How to screen record on Mac

How to screen record on Mac? Screen recording on Mac is a very necessary requirement for people who use laptops, phones, and the internet.

1. When you want to record the video on Mac the first step you have to do is open a quick time, at top of the display.
2. Then click a file.
3. Then you have to choose “New Screen Recording”.
4. In recordings, you have two choices. First, you can record the whole screen. Secondly, you can click and drag your mouse to record a certain part of the video.

Maybe you want to record the part of a screen to save the menu of a restaurant, or you want to visit some type of Website or share with someone. Sometimes, you want to record the video of your Mac’s screen. Both of these functions are very easy, so I will show you how.
1. To take a screenshot of the whole screen; first, click shift + Command + 3.
2. Then find out that picture on the desktop of Mac.

When you want to take just some part of the screen then

1. click Shift + Command + 4.
2. Then you can find out that picture on the desktop.

:black_medium_square: Screen Record on Mac with Audio

:wave: 1. Go to the player application i.e. QuickTime and then choose the file which you want to record and then select the new screen recording.
2. Then you have to select if you want to record the entire screen or the selected part of the screen.
3. If you want to record the whole screen, then you have to do nothing. And if you want to record just the selected part then you have to click on the mouse and drag that part to start recording.
4. Then the last step is to select the options that are in the menu and choose the reliable audio source. In that case, you have to loop back audio

:black_large_square: How to screen record on MacBook air?

:wave: In this type of screen recording, you have to do the same process as you do on a simple Mac.
1. You just have to go to the QuickTime application and then click on the file which you want to record.
2. In that case, you click on the option of the menu and select any of the given recording options.
3. The last step which you have to do is that you have to adjust the control volume so that you can hear the recording.

:black_large_square: How to screen record on iPhone

:star2: 1. To screen record on an iPhone 14, you have to go to the settings, then the control center, and then click on more controls.
2. You can also select customize controls if you have an iPhone 13 or the old model of iPhone.
3. Then, next to the option of screen recording, select the + button. Then open the Control Centre on iPhone, iPod touch, or on your iPad.
4. Then click the record button which is of gray color and then click on the microphone. Then start the recording and then wait for the countdown of three seconds.
5. To stop the screen recording you have to go to the Control Center of your iPhone and then click the red button or you can also click on the red bar of status at the upper part of the screen and click to stop.
Some of the apps may not allow the recording with audio. You might not be able to record the screen then you can use mirroring of the screen at that time.

:black_large_square: How to screen record on Android

:star2: You can take a video or picture of your screen or phone. When you take the photo on your screen, you can edit, view, and then share the image and video with friends or family.
1. Take a screenshot; open the screen that you want to capture. Then click the power and volume buttons at the same time depending on the phone.
2. If it does not work out, click and hold the power button for some seconds.
3. Then click the screenshot. If both of these do not work, then go to the Phone manufacturer’s support site for seeking help. On the left side of the bottom, you will out a show of your screenshots. On some of the phones, at the upper part of the screen, you can also find out the capture of the screenshot.
4. Find, edit, and share your screenshots; If you have an old version of android, then you might not have the Photos app.
5. Open the Gallery of your phone then click on the Album view and then open the screenshot folder. Open your photo app that is on your phone. If you want to share the screenshot you have to click on Share. If you want to edit the screenshot you can click on the edit button.

:black_large_square: How to record the screen of Samsung

:star2: 1. From the top of your screen, swipe down twice.
2. Then click on the Screen Record and maybe you have to swipe right to find out about this.
3. If you do not find the options, then click on the edit button and drag the screen, and record from your Quick Settings.
4. Select the file which you want to record and select start. The recording will be started after the countdown. If you want to stop the recording, then you have to swipe down from the top of your screen.

5. Then select the notifications of the screen recorder. If you want to find out the screen recordings then open the photos app on your phone.
6. Then select the library option and then movies. You can easily find out the videos that you have recorded.

