosen how to manage your phone and its broken screen.

3. Spend Money On Broken Cell Phone Screen Repair

While you could deliver your phone to the official maker, you will shell out some serious cash for that alternative.

Risks Of Using Phone With A Cracked Screen

What are the drawbacks of using a phone with a cracked screen?

In the times of Nokia 3310, dropping your phone was not a problem. You get it, dust it off, and set it back in your pocket.

Nowadays, notwithstanding, dropping your cell phone gives you that smaller than expected coronary failure since (pant!) you could very well break its smooth and sparkling screen.

The smartphone screen is made from a material that can easily break when you drop the phone.

Truth be told, tech goliath Samsung, unequivocally showed in its Health and Safety Warranty Guide that cell phones clients should quit utilizing the gadget if the screen is broken or broken because it could cause injury.

1. Touch Screen Malfunction

Phones with cracked screen don’t get better as the time passes but indeed get worst. The first thing that will be undermined in quite a while of capacity is the touch screen limit of your phone. Broken phone screen makes it difficult for a person to use the phone. The hand gestures don’t work properly, neither the touch, and you can’t even attend a call.

Harmed phone screens are additionally helpless to finger oils, residue, and trash working their way inside the breaks, which can additionally harm the phone through time.

2. Loss of Protection

The screen ensures the inward pieces of the gadget from outside components that might harm the gadget. For instance, you would normally clean your phone’s screen with a cotton cloth, however with a broken screen, this doesn’t fit. This is because the liquid can get into the cracks and causes the phone to short circuit.

If you have a phone that is water proof, then it becomes safe at least from water.

3. Splinters On Your Finger

With broken phone screens, you put your fingers in danger from slices when you attempt to swipe through it according to normal. In the event that your phone screen has extreme breaks, you might hurt yourself with little glass splinters.

4. Eye Strain

Cell phones are a top quality devices that gives an extraordinary user-experience. At the point when this HD screen breaks, nonetheless, you will be left with a blemish. It will be more hard to look at the screen and view content in light of the broken screen.

You will have to spend more time in reading the articles or the videos you are watching on social media. A broken screen your phone a more critical device than what it should be.

5. Road Hazard

Smartphones have maps installed in them that help people find the way and get to their location easily. When the drivers don’t know a way, they use maps and follow the directions. Their eyes are constantly on phone while they are driving that is very dangerous. This can cause a road accident and if the drivers are using a phone that has a cracked screen, then their life is in danger because they keep trying to operate the phone and in this case, they can cause accident.

Broken screens power drivers to take their eyes off the street for in excess of a couple of moments when utilizing the cell phone’s GPS, which could be a significant danger and danger.

6. Exposure to Harmful Radiation

The use of mobile phone is dangerous for you. Excessive use can damage your eyesight.

If a phone’s internal systems that cause short circuit are uncovered through the screen breaks, they can cause a serious damage to you.

How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen

Dare to try them - These tips will help you to repair your phone’s display

WE’VE all felt the sinking sensation of watching our phone plunge to the asphalt - and afterward watched our bank balance fall subsequent to taking it in to be fixed.

Yet, you don’t really need to go to a shop to fix your cell phone.


This is a method used widely to fix a small scratch, and if it doesn’t fix then it at least hides it.

Put a smidgen of toothpaste on a cotton bud and rub it on the scratch, ensuring it doesn’t discover its way into earphone attachments, catches, or other vulnerable parts of your device.

It will make your phone look fresh, but it won’t restore it to its original condition.

Vegetable Oil

Just rub a drop of oil onto the scratch to hide it.

But beware: You need to perform the above step again and again because the oil will rub off.

Plastic Bag

Is your phone screen broken? You don’t know what to do? Well, the best option is to buy a screen protector. It will protect your phone’s screen for sometime after that you can get it fixed.

But what if your finances are as worse as your mobile screen? Don’t worry! Here’s a solution for it:

Wrap a thin plastic bag around the mobile. It will temporarily stop the problem to get worse but you need to find a permanent solution.


If a small mark appears on your phone, you can gently clean it with a piece of cloth.

But don’t clean it too forcefully because you might not have a screen left.

Baking Soda

There’s a remedy named “folk remedy”. This remedy uses baking soda and water. Mix these two and apply them to the cracked phone screen. It will fix it temporarily.

Make a thin paste by mixing the two and use a cotton cloth to gently rub the screen.

Cracked Phone Screen Repair

In these modern days, the phones are made in such a way that you can see only the screen and you use your fingers to operate it. So, dropping your phone and cracking your screen is a danger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How toothpaste is used to fix a broken phone screen?

A. Phone is something that becomes a victim of cracked screen. No matter your phone is cheap or expensive, when it comes to broken screen, all phone become the victim.

The best way to fix your cracked or broken phone screen is to replace it with a new one. You need to spend some money and get a new screen for your mobile.

But if you these repairing options are out of your reach, you can try these simple ways to get your phone screen repaired or remove the scratches from your favorite phone’s screen.

The toothpaste remedy has various degrees of success when it comes to rescuing phones from minor scratches.

NOTE: Before trying any of these methods, make sure you power off your phone, or remove the battery (if you can). Take all the precautionary measure before trying any methods.

These methods are useful for minor scratches on your phone. If there are major scratches on your phone, then you need to go to the service center and get it fixed if it is in warranty.

Why go outside when you have then fix inside your home? A toothpaste can help you fix your problem.

Here’s how this method works:

  • Drop a small amount of toothpaste onto the cotton cloth.
  • Gently rub the cotton cloth on the screen until you see the scratch go away. You need to do it in circular motion.
  • After this, wipe your screen with a clean cloth to remove the leftover toothpaste.

Q. Does rice fix a cracked screen?

A. If you have an Android phone with a removable battery, take it off. Put your phone in the bag and tightly close it, then leave it for a day or so (or at least overnight). If you don’t have rice at your home, you can use a grains as an alternate.


Utilizing broken phone screen isn’t just unattractive however can likewise influence your efficiency and generally speaking prosperity. Ensure you play it safe like utilizing defensive cases to limit the danger of device harm.