Farmasi Make Up

Farmasi is a turkish company but it is following all the rules and regulations of european cosmetics. Farmasi is getting popular in past some years because of its Matt finish, and high quality products in reasonable prices. Their online stores also offers you up to 50% off in some cases.

They also allow you to be their partner either in terms of selling products Online or be a reviewer of their products.farmasi products are easily available online,all shades and pigments they use are of high quality.

Cruelty free make up products

A very satisfying thing is that they openly say that they don’t use 1300 banned ingredients in their make up and product is absolutely cruelty free means, that we don’t use it on animals for testing.
Moreover the products are GMO feeing formaldehyde, and fee from phosphates which are very dangerous for human skin.

Metal free products

The products of farmasi are metal free, from last some years the metallic pigmentation was a part of highlighters and shades. Sulphur was used as a whitening agent in the fair skin creams ,that cause cancer of skin and have really bad effects on skin after a long time use.

Some highly sold products of Farmasi

Now we will talk about farmasi products that are in demand and their reviews,we will also discuss about their price and utilization.

1:VFX pro primer

The VFX pro primer is a very good product and mostly products are rated 3.5 rating which means that mostly customers are satisfied from their products.this primer have certain properties as below

Jelly texture

This primer is with a sweet smell jelly like texture that fully absorbed in you skin and fill the pore and gives The look of flawless skin. And even skin tone helpes you to be look younger in photos.

Photo technology for pores

Since VFX is a pro primer that’s why it is made on the technology of full finished look that enables you to look really great in front of camera and don’t shows the pores as the photos are being zoomed.

2: VFX foundation

This is Farmasi’s best product no doubt which is very light in weight and to carry and wear it is very easy, no need of so much blending. Some of its best features are as below.

Without crack

This foundation is professional in nature and used by make up stylists so main thing of foundation is it’s without crack. its texture is light creamy that penetrate in the skin easily and wearing time is more so the foundation gets smoother and smoother with the passage of time and don’t cracks.

Photo filler technology

Again it’s HD in nature and looks falw less and instance even tone covering all the bumps and pimples on skin.On photos you also look beautiful and elegant because of its photo filler technology.

Super Matt

Like other ordinary foundation it doesn’t look shiny or oily while wearing rather it gives a super Matt look that is very natural and so many natural colors which are of daily use. This is awesome because working women love only Matt for day to day requirements.

Full coverage and natural finish

One of the best thing that causes a high demand of foundation is a natural finish and full coverage on pimples, dark circles and pigmentation. The natural finish helps you to look elegant and young in all day.

3. Farmasi full coverage liquid concealer

All of us know that concealer helps you to over come dark circles and brighten up the forehead area and some time cheek bone.farmasi full coverage concealer is great product to use and with one applicator layer you are able to make your skin really bright and even.some of its features are as below

Thick consistency

Like other concealer it’s not in thin consistency rather a thick layer covers all the dark circles easily without much effort.

Natural color

It’s a balanced color it means that with the application the under eye area looks very natural

4:Farmasi BB powder

It’s really a great product and extreme tiny particles that instantly look bright and as the bb powder’s specialty that they give to finished look in one application .it’s main features are as below
Nice texture. It’s texture is very nice and particles stick to your skin and evens and gives creamy and liquid mix texture. Matt look. Along with finished texture it gives Matt look which is popular now a days and in winters glossy look and in summer Matt finish is preferable in form of powder. Moreover powder also mixes the concealer and foundation and gives the skin same shade that somehow different from using both shades.

5:3 in 1 face palette

This is very unique palette having all the most required shades. This palette consist of 3 colors in this palette one is bronzer with a beautiful shade and natural looking. And second shade is blush on which is very close to pink but near to natural. And third one is a highlighter which is also very silvery paleal of these colors are requirement of daily no make up look or office going look. Can also be used as day to day make up.

Bronzer helps to enhance the cuts of your cheek bone or chin and also used in contouring of nose.the application of bronzer is under the blush on and highlighter will be wore above the blush means that this palette is consist of three colors that are applied.

6: Tender blush in peach

This blush color is really beautiful and peach color equally loveable for all skin tones, the pigments are very fine and blush cake is not overwhelmed by the blush. A little amount is stick to blusher which keep the product save from lose.