:black_large_square: How to record the screen of Huawei

:pushpin: Use the combination of keys to start the screen recording.
1. Click and hold the button of volume at the same time if you want to start the recording process.
2. If you want to stop the recording then click and hold both of these buttons again. If you want to use a shortcut to start the recordings, then swipe down to open the notification bar.
3. Again swipe down to show all the shortcuts. Click on the screen recorder to start the recording. At the upper part of the screen, touch the timer to stop the recording. The recording will be automatically saved in the Gallery.

:black_large_square: How to use knuckles to start screen recording

:pushpin: The first step is going to settings then accessibility features and after that go to shortcuts and gestures. Click on the Record screen and make sure that the screen recording is started. Click the screen two times in quick succession with the help of two knuckles. Then screen recording will be started. If you want to stop the recording then you have to click on the screen twice. You can also record your own voice in the recordings. You can also start the microphone to record your own voice while recording.
:pushpin: Firstly, you have to start the screen recording and then ensure that the microphone is enabled and the microphone sign is showing. Then your voice will be recorded as well. If the microphone is disabled then the sign of disabled microphone will be showing. Then you can only record the sounds of the system such as the sounds of gameplay. If you want to record the screen in silence then, you have to mute your phone first before starting the screen recording.

:black_large_square: What is Mac?

:arrow_right: Since January 1984, the Macintosh is a family of personal computers that are manufactured, designed, and then sold by Apple Inc. The proper business of Mac started in 1998. The mass-market personal computer is the first successful market that has a graphical user interface, mouse, and built-in screen. Until the other models were not continued in the 1990s, Apple sold Apple II, Apple III, and Apple Lisa that are families of Apple.

Firstly, the models of Macintosh were very expensive as they do not want to be the competitor of someone in the market. These models were dominated by the very cheaper models i.e. Commodore 64, IBM personal computer, and its containing clone market for business.

:black_large_square: Competitiveness

:sweat_drops: As these were not more expansive than Xerox Alto and other computers that are with a graphical interface that takes the Mac. The system of Macintosh was very successful in desktop publishing and education. This makes Apple the second-largest PC former for the next 10 years. The introduction of Window 3.1 and Intel’s Pentium processor slowly took the market share from Apple. The use of Intel’s Pentium processor beats the Motorola 68040 used in the present Macintoshes in almost all benchmarks.

At the end of 1994, the position of Apple falls at the position of 3. This was because Compaq became the largest manufacturer of PC. Even after the better changes i.e. transition to the top PowerPC based on Power Macintosh line in the mid-1990s, the price of Pc components fall. The user base of Macintosh also declines because of the poor inventory management with Macintosh Performa.

:black_large_square: Steve Jobs introduces four models

:sweat_drops: Steve Jobs, when he returned to the company he led Apple to combine the complex line of almost 20 Macintosh models in the mid of 1997 to make only four in the mid of 1999. This also includes models that are specific to certain regions. These models include iMac, PowerBook G3, and 12, iBook, and Power Macintosh G3. All these four products got successful critically and commercially as their performance was very high, prices were competitive, designs were aesthetic.
All these products helped Apple to return to a profitable place. In all this time, Apple gets rid of the name Macintosh and given the name of Mac’. This was the nickname that was in use when the first model was produced. In 2006, when the transition to Intel processors has formed the complete lineup of computers was Intel-based. When the M1 chip was introduced to the MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and entry-level in 2020, this was changed.

:black_large_square: Lineup of Mac

:wave: Now, the lineup of Mac includes four desktops that contain all-in-one features. This includes iMac Pro and iMac, and desktop Mac Mini and Mac Pro, and two laptops the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. In 2011, the Xserve server was not continued in the favor of Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Apple also has introduced a series of Macintosh operating systems.

