Airbrush Makeup Kit

Airbrush makeup kit works on the principle of using the power of compressed air to spray the foundation finely over the skin. The kit consists of a small foundation cartridge that is ■■■■■■ to the airbrush device. These makeup kits give a long-lasting makeup look with no need for touch-ups. However, airbrush makeup is relatively costly, and spreading is a bit difficult.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup foundation

:small_blue_diamond: Mostly, the makeup artists can be seen using such airbrush makeup for brides or celebrities to give a more refined and elegant look.

:small_blue_diamond: Any kind of foundation can be used in the cartridge of airbrush makeup. However, the consistency of the foundation must be suitable to be sprayed finely over the skin.

:small_blue_diamond: It may be not suitable for dehydrated skin, as dry skin in the winters will tend to be flaky as airbrush makeup has a less greasy nature.

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush makeup kits are consisting of a pen-type applicator that is used to finely spray the liquid thin foundation and it gives a much finer look as compared to the regular makeup.

:small_blue_diamond: Although Farmasi makeup is also gaining popularity because of its excellent quality, yet the airbrush makeup kit is another level product.

Difference in regular and airbrush makeup

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush makeup kits work on the principle of using the power of compressed air to spray the foundation finely over the skin.

:small_blue_diamond: Use of some cold creams is better to keep the skin hydrated, however, it’s not recommended to use before the application of airbrush makeup.

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush kit consists of a small foundation-filled cartridge that is ■■■■■■ to the airbrush device. So, with this kind of makeup, you will not be wondering that how to clean your makeup brushes?

:small_blue_diamond: Regular has its value and space, most probably because it’s cost-effective and can be afforded by anyone according to their range.

:small_blue_diamond: However, an airbrush makeup may be costly but it has some aspects that make it better than the traditional makeup. All the benefits that airbrush makeup carries have been summed up:

  1. Easy to apply evenly
  2. Offers flawless skin coverage
  3. Do not need touch-ups
  4. Gives a natural look
  5. Offers a long-lasting wear

1. Easy to apply

  1. Airbrush makeup is a time saver in the sense that you don’t have to rub it to get an even skin tone. It’s applied by a spray container and hence just takes a few minutes.

  2. A single layer can also be enough. It’s easy to apply because it gets dry within seconds and you don’t have to wait for getting dried.

2. Offers flawless skin coverage

  1. If you have porous skin, have blemishes, or even freckles airbrush makeup has the magic to cover them and give you a fine and fresh look.

  2. As it’s light-weight and doesn’t make you feel heavy after application, so you can apply more than one layer to get the desired finish.

3. Don’t need touch-ups

  1. Once you do your make or get your makeup done, it’s often not retaining its original look after a few hours until you refresh it.

  2. Airbrush makeup when applied once, gives you the fine makeup look without the need of touching up. It’s silicon-based and hence acts as waterproof makeup.

  3. If you go out in the heat and you sweat or eat and drink, it doesn’t get washed and remains in its original condition.

4. Gives natural look

  1. Simple makeup often fails to give you a natural look as it starts to become caky and flaky skin is the result of it.

  2. Airbrush makeup is different in the sense that it gives you an all-natural look by hiding the face scars or other marks that you don’t want to show.

5. Offers a long-lasting wear

  1. Being silicone-based, airbrush makeup is mostly available as waterproof makeup kits.

  2. So, hugging, kissing, eating, crying or sweating doesn’t affect it at all. You can enjoy the occasion without any worry about your makeup to be ruined.

All these qualities make it different from traditional makeup.


Pros of airbrush makeup

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush makeup kit works on the principle of using the power of compressed air to spray the foundation finely over the skin.

:small_blue_diamond: This kind of kit consists of a small foundation-filled cartridge that is ■■■■■■ to the airbrush device. Foundation is applied in the form of a spray.

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush makeup kit has the quality that it helps you staying away from the makeup touch-ups especially if it’s you’re wedding. Using an ordinary foundation has the drawback that it requires touch-ups.

:small_blue_diamond: Here are the following pros of airbrush makeup kit that make it popular among all other kinds of simple makeup:

1. Better Performance

  1. Better performance than a regular makeup foundation is the main benefit of using airbrush makeup.

  2. It gives your skin a finer look and this look remains intact for a longer duration than the regular one.

  3. Reason for its long-lasting stay at the face is that most of the airbrush makeups are silicon-based.

  4. Silicon helps them to stay on the foundation longer with an additional benefit of being waterproof.

  5. Sweating, eating, roaming, or kissing will not affect it as much as it affects the regular makeup.

2. Gives the skin a great finish

  1. Makeup can only be considered as a good quality makeup if it gives your face a good and fine finish. If the foundation fails to achieve this goal then it can’t be considered a quality foundation.

