Skincare Fridge

Skincare fridges are also known as beauty fridges or makeup fridges are convenient to store your precious sheet-mask, creams, mists, tints, and whatsoever. You easily put the heavy-hitters of your skincare routine and make an attractive addition to your makeup vanity. But chilling your skincare products not only protects your products but also benefits your skin. Since the face mists, eye creams, face masks, and jade rollers, and skincare products with high concentrations of vitamin C, so you can get more benefit from them when stored in the fridge. If you will not put your skincare products in heat and humid you may end up ruining your skin.The sun rays and the heat can damage your products, which in result not only causes damage to the products but also to your skin. It can cause a negative reaction like sunburn, rashes, itching, textured skin, and much more.

What is a skincare fridge?

In today’s world of booming technology, skincare products are as must essential for girls as clothes. Of all the various uniques trends in the world, the skincare fridge is one of them. Girls should take care of their skin to reduce early aging, dullness, dark spots, and wrinkles. Experts say the skincare products in the fridge are safer than those placed on your dressing table.

Have you ever stored your skincare products in the fridge? You must have wondered that what weird thing I am doing? Now stop feeling embarrassed for storing them in your fridge. Because we have come up with a skincare fridge, also known as a makeup fridge or beauty fridge. Not only are there are private shelves in it to cool down your tonnes of sheet masks, serums, face mists, creams, and so forth. The skincare fridge has the advantage that you will no more feel any food odors thrown in your makeup products. Also, they’re much smaller in size than an ordinary refrigerator placed in our kitchen. It means you can store your stash of skincare products on your work table or vanity as an attractive decoration piece. Isn’t it amazing?

Besides the cute smaller appearance of your mini skincare fridge, they can easily cool down your skincare products in no time. Channing Barnett, a dermatologist in Boca Raton, Florida says, “It absolutely feels soothing and relaxing when cold items are applied to the skin, especially skin that is growing or red,” further says “Doing so creates the additional advantage of a virus pack notwithstanding whatever reason the particular item serves.”

Barnett calls attention to that there is some proof that cool skincare products can help decline redness, textured skin, and puffiness in contrast with items that are kept at room temp. That is the reason perhaps the best item to keep in a skincare refrigerator is eye cream. “The cooler temperature of an eye cream helps quiet puffiness by causing vasoconstriction, the limitation of bloodstream to the under-eye zone,” she says. “A chilled eye cream can help decline those bothersome eye sacks toward the beginning of the day.” When we apply cool eye cream under our eyes it reduces the dark circles and dark spots.

Vitamin C is a must in a girl’s skincare regime. You should keep it in the fridge. According to a skin specialist, Benett, vitamin C is the only product that has a short lifetime. If you will expose it to oxygen, the ingredients will breakdown. Barnett says, “A skincare refrigerator is an extraordinary spot to store any nutrient C serum, on the grounds that the refrigeration will help defer this oxidation cycle, getting you all the more value for your money,”.


Skincare fridge is a cold container used to store skincare products. You can change the temperature according to the requirements of the beauty product essentials. To increase the efficiency of your gua sha, jade stone roller, face mist, serum, and moisturizers place them in a skincare fridge. Cool facial products help to reduce early aging, shrinks open pores, puffiness, redness, rashes, and dark circles.

Factors to Consider while Purchasing Skincare Fridge:

You must keep in mind a few factors before buying any skincare fridge, after all, it is a lifetime investment. We have compiled a few factors to consider before buying a skincare fridge:


Before shopping look at the number of products and size of products you are going to store in the fridge. In this manner, you must look for the fridge which will work best for you. A four-liter skincare fridge, for example, can fit approximately six 12-ounce jars, which is a lot of space for sleeker serum jugs of similar tallness. “Search for coolers with removable racks, as you can utilize these to modify the space,” she says


The main purpose of a skincare fridge is to cool down your items. Therefore check the temperature range of the fridge. Examine to what extent the fridge can get cool. Skincare refrigerators work equivalent to small-scale innovative refrigerators for food, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that food sources be put away at 40ºF or underneath. “For skincare items, simply ensure the temperature range doesn’t run beneath 32ºF so they don’t freeze,” Papantoniou says.

Do you really need a skincare fridge?