Some of farmasi blush features are given below

  1. Bright
  2. The color is very fine and bright and gives you fresh look instantly and don’t gives the caky look.
  3. Matt
  4. Once again it’s a Matt finished product


The colors of the blushes are very gorgeous and not gives you pastry daily routine these colors are our best choice. Summer shades

Summer shades are are very beautiful and fresh and very light .while the winter colors are some how dark.

7: highlighter palette 3 shades

One of the best thing about farmasi make up is that its palettes are consist of less shades and authentic shades that are necessary. This highlighter palette has three different colors such like pale and light Golden touch. They are very easy to apply and very light elegant shine is added in it… Extra shiny highlighter gives very cheap look.

8:Eye brow mascara by farmasi

It’s very unique product such we use NJ normally eyebrow pencil to make our brows well defined. Hats why farmasi is a best choice. Some of its features are as below

Natural brown shade

This brow mascara is very natural while applying and don’t gives you extra over lapping look.natural brown shade makes your brow well defined and gives a star look.

Great filling

Filling of brows is a difficult process when do it the solution is farmasi brow mascara with long twist able brush .only a required amount stick to your brow hair and fills your brow from tip to end with finished look.

Natural pigmented

The color of mascara pigments is close to our natural brow color and enhances the beauty of our eyes.

9:Eye Primer

Eye primer is very necessary for eye makeup with primer all of your colors blend very well on eyes and make up quality looks more better.farmasi eye primer is best choice for all time.

Farmasi ink liner

Farmasi ink liner is a great product and very quick and easy to in case of gel eyeliner and water base eye liner needs more time and perfection.farmasi ink liner is just like normal pen just open it and apply it’s easy to make winged eye liner or cat eye make up it’s super black and enhances your natural eye color.

It’s one quality is it’s water proof and wearing time is more than 10 hours it means that without out smudging it gives precision and we’ll defined look to your eyes.

12: farmasi eye lash mascara

This mascara is really very awesome with out application of false lashes gives to volume and strength some of its more features are as below.

Bigger brush

The mascara brush is main thing that determines the application in true way the farmasi brush is bigger then others which applies well on lashes.on zig zag motion it looks full length.

Increasing volume

It increases the volume of eyes the lashes look even thicker and longer and eyes look bigger.
Farmasi products prices as compared to their prices

Above in detail we overview all the products of farmasi no doubt the results and finish of make up is awesome. Here are prices of them, such as :slight smile:

  1. Foundation (24$)
  2. BB cream (7.95$)
  3. Matt lip stick (5.95$)
  4. Make up gloss and highlighter stick (7.95$)


They charge higher prices of their product such 37$ approximately for a foundation, but buying all products on such high rated is difficult taste.


In detail we discussed the farmasi company different make up products their qualities and some thing unique in them. The pigmentation , quality, coverage, price, wearing time, skin tone, we discussed all the things relevant to cosmetics and further we compared the price of top cosmetics companies the difference of price is more as compared to quality. I found the farmasi and me double wear foundation same.
The mascara is bit different because Len com mascara are not very pigmented and dry type natural look ,while the mascara of farmasi gives a starry look and so much volume raising.
Este lauder and farmasi when compared to skin care products wise then Este lauder wins that they use in their kits skin care products while in case of farmasi skin care is a little slow process.
Lipstick of farmasi nude and natural while Len com has self shiny essence which gives the make up long lasting .and shines remain consistent.

Make up palettes of farmasi are small and to the point but mebilline palettes gives you so much choice in colors.comaparativly I found Este lauder pigments more fine with a sweet shimmer in it.

The farmasi ink liner is so much well defined that it’s my favorite , because of its easy use and super blackness.


In last we can conclude that we spend a lot on beauty products because everyone wants to look beautiful or to enhance it’s beauty.some companies are giving high rated products with minimal to profit.

The cruelty free make up products satisfy our mind and soul that this product is healthy to use and long term use of it is not harmful for our skin.

Farmasi cosmetics company gives you so much choices about different make up ,they usually stress upon no make up look and nude shades.All the color are very fresh ,bright and beautiful and summer and winter colors are good to use.
Farmasi also offers hair colors and hair styling tools such as hair straightener and curler.we keep here our discussion about their make up.tjis company is from turkey but in online stores all things are available with fast delivery.

The product is free from un natural fillers, metals, GMD and phosphates all of them are very harmful. These products are free from pirnabine and formaldehyde. You can use products freely ,the harmful products end on the use of Botox and fillers which are not long lasting and painful process to why don’t we use such beauty products that are nourishing and healthier for our skin.