How To Download Apps On Samsung Fridge

How to download the app on Samsung fridge:

  • To open the app interface: swipe up the fridge installed screen.
  • To open the download app: again, swipe up the screen that has the app interface.
  • To download the app: tap on the app you want to download, then tap on install.
  • Appear: When your desired app is installed, it appears on the app screen; now, you can use it.
    Follow these steps and can easily Download Apps On Samsung Fridge.

![How To Download Apps On Samsung Fridge]

What is a family hub in the Samsung fridge?

The family hub is software installed by default in the Samsung smart fridge. It is like the android software, but android.

The family hub is designed for mobile phones and Samsung fridges.

You can install apps like calendar, Notes, or any other that is useful for you. Few apps are installed by default in the family hub. These are:

Thus you can use it as per your requirement.

Note: you can not install that app unavailable in the family hub store. For example, it would not be available in the family hub store if you are trying to download angry birds or WhatsApp.

How to Install the App in the Family Hub:

It is very simple and easy. We all use smartphones and install new apps tied to time on our android or IOS device—the same we do with family hub.

  • Swipe up the screen; it shows apps that are already

  • Installed. Again swipe the screen; it shows the available apps, and you can install them anytime.

  • Tap on the app and click on install. The app installs and appears on the screen.

If I talk about myself, I love listening to songs while cooking. It makes me enjoy myself and also makes my work easier. So what would I do? I swipe up my Samsung smart fridge screen, tap on sporty, select my favourite music, and yeah, good to go.

How to install Netflix on a Samsung fridge?

  1. Make the connection of your Samsung fridge with your pc chrome.

  2. Attach your Netflix app on your connected phone, and it.

  3. Choose what you like or watch

  4. After selecting your video, please search below for the casting option, choose the connected device from the list, and click it.

  5. Ultimately, your Samsung fridges will be your selected show or movie.

Family Hub on Your Smartphone

You can connect your family hub to both your TV and your phone. It offers access to a wide range of functions not intended for refrigerators—features such as.

Family Hub on Your Smartphone
Bluetooth On you Bluetooth speaker. It will play downloaded music that will connect to the fridge
TV Shows Connect your fridge to your smart TV. You can watch TV on any side of your home
Phone Calls Scan your phone. Now, you can use the screen on the fridge for any call and change your choice.
Shopping List You can easily write your shopping list on the fridge to help during shopping.
Easy Access Every smartphone feature can be accessed via the family hub. Only it is larger and easier to view. It is simple to use the touch screen to send texts, find apps, and more.

:white_check_mark: Summary:

Downloading any app on Samsung smart fridge is like peeling an orange. Just swipe up the screen to open the app’s interface. Swipe up again to appear the available apps. Tap on the app you want to install and click on the install button.

Why does it call a smart fridge?

A smart fridge can connect to the Internet through wifi. It can access you with a very useful app that can help you in the kitchen, from cooking to noting down something or if you want to listen to some melodies. Thus you can do lots of things at the same time.

You can add details about the product expiry. For example, you made a yummy sauce for your burger, and some are left. So what can you do?

You can keep it in the refrigerator and put a reminder about its expiry. That’s how you can use it quickly and prevent the sauce from spoilage.

Add An App on Your Samsung Fridge Home Screen

Widgets are interactive “mini” windows on the screen, unlike apps, which are displayed as icons. With widgets on the Family Hub screen, you can improve the Samsung fridge’s performance.

Step 1 Open the screen and check out all the available apps on Hub
Step 2 Click the Manu pop-up named “Add Widget.” Choose the app from the Samsung fridge screen
Step 3 Now drag it on your screen
Step 4 Now you can tap anywhere on the screen and add your app to the screen

What other functions have?

You can customize the home screen. It is the same as we do on our laptops or smartphones.

  • You can change your wallpaper

  • You can add an app to the home screen

  • You can remove apps by uninstalling them

  • You can rearrange apps and widgets

Thus, it is like using a smartphone in the fridge.

:white_check_mark: Summary:

A smart fridge can work through wifi. That is why it is called a smart fridge. You can install and uninstall apps into it. You can use some of the already installed or, by default, installed apps according to your needs.