In starting the first version of Macintosh did not earn any name, but in 1998 it was known to be “Macintosh System Software”. In 1997, Mac OS was introduced with the release of Mac OS 7.6 and it is called Classic Mac OS. From 1988 to 1995, Apple introduces a UNIX-based operating system for the Macintosh Called A/UX. This is closely related to temporary versions of Macintosh system software.

:wave: The use of macOS on non-Apple computers is not licensed by Apple. But System 7 was licensed to many companies with the help of the Macintosh of Apple clone program from 1995 to 1997. Only one company was legally licensed to Apple which was UMAX Technologies to ship clone running Mac OS 8. Apple released Mac OS X in 2001; this was the modern system that is UNIX based. This was renamed in 2010 as OS X and then macOS in 2016.

The final version of this was macOS Catalina. In 2020 Apple went to release macOS 11. The present version of this is macOS Big Sur that first released on 12 November 2020. Third-party operating systems can be run by a native third party such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows with the help of third-party software and Boot Camp.

:wave: The same process has been done on ARM-based Apple silicon but it takes an operating system that has been made for it. To run illicitly on non-Apple computers, volunteer communities have customized Intel-based macOS. The computer family of Macintosh has used different CPU architectures from its introduction.

Actually, they used the Motorola 68000 which is series of microprocessors. They transitioned to power PC processors in the mid of 1990s. And again in the mid of 2000s, they started to use 32- and 64-bit Intel. 86 processors. Apple started transitioning CPU architectures to their own ARM-based processors. They made this to use in the Macintosh starting in 2020.

:black_large_square: Apple Inc.

:arrow_right: Apple Inc. is an American company that has multinational technology. This company is found in Cupertino, California that makes develops and sells many online, Computer and Electronics services. It is one of the Big Five companies in US information technology.

This company is one of the biggest companies and the other four big companies are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. The products that this company produces include Smartphones i.e. IPhone, tablets computer i.e. iPad, the personal computer of Mac, the handy media player i.e. iPod, Smartwatch i.e. Apple watch, digital media player i.e. Apple TV, wireless earbuds i.e. Air Pods, the headphones, and smart speaker i.e. Home Pod.

:black_large_square: Naming of Mac

:star2: The project of Macintosh started in 1979 at the time when Jef Raskin was an Apple employee. This project aimed at easy-to-use applications, low-cost computers for middle-class customers. He wanted to name the computer on the name of McIntosh laboratory. But because of some legal reasons, the name changed to Macintosh.

The original and real name of Mac in past was the spelling used by McIntosh laboratory that is a piece of audio equipment manufacturer. Steve Jobs also requested that the McIntosh laboratory gives Apple a reason for the newly spelled name and then allow Apple to use it. The request did not work out as they denied and forced Apple to officially buy the rights to use their name.

:star2: An article by Byte Magazine in 1984 suggested that Apple changed the spelling only when the starting users did not spell it right as McIntosh. But Jef Raskin adopted the spellings i.e. Macintosh in 1981. He spelled this when the Macintosh computer was the single prototype machine in the lab.


The screen recording on android, iPhone, and Mac is different as all these devices have different features. But the process of screen recording is very easy as you just have to go through the settings. In past the name of Mac was Macintosh. The initial work on Macintosh was started in 1979. Four desktops are included in the lineup of Mac as they contain all features in one frame.

:black_large_square: History

:pencil2: Apple started to organize the Apple Lisa project in 1978. This project aimed at making a machine for the next generation that has a resemblance with Apple II and IBM PC. The IBM PC is not introduced to date. Steve Jobs in 1979 learned that how to modern work on graphical user interfaces i.e. GUI that takes placed Xerox PARC. He managed to allow Apple engineers to visit PARC so that they can see how systems are in action. This project that is called as Apple Lisa Project was suddenly redirected to use a GUI.

At that time GUI was beyond the state of the art for the abilities of microprocessors. The Xerox Alto takes a custom process that spanned the different circuit boards in that case only when the size of the refrigerator is small. Things got changed suddenly when they introduce the 16/32-bit Motorola 68000 in 1979.

