What Are IoT ( Internet oF Things) Devices?

IoT gadgets are bits of equipment, for example, machines, actuators, sensors, or devices. That is customized for specific applications and can communicate information over the web or in different organizations. IoT devices can be assembled into other cell phones, natural sensors, clinical gadgets, industrial equipment, etc.

Many IoT devices are available, some common IoT devices list here;

  • Amazon\Alexa
  • Google\Assistant
  • Apple\Siri
  • Microsoft\Cortana

IoT devices are effective, reliable, portable, and easy to use. IoT devices work like a Personal Assistant. IoT gadgets used in many fields such as Industrial System, Agriculture System, Health Monitoring System, Smart Home, and much more.

IoT Devices have more names ( Voice Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant, and Intelligent Assistant). These IoT based Voice Assistants make our life easier and comfortable. They perform all of our tasks. You have no need to hire any person for maintaining and performing personal and business tasks. They work just like a personal assistant.

Working Of IoT Devices

IoT based Voice Assistants take input in the form of voice and give output also in the form of voice. This is an amazing functionality for those who are blind, physically disabled, and old. When you give input, in just a few seconds Voice Assistants perform tasks. Voice Assistants mostly used in the home, business, health system fields.

The Voice Assistants consistently check out the wake-up word to awaken it. At the point when it hears this wake-up word, it records the customer’s voice and sends it to a particular worker, which structures and decodes it as a request. For Example;

( Hey Alexa, What’s a time?). Hey, Alexa is a wake-up word.

  • In the first phase, customers give the voice input to the voice assistant.

  • When voice assistants pick input after that they transfer to the NLP( Natural Language Processing) engine.

  • The NLP engine reestablishes the request in the articulation which is then used to watch the huge data.

  • This information transfer to the voice assistants and its change to an appropriate output to be given to the client.

  • In the next phase, customer input within the NLP engine is transferred to the entity or intent classification.

  • Is especially the determination of a significant intent from numerous arrangements of multiple intents.

  • Besides, entity arrangement is generally utilized for the extraction of engineering bits from the order.

  • After this, Observe relevant queries to the user command through the candidate response generator.

  • In the second last phase, give back the response to the user input in the arrangement of candidate response.

  • In the last phase, the reaction selector is utilized for returning the pertinent reaction ■■■■■■■■■ to the area, reaction selector utilized for correspondence, likewise expectation from the last applicant question.


Amazon Alexa device also called Alexa. Amazon\Alexa is a voice assistant device. This voice assistant device is implemented by Amazon. Alexa release in 2014. Alexa operating system is (Fire OS 5.0 or later, iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4), Alexa platform is (Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire HD, iOS, Android), Alexa supports the English, German, and Japanese languages. Amazon\Alexa related devices are (Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Plus).

Alexa is of high quality, a reliable device that works on voice input. User transfer commands in the form of voice and Alexa give back the response in the form of voice. Many AI (Artificial Intelligence) features used in Alexa. NLP ( Natural Language Processing) used in Alexa. Alexa works greatly as compared to other voice assistant devices and well trained.

The Amazon Alexa Application Programming Interface (API) permits specialists to make their own applications and association with the customers through voice orders.

Alexa is highly used for smart homes. Alexa quickly performs tasks like ( music-playback, setting an alarm, making a list, online shopping, ordering food, making an appointment, generating a weather report). Alexa also controls other smart home appliances such as (thermostat, temperature control, and on\off lights). When the user says wake-up words ( Hey Alexa), Alexa awake, listen to the user command, and perform the task.
Highly trained Alexa, Alexa is a great device as compare to other devices, Alexa perform task fastly, Better identification and processing


Google\Assistant Also a voice assistant device that comes with a voice interaction feature. The user gives voice input to the Google\Assistant and the Google\Assistant also gives back the response in the form of voice. Google Now is the old name of Google\Assistant. Google\Assistant also uses AI, NLP features. Google\Assistant developed by Google in 2016. Google\Assistant operating system is (Android, iOS, KaiOS(jio phone)). Google\Assistant platform is (Android, GoogleHome, Android Tv, Small Speaker, Smart Speaker, Headphones, Small Displays, Google Allo, iOS). Google\Assistant supports English, Hindi, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Portugese, Spanish. Google\Assistants related voice devices are Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Home Mini.

