Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number

Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number

A Kenmore fridge with model number 363 has a capacity of 21 cubic feet, as shown by the fourth digit of its model number following the prefix 363. In addition, the most recent iterations of the Kenmore refrigerator, model 363, are created to be eco-friendly and incredibly energy-efficient.


Knowing the exact amount you’re for is also crucial when trying to locate the cubic feet of your Kenmore fridge. Keep in mind that the typical capacity of a Kenmore refrigerator is between 10 and 35 cu ft. Your Kenmore refrigerator’s size may be found within the appliance itself.

The fridge’s detailed specs are always clearly documented on a label that can be easily accessed in this area. Some modern refrigerators will include a sticker that specifies the exact cubic feet of storage space available, but not all will. Follow these procedures if the size of your Kenmore refrigerator is not specified on this label.

:small_orange_diamond: Kenmore 60112 20.4 cu. ft.

General Features:
Reversible Door Yes
Depth w/out Handle (In.) 31.75
Standard or Counter Depth Standard Depth
Depth w/ Handle (in.) 34.5
Height to Top of Case (in.) 68.25
Height to Top of Hinge (in.) 69
Depth w/ Door Open 90 Degrees 61.38
Width 29 to 29 7/8 inches
Depth without Door (in.) 28.5
Width w/Door Open 90 Degrees (In.) 32.75
Width w/ Door Closed (In.) 29.63
Dimensions Details 29.63 x 69 x 34.5

:large_orange_diamond: Look at the Model Number

Size information is often included in the model number of a Kenmore refrigerator. If the refrigerator’s model number is KYU17, you’ll know that it has a capacity of 17 cubic feet. This is a quick and simple method for determining your Kenmore fridge’s cubic feet and inches. Some individuals may have trouble making sense of a Kenmore model number despite appearances.

:small_orange_diamond: General Knowledge

It’s common knowledge that businesses, especially those in the technology industry, adhere to conventional product sizing. However, these benchmarks might not always be reliable. As a result, if you’re curious, it can help you understand the product’s aesthetic, maker, version, and design. You’re probably familiar with the many refrigerator designs, such as top-mount, bottom-mount, side-by-side, and French door. You can determine how many cubic feet a certain design occupies by knowing its width, depth, and height.

  • A bottom- or top-mount refrigerator will measure 29 inches wide, 65 to 67 inches tall, and 31 inches deep (depth).
  • Side-by-side refrigerators typically measure 30 inches in depth, 67 to 71 inches in height, and 35 inches in breadth (depth).
  • The typical measurements for a French door fridge are 35 inches across, 68 inches in height, and 29 inches in depth.
  • These are the typical dimensions of such freezers, but they only give us approximate answers.

:small_orange_diamond: Search Online

The capacity of your Kenmore fridge might not be obvious from the model number. Here, you may learn more about the requirements through web research. A simple Google search will yield the desired results most of the time.

:small_orange_diamond: Hand Measure the Dimensions

Even if you’ve exhausted your current leads to no success, there may be more to explore. Using a measuring tape, you may determine your fridge’s inside dimensions. This means that the volume of your Kenmore fridge may be calculated by multiplying the data you obtain. Consider expressing the worth you bring in terms of cubic feet. These are the most common approaches to determining the capacity of your Kenmore refrigerator.

:small_orange_diamond: How to get Kenmore refrigerator size by model number?

Obtaining the correct Kenmore refrigerator size using the model number requires following a few simple procedures. Locating the refrigerator’s model number is the first step. The fridge’s dimensions may be calculated using this value. You may get these statistics on official websites. After that, we multiply by each of the dimensions. The calculated size will be used. Accurately determining the Kenmore fridge size requires familiarity with the entire process. I’ve outlined the full procedure for you below. Continue reading if you’re interested in knowing more!

:small_orange_diamond: What Is Kenmore Refrigerator Size?

The inside capacity of a Kenmore fridge is what we refer to when we talk about its size. Using this value, one may calculate the potential food storage volume. Volume is expressed in inches, the same unit of measurement used for calculating the diameter of nut and bolt threads. After that, we adjust to cubic feet. The correct formula for calculating volume is as follows:

:small_orange_diamond: Volume= Length×Width×Depth

That Kenmore fridge of yours? You’ll need to measure it to get its dimensions. After that, multiply them. Divide the Volume by 1728 to convert the value to cubic feet. The unit of measurement “cubic feet” is more widely accepted than “cubic inches” for describing space.

In addition to measuring by eye, the refrigerator’s model number can be used to determine its size. For earlier models, this data may be elusive. However, this problem may be solved by adopting a systematic strategy. I’ll go into further detail about the processes below.

:small_orange_diamond: Which model is my Kenmore refrigerator?

Kenmore models always have a three-digit prefix, e.g. B. 110 or 665, then a full stop and more digits. Then look for an aluminium stick or a bar of silver or bleached label. The model number can be printed or stamped on the label and can be printed in two different sizes or characters.

:small_orange_diamond: And how do I find the model of my refrigerator?

The model and serial number are printed on the label at the bottom left of the device on the outside and the front. Inside the refrigerator is another label on the side wall above the upper compartment.

:small_orange_diamond: How do I know in what year the refrigerator was built?

  • Open the refrigerator door and find the serial number.
  • Go to the brand’s website on your refrigerator.
  • You can also visit a general website about the device online (see resource below) to find the year and month the device was manufactured.

:small_orange_diamond: Do you also know what year my Kenmore refrigerator was built?

The date of manufacture is indicated on the serial number of this refrigerator. The third digit of the serial number (3) indicates that this refrigerator was manufactured in 2003. The next two digits (02) indicate that the refrigerator will be completed in the second week of 2003. This refrigerator is just over 5 years old.

