Definition of Security:

  1. Securities can be broadly categorized into two distinct types: equities and debts. However, you will also see hybrid securities that combine elements of both equities and debts.

  2. The prevention of and protection against assault, damage, fire, fraud, invasion of privacy, theft, unlawful entry, and other such occurrences caused by deliberate action. See also safety.

  3. A thing deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfillment of an undertaking or the repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in case of default.

  4. Computing: The extent to which a computer system is protected from data corruption, destruction, interception, loss, or unauthorized access. See also secure system.

  5. A private police force that guards a building, campus, park, etc.

  6. The term "security" is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value. It represents an ownership position in a publicly-traded corporation—via stock—a creditor relationship with a governmental body or a corporation—represented by owning that entity's bond—or rights to ownership as represented by an option.

  7. Finance: A financing or investment instrument issued by a company or government agency that denotes an ownership interest and provides evidence of a debt, a right to share in the earnings of the issuer, or a right in the distribution of a property.

    Securities include bonds, debentures, notes, options, shares, and warrants but not insurance policies, and may be traded in financial markets such as stock exchanges.

  8. Banking: An asset pledged to guaranty the repayment of a loan, satisfaction of an obligation, or in compliance of an agreement.

    Security gives a lender or obligee a legal right of access to the pledged asset and to take their possession and title in case of default for a foreclosure sale.

  9. The state of being free from danger or threat.

  10. A certificate attesting credit, the ownership of stocks or bonds, or the right to ownership connected with tradable derivatives.

Synonyms of Security

Investments, Shares, Holdings, Securities, Equities, Bonds, Easy Street, Aegis, Affluence, Aplomb, Armament, Armor, Arrogance, Aspiration, Assumption, Assurance, Assured faith, Assuredness, Asylum, Authenticity, Authoritativeness, Bail, Balance, Balanced personality, Bamboo curtain, Barrier of secrecy, Bed of roses, Belief, Blackout, Bond, Calculability, Care, Censorship, Certainty, Certification, Certitude, Cheerful expectation, Clear sailing, Clover, Cocksureness, Collateral, Comfort, Confidence, Confidentness, Constancy, Conviction, Cool, Courage, Curtain, Custodianship, Custody, Dependability, Dependence, Deposit, Desire, Doomed hope, Earnest, Ease, Easy circumstances, Equilibrium, Expectation, Fair prospect, Faith, Faithworthiness, Fastness, Felicity, Fervent hope, Firmness, Fleshpots, Gage, Good cheer, Good hope, Gracious life, Gracious living, Great expectations, Guarantee, Guaranty, Guard, Guarding, Happiness, Harmlessness, High hopes, Homeostasis, Hope, Hopeful prognosis, Hopefulness, Hopes, Hoping, Hoping against hope, Hubris, Hush-up, Immunity, Imperturbability, Insurance, Invariability, Invincibility, Invulnerability, Iron curtain, Ironbound security, Lap of luxury, Life of ease, Loaves and fishes, Luxury, Nerve, Oath of secrecy, Official secrecy, Overconfidence, Oversureness, Overweening, Overweeningness, Pall, Pawn, Pledge, Poise, Pomposity, Positiveness, Prayerful hope, Predictability, Presumption, Pride, Promise, Prospect, Prospects, Prosperity, Prosperousness, Protection, Refuge, Reliability, Reliance, Repression, Risklessness, Rootedness, Safeguard, Safeguarding, Safeness, Safety, Sanctuary, Sang-froid, Sanguine expectation, Seal of secrecy, Secureness, Self-assurance, Self-confidence, Self-importance, Self-reliance, Settled belief, Shelter, Shield, Smothering, Solidity, Soundness, Stability, Stable equilibrium, Stable state, Stableness, Staunchness, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Steady nerves, Steady state, Stifling, Strength, Subjective certainty, Substantiality, Success, Suppression, Sureness, Surety, Surveillance, The affluent life, The good life, Thriving condition, Token, Trust, Trustworthiness, Undeflectability, Unerringness, Uniformity, Unshakable nerves, Unshakableness, Upward mobility, Validity, Veil, Veil of secrecy, Velvet, Ward, Warrant, Warranty, Weal, Wealth, Welfare, Well-being, Well-grounded hope, Wraps, Protection, Defence, Guard, Shelter, Screen, Buffer, Preventive, Precaution, Prophylactic, Provision, Security, Safety measure, Surety, Cover, Insurance, Indemnity, Guarantee, Collateral, Surety, Pledge, Bond

How to use Security in a sentence?

  1. The police force, private security and volunteers were present in large numbers to check any untoward incident.
  2. The money was being used as security for costs until the appeal was completed.
  3. A good investment portfolio will contain a diversity of types of security so that any one investment does not make or break the portfolio owner.
  4. Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets.
  5. The people were really worried about intruders so they had lots of types of security including a dog and an alarm system with a panic button.
  6. There are two guards stationed at the entrance for the security of the guests that came to Mrs. Havishams party.
  7. The new rules also make donating mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.
  8. There are primarily three types of securities: equity - which provide ownership rights to holders, debt - which are essentially loans that are repaid with periodic payments, and hybrid - which combine aspects of debt and equity.
  9. Public sales of securities are regulated by the SEC. Self-regulatory organizations also play an important role in the regulation of derivative securities. Examples include NASD, NFA, and FINRA.
  10. The system is designed to provide maximum security against toxic spills.

Meaning of Security & Security Definition