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Com LGE Launcher3 boasts a slew of impressive features. Jack Wallen focuses on two features that will pique your interest and lead you to download the new version of this home screen launcher.

Com LGE Launcher3

If you want to enjoy the new Google Pixel version of Android but don’t want to spend the money on the flagship smartphone, there’s still hope. You will get a range of features that you may have figured were only available on the Pixel phone with the new release of Action Launcher. These features include, among others, the following:

  • Full-screen mode In the All-Apps mode (Plus version)
  • Circular folder type dock tinting
  • Widgets for Google Pills and Dates

Com LGE Launcher3 Additional Features:

Action Launcher also comes with a slew of other great features, including:

  1. Quick-theme (Plus version): Allows Action Launcher to customize your home screen based on your wallpaper’s colors.

  2. Swipe upward on a shortcut to reveal an easily accessible widget for the app.

  3. Shutters (Plus version): On a shortcut, swipe upward in order to reveal an easily accessible widget on mobile for the app.

  4. Quick-bar (Plus version): Helps you to personalize the Google search bar.

  5. Quick-edit: Access alternate icon suggestions quickly.

  6. Smart-size icons (Beta): Icons are automatically resized to the recommended icon size in Material Design.

  7. Covers: A novel approach to folders that assigns different acts to various folders (such as tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder, which you have customized).

The above features are included in the free version of Action Launcher3. You’ll need to pay $4.99 for the Plus version to get the complete collection of features (in-app purchase).

Let’s get Action Launcher installed and take a look at some of the features that will make you want to run (not walk) to the Google Play Store and get your hands on this fantastic home screen launcher. If your looking for Importance of Reliable Document Storage & Management then give this article a read.

mobile louncher

Installing Com LGE Launcher3:

  1. On your Android smartphone, go to the Google Play Store.

  2. Look for Action Launcher 3 on the internet.

  3. Locate and tap Chris Lacey’s entry.

  4. Install should be selected.

  5. Accept the bid.

  6. Allow for the installation to finish.

After the installation is complete, press the home button on your smartphone and then tap the Action Launcher 3 entry. You can choose between Always (to make Action Launcher your default) and Only This Once (to use Action Launcher just once) (to test it out).

When you first start Action Launcher, you’ll see a welcome screen that I strongly encourage you to read because it covers all of Action Launcher’s features.

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The Two Standout Features:

I’m not going to go over all of Action Launcher’s features; instead, I’m going to focus on the two that I believe will persuade you to make Action Launcher your default home screen launcher. On the fantastic OnePlus 3, running Android 6.0.1, I’ll show you how to use Action Launcher.

1. Covers:

The most impressive attribute of Action Launcher is its Covers. You can build a folder on the regular Android home screen by combining icons. You tap the folder to open it, then tap the software you want to use to launch it. You can transform those directories into Covers with Action Launcher. A cover can perform two functions:

  • To open the default Cover app, tap the cover.

  • Swipe up to show all of the apps included inside the Cover.

To make Covers, build a folder with all of your launchers. Open the folder by tapping it, then press the three vertical dots in the folder’s bottom right corner to close it.

Creating a cover from a folder:

The folder will be transformed to a Cover when you tap Make Cover. The Cover icon will shift to the default Cover app after you do this. Swipe up from the Cover icon to see all of the apps inside, or tap the Cover to start the default programmed.

To change the default app, open the Cover by swiping up, then long pressing and dragging the app you want to use as the default to the upper left corner of the Cover. When you press the Cover button, the app launcher in the upper left corner will be the app that launches. Best shopping apps the list we created for you.

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2. Shutters:

The other feature that might have you drooling for Action Launcher is shutters. Although it’s only available in the Plus edition, it’s well worth the money.

Shutters function as follows: When you swipe upward from an app icon, the app’s widget appears making it extremely simple to communicate with individual apps right from inside a Cover or Folder.

A Shutter for Facebook Messenger:

There are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to shutters. To begin with, not every app is Shutter-enabled by default. If you see two horizontal bars on a screen when you open a Folder or Cover (Figure C), the app is Shutter-enabled.

Apps within a Cover that are Shutter-enabled:

The next thing you should know is that, even if an app isn’t Shutter-enabled by default, you can allow Action Launcher to activate it for Shutter by swiping upward on the launcher. Test the functionality on apps that don’t have the indicating bars to see how it works. Do you want to know about Mobile Wallet and its importance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When you uninstall an app, all data associated with it is erased, which usually involves customization settings. However, if the app has “modify USB storage” permission, it might have generated files in your phone’s shared storage area, which you can see when you connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. These aren’t removed when you uninstall an app, but you can disable them manually using a USB link or a file manager app on your computer.

1. What does com LGE Launcher3 mean?

Launcher3 is an app that helps you to launch applications from your home screen. It’s something you still do. If you don’t like the default layout of your home screen, you may want to try another launcher. The term “Launcher3” is referred to all Launchers that mostly come with Android operating system (AOS). What is the aim of the Com.lge.launcher3? It’s the default Android launcher for all LG users, and it’s used to launch other apps on your computer. It allows you to personalize your home screen as well as your phone as a whole.

2. Do I need a launcher on my phone?

All you’ll need is a launcher, also known as a home-screen replacement, which is a software application that modifies the software design and features of your phone’s operating system without making any permanent changes. Android launchers are software that can be used to customize the home screen of your phone or function as a personal assistant. One of Android’s best features is the ability to customize the GUI of your devices.

3. Are launchers bad for your phone?

Examine the permissions that the app demands, and determine whether the app has a valid need for them. There’s nothing inherently dangerous about using a custom launcher, but if it asks for permissions that aren’t needed just to display a home screen, it may be concealing malicious features.

4. What does Android System-UI mean?

“Everything you see as an app in Android phones that isn’t an app usually,” says the author. Outside of the system server process, System-UI is a persistent process that provides UI for the system. A list of services that extend System-UI and are started up by System-UI Application is the starting point for most sys-UI code.

5. Are launchers good for Android?

You have more power over your home screen with the best Android launchers. The best Android launchers will completely transform the look and feel of your phone, from changing the icons and themes to introducing new features like smart folders and search assistants.

Are launchers good for Android

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Conclusion:

  • The Covers and Shutters features in com LGE launcher3 should have you running to the Google Play Store, downloading this awesome home screen launcher, and setting it as your default. You’ll wonder why Action Launcher hasn’t been your default all along until you’ve purchased the Plus edition.

  • The response is typically no, but with certain devices, it can be yes. There are launchers built to be as light as possible and/or as simple as possible. They also lack any fancy or eye-catching features in order to save battery life.

  • The Covers and Shutters features in Action Launcher should have you running to the Google Play Store, downloading this awesome home screen launcher, and setting it as your default. You’ll wonder why Action Launcher hasn’t been your default all along until you’ve purchased the Plus edition.

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Com LGE Launcher3 features