Definition of Sensor:

  1. Device that detects (senses) changes in the ambient conditions or in the state of another device or a system, and conveys or records this information in a certain manner.

  2. A device which detects or measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds to it.

How to use Sensor in a sentence?

  1. The sensor functioned consistently and perfectly for years so we decided to give our business to the same company for the next project.
  2. To ensure greater response and surer handling, the engineers used electronic sensors to monitor each wheel.
  3. The air freshener has been designed with a motion detection sensor , and will release a puff of fragrance into the air whenever someone walks by.
  4. We didnt think we could break into the house because their was a sensor at every corner of the house and it could detect even the slightest movement.

Meaning of Sensor & Sensor Definition

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