All the skincare fridges are simply attractive but the question arises do really need one? Hardley King, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor of dermatology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, says, " You need to put each skincare product in the fridge because some products work well without a fridge"
However, numerous proficients do suggest that skincare items be put away in someplace that is somewhere in the range of 45 and 50 degrees. “This temperature range keeps up ideal consistency of items while lessening the danger of development of microbes, shape, and yeast, and diminishing danger of sped up deactivation of dynamic fixings and additives,” clarifies Dr. Lord.

“If you can’t afford a skincare fridge then best you can do is to store it in a cooler, drier, and safer place and do not put them in hot and humid places,” says Dr. King. She further said, In case there’s no ventilation in your washroom and it requires hours for the steam to blur from your mirrors, that stickiness can build hazard of development of microscopic organisms, yeast, and mold, and the hot temperatures can expand hazard of sped up deactivation of dynamic skincare products and additives and influence the surface and consistency of items.

If You Want a Skin-Care Fridge

The skincare fridges mentioned below are the most affordable and easy to store.

1. Pink Mini Fridge Electric Cooler:

A skincare fridge is one of the essentials. If you go shopping for a skincare fridge then never doubted Cooluli. This brand manufactures the best skincare fridges. The pink mini fridge electric cooler is a thermometric skincare fridge. This fridge is lightweight, compact in size, accompanies a conveying handle, and saves energy with its three amp cooling chip. It additionally fits bounty: “Without the center rack I have over twelve sheet covers, three 1-2 ounce vials of serums and toner, an eye cream, and an eye serum roller,” says the buyers who have used it.
Size: 4 liters
Cooling temperature: 40ºF

2. Pink Travel Fridge with Car Charger:

Are you going for a road trip and want to bring your skincare products as well? You need not worry. A pink travel fridge with a car charger is so convenient to handle that you can take it with you on a road trip also. It is travel-friendly and comes with a charger for charging.
This smaller than normal skincare fridge includes a safety lock to keep your things secure, in addition to a smooth top handle for simple versatility. All said a couple of Amazon analysts concur that the sound of the refrigerator is excessively loud. “It’s fine for picnics and excursions, yet a few girls may mind it in the room,” says one commentator.

Size: 4 liters
Cooling temperature: Can cool down to 32ºF

3. Marble Compact Mini Refrigerator:

The skincare fridge, a marble compact mini-refrigerator, has a unique and attractive appearance. Besides that, it has a large size than an ordinary small and mini skincare fridge in the market. You can customize it according to your taste. It has two removable shelves which you can reattach to stack dozens of skincare and makeup compacts of different sizes. Furthermore, even though it’s on the greater side, one Amazon analyst says that this skincare refrigerator can undoubtedly fit under her restroom sink.

4. Coral Beauty Fridge

It is a Korean skincare brand. As we all know that Korean skincare products are so in demand. Therefore you can not doubt the efficiency of this Korean skincare fridge. This skincare fridge from the brand FaceTory is designed to keep all your mists, sheet masks, tonersface creams, and serums cool and safe in place. The door-side shelf has a wide area to hold multiple face creams and sheet masks and you can even adjust from lower or higher. Despite the fact that this coral fridge is the more in-demand, you can choose other color options also. the mint and pink options are also attractive colors. Amazon analysts note that a little buildup frames occasionally, which can all be fixed with a delicate wipe down.
Size: 10 liters
Cooling temperature: Up to 20ºF lower than room temperature

5. Flawless Beauty Fridge

As the name itself suggests, a flawless beauty fridge is one of the most adorable fridges on our list. The white shiny appearance included stickers and rose gold print certainly makes this smaller than normal cooler perhaps the cutest choice to purchase. This is the reason that they have named it flawless ( without any flaws). The fridge is a dry erase board so you can customize it according to your taste and preferences or monitor what’s inside the fridge. There are two detachable racks inside it which you can a
Rearrange as required.

Size: 4 liters
Cooling temperature: Not listed

Benefits of Skincare Fridge:

If you feel awkward in stashing your face cream and all the skincare products next to a bottle of jam but want to keep them safe and secure in a cool place, a skincare fridge is a necessary item in which you can stock your ample amount of daily routine skincare items. Skincare fridges not just take up a limited quantity of room, there are likewise some significant and amazing advantages you will insight by putting away items in a cool space. A portion of these advantages may even shock you! In the event that you haven’t effectively heard the buzz about utilizing a skincare cooler, read on to find out why you ought to think about putting your precious skincare items into one.