The frequently asked questions about “How to download an app on Samsung fridge” are below.

:one: Can you add apps from it to your Samsung fridge?

You can’t install Android apps on the fridge, so no Angry Birds Star Wars. But it has a couple of useful pre-installed apps. Epicurious is another great app. You can look in the refrigerator and list the ingredients in the refrigerator.

:two: How do I put photos on my Samsung fridge?

Add photos to Family Hub. Tap Upload photos and select the photos you want. At the top right, tap upload. The photos are automatically added to Family Hub.

:three: How do I add apps to my Samsung Family Hub?

Whatever you want, you can easily add them to the Family Hub. Just tap the app icon to see all the apps available on the hubs. Then long press the app you want to add to the main screen. A context menu appears. You can tap Add to Home to create an app icon or Add a Widget.

:four: What is a smart refrigerator for?

A smart refrigerator is a programmed high-tech refrigerator that can recognize the type of goods stored. It tracks important details, such as sales and usage. These refrigerators work with a barcode or RFID system, collecting the batch and producing data from the Internet.

:five: Can you watch TV in the Samsung fridge?

Connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Samsung Fridge Family Hub and stream your favourite shows and movies in the kitchen. With Smart View, you mirror the screen of your Samsung Smart TV, phone or tablet to the Family Hub.

:six: Which brand of refrigerator is the most reliable?

The most trusted brands for these models are Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag and GE. Hotpoint and Haier are also venerable denominators. Frigidaire is undoubtedly our favourite premium freezer brand. Among refrigerator brands, they are the most trusted.

:seven: What is the Samsung Fridge app?

Family Hub app is your online store for your favourite apps like Notes, Calendar, and more. You can access these apps from anywhere and use them to control the functions of the Family Hub refrigerator. The prerequisites are installing the app on your phone and ensuring the refrigerator is linked to a Samsung account.

:eight: What is a smart refrigerator?

Depending on the refrigerator’s built-in features, for example. You can use your smartphone to see what’s in the refrigerator and send and receive notes. Also, the calendar entries appear on the refrigerator screen, and they even receive notifications if the door is opened.

:nine: How much does a smart refrigerator cost?

The model initially cost $ 3,299 and has enjoyed regular discounts since its debut. At the time of writing, Samsung is selling it for $ 2,299. Which is barely affordable for a silly French-style refrigerator, let alone a smart refrigerator.

:ten: What is the best way to connect my iPhone to my Samsung refrigerator?

Connecting to a mobile device

11. What is a family centre?

The centre of your house is your kitchen.

You may remotely view while you shop. Make notes and synchronize programs. Now see who is at the door, and much more with Family Hub di, accessible from the refrigerator.

The centre of your house is your kitchen.

12. Will the Samsung Family Hub work with the iPhone?

The Samsung Smart Home app is available on devices running iOS 7.0 and later but is optimized for Samsung smartphones.

13. What can the Samsung Family Hub do?

Samsung’s Family Hub truly connects all family members. It brings families together to communicate with wifi, voice activation, and indoor cameras. It is more using an improved touchscreen. It is a control centre for the whole house.

14. How do I add widgets to my Samsung Smart TV?

Swipe left or right to find the Widget you want and hold until the editing screen appears. 3. While holding the Widget, drag it to where you want to place it.

15. How do I set up Netflix on my Samsung TV?

Start at the Netflix Home page. Select Get Help on the left to access the menu. Choose to sign out.

If the Smart Hub button is present on your remote.

  • Select Smart Hub from the menu.

  • Decide on Netflix.

  • Choose Sign In.

  • Enter your Netflix password and email address.

  • Choose Sign In.

16. How do I update my Samsung Family Hub?

Update the software on your smart Samsung refrigerator.

  • Swipe down from the screen and select Settings to access your apps.

  • Tap About Family Hub after sliding there.

  • You can press Update next to Software Update if an update is available.


  • To open the app interface: swipe up the installed screen.
  • Swipe up the screen to reveal the app interface to open a downloaded app.
  • To download an app: tap on the app you want to download and install.
  • Appear: when your desired app is installed, it appears on the app screen. You can now use it.