Kenmore Serial Number Lookup

By looking up the serial numbers on your Kenmore appliances, you may determine their age. The serial number’s initial characters—numbers or letters—indicate the dates of manufacture. Contacting your manufacturers is an alternative method because it is not always simple to determine the age using the serial number.

5 Methods for finding Machine Age:

Here and there you really want to know how old a machine is to decide when to supplant it.

You can’t know how long a thing has been being used, for example, when you buy a home with these machines.

Knowing the date of creation permits you to decide how long others have utilized the apparatus, accepting it hasn’t been utilized for longer than it ought to endure.
Your Kenmore products ought to likewise be forward-thinking and utilitarian. Everybody disdains dissatisfactions since they empower spending.

In view of these conditions, I don’t need cash that could be spent on different things to be squandered. Yet, how might you tell how old the apparatuses in your home are? Age assurance should be possible in various ways.

The following are a couple of strategies for deciding the age of your machines:

#1. Chronic Number

This is the most broadly involved and dependable strategy for sorting out how old your machines are.

The maker introduces a coding framework to distinguish every machine delivered by various brands and to record the date of creation.

In spite of the way that it requires some investment, this technique is awesome. There are various codes and translations utilized by modern associations, some of which are straightforward.

#2. Web Code Search Destinations

This choice goes about as a workaround on the grounds that it requires a long investment to physically translate the sequential codes to recover the date.

Rather than unraveling with no confirmation that it will be exact, you can get your model and chronic number from a site, and it will give you the date.

You can find the maker date by entering the machine’s subtleties on sites that direct code look. You can likewise see sites like Machine 411.

#3. The House

You can make a rough approximation of how old a few machines are on the off chance that you know how old the house is.

For example, they certainly introduced the apparatus assuming the house was worked before 2010.

#4. Manual

You can discover some data about your machines in the manuals for your apparatuses. For example, most of manuals give the assembling date.
On the off chance that you can’t find the handbook, you can reach out to the past proprietors of your home; they might know where it is or when it was distributed.

There is consistently a site connect that will take you to the maker on the off chance that the date isn’t on the manual.

#5. Maker Contact

On the off chance that any remaining strategies fizzled, it would be your best other option and last response. You should simply get the model and chronic numbers for your machines.

The producers will give you the ideal reaction on the off chance that you outfit them with this data.

If out of the blue you can’t get your chronic or model numbers, you can depict what is happening or even submit pictures. They’ll have the option to perceive your thing.
A machine shouldn’t endure longer than a decade, as per industry specialists and some producer delegates.

In any case, as new innovations advance and apparatus makers increase current standards on their items’ quality, this is evolving. Subsequently, a run of the mill machine has a 25-year life expectancy.
e doesn’t make appliances; Sears or Kenmore buy them from other companies who do.

How Can I Tell How Old My Kenmore Refrigerator Is?

The same process can be used to age a Kenmore refrigerator; a serial number is essential.

The label containing the model and serial number can be found within the refrigerator or freezer, behind the lower drawer, or in the lower toe kick. On occasion, it can be seen in the face frame of the refrigerator’s body.

The first few characters identify the month and year, but this can be tricky. Consumers also have faith in the Kenmore brand. But, Kenmore, a department store brand, does not produce own appliances.

Numerous businesses produce their own refrigerators, as do other businesses that produce their equipment.
This makes it challenging to estimate age from a serial number. This is a result of the different serial code interpretations that the businesses use.

For instance, unlike other manufacturers, GE used the month and year as the first two letters of the serial number if your refrigerator was made by them.
You cannot precisely predict a year by glancing at the refrigerator, as this description implies.

Therefore it takes some work to determine the age. To acquire your answer, you should always be able to get in touch with the manufacturer or use some of their web services.

The majority of side-by-side refrigerators are made by Whirlpool, however LG also makes certain Kenmore models.
Despite this, you may identify the maker of your refrigerator by the first few digits of the Kenmore model number.

The model number is preceded by three digits and followed by a decimal number in all manufacturing companies.

How Can I Tell How Old My Kenmore Dishwasher Is?

The serial number on your Kenmore dishwasher can be used to determine its age (not the model number). You may determine the date that the serial number was created by looking at the first two letters.

You may estimate how long your dishwasher has been in use by looking at the date of manufacture.

On the Kenmore dishwasher, the production date is frequently listed; this is done for warranty purposes.
Therefore, even if you bought the dishwasher yourself, the date can still be there. On a more erratic note, the dishwasher or the previous owners of your new home might be gracious enough to keep the date.
Returning to the more trustworthy serial number method, where is the model/serial number label sticker?

Depending on the model, you can look in the following spots for stickers on your dishwasher:

  • The door’s left side is opening.
  • On the door’s right side.
  • the interior of the back corner.
  • The dishwasher’s side panel.
    The model and serial numbers are among the details you can discover on the label. Please don’t mistake the serial number for the model number even when the manufacturers state it.

The majority of Kenmore dishwashers are made by Whirlpool, who also makes the majority of the more recent models.
Although the previous models of Kenmore dishwashers were made by businesses like Samsung.

Due to this, the majority of dishwashers are manufactured by Whirlpool, and as such, they interpret serial numbers similarly to all other Whirlpool products.
However, getting in touch with your manufacturer is another way to learn how old your Kenmore dishwasher is.

You may search for the manufacturer ID from the label sticker on the dishwasher.

You can also try using online resources like forums or services that provide answers.

How Can I Tell How Old My Kenmore Water Heater Is?

Check the manufacture date, which may be found on the serial number, to determine how old your Kenmore water heater is.

