Definition of Device:

  1. Internal or external computer peripheral (such as a printer) or subsystem (such as a storage system) which requires a device driver for it to function.

  2. A drawing or design.

  3. A plan, method, or trick with a particular aim.

  4. A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.

Synonyms of Device

Ploy, Plan, Cunning plan, Tactic, Move, Means, Stratagem, Scheme, Plot, Trick, Ruse, Gambit, Manoeuvre, Machination, Intrigue, Contrivance, Expedient, Dodge, Artifice, Subterfuge, Game, Wile, AM receiver, AM tuner, AM-FM receiver, AM-FM tuner, CB, Charlie McCarthy, Fathometer, Flexowriter typewriter, Geiger counter, John Hancock, RDF, X, X-ray microscope, Ability, Achievement, Action, Ad hoc measure, Agency, Agent, Airborne controls, Alerion, Alibi, Alphabetic character, Alternator, Amplifier, Anagnorisis, Ancilla, Angle, Animal charge, Annulet, Anode, Answer, Apology, Apparatus, Appliance, Approach, Architectonics, Architecture, Argent, Argument, Armature, Armorial bearings, Armory, Arrangement, Art, Artful dodge, Artifice, Asiaticism, Atmosphere, Attack, Attribute, Auto radio, Autoclave, Autoconverter, Autograph, Automatic pilot, Automatic pistol, Automatic printer, Automatic sight, Automatic sprinkler, Automatic stop, Automatic telephone, Automaton, Autostarter, Autotransformer, Aviation radio, Azure, Background, Badge, Bag of tricks, Bandeau, Banner, Bar, Bar sinister, Baton, Battery charger, Battery radio, Bearings, Behind-the-scenes influence, Bend, Bend sinister, Billet, Blazon, Blazonry, Blind, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Bluff, Bordure, Bosey, Broad arrow, Broom, Brush, Cadency mark, Calculation, Calutron, Canton, Cap, Capacitor, Capacity, Capital, Carpet sweeper, Catastrophe, Catch, Catchword, Cathode, Chaplet, Character, Characteristic, Characterization, Charge, Charger, Charting, Chevron, Chicanery, Chief, Choking coil, Chouse, Christcross, Cipher, Citizens band, Cloak, Coat of arms, Cockatrice, Cognizance, Coil, Colophon, Color, Comb, Commutator, Compensator, Complication, Conception, Condenser, Conspiracy, Continuity, Contraption, Contrivance, Controller, Converter, Coronet, Countermark, Countermove, Countersign, Countersignature, Counterstamp, Coup, Coupling, Course of action, Cover, Cover story, Cover-up, Craft, Creation, Creature, Crescent, Crest, Cross, Cross moline, Crown, Crystal set, Currycomb, Curve, Curve-ball, Cute trick, Cutout, Cytoanalyzer, Deceit, Demarche, Denouement, Depth sounder, Design, Desire, Development, Devices, Diathermy machine, Dielectric heater, Dielectric preheater, Difference, Differencing, Differentia, Dingus, Dirty deal, Dirty trick, Dishcloth, Dishwasher, Disposable resources, Disposition, Distributor, Dodge, Doormat, Dummy, Dupe, Duster, Dustpan, Dynamo, Dynamotor, Eagle, Earmark, Effort, Electric eye, Electrocardiograph, Electrode, Electroencephalograph, Electrograph, Electron lens, Electron microscope, Electronic air filter, Electronic altimeter, Electronic battery, Electronic clock, Electronic computer, Electronic detector, Electronic drum, Electronic fuel gauge, Electronic heater, Electronic nutcracker, Electronic oscillator, Electronic refrigerator, Electronic timer, Electronic typewriter, Electrophorus, Electrophotometer, Electroscope, Emblem, Endorsement, Enterprise, Envisagement, Epigraph, Episode, Epithet, Ermine, Ermines, Erminites, Erminois, Escutcheon, Euphuism, Excuse, Expedient, Expedients, Fable, Facade, Facecloth, Fakement, Falcon, Falling action, Fancy, Fast deal, Feint, Fess, Fess point, Fetch, Ficelle, Field, Figurative language, Figurativeness, Figure, Figure of speech, Figuring, File, Flanch, Fleur-de-lis, Floridity, Flourish, Flower, Flowery style, Foresight, Forethought, Fret, Front, Funds, Fur, Fuse, Fusil, Gadget, Galvanic pile, Galvanoscope, Gambit, Game, Garland, Generator, Gimcrack, Gimmick, Gizmo, Gloss, Go-between, Going between, Googly, Graph, Grapheme, Graphing, Grid, Griffin, Grift, Ground, Ground plan, Guided missile, Guidelines, Guise, Gules, Gyron, Gyroscopic pilot, Hackle, Hairbrush, Hallmark, Hand, Hand tool, Handkerchief, Handle, Handmaid, Handmaiden, Hatchment, Hearing aid, Helmet, Heraldic device, Hickey, High-frequency heater, Hocus-pocus, Holystone, Honor point, Hose, Idea, Idiosyncrasy, Ignition, Image, Image dissector, Imagery, Impalement, Impaling, Implement, Improvisation, Incident, Inclination, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Induction heater, Inductor, Inescutcheon, Influence, Infrared cooker, Infrared telescope, Initials, Inscription, Insignia, Instrument, Instrumentality, Insulator, Intention, Interagent, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermediation, Intermedium, Interrupter, Intrigue, Invention, Isotron, Joker, Juggle, Jugglery, Jumper, Jury-rig, Jury-rigged expedient, Keynote, Knavery, Label, Lame excuse, Last