:pencil2: This offers at least an order of magnitude. This has a better performance than designs that exist and made a practical possibility of making a software GUI. In 1982, the basic layout of the Lisa was largely complete. Lisa was becoming a GUI machine in 1979 at the same time; Jef Raskin started the Macintosh project.

At that time, the design was for a very low price, and it was very easy to use and middle-class people can easily purchase this machine. They use a textbase user interface instead of a GUI, which allowed different programs to run and switch between, and it gives special command keys on the keyboard that give the excess to special commands in the programs. At the starting time of hiring for the project, Raskin had the authority in September 1979.

:black_large_square: Colleagues helped Raskin

:pencil2: Instantly, he asked help from his colleague Brian Howard to join him. The starting team includes himself, Howard, Joanna Hoffman, Bud Tribble, and Burrell Smith. All other Mac team includes Steve Capps, George Crow, Don Denman, Bob Belleville, Bill Atkinson, Andy Hertzfeld, Bruce Horn, Susan Kare, and Larry Kenyon. All of these people were leading the project. In an interview in 2013, Steve Wozniak said that he had been leading the starting designs and the development places of the Macintosh project until 1981.

In 1981, he experienced a terrific airplane crash and he left the company temporarily. At that point when he was not there, the job took over. In that same interview, Wozniak also said that Macintosh failed originally under jobs. It was not that job left and it became a success. He gives the credit of success to the people of Macintosh like John Sculley. He was the person, who works very hard to build the Macintosh market when Apple II was gone away.

:pencil2: The first Macintosh board of Smith was built to design Raskin’s specifications. It had random access memory of 64 kilobytes (kb). They used 8-bit Motorola 6809E microprocessors and they can also support a 256.256 pixel black and white raster graphics display. A person from the Mac team was very interested in running the Apple Lisa’s graphical program. He asked Smith that if he could give him 68000 microprocessors, that he will convert them into Mac.

He also ensures that he will keep the cost of production very low. In December 1980, Smith was successful in making and designing the board by using 68000 microprocessors and increases the speed from Lisa’s MHz to 8 MHz The board that he has produced has the capacity to support 384.256-pixel displays. The design of Smith uses lee RAM chips than Lisa. This makes the production at a very less cost.

:pencil2:The design of the final Mac was self-contained. It had the complete QuickDraw picture language and interpreter that has 64 KB of ROM. 128 KB of RAM, This form of RAM is present in the form of sixteen 64 kilobits (kb). RAM chips are used to join different types of metals to the logic board. Although there were no memory slots, the RAM can be expanded to 512 KB. It will be done through the process to combine different types of metals with sixteen IC sockets to take 256 kb RAM that has been placed in the place of the factory-installed chips. 9 inch was the final product’s screen which displays the 512.342-pixel monochrome. That exceeds the size of the planned screen. The innovative design of Burrell contains the low-cost production of Apple II.

:black_large_square: Innovative designs

:pencil2: This includes the computing power of Lisa’s Motorwala that also contains 68000 CPUs started to attain the attention of jobs. In September 1981, InfoWorld stated on secret Lisa that exists and the projects of McIntosh at Apple. They stated that they and other computers are all set to be ready for the release in a year. It also explained that McIntosh is a handy computer that has a memory of 68000 with 128KB and this laptop is also battery powered. Jobs started to focus all his attention on the project when he realizes that Macintosh is more marketable than Lisa. In 1981, Raskin left the team as he had a personal conflict with Jobs.

:pencil2: When the development had been completed, then Andy Hertzfeld who was the team member claimed that the design of the final Macintosh is related to Jobs’s ideas, not Raskin’s. In 1982, when Jobs was fired out from Lisa’s team, he worked very hard for Macintosh as he devoted all his attention to Macintosh. Jobs hired industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger to work on the Macintosh line. This results in the Snow White design language. Though, it came after a very long time after Mac’s formation. It can apply in most of the mid to late 1980’s Apple computers.