  2. Fine finish is all you need especially if you are going to a party or if you are getting ready for your marriage. Bad makeup can completely ruin your big day.

  3. Why it gives you finer look? Because it is applied in a fine spray form, so an even spreading of foundation gives a smooth look as compared to the regular one.

3. It lasts longer

  1. Airbrush makeup has a striking quality that even if you don’t want a heavy coat of foundation as it gives you a bulky feel, you can use a little quantity of foundation by airbrush spray.

  2. A single fine spray can last longer to give you a fresh and fine look without the need of touching up

4. It offers you multiple coats

  1. Not everyone loves light makeup with a thin layer of foundation.

  2. Most makeup lovers want to have a thick layer of foundation, especially if they have textured skin or acne scars.

  3. Although looking out for the methods that how to get rid of acne scars or how to get rid of textured skin can also help you abstaining such makeup problems, yet an airbrush makeup kit is also a great option.

  4. It dries within seconds when you spray a layer of foundation. So, you can apply multiple coats to get the desired tone and amount of makeup.

Cons of airbrush makeup kit

Where there are pros, there are cons also. The same is the case of airbrush makeup. Some most common cons of this kind of makeup are given as:

1. Scaly skin

  1. When you are using makeup, you obviously won’t want flaky skin giving you an odd look.

  2. Skin hydration is the basic thing that helps you have great and hydrated skin. If you don’t know the benefits of Grapeseed oil for skin, you will be amazed to know how it improves the skin tone.

  3. If you have a textured skin, airbrush makeup will not be as much suitable to you as good makeup must be.

  4. Reason is the airbrush makeup is made as a waterproof cosmetic, so it has a dry consistency with a lack of creamy texture.

2. High cost

  1. Airbrush makeup kit can cost you more than the regular makeup.

  2. It can be regarded as the con of this makeup.

3. Difficult blending

  1. As airbrush makeup is applied in spray form, the layer that is applied in the first spray tends to dry immediately. The same is with the other layers if you want more than one coat.

  2. So, it’s hard to re-blend it when it gets dried once, and rubbing hardly can cause skin redness or rashes if you have a sensitive skin type.

4. Fewer shades

  1. Makeup must have a quality that should be available in a wide range of shades and colors.

  2. One of the major cons of airbrush makeup is it lacks variety in shades.

  3. Limited shades can cause you trouble as it may not be matching with your skin tone.

Summary :pencil2:

Airbrush makeup kit is available in the form of a cartridge that is filled with foundation. It has the pros that it’s easily applicable, gives fine look with even skin tone. Cons involve the high cost, difficult spreading, and fewer shades.

Airbrush makeup kit price

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush makeup kits are designed to work on the principle of using the power of compressed air to spray the liquid foundation finely over the skin.

:small_blue_diamond: This kind of kit consists of a small foundation-filled cartridge that is ■■■■■■ to the airbrush device. Foundation is then applied in the form of fine spray.

:small_blue_diamond: No matter what kind of makeup or any other product you are using, it must be cost-effective. However, prices for airbrush makeup kits are relatively higher as compared to the regular makeup kits.

:small_blue_diamond: Prices for some best airbrush makeup kits from TEMPTU, Sephora, Dior, and Mac have been tabulated below:

Airbrush makeup Kit Price
Temptu air perfect canvas starter kit $ 195.0
Temptu air basic airbrush kit $ 241.0
Temptu air intro airbrush kit $ 321.0
Temptu air premier airbrush kit $ 451.0
Isabelle De Vries temptu essentials kit $ 703.0
Temptu air deluxe airbrush kit $ 837.0
Easy airbrush kit $ 286.0
Sephora perfection mist airbrush foundation $ 28.0 at Sephora
Pro performance HD airbrush makeup $ 36.00
Gravity feed airbrush ■■■ $ 142.0
Luminess air basic airbrush system $ 115.0 at eBay
Dior air flash spray foundation $ 62.0 at Dior
Belloccio airbrush cosmetic makeup system $ 65.0 at eBay
Mineral air complexion starter kit $ 150.0
S-one standard airbrush kit $ 607.0

Airbrush makeup kit the UK

:small_blue_diamond: Porous skin is not the dream of many girls, especially when there are some special occasions – such as your big day – you want to look extraordinarily beautiful.

:small_blue_diamond: So, if you have some facial marks or porous skin then the ordinarily available makeup foundation will not be giving you the desired finish.