expedient, Last resort, Last shift, Layout, Legend, Letter, Lever, Lever pilot, Lexigraphic character, Lie detector, Lightning rod, Line, Lineup, Lion, Little game, Local color, Locus standi, Logo, Logotype, Long-range plan, Lozenge, Machination, Machine, Machinery, Magnet, Magnetic recorder, Magneto, Magnetoscope, Makeshift, Maneuver, Maneuvering, Maneuvers, Manipulation, Manner of speaking, Mantling, Mapping, Mark, Mark of signature, Marshaling, Martlet, Mascle, Mask, Mass spectrograph, Mass spectrometer, Mass spectroscope, Master plan, Means, Measure, Mechanical device, Mechanical heart, Mechanism, Mediation, Mediator, Medium, Metal, Method, Methodology, Midwife, Minion, Monogram, Mood, Mop, Motif, Motive, Motor-generator, Motto, Move, Movement, Mullet, Multiplex receiver, Mythos, Napkin, Neon light, Neon tube, Nombril point, Nonliterality, Nonliteralness, Note, Octofoil, Operations research, Or, Ordinary, Organ, Organization, Orle, Ornament, Oscillator, Oscillograph, Oscilloscope, Ostensible motive, Outlet, Pacemaker, Pale, Paly, Pass, Pattern, Pawn, Pean, Peculiarity, Peripeteia, Pheon, Phonetic character, Phonetic symbol, Photoelectric counter, Photoelectric recorder, Photoelectric sorter, Photoflash bulb, Pictographic character, Picture, Pile, Pis aller, Plan, Planning, Planning function, Play, Plaything, Pleasure, Plot, Ploy, Plug, Pocket, Pocket radio, Points, Political influence, Polygraph, Poor excuse, Power, Power tool, Preamplifier, Prearrangement, Precision tool, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Procedure, Program, Program of action, Property, Protestation, Public motive, Pumice stone, Puppet, Purple passage, Purpure, Push button, Put-off, Quarter, Quartering, Racket, Radar, Radar controls, Radio, Radio direction finder, Radio telescope, Radio-frequency heater, Radio-record player, Radiophone, Radiosonde, Railroad radio, Rake, Rationalization, Reactor, Receiver, Receptacle, Recognition, Recourse, Recourses, Rectifier, Red herring, Refuge, Regenerative receiver, Relay, Relay receiver, Representation, Representative, Resistance box, Resistor, Resort, Resorts, Resource, Resources, Rheostat, Rising action, Robot pilot, Robot plane, Robot submarine, Rose, Ruse, Sable, Saltire, Schedule, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Scraper, Screen, Scrub brush, Scrubber, Scurvy trick, Scutcheon, Seal, Secondary plot, Self-starter, Selsyn, Semblance, Servant, Service, Serviette, Setup, Shake-up, Sham, Shield, Shift, Ship-to-shore radio, Show, Shunt, Sigil, Sign, Sign manual, Signal, Signature, Signet, Slant, Slave, Sleight, Sleight of hand, Sleight-of-hand trick, Slogan, Smoke screen, Socket, Solution, Sonar, Spark coil, Spark plug, Spectrophotometer, Speed tool, Speedometer, Sponge, Spread eagle, Stalking-horse, Stamp, Starter, Step, Step-down transformer, Stereo, Stock, Stooge, Stopgap, Story, Stratagem, Strategic plan, Strategy, Stroke, Stroke of policy, Structure, Subject, Subordinary, Subplot, Subscription, Subterfuge, Sudarium, Superheterodyne, Supply, Sure sign, Swab, Switch, Syllabic, Symbol, Symptom, Synchronous converter, System, Systematization, Table radio, Tactic, Tactical maneuvers, Tactical plan, Tactics, Tag line, Tap, Telltale sign, Temporary expedient, Tenne, Terminal, The big picture, The picture, Thematic development, Theme, Thermal timing relay, Thingumajig, Time switch, Time-delay relay, Timer, Tincture, Toggle switch, Tone, Tool, Toothbrush, Toothpick, Topic, Torse, Towel, Toy, Trait, Transceiver, Transformer, Transmit-receiver, Tressure, Trick, Trickery, Trickle charger, Trope, Trump, Tuner, Turn of expression, Twist, Type, Unicorn, Utensil, Vacuum cleaner, Vair, Varnish, Vehicle, Veil, Vert, Visa, Vise, Voltage changer, Voltage regulator, Voltage transformer, Walkie-talkie, Washboard, Washer, Washing machine, Watcher, Watchword, Way, Way of speaking, Ways, Ways and means, Weapon, Wherewith, Wherewithal, Whim, Whisk, Widget, Wile, Will, Wily device, Wire-pulling, Wisp, Working hypothesis, Working plan, Working proposition, Wreath, Wringer, Writing, Written character, Yale, Implement, Gadget, Utensil, Tool, Appliance, Piece of equipment, Apparatus, Piece of apparatus, Piece of hardware, Instrument, Machine, Mechanism, Contrivance, Contraption, Invention, Convenience, Amenity, Aid

How to use Device in a sentence?

  1. The decorative device on the invitations.
  2. I realized that in class I could not use my device because it would disrupt the whole class and would be taken away by the teacher.
  3. A measuring device.
  4. Writing a public letter is a traditional device for signaling dissent.
  5. Knowing how to use a device properly will really speed up the process on many new jobs or tasks at hand.
  6. We had to send the device back for a replacement because it was defective, now we have to wait for the replacement.

Meaning of Device & Device Definition