The date is also coded, so you won’t be able to see it in plain sight on the serial number lookup. The serial numbers won’t all be in the same format because there are numerous manufacturers of Kenmore water heaters.

However, the year is always encoded in the first few numbers; you only need to know how. In contrast to other Kenmore devices, the water heater is rather simple to understand.
The serial number may have a varied format depending on the kind of water heater you have. Another can have digits in front whereas the first has letters.
Let’s now examine how to decode the two various serial number formats:

Style 1 (1295c1….)

The first numbers in this serial format are in the first four figures. Here, the manufacture year is shown by the first two numerals.

For instance, the serial numbers 1 and 2 above indicate that the water heater was manufactured in 2012; this is obviously correct!

Style 2 (A0330….)

In this design, the first letter indicates the month, followed by the second and third digits, which indicate the year.
The A in the serial number above denotes January, while the 0 and 3 indicate that the item was produced in 2003. You will therefore realize that this code is rather simple to grasp, albeit certain parts might irritate you.
For this sort of programming, some cracking is required, much like in math. Understanding is simple when dealing with numbers, but when dealing with the alphabet, things go strange.

Decoding this can be more difficult, though. You may always get support from the Kenmore service websites or from your manufacturer.

The label sticker on top of the control panel is always where you may discover the serial number.

How Can I Tell How Old My Kenmore Washer Is?

The serial number will reveal the age of your Kenmore washer. The first number is the year, and the second two-digit number is the number of weeks that a Kenmore washer built by Frigidaire was produced.

For a whirlpool, the second letter stands in for the year, and the next two are the letters for the week.

L stands for a whirlpool, M for a Frigidaire, 1 for a whirlpool, M for a Frigidaire, and so on.
Sometimes a code used to decode the serial number and provide the date could really represent two years. To obtain the serial number, you must find the model and the number.
Depending on your washer, you might be able to locate it at the top of the control panel, at the rear of the cabinet, underneath the washer’s lid, or on the right-side rim of the tub.

Other potential sites include the inside door frame and the front-loading washer.

As previously said, Kenmore buys its appliances from other manufacturers. Whirlpool and Frigidaire are in charge of manufacturing the washer, though.

Because of this, the serial codes will be interpreted differently, thus you must know which firm manufactured your washer.

When you know the first few numbers (usually the first three) before the decimal point on your model number, identifying the manufacturer is simple.

How to Determine a Kenmore Stove’s Age

The production date code in the serial number will reveal the age of your Kenmore stove. Six numbers are added after the first two letters of the serial number.

The month and year of manufacture are indicated by the first two letters, which are manufacture date codes.

Since Whirlpool manufactures the majority of Kenmore appliances, serial number decoding is typically used.

1991 is symbolized by the letter A, 1992 by the letter B, and so on. The Kenmore stove’s back has information about other manufacturers as well as the serial code.
If you don’t want to figure out the date code, you may always call the manufacturer and ask how old your stove is.

How to Determine a Kenmore Furnace’s Age

The date is printed on certain newer model furnaces by the manufacturer. The best method to determine the age of your Kenmore furnace is the serial number lookup, albeit, for other models.

The serial number’s first two digits correspond to the weeks, while the next two digits reflect the year.

If the serial number begins with 0594, for instance, it was produced in the first five weeks of the year (February), and the 94 represents 1994.

You can get in touch with the manufacturer, who is willing to respond to all of your inquiries and provide the age. Show the manufacturer representative your furnace’s serial number, photo, and description.


In order to determine the age of a Kenmore appliance, one can look up the serial number. This will usually indicate the date of manufacture. Alternatively, contacting the manufacturer is also an option. Knowing the age of an appliance is important in order to ensure they do not outlive their intended lifespan. It is important to note that the serial number is different from the model number and is the best way to determine the age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How can I find the age of my home appliance?

You can find the age of your home appliance by checking the serial number or other identifying information. You may also be able to find the age by researching the model number or contacting the manufacturer.

2. Is there a way to tell if my home appliance is still under warranty?

You can usually find out if your home appliance is still under warranty by checking the paperwork that came with the appliance or by contacting the manufacturer.

3. Is there a database I can access to find out the age of my home appliance?

There is no universal database to find out the age of a home appliance, but you may be able to find information on specific models by searching the internet.

4. What information do I need to know in order to find out the age of my home appliance?

You will need to know the serial number or model number of your home appliance in order to find out its age.

5. Are there any special techniques for determining the age of my home appliance?

There are no special techniques for determining the age of a home appliance. Usually, the serial number or model number can be used to trace the age of the appliance.

6. How likely is it that I can find out the exact age of my home appliance?

It is usually possible to find out the exact age of a home appliance, as long as you have the serial number or model number

7. What if my home appliance does not have a serial number?

If your home appliance does not have a serial number, you may still be able to find its age by researching the model number or contacting the manufacturer.

8. What if the serial number on my home appliance is illegible?

If the serial number on your home appliance is illegible, you may be able to find the age by researching the model number or contacting the manufacturer

9. What if my home appliance does not have any visible signs of age?

If your home appliance does not have any visible signs of age, you can still find out its age by researching the model number or contacting the manufacturer.

10. How do I know if my home appliance is too old to be safely used?

You can determine if your home appliance is too old to be safely used by researching the model number or contacting the manufacturer.


When you purchase an appliance or a new home, the appliances may be modern. However, finding the age is still preferable to ensure that the appliances do not outlive their intended lifespan.
Also keep in mind that your serial number is different from your model number and is more useful for determining the age of your equipment.

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