Aesthetics Pro Online EHR Software: Top medical Spa Management Software

About Aesthetics Pro Online

Medical Spas, in the beginning, started off as a trend but they became way more than that in no time. Ever since then, we see many spa professionals and doctors coming together to form a unique solution for people’s problems. Development of a medical spa needs to be done under great supervision because a lot of time and money is being invested into it. When a medical spa is developed and executed well, it can lead to a lot of benefits for the creates and the users.


Now let’s talk about one of the best medical spa solutions out there which is Aesthetics pro online ehr software. It is a cloud based software that is offering multiple features, all in one. Among the most used features of this software are staff management, lender management, client management, etc. The staff management feature enables users to manage employee timesheets, payroll, commissions, and tips. With staff calendars, users can manage staff scheduling and avoid instances of overbooking. Without wasting any time, let’s move on to the features that Aesthetics pro online offers.

Aesthetics Pro Online features

Some of the best features that Aesthetics pro Online is offering to its users are Client Management, Payroll, Powerful Reporting, and Automatic Marketing.

Client Management

Aesthetics Pro has excellent Client management features. It uses all the information and personalized services to attract users and also maintain the customer base. With the help of this software, you can design your own loyalty program and keep notes/images to offer the best services possible to your clients.


Payday can be really tricky and super long/annoying. With the help of Aesthetics Pro online, you can streamline your whole system. It is easier to set up and manage and even the integration with the sales department is seamless. Adding commission profiles, editing payroll employees, etc is so simple and easy with the help of this software

Powerful Reports

We all are aware how boring yet important accurate reporting is. In order to make good decisions, accurate and comprehensive reports play a vital role. Aesthetics pro online ehr software has got it all.

Automatic Marketing

Getting promotions to the right clients at the right time has never been easier. Aesthetics pro online makes sure you never miss any event once you pick a date. The software takes over the job to keep reminding you so that you don’t forget it. Customizing campaigns is so convenient and simple. You get to choose which campaign goes with what and if it’s working fine.

Aesthetics pro online benefits

First things first, Aesthetics pro online is extremely simple and easy to navigate. It is extremely user friendly and is very secure. With its staff management feature managing multiple tasks like payroll and timesheet becomes so simple and easy. This combined with an effective staff calendar becomes a very smart combo which users can seriously benefit from. Staff scheduling seems like nothing with this software.

This software offers full integration which makes everything way easier than it is with this software. Contacting your clients, communication with them without a third party is a great benefit for the users. Besides, the marketing suite comes with a built-in email marketing functionality which lets you stay in touch with the clients without it feeling like a burden. It also sends email blasts which are very smart and help you work things around. Tracking email marketing campaigns is literally the easiest with Aesthetics pro online.

Aesthetics Pro Online Review

The customer support, according to Aesthetics pro online reviews, is exceptional. Users absolutely love the scheduling tools and its comprehensive structure. The software is known for streamlining the workflow, templates, and photo gallery.

Aesthetics pro pricing plans

Currently, Aesthetics pro online is not offering a free trial. The software is offering three pricing plans as of now: Premium edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise plus. The pricing and the offers are different for each one. The price for Premium edition is $69 per month, the Enterprise edition is for $149 per month, and the enterprise edition is for $199 per month.


Aesthetics pro online demo is very beautiful designed professional medical spa management software. It is offering a bunch of different features that are extremely useful for the users. It6 is offering different pricing plans for different offers which is a great thing because it is affordable for almost all kinds and sizes of practices. It has a great rating overall because of its functionality.