1. Cold skincare products last long:

If you are following a regular strict skincare routine that includes both skincare and makeup you may have likely pondered, "How long will my precious skincare products last?” The makeup, skincare products, and all the cosmetic items that we utilize daily are in a condition of breaking down from the second they are opened, and most characteristic items are delicate to light and warmth. Plus, liquid makeup and skincare products like balms and waxes are more likely to break down much more before their expiry date than powdered skincare products. When your store these liquid skincare products in a skincare fridge, the cooling will maintain the chemical structure and respectability for an extended period of time, limiting partition and fragrance changes. This is particularly significant for characteristic items with dynamic fixings like vitamin C serums.

2. Cold products are soothing

This may sound generally very natural! Keeping your skincare items in a refrigerator assists quiet with cleaning upon application. Cold items help relieve distress and bothering that happen with skin issues like skin break out. Cold skincare additionally works to DE puff tired eyes and choke the veins under your skin, diminishing redness. Furthermore, cool skincare products are simpler to apply in light of the fact that your pores will tighten out after application for acne reduction.

3. Cool products improve the performance of the skincare products:

If you are a huge fan of beauty tools such as stone rollers or gua sha stones, beauty products storing fridges can help improve their performance to an extent that they will help to shrink the pores. Besides the good feel of chilled products, using cool beauty products will help to lessen the appearance of pores, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and puffiness more as the smoothing the since cold temperatures shrunken the pores and reduces acne. A skincare device, for example, the Teami Clear Quartz Facial Roller likewise assists items with infiltrating the skin better.

Top 10 Products to Store in a Skincare Fridge:

Did you realize that putting away certain skincare items in a skincare fridge or makeup fridge can keep them new for a more drawn-out timeframe? It is worth buying. Buying a skincare fridge means investing your money. yet it likewise has skincare benefits, as well! Regular items are more touchy to light and warmth contrasted with items that contain more chemicals. Putting away beautifiers and skincare items in a cooler aids save the trustworthiness of active makeup ingredients. Here are the ten best items to store in your skincare fridge to keep them powerful and new.

1. Facial Serums:

Skin serums are intended to convey skin-adoring supplements in high fixations. To secure the dietary respectability of these effective supplements, putting away your serum in the skincare fridge is suggested. Your serum will last more and the serum will work in the right way for a more drawn-out timeframe. This is particularly valid for a famous Vitamin C serum which will in general oxidize and become earthy colored quicker than other serums placed in a hot and humid place. So if Teami Hibiscus Injected Nutrient C Serum is a part of your daily regime, it very well may be the ideal opportunity to buy a skincare ice chest for storing it.

2. Eye Creams:

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your body. Due to this, you may notice some issues like puffiness, dark circles, lines, and wrinkles. To help you with the eye cream in a skincare fridge makes it not only last longer, but the cooling effect will reduce dark spot, redness, puffiness and brighten a tired look around the eyes.

3. Moisturizers:

You may wonder that a good moisturizer is the only thing that makes your skin healthy. it not only helps to keep your skin, supple, hydrated, and sun-protected but also keeps up the respectability of your skin’s furthest layer and keeps the microbiome sound. Keeping your lotion in a refrigerator helps the little veins in the face choke, assisting with lessening redness, in case use a moisturizer with SPF.

4. Sheet-Masks:

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Sheet masks are an essential part of any skincare routine. It plays a vital role in hydrating the upper and inner layers of skin. Gel-based sheet masks provide a soothing effect and help to cure inflamed and irritated skin. Putting away them in a skincare ice chest enhances the alleviating sensation by cooling and quieting your skin. This is particularly invigorating as a post-exercise cure when skin is flushed and warm or after a wonder treatment (like a facial). It provides a calming effect like meditation.

5. Facial Mists:

Face mists are a little cut of extravagance, and you can kick it up an indent by putting away your number one face mist in a skincare refrigeratorr. Face mists, like Teami Butterfly Pea Fog Toner, provides a brisk explosion of supplements to heal and tone the skin. Like putting away a hydrating sheet mask in the refrigerator, the cooling sensation is calming on warm skin after an exercise or facial treatment. A chilled facial mask additionally gives brief alleviation to those with touchy skin who are more exposed to redness and skin inconvenience from issues like skin break out, acne, pimples, and scars.

6. Face toners:

Facial Toners help shrinking pores and purify your skin by cleaning impurities from the skin. When you apply chilled toner, they are even more effective and help to lessen the rashes, redness, and puffiness. In addition, when you place your toner in a skincare fridge at a favorable temperature, it will last longer.

