How Much Were Microwaves In The 70's?

The average price of the microwave was $269.95. Percy Spencer invented the microwave in 1940.

The design of the microwave oven of the 1970s was quite simple. It had a squeeze-activated door release. it also comprised a wood-grain handle on the side door with a window. The oven could not operate with the door open, thanks to a latch-style door lock. A 25-minute countdown timer was present with a bell. They used acrylic to finish the oven interior. The oven had a light on top of it to check on the food by opening the door. It was there to make sure the microwave had heated the food.

Properties of Microwaves in the 1970s:

  1. Metal surfaces reflect microwave rays.

  2. Both glass and plastic don’t stop them.

  3. Microwave radiation can traverse the atmosphere. As a result, microwaves transmitted information back and forth from the satellite. Metal reflects microwave radiations. This is the reason why metal is a component of satellite plates

  4. For a microwave, water absorbs a microwave’s specific microwave frequency. The microwave cooks food using this capability. Microwaves heat it because food contains water, which absorbs the radiation. The water atoms and molecules in food begin to vibrate when heated. So the food’s temperature rises, and it becomes cooked.

  5. Wave affects microwave transmission, including reflection, refraction, dispersion, and interference.

  6. The quantity of heating depends on how long the radiation is affecting the substance

  7. The conducting surfaces reflect the waves, which move straight ahead.

  8. The wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is shorter.

  9. Shorter wavelengths microwaves are most suited for radar systems used for aviation navigation.


Microwaves are 73 years old this year!! Percy Spencer, in the 1940s, invented microwaves. At that time, he was working for the Raytheon Corporation. The original microwaves cost between £4,200 and £4,500. These are the length of a contemporary American fridge-freezer. They were about 1.8 meters tall and weighed 340 kg. Quite different from the integrated, little models of today.

Microwave in the 1950s:

They didn’t take off until prices declined in the 1960s. According to statistics from Panasonic, the US sold 40,000 microwave ovens in 1970 and 1 million by 1975. Due to the popularity of ready meals in the UK, they also boomed in the 1970s; currently, 56% of us eat them.

The oldest microwave this year is 73 years old. In the 1940s, engineer Percy Spencer discovered microwaves. The original microwaves were the length of an American-style refrigerator-freezer. Their cost was between £4,200 and £4,500. They were roughly 1.8m tall and weighed 340kg.

Price List of Microwaves from 1970 to 2000

Year Price
1950 $184.95
1965 $269.95
1977 $269.95
1980 $109.99
1990 $99.00
2000 $50

Old Microwaves

Compared to modern microwave ovens, the original ones in history were enormous. An American defense company named Raytheon sold them for the first time in 1947. They sold the RadaRange for $5000, or $51,000 in today’s dollars. These monstrosities produced a staggering 3000 Watts of electricity. They stood about 6 feet tall and weighed over one-third of a tonne(a metric ton).

The marketing of the initial models for use in eateries, ship’s galleys, and big canteens. This is why they were unsuitable for residential use. Domestic microwave ovens with countertops started to become accessible in 1967 worldwide. The company Amana offered to buy them for a deal of US$495 ($3,408 in today’s currency).

The Modern Microwave

There was a company called Litton, which was well-known in the restaurant industry. They developed the short, wide design of the microwave we get to see. Sales in the USA and Japan took off, going from tens of thousands by 1970 to millions by 1975. Microwaves became more practical and easy to buy by the late 1970s. It is due to the technology making many advancements and due to lower-cost [electronic components](4 Must-Have Home And Kitchen Appliances). One in four US households had a microwave in 1986. A startling 9 out of 10 American families reportedly had a microwave oven by 1997, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most modern microwaves have the same height and wide box design that became common in the 1970s. But, you can buy several types of microwave ovens. Sizes, colors, storage options, and power outputs vary. Some hang above the stove, kitchen cabinets are also a way to keep them, but some lie on the countertop. Besides being able to microwave food, many modern microwave ovens can grill, use convection heat, and even steam food.

Use your microwave oven for more than just reheating yesterday night’s pizza, no matter what kind you have. moreover, remember to thank Percy Spencer after finishing a delicious dinner of microwave-slow-cooked lamb from decades ago.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequent questions people may ask about How Much Were Microwaves In The '70s:

1. How Much Did a Microwave Cost in 1946?

It was in late 1946 when the Raytheon Company filed the patent. A Boston restaurant tested this large microwave. Moreover, the commercial version of the microwave first appeared in 1947 but cost about $ 5,000 each.

2. And How Much Did the First Microwave Cost?

In 1947, Raytheon introduced the world’s first microwave oven and named it Radar Range, the winning name of an employee competition. They refrigerated the first microwave ovens, which cost between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000. Between 195, Tappan unveiled the first domestic model for $ 1,295.

3. Was the Price of a Microwave the Same in 1975?

Between $ 189.95 to $ 439.95, microwaves were available. Since 1975, there has been significant dollar inflation. 100 dollars purchased in 1975 would now cost around $354, according to the changes in the consumer price index. Today, the price of the six-digit device is about $49.

4. People Also Ask How Much Microwaves Cost in the 1970s?

Raytheon introduced the first popular house model, the radar distance counter, in 1967. It cost $495 (about$ 3,200 today). Consumer interest in microwave ovens has started to grow. In 1970, the United States sold about 40,000 copies.

5. Who Invented the Microwave in 1946?

Percy Spencer was the first who invented the microwave in 1946.

7. How Much Did a Microwave Cost in 1980?

According to Litton, the average price of a microwave oven in 1980 was$ 425. While the price range is between $ 149 and $ 549, the average has dropped to around $ 280. Another type of consumer is buying microwaves, said James Freemont, director of marketing at Litton.

8. What was the cost of a microwave in 1990?

And when the technology goes mainstream, of course, the price goes up too. In 1990, people were able to buy a much smaller microwave oven with two power levels for US $ 99.98, which is about US $ 183 today.

9. Is Microwave Radiation Harmful?

No, they are not harmful, but you shouldn’t use metal and aluminum](Is Aluminium A Metal) utensils as the waves come to your food, and they can damage your microwave.

10. What Were Microwaves Used For?

Despite the potential of instant snacks, Raytheon created the first commercial microwave in the radar range. He introduced it in 1946 with the intention of usage in restaurants (as pictured above with a prototype called Radar Range) and for reheating meals on airplanes.

11. What People Used Before the Microwave?

People cooked frozen foods in water in a saucepan with a lid on a hot plate. People made popcorn in a popcorn machine or the large Dutch oven on the stove. People would present all the simple meals then known as TV on aluminum trays.

12. Can Microwaves Cause Cancer?

Microwaves heat food. They do not affect foods not prepared with other cooking methods. So they don’t cause cancer. There are no known harmful effects on humans if you use a microwave oven according to the instructions.

13. When Did Microwaves Become Popular?

Microwaves became famous in 1967.

14. How Much Does a Sharp Carousel Microwave Cost?

This microwave is huge, glossy black with a white back. It has a weird 15-inch tempered glass top in a spacious 6 cubic foot interior—for selected products.


How Much Were Microwaves In The '70s? They cost about $200 to $300. According to statistics from Panasonic, the US sold over 40,000 microwave transmitters in 1970 .It also sold about 1 million by 1975. Due to the popularity of ready-made meals, they also gained popularity in the UK in the 1970s. Currently, 56 percent of us still reheat our meals in the microwave.

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