:black_large_square: Debut

:pushpin: Regis McKenna in 1982 was on the board for the marketing and launch of Macintosh. After the Regis team grew as it includes Jane Anderson, Katie Cadigan, and Andy Cunningham. All these members of the team lead the account of Apple for the agency. The primary authors of the Macintosh launch plan were Cunningham and Anderson.

The launch of the Macintosh introduced many of the different strategies that are used in launching the present product of technologies. This also includes the event marketing of multiple exclusive, marketing of events that is credited to John Sculley. John Sculley gave the concept from Pepsi. Even marketing formed a mystique about a product and it gives the inner look into the formation of products.

:pushpin: After the announcement of Lisa, there was a suspicious project of Macintosh that was described by John Dvorak. This project was at the apple in February 1983. The company announced about the Macintosh 128K that has been manufactured at the factory of Apple in Fremont, California. In 1983 October, this manufacturing was followed by an 18-page brochure that contains different magazines in December.

The introduction of Macintosh was given by US 1.5 million dollars Ridley Scott in a television commercial in 1984. During the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on 22 January 1984, it is now called a masterpiece and watershed event. McKenna called this promotional ad more the more successful than the Mac itself. In 1984, they used an unnamed heroine to express the ongoing of Macintosh.

:pushpin: It has been represented by a picture of Picasso style of the computer on her white tank top. This also represents a means of saving humanity from conformity by the attempts of IBM to dominate the industry of computers. This ad also suggests George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-four that also represents a dystopian future, which has been by a televised “Big Brother”.

In 1984 after two days of airing, the Macintosh was on sale and then come with the bundle of two applications that have been designed to show the inner side; MacWrite and MacPaint. Steve Jobs demonstrated firstly, he described his famous Mac keynote speeches. Although the Mac made an instant and the following enthusiasm and some of them labeled as a slight toy.
:pushpin: The operating system was formed mainly for a GUI, the text mode that exists, and applications of command driven.

This had to be designed again and the code of programming is written again. This has been a time taking task that has been chosen by software developers not to undertake. They also said that these can be regarded as a reason for the startling lack of software for the new system. In April 1984, the MultiPlan Microsoft transfer from MS-DOS that includes Microsoft Word in January 1985. Lotus Software also initiated Lotus Jazz in 1985 for the platform of Macintosh. This has been done after the success of Lotus 1-2-3 for IBM PC. Though it was mainly a flop, it was not successful.

:pushpin: Macintosh Office introduced the Apple in the same year with the ad of Lemmings. This ad was famous for insulting its own customers; this ad was also a flop. For purchasing all 39 pages of advertising, Apple uses 2.5 million dollars. This was also done to purchase the issue of Newsweek post-election, throw a Test Drive a Macintosh’ promotion, in which the potential buyers can also take the Macintosh to their homes for 24 hours. These buyers are specific those who have a credit card.

:pushpin: These buyers return the Macintosh after 24 hours. In the promotion, 200,000 people take part but dealers did not like the promotion. The supply of computers was not sufficient to meet the demands of people. Many of them were in very bad condition as they cannot be sold out. This campaign causes CEO John Scully to increase the price from 1995 dollars to 2495 dollars that are equal to 5900 dollars in 2019.

The entire computer sold well, anyway after selling the IBM PCjr. This also started shipping in that year. More than 600 orders of backlog, reported by one dealer. In April 1984, 50,000 Macintoshes were sold out by the company. They hoped for the selling of 70,000 Macintoshes by the start of May. They also hoped for the selling of about 250,000 at the end of the year. In this way, the Mac came into success from the past many years.

:black_large_square: Frequently asked questions

:one: How do I secretly record the screen on my MacBook?