7. Facial tools:

Are you’re a huge fan of facial tools like stone rollers, gua sha, jade rollers, and all the tools present in the market? Then you can get more advantage from them by storing in skincare fridge. These beauty tools help soothing, calm, and condition the muscles of the face while empowering lymphatic seepage and expanding course. They additionally help smooth out wrinkles and help limit indications of maturing. Rubbing your face with a cool facial instrument alleviates skin and decreases puffiness. Envision yourself de-pushing with the Teami Clear Quartz Facial Roller subsequent to putting away it in your skincare cooler!

8. Perfume:

You may have heard that storing perfume in a dry and dark place is necessary to increase their lifespan. It is additionally significant that this dull spot is cool. That is the reason numerous individuals store their fragrant perfumes in a beauty fridge. The aroma should be shielded from light, water, and mugginess to secure the unpredictable fragrance particles within and evade synthetic changes. Putting away fragrance in a skincare ice chest likewise helps keep the temperature stable, so you can keep your scent smelling equivalent to the day you bought it!

9. Liquid Makeup:

Most fluid makeup products usually come in transparent packaging that makes it easier for you to see the color of the product, and it has a shorter life span as compared to powdered products. Tragically, the unmistakable bundling takes into account more daylight to hit your item, speeding up oxidation and item maturing. Keeping fluid makeup in a skincare refrigerator will ensure the tone and dependability of fluid beauty care products.

10. Mascara:

Mascara is a makeup item that has a shorter life span than other products, so you should replace them faster than other cosmetics. After all, it is an eye product, you can not take a chance to apply an expired product on your eyes It is typically suggested to replace your mascara every four months.
Moreover, when mascara is presented to warm from the sun or shower stickiness as it hangs out on your washroom sink, microorganisms’ development speeds up. Keeping it in a skincare refrigerator ensures the trustworthiness of your item and may help hinder bacterial development.


1) Is a skincare fridge necessary?

The answer is no. Although a skincare fridge is beneficial and helps to increase the lifespan of your essentials, it is not always necessary to buy a special skincare fridge for storing it. Except if it is mentioned on the cosmetic jar, skincare items are not needed to be refrigerated. According to research, keeping skincare items in a cooler setting may delay the life expectancy of that item and give added benefits. ‘Clean excellence’ items that are marked as ‘regular’ would profit the most from a wonder fridge. This is due to the absence of essential preservatives in these items.

2) Which products you should NOT refrigerate in your skincare mini-fridge?

It is not necessary to put every skincare product in your fridge. You should avoid putting these cosmetic products in your skincare fridge:

  1. Lipsticks
  2. Oil-based products (Primers and cleansers)
  3. Foundation
  4. SPF sunscreen
  5. Concealer
  6. Setting powder
  7. Eyeshadow palettes

3) Is a skincare fridge the same as a mini-fridge?

Skincare fridges work equivalent to mini versatile refrigerators for food, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that food varieties be put away at 40ºF or beneath. “For cosmetic items, simply ensure the refrigerator doesn’t run underneath 32ºF so they don’t freeze,” Papantoniou says.

4) What is the main purpose of a skincare fridge?

Skincare fridges are meant to make your skincare products last longer. The cool products provide a soothing and calming effect to your skin and nourish it. A good quality skincare fridge is designed to keep the ingredients of the product active for a larger period of time after unsealing it. Other beauty items that can profit by being put away in a refrigerator incorporate nutrient C serums, retinoids, face covers (aside from earth-based ones), and fundamentally anything with aloe vera as the main ingredient. You can increase the functioning of skincare tools, face masks, sheet masks, and serums by storing them in a cool area.

5) Should I keep my face cream in the skincare refrigerator?

Skincare products placed in cool places lasts longer as compared to the one placed in a hot and humid area. The temperature requirements of face cream can depend on the stability of the skincare products. Before any item is delivered to the market for sale, organizations are needed to lead tests, for example, presenting the recipe to unforgiving UV light, changing stickiness and temperature levels, and will even leave the item open to perceive how it responds.

These trials and tests verify that the skincare product is safer and active in all kinds of conditions. A wide range of skincare items are made to be put away at room temperature (otherwise known as. how most clients store their things) with no issues. Except if a brand encourages to store its items in a particular condition, keeping skincare items in the cooler isn’t required and can even change the consistency or detailing.