Google Assistant is additionally a web searcher that is executing to get and react to the client inquiries and messages. Google Assistant is exceptional in its numerous abilities to utilize AI all the more precisely. At the point when clients look through any site application, record the client interest naturally.

Google Assistant coordinates with Google play track and YouTube track. And generate the weather and traffic report. Google\Assistant controls the home appliances like lights, temperature. Google\Assistant doesn’t perform significant tasks like setting reminders, making appointments and making phone calls.

Google\Assistant gathered data from customer accounts and assembled sensor data from user phones so as to make proposals. Google\Assistant gives recommendations by the engine via its similar data through previous information given by the customer like as next meeting within it time or date and current area of the customer.


Apple Inc developed the Siri voice assistant devices. Sir developed in 2011. Siri takes the user input in the form of voice. Siri uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to translate the user voice in the form of text. Siri also uses AI and NLP. ML features.

Siri uses operating systems (iOS 5 onwards, mac OS onwards, tv OS, watch Os). Siri runs on (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch) platforms. And Siri supports fifteen types of languages. HomePod is another Siri voice assistant device.

Siri utilizes NLP that basically duplicates content into parsed text. By utilizing queries and intent characterization its separate and parsed text and discover customer questions and exercises. (Arrange a meeting time, set reminders), make a purchase by addressing organizations, talk with shoppers in the message application.

Siri uses Apple Pay App for business talk like it allows clients to oversee individual events using their own timetables. Siri performs your personal tasks like play music and news, generate traffic and weather reports, control home appliances, set home temperature, and On\Off lights.

Sir helps you to find the nearest place like restaurants, shopping malls, etc, just giving the voice command to your iPhone. You can take appointments at clinics, parlors, cafes, etc where you want through Siri. Third-party developers administration, for example, Open Table, Wolfram-Alpha are connecting to utilize information squash up advancements. They perform tasks like finding items and answering questions. Siri is a bunch of programming and net-empowered administrations upheld by different accomplices.

By using AI algorithms, Siri is intelligent. Siri cannot work on android and windows platforms. Siri just works on the Apple platform.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is another voice assistant developed by Microsoft and they run on a Windows platform. Cortana developed in 2014. Cortana’s operating system is ( Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox OS). Cortana runs on (Android, Windows 10, Windows10 mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Harmon Kardon Invoke, Microsoft Band, or Band 2, iOS, Xbox One, Skype) these platforms. Cortana supported languages are (English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Spanish).

Cortana gives the user a voice command and replies back in also voice command. Cortana utilizes Microsoft translator API for cloud-based computerized interpretation administrations. "Microsoft Bing’’ is a search engine signal preparation that makes an interpretation of the simple signs to computerized signals. Voice Recognition utilizes dynamic time wrapping calculations or plans of words for acknowledgment of characteristic language. Semantic Interpreter inspects for detecting making a combination of words and uses order mode.

Cortana performs our personal tasks ( Search music, check the calendar, make calls, send messages, and find restaurants, set alarm, and remainder). Cortana also handles your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter. This great functionality makes your life easier for those who have an online business.

Microsoft Cortana associates with LinkedIn, Cortana could survey the customer of a cutting-edge gathering with a great deal of information and about the get-together members. LinkedIn profiles, for example, profile pictures, the anticipated arrangement of obligations, and associations.

Cortana can be granted on lock-screen empowering malicious attacks to the framework. Cortana comes with a great feature, which is a Cortana up-grade security system to stop virus attacks. When you use the wake-up word “Hey Cortana”, when the client speaks wake-up words and gives a command, Cortana listens and performs the task.

Cortana builds for the next generation. Cortana understands better from the user. Cortana takes command in the form of voice or text.

Summary: Voice assistants, not just devices they are also our personal assistants. Amazon\Alexa and Apple\Siri are highly effective and efficient for performing daily tasks.

Voice Assistant Device\IoT Devices Security Issues

Voice Assistant devices come with great and comfortable features. They provide many benefits like performing a certain task. Where voice assistant devices provide many benefits, where many issues arise in these devices like security and privacy issues. Users feel uncomfortable about their personal data because devices suffer from security issues and our personal data is not secure in this device. Voice devices read the client’s email, manage contact so all sorts of data access these assistants. So, our personal data store in the cloud, and anyone can access the user’s personal information like user contacts, e-mail details, etc.