:small_orange_diamond: How old is my device based on the model number?

To determine the age of the device, use the serial number (not the model number) to determine the date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six digits. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number indicate the month and year of manufacture.

:beginner: F Summary

Find the serial number of a Kenmore Frigidairemade washing machine. Start with two letters followed by some numbers. The first number indicates the year of manufacture. For newer models, the number 2 stands for 2002, 3 for 2003, 4 for 2004, and so on.

:large_orange_diamond: How to Check Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number?

It is necessary to know the Kenmore refrigerator’s model number to determine its capacity. Commonly, the first three digits of the model number are prefixes. A period is followed by the remainder of the number in the printed output. There are two primary sources from which to obtain this figure. For your ease, let me demonstrate.

:small_orange_diamond: From The Warranty Card

The warranty card may be a quick reference to locate the Kenmore refrigerator’s model number. The model number is often listed on the warranty card. A dishwasher and other home appliances’ dimensions may be determined from this value.

You’ll also receive a warranty registration card when you purchase a Kenmore refrigerator. Alternatively, the exchange receipt might contain the serial number of the purchase’s monetary. Before finalising the sale, the vendor marks the item with its model number.

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:small_orange_diamond: From the Refrigerator

Don’t freak out if you can’t find your warranty card or your receipt for the purchase price. You are the one who should use the critical approach. The body of your refrigerator is another place to look for the model number. But it would help if you focused on the right body area to do it.

The refrigerator has two model numbers, which may be found on separate labels. The refrigerator’s outside has two lights; the first is in the lower left corner. This label may be seen on the front of the item. The fridge has another label on the inside.

The serial number may be found easily by opening the fridge. A number can be found above. Examine the top shelf’s walls for any signs of moisture. Your search for the model number will end there. The serial number of your fridge may be found by using these strategies. There are a few specific measures to take to determine the size of the model number. Below, I’ll go through each of these measures in detail.

:beginner: F Summary

The Kenmore refrigerator’s model number may be found on the warranty card. You can usually find the model number on the warranty card. The size of a dishwasher or other appliance may be calculated using this number. You’ll also get a warranty registration card when you buy a Kenmore refrigerator. The serial number might also be printed on the receipt given to the buyer when they paid cash.

:triangular_flag_on_post: requently Asked Questions - FAQs

Following are the most commonly asked questions about the Kenmore refrigerator:

1 - How do you find the cubic foot of a Kenmore refrigerator?

Take a tape measure and measure the refrigerator’s width, depth and height. To get the cubic foot, multiply the numbers (W x D x H) and divide the sum by 1728. For example, if you have a 30 x 30 x 48 high refrigerator, multiply 30 x 30 x 48.

2 - Which model is my Kenmore tumble dryer?

Most Kenmore Elite dryers have the model number plate around the door. Open the dryer door and look out. Some dryers have the sticker on the bottom left or right.

3 - What do the Frigidaire model numbers mean?

For example, the Frigidaire colour code is the 10th digit of the model number and consists of 16 letters representing the colours. Check the outside of the box. The model number can be placed at the bottom or in the upper left corner of the back. It is available in three colours… E stands for ebony black, F stands for stainless steel, and P stands for pearl white.

4 - How old is my Frigidaire refrigerator?

The first letter of a serial number indicates where the device was manufactured. The second letter indicates the type of device. The first number is the year the device was manufactured. The next two digits are the week of that year.

5 - What is the model number?

Model number. Updated: 11/11/2018 by Computer Hope. Sometimes abbreviated as a model or model number, a model number is a unique number assigned to every product made by hardware manufacturers. Model numbers allow manufacturers to track each hardware device and identify or replace the correct part if necessary.

6 - Where is the serial number of a refrigerator?

You can find the model and serial number on the label at the bottom left of the device and on the front. Inside the refrigerator is another label on the side wall above the upper compartment.

7 - What parts are the refrigerator made of?

Refrigerator Common Areas Glossary Compressor. The refrigeration compressor is sold as part of a compressor motor kit. Compressor driving capacitor. Compressor start relay. Assembling the compressor motor. Capacitor. Condenser fan. Sensor fan motor. Avrim bimetallic.

8 - What does the Samsung refrigerator model number mean?

The Samsung refrigerator model number is not just a number; the model number contains information to help the buyer choose. For example, you can use the model number to identify which type of refrigerator, the year the refrigerator was developed, and the country in which the refrigerator was manufactured.

9 - Which Samsung refrigerator model do I have?

The model and serial number can be found on the label at the bottom left on the appliance’s outside and the refrigerator’s front or back. Inside the refrigerator is another label on the side wall above the upper compartment.

10 - What model is my GE refrigerator?

Find the model and a serial number of your GE top freezer refrigerator in the fresh food area on the upper left wall. In the freezer, on the ceiling, in front. Near the temperature controls. Behind drawers, sharper.

:bookmark: Cocnlusion

Don’t panic if you can’t locate the warranty card or the sales receipt. It is up to you to take the appropriate action. You may also find the model number printed on the refrigerator’s outside. The key is to direct your attention to the correct part of the body. There are two model numbers for this fridge, each of which may be found on a different label. The bottom left corner of the exterior features the first of two such lights. You may find this label on the item’s primary display.

The refrigerator’s inner workings are labelled in yet another way. Simply opening the fridge will reveal the serial number. You may see a number in the sky. Look for mould on the inside walls of the highest shelf. You may stop looking for the model number now. These methods may help you locate your refrigerator’s serial number. There are a few rules to follow to get the size from the model number.

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