So before putting your face cream in the fridge read the instructions given on the label.

6) What happens if you are not put retinol in the skincare fridge?

With regards to active skincare products, for example, retinol you may contemplate whether any uncommon safety measures should be taken while putting away enemy this skincare product which helps in anti-aging. Retinol is a massively accommodating instrument for treating many skin types however it can debase if not stored as recommended.

Anti-aging skincare serums like retinol should be stored in a dark, dry, and cooler place. It may or may not be placed in a skincare fridge. If you can’t afford a skincare fridge they you can simply put it in the food refrigerator. And if the food fragrance irritates you so you can place it in some safe cooler place to increase its life span. Light and warmth openness is harming to all retinoids. It very well may be a risky circumstance for your serum if it’s put away on a radiant windowsill or as often as a possible hot and hot area like the restroom.

It is recommended to store retinol in an area under the temperature range of 77°F or 25°C.

7) What Happens if You Don’t Refrigerate Retinol?

In case you are not storing your retinol in the skincare fridge, it will not affect its functionality but it may shorten its lifespan. All retinoids including Tretinoin, Retin-A, and Adapalene, can be stored at room temperature safely until or unless they are not exposed to sun rays. The maker directions for these remedy retinoids really suggest that you store the items at room temperature. Your dermatologist will probably reveal to you exactly the same thing!

8) Are skincare fridges worth it?

Skincare fridges are worth buying in one way but not in another way. Interest in skin care products and certainly the visual display of a mini-refrigerator of nicely colored bottles in photos is probably a big part of the fascination," says Hadley King, a New York City-based dermatologist.

despite their lengthy name, skincare fridges are not so good for cosmetics. “With colder temperatures, cosmetics probably freeze on the grounds that it will not blend well," says Lord. Mascara recipes thicken in the ice chest, so you probably won’t care for the surface on your eyelashes after application. Also, when chilled, the makeup products may not rub and mix too into your skin. Hadley Lord, a New York City-based dermatologist says about the expensive skincare fridge, “Interest in skincare items and surely the visual showcase of a smaller than normal cooler of pleasantly shaded containers in photographs is presumably a major piece of the interest,"
However, a beauty fridge could be seen worth buying for your skin — helping you get clearer skin out of those costly serums, mists, beauty tools and face masks you adore to apply on.

9) What are the ten best skincare fridges?

Following is the list of the best skincare fridges in the market:
• The Beauty Spy Mini Fridge
• The 12 Jade Rollers for Smooth Under-Eyes and a Snatched Jawline
• Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge
• Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer
• Cancel Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer 4-liter
• Makeup Fridge The Fridge
• Flawless by Finishing Touch Flawless Beauty Fridge
• AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable
• Frigidaire Portable Retro Mini Fridge
• Teami Skincare Fridge
• FaceTory Fridge

10) Name the best skincare moisturizers for every skin type?

Following are the best moisturizers:
• e.l.f. Holy Hydration! Face Cream
• Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream
• Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre
• Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream
• Weleda Sensitive Care Facial Cream
• Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer
• Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream
• Hanacure Nano Emulsion Multi-Peptide Moisturizer
• CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
• Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
• Tula Skincare 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream
• Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30


Skincare fridges are undoubtedly a great addition to the world of skincare products. Skincare products are a must to have in daily morning and night regimes for keeping your skin healthy and clean. Skincare is undoubtedly the best solution for keeping your beauty tools, serums, facial creams, mists, face masks, and moisturizers to get the best from them and for increasing their sustainability. Cosmetic products if not stored in a fridge then they can expire before time and their efficiency reduces after their exposure to daylight.
Although it is not necessary to put all the skincare and makeup products in the fridge. There are some cosmetics which you can place outside the fridge in a dark and dry place. The ingredients will stay active until or unless they are exposed to heat and humidity.