Firstly you have to run Quick Time. Then you have to select the file and then select the recording of the new movie, recording of a new screen, or recording of new audio. You can also adjust the settings by clicking on the menu option. If you want to record the voice of your own, then you can ensure that the microphone of the phone should be open. The sign of the microphone will be showing. If you don’t want to record your own voice then disable the microphone and the sign of the microphone will be showing as a disabled sign.

:two: What does MAC mean?

MAC is an acronym for Media Access control. It is a sub-layer of the network that controls the transmission of hardware. The sub-layer of Mac works with the LLC i.e. Logical Link Control sublayer. This sub-layer works with the Mac sub-layer to form another layer i.e. Datalink. This layer is called Layer 2. This layer is connected to the OSI i.e. Open Systems Interconnection model. Mac is a device that is used to differentiate a device from all other devices with the help of a network.

:three: What does a MAC address tell you?

Media Access Control address or Mac Address is a specific ID that has been given to NIC’s i.e. Network Interface cards. It is also called hardware or physical address. It recognizes the manufacturer of hardware as it is used for the communication of networks between network segments and devices. The address is given by the manufacturer, for Wi-Fi cards and internet. Maybe there are mostly two MAC addresses in a device.

:four: Is it safe to share your address of Mac?

The Mac address is given by the manufacturer. The address is of 12 characters string. You can give your Mac address to anyone unless if you have been given access to some secure network that is based only on the MAC address. Then sharing it with someone is not a problem at all. It is not a common process for the network of security to depend upon the address of Mac.

:five: . How I can record the screen of my phone?

From the upper part of your screen, swipe two times on the lower side. Then click on the screen record. Maybe you need to swipe on the right side to find out the options. Select the file which you want to record and then select the start option. The recording will be started after the countdown. To stop the recording of the screen, you have to go to the notification bar and select the red button to stop the recording.

:six: Is MacBook different from the laptop?

MacBooks are the specific series of laptops that are discovered by Apple. The largest difference between these two is that both of them have different operating systems. MacBook is the laptop that has an operating system of Macintosh. But when we compare this laptop with a simple laptop, the window of this laptop is different from the MacBook window. The simple laptop has an operating system and Linux operating system.

:seven: Do Macs get viruses?

Yes, Macs can get the virus. They get many other forms of malware and viruses. The noticeable thing is that Mac computers are less likely to get malware. But PCs are more likely to get malware. The security features that are formed in macOS are not equal to protect the users of Mac from all online threats.

:eight: Why Macs are expensive?

Mac gives you extra storage space of 512GB instead of 128GB. The storage space is the only reason that people prefer MacBooks unless of expensive. Some people also say that MacBooks are expensive. They say that with a low spec laptop they are paying a lot. To stop the argument slightly, the base of the MacBook Air started to come with an i3 processor. But the ASUS laptop started to come with an i7 processor.

:nine: Should I buy a MacBook now or I should wait?

You should put off your purchase as the new models are coming your way. These new models also feature new functions. You should delay your purchase now, because of the pros of the new MacBook may return to the using of MagSafe Charging. The new models will be faster than ever, bigger, smaller, and brighter. The new version will also have better battery life.

:keycap_ten: Do Macs need antivirus?

It is not a requirement to install the software of antivirus on your Mac. The applications of Apple do a good job in reminding the virus exploits. These applications remind the user of vulnerabilities and new updates of apps that are available. This will protect your Mac and the process will push the application to auto-update your apps. In this way, you do not need to install any software or antivirus.


There are many ways by which screen recording on Mac is done. Go to the player application on QuickTime. Then select the file which you want to record and then choose the new screen recording. If you want to record the whole screen then you just have to start the recording. If you want to record only the selected part then you have to click on the mouse and drag the video part which you want to record. The old name of Mac was Macintosh. The devices of Mac are very expensive as they provide great storage space. The people who cannot afford these devices debates that this is not fair. For launching and marketing of Macintosh. Regis McKenna was on the board to lead in 1982. The entire team members of Regis’s team lead the projects of Apple in the industry. Steve Jobs also play important role in the success of Mac.

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