Voice devices consistently listen consistently, when a client unintentionally says wake-up words the devices will listen and after that client speaks with others then the devices will record the client individual discussion. Along these lines, client security and protection will be upset, when client individual discussion will be spilled, where an assailant can get to client individual and touchy data.

Many voice assistant devices work on the security issue to resolve this major problem. Amazon Alexa suffers from numerous security issues. Amazon Alexa works on speech printing systems. Alexa has incorporated a difficulty that exists in the Amazon store interface. Accidentally, some other individuals with voice admittance to the device can orchestrate and buy items using the owner’s Amazon account. Choice accessible to set a discourse address to confirm a voice request and buy, and all things will ship to the holder’s area. Family people could make unapproved requests and buys.

Presently Google up-date its associate programming by adding speech printing through this to remarkably perceive each client by voice and keep the aides from overseeing and checking touchy information. Google brings up in a flash, such undertakings raised worries about how much information was being assembled. Who approached the individual data and how might be utilized this information in the future.

Cortana enables a sign-in option, when clients sign-in then clients ready to utilize Cortana. Cortana naturally up-grade the framework to stop viruses and attacks.

Siri is additionally figured out how to confirm the client’s voice. Yet at the same time, this component was not delivered.

In the future, voice assistant devices will overcome security and privacy issues. AI features strong day by day through these strong AI features, security, and privacy issues reduce.

Summary: Many types of techniques used to resolve security and privacy issues. Day-by-day these techniques improve and in the coming days, they will provide full protection of our data.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How voice assistants enhance our living standards?

Voice Assistant devices consist of AI great features that perform a task like your personal assistant. In-home and business field they perform your all specific task in just a few seconds.

What can voice assistants do?

Voice assistant devices perform major ant certain task like; Lock & unlock the door, Control home appliances like (set temperature, On\Off lights), Order food, make an appointment, set a reminder and alarm, online shopping, manage social media sites, read emails, arrange a meeting, manage the schedule and much more.

Which voice assistant device is best?

All voice assistants best for their own aspect; like Amazon\Alexa best for online shopping, Google\Assistant best for the searching and leader of the marketplace, Apple\Siri most efficient and best for control home appliances, Microsoft\Cortana best for handling social accounts.

But overall Amazon\Alexa is best because this is much faster, reliable, and efficient according to other devices.

Are voice assistants safe?

No, because they have security and privacy issues. Our personal data is not safe. Third-party access to our personal and sensitive data.

Can voice assistant’s devices solve the security issues?

Yeah! researchers and scientists work on different techniques like biometric and others to resolve these issues. In the future, privacy and security issues will overcome.

What is the future of voice assistant devices?

The Voicebot.ai concentrate on shopper selection for savvy speakers uncovered that around 20% of the U.S. populace approaches brilliant speakers today, which is up from short of what one percent only two years prior. What’s more, the investigation uncovers that purchaser reception of voice colleague innovation is reliably surpassing industry desires. The best proof most likely comes from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where voice colleague innovation, for example, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant were a significant subject. Set forth plainly, voice partner innovation is a huge focal point of the world’s tech monsters and will before long be accessible in everything from vehicles to earbuds.

Final Words

Voice assistant\IoT devices come with great powerful functionalities that keep your life comfortable and easy. Voice Assistant devices perform a personal task, where they also control your home appliances.

Voice assistant devices based on IoT and AI and its sub-field (NLP, ASR, CI, ML) algorithms. Which provide great voice functionalities. When you can give the voice input, the voice assistant device receives and responds back in the form of voice. This feature is perfect for those who are physically disabled and old.

Voice assistant devices enhance your living standard. They make your life too much easier, you can handle all personal things in just seconds. Your personal device manages your contact list, makes calls and SMS, manages your email and social accounts, sets reminders and alarms, and also handles your many business tasks such as arrange a meeting, manage the schedule, and much more.

Voice assistant working on to solve the security issues. Hope in the future, these devices resolve all security and privacy issues.