Tiny, adorable skin-care fridges have steadily become more and more popular, making their way into every corner of the perfectly curated skin fluencer feed. The idea is that storing your precious skin-care products in a little fridge like this will keep them cool and therefore extend their shelf life and maybe even offer some extra skin benefits. While a skin-care fridge may not exactly be an essential beauty purchase Mary L. Stevenson, M.D., assistant professor in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at NYU Langone Health, tells SELF that it’s perfectly fine to chill many of your skin-care products—and you might even enjoy the feeling of using them on your face! Here’s what you need to know before splurging on one. Well, it may not be the most scientific reason, but many people—including this rosacea-prone writer—find that using chilled skin-care products just feels nice. If you’ve never come inside after a long summer hike and slathered your face in a prechilled aloe face mask—my friend, give it a try. You can even get similar effects from a chilled milk compress, Dr. Stevenson says, which is made by soaking a clean washcloth in whole milk and letting it sit in the fridge. The lipids in the whole milk help soothe an irritated skin barrier, which is also partially composed of lipids, she explains. Keeping your products chilled might also help preserve the shelf life of some of the ingredients in them, allowing you to use them for a little bit longer, Dr. Stevenson says. Theoretically that could include things like antioxidant serums. But the way those products are packaged will matter much more because those ingredients tend to be sensitive to light and air, she explains. If those products are in an opaque, airless container, that’s already doing most of the work to preserve them. Remember, though, that skin-care products are generally made to be stored at room temperature, Dr. Stevenson says. Chilling some products might actually change their texture and make them less enjoyable to use. “But it’s generally fine to put most things in the fridge if you want,” she says. Personally, I get the most out of putting soothing masks and face mists in the fridge, which are the two types of products I reach for when my skin is feeling flushed or irritated. In addition to those, Dr. Stevenson says she likes to use chilled hydrating moisturizers and eye creams , which can help de-puff the eye area even more when cool. Can you just do all this in you regular, full-size refrigerator? Yes, you totally can, Dr. Stevenson says. There’s really no extra benefit to using one of these small, portable skin-care fridges. But, of course, they are the perfect size for your desk, to keep in the bathroom next to your other products, or to keep your skin-care products separate from the edible contents of your fridge. So, for some people, a separate tiny fridge may make sense—or it might just look nice on the ’gram.
Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator:
This popular skin-care fridge comes with a removable shelf to make room for larger products and a shelf on the door that’s the perfect size for sheet masks.
FaceTory Portable Beauty Fridge:
At 10 liters, this fridge is larger than the usual skin-care fridge, so if you have more products to chill, this one might be a better bet.
Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board Personal Fridge:
You can actually write on the front of this skin-care fridge with the included markers, which makes it perfect for those who want to let their creative side loose—or those who maybe want to label their products “DO NOT TOUCH” to keep roommates away.
Teami Mini Skin Care Refrigerator:
This chic fridge comes with a marble-print exterior and two shelves to secure all your goodies.
Sephora Collection Skincare Fridge:
Yes, this fridge is adorable and comes in a lovely teal shade. But it also has the plus of a warm setting, so you can heat up towels and any other calming accessories.
Koolatron Personal Retro Electric Cooler:
For those who want a more retro look, this adorable fridge should do this trick.
Uber Chill XL Personal Beauty Refrigerator:
So you set up your perfect little fridge, but then you can’t actually see that full stack of gorgeous products! The window on the door of this XL fridge solves that problem.
If we refrigerate the food we put in our bodies, why not do the same with the products we put on our skin? Well, the best skincare fridges on the market would make a convincing argument for beauty lovers to do exactly that. Even if your skincare regimen consists of the same few products every morning and night, keeping them all inside a chilled mini fridge could be just what you need to amp up your routine. Unless you’re an avid reader of beauty blogs the idea of buying a mini-fridge devoted exclusively to storing skincare probably sounds a little outlandish but the trend has actually been sweeping the wellness scene for quite some time. I have been advocating for the refrigeration of products as early as 2015. Today, an impressive amount of brands sell downsized fridges marketed specifically as skincare or beauty refrigerators. Curious as to why anyone would shell out $100 just to cool their serums and face creams? You’re not alone. The skincare fridge craze, along with a list of the eight of the best skincare fridges to store all of your self-care goodies.
What is the purpose of a skincare fridge?
Most skincare products are made to be stored at room temperature, so keeping them chilled isn’t absolutely necessary. However, keeping things like sheet masks and eye creams inside a mini-fridge could potentially extend their shelf life. Storing products in the fridge will also give them an added cooling effect — and nothing compares to running a chilled jade roller across your face.
What skincare products can you put in the fridge?
Face masks, serums, lip balms, gua sha stones — you name it, they can be stored in your skincare fridge. Keep in mind, though, that not all of the products in the fridge will benefit equally from being chilled, so use your best judgment to determine what makes the cut. In other words, maybe think twice before devoting a shelf to your makeup palettes!