WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2021

Since its inception in 2009, WhatsApp has continued to develop at high speed in the messaging world. Even though you may have been using WhatsApp for a long time now, there may still be some features you don’t know yet. So here is everything you need to know about the different functions of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2021

There are indeed some basic tips that you absolutely need to know, such as:

If you’re busy and can’t yet take the time to reply to a message you’ve already opened, you can mark it as “Unread” to give yourself a callback.

If you keep receiving messages from a chat group in which you do not actively participate, you can silence the notifications.

Here are some tips and tricks to better use your app and WhatsApp account:

10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

1. How to see when someone reads your message in a WhatsApp group chat?

Seeing who has read your messages in a WhatsApp chat group is much easier than it looks:

On Android: Long press on the message you sent, then select the option for more information. From there you will see the names of the people who viewed your post.

On iOS: Swipe your message left or right, and the list of people who viewed your message will automatically appear on the screen.

2. How to hide the “Viewed” status of WhatsApp messages?

There are times, we may not want our movements to be seen on WhatsApp. There are always messages you want to avoid, but if the person knows you saw their message, it would be really embarrassing not to respond. So what to do?

In your WhatsApp app, go to “Settings” → “Account” → “Privacy” → “Seen To”, then choose who can (or cannot) your “Seen” status when reading a WhatsApp message.

3. How to silence a WhatsApp conversation?

WhatsApp notifications alerts never stop? What to do to finally have a little calm? You can silence these new message notifications.

To do this, select the contact you want to silence. Then in the list of options concerning the contact in question, press “Silent mode”, you will then have the possibility of silencing the person for “8 hours”, “1 week” or for “1 year”.

4. How to limit the use of cellular data on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can build up a lot of space on your device, which can really slow down your smartphone. To limit WhatsApp data usage, enter the app, open “Settings”, then tap “Data and storage usage”. From there, you can limit the automatic downloads of certain types of files, like photos, audio files, videos, documents, etc.

5. How to clean WhatsApp to have more space?

On an iOS device, you can see how much storage space a certain app is using. To do this, go to “Settings” → “General” → “iPhone storage”, then you can see the space used by the applications. You will see the space used by WhatsApp, you can also delete photos and videos that you no longer need.

If you start to run out of space on your device, but still don’t want to lose your data. You can always make a full backup of your WhatsApp data.

To know more about backing up WhatsApp messages and attachments, you can read the article:

6. How do I pin a WhatsApp conversation?

Some WhatsApp chats can really be very important, and you are probably very impatiently waiting for messages from a certain person, or you need to regularly send messages to a certain person. How to make things much more practical?

On iOS, open the WhatsApp app, then swipe the conversation you want to the right, then tap on the “Pin” option.

7. How do I customize notifications on WhatsApp?

You can customize the notification alerts for certain people. To do this, go to your WhatsApp application, then tap the name of the person whose notification alerts you want to customize. In the “Contact Info” you will see many options that you can customize as you wish. Like “Quiet Mode” and “Custom Tone”.

8. How to type WhatsApp message without using hands?

This feature only works for iOS devices. You can dictate the content of the WhatsApp message you want to send using Siri. After opening the WhatsApp conversation in which you want to send a message, long press the home button, then the Siri command will appear, then you can start dictating your message.

9. How do I mark a message as “Unread” on WhatsApp?

If you accidentally opened a WhatsApp message when you didn’t want to read it yet or didn’t intend to reply to it yet. You can still mark it as “Unread”.

On Android, long press on the message in question; on iOS, swipe the message to the right, then the “Unread” option will appear on your screen. Press “Unread” to have your message in this status.

10. How to hide preview of WhatsApp messages?

To prevent WhatsApp messages from showing on your lock screen, you can turn off preview of WhatsApp messages on your device.

To set the preview of WhatsApp messages on your lock screen, go to “WhatsApp” → “Settings” → “Notifications”, then turn off the “Preview” feature.


There you have it, these are 10 tips and tricks on WhatsApp, if you have any other ideas you can leave us a comment in the space below.