Makeup products

:small_blue_diamond: This kind of makeup kit can even be prepared at home and you can use a spray container to fill it with liquid foundation and spray for even spreading of foundation.

:small_blue_diamond: Airbrush makeup kit – as the foundation is applied in the form of mist or spray – can give you an even skin tone. Here are some best airbrush makeup kits in the UK:

1. Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

It’s considered as best overall

It consists of:

  • An airbrush
  • Compression system
  • Six shades of foundation
  • Makeup to contour
  • Cleaner after finishing

Price: $100 at amazon

2. Perfection mist airbrush foundation

  • A product by Sephora
  • Lightweight when applied
  • Offers the coverage with no caky look
  • Price: $ 28.0

3. Dior air flash spray foundation

  • A product by Dior
  • Available with 25 shades of foundation
  • Suitable for a wide range of skin colors
  • Hides the facial pores, blemishes, and scars very well
  • Price: $ 62.0

4. Deluxe airbrush foundation set

  • A product by Magicminerals
  • Hides the fine facial lines along with the wrinkles
  • Price: $ 59.0

5. Basic airbrush system

  • A product by Luminess
  • Lasts longer once applied
  • Offers coverage and gives you a flawless look
  • Price: $ 148.7

6. Air Cordless Professional Airbrush Makeup System

  • A product by TEMPTU
  • Lightweight when applied
  • Contains foundation, blush on and highlighters also
  • Price: $ 195.0

In short :writing_hand:

Airbrush makeup is an innovative makeup kit that is based on the principle of a spray applicator. Best airbrush makeup kits in the UK involve the kits by Sephora, Luminess, Mac, and TEMPTU. These makeups give you a light look and are worth spending for.

Airbrush makeup for everyday use

:white_flower: Makeup is the thing that you don’t only need at some wedding or while walking on-ramp. It’s a daily necessity especially if you are a working woman.

:white_flower: When you go to an office, probably for 7 to 8 hours, you don’t have time to give the re-touches to your morning makeup.

:white_flower: In these cases, you will be searching for how to be pretty or how to hide carry a fresh look with a single shift of makeup. Airbrush makeup is the thing that almost solves this problem.

Makeup kit

:white_flower: Airbrush is also available for daily use; however, it may cost you a little higher than the ordinary makeup. It helps you get full coverage and you can apply the layers as much as you want.

:white_flower: Mineral air makeup kit is the best makeup kit for daily use. It’s a bit different from the professional ones, but once you get used to it, its use becomes easy for you.

:white_flower: It consists of a primer, concealer, liquid makeup, and also the serum for hydrating the skin. Skin hydration is the prime object to look young and fresh.

:white_flower: Preferably, you must be searching about how much water should you drink a day for getting fresh skin, yet the use of serum in the mineral makeup can help you in skin hydration.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that people mostly ask about airbrush makeup. Some of them have been answered briefly and precisely:

1. What is the best airbrush makeup kit to buy?

Several great airbrush makeup kits are worth spending for. However, makeup kits by TEMPTU, SEPHORA, MAC, and DIOR are considered to be the best.

Some of these kits have been named below:

  • Best for beginners: Sephora perfection mist airbrush foundation
  • Best overall makeup kit: Temptu air perfect canvas starter kit
  • Best multi-tasking kit: Luminess air basic airbrush system

2. Can you use any makeup in an airbrush?

:white_check_mark: Yes!

  1. If you have a foundation with less thickness that is suitable to be used as spray form then you can surely use it in your airbrush makeup container.

  2. However, if you use the foundation with a thick consistency, it may not work as spraying is difficult with the thicker substance as compared to the thinner one.

3. Does airbrush makeup work on older skin?

  1. Textured and dry skin is not a good candidate for airbrush makeup. The reason is, airbrush makeup kits are mostly silicon-based and hence act as waterproof makeup kits.

  2. Due to its waterproof nature, the airbrush makeup foundation is less greasy and if you have already dry or mature skin, it may give you a flaky look.

  3. However, a humid environment or frequent sweating makes it suitable for you.


  1. Airbrush makeup kit is the makeup that is available in the spray container. It is applied in the form of fine spray or mist and spreads an even layer of foundation.

  2. It tends to dry immediately and hence can be used in multiple layers according to your desired look. Airbrush makeup offers you full coverage as it is applied in form of mist.

  3. It’s silicon-based and hence mainly available as water proof makeup kits. Airbrush makeup is relatively costly as compared to traditional makeup, blending is hard and it has a limited range of shades.

  4. Mac, Luminess, Dior, and Sephora are well-known for their cost-effective and best airbrush makeup kits.

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