Natural Eyeshadow

Natural eyeshadow not only offers a number of health benefits. Advances in technology and in the cosmetic industry allow buyers to find natural shades that match and even outperform the major synthetic brands in the market.

DIY: How to create natural eyeshadow?

:drop_of_blood: Equipment

:small_orange_diamond: Measuring spoons
:small_orange_diamond: A ceramic mortar and pestle
:small_orange_diamond: A precision scale down to 0.01g
:small_orange_diamond: A bucket press
:small_orange_diamond: Metal cups to put on your eyeshadows
:small_orange_diamond: Stainless steel spatulas
:small_orange_diamond: Magnetic empty pallet

:drop_of_blood: INGREDIENTS :

:black_small_square: Make-up powder base
:black_small_square: Shea butter
:black_small_square: Emollient Caprylis
:black_small_square: Alcohol denatured at 90 °
:black_small_square: Mica

:drop_of_blood: How to proceed?

1. Start by heating water to melt the shea butter in a bain-marie (put a small teaspoon of shea butter (BDK) in a small ceramic bowl. Take a larger container (pan by example) and pour the boiling water in. Put the bowl with the BDK in it. In two minutes it will have melted!)

2. In the mortar or in a bowl, weigh 0.40g of base makeup powder

3. Add 0.60 g of the mica of your choice and mix well

4. Add 1 drop of shea butter

5. Add 3 drops of caprylic

6. Add 4 drops of alcohol

7. Mix everything together with a metal spoon. Feel free to peel off everything around the spoon and mix well.

8. Crush everything for 3 seconds with the pestle.

9. Pour everything into a cup, then put another empty cup on top, and compress it with the cup squeezer.

10. Done! You can store it in your pallet and start the procedure again

:warning: Wash well and disinfect all your equipment. Put newspapers on your table if it is wooden, otherwise, clean your worktop well.

3 Best natural eyeshadows to invest in

:drop_of_blood: 1. NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, Warm Neutrals

This palette is filled with warm neutrals that are perfect for an everyday natural look. With 16 highly pigmented eye shadows and a mix of matte, satin and metallic finishes, find the shades that perfectly match your skin tone and create your natural look.

:drop_of_blood: 2. La Bella Donna Clean Color Eyeshadow Palette

With six neutral shades to build on, this eyeshadow palette is perfect for beginners! It’s great for everyday travel and the shades are made to blend and match so you can enhance the natural beauty in your eyes.

:drop_of_blood: Pacifica Beauty Eye Shadow - Pink Nudes

This palette contains coconut mineral eye shadows that are 100% vegan and human. It’s the perfect palette for everyday use, with 10 beautiful shades and easy to use. You get highly pigmented colours with a velvety matte pink finish, warm nudes, and browns with highlighters.

Natural eyeshadow shades in accordance with your eye colour

One question that women always ask me as a professional makeup artist is: what eye shadow colour is right for me? I realize that a lot of women struggle with choosing the right colours and don’t know how to determine which colours are best for them. If you go to a department store, the salespeople will only advise you on the latest and greatest colours to sell, even if those colours may not suit you very well. Here are some tips that I hope will help you choose the right colours.

:drop_of_blood: For blue eyes:

:large_blue_diamond: you can choose purple and lilac colours that further accentuate the grey-blue in your eyes. For example a Beleza da Terra, Lavender Dust or Amethyst and Meisha Deep Orchid. Then choose a cool shade of pink, peach, or a warmer medium brown. Combine shades of purple and lavender with a hint of pearl for the best effect. For example, Earth, Pearl or Meisha Midnight Frost eyeshadow.

:large_blue_diamond: If you really want to bring out the blue in your eyes, go for some rusty brown or copper eye shadow colours as they will make your eyes look bluer. If you like a more dramatic effect, you can go for smoky eyes with darker browns or a lighter brown / copper colour on the eyelid and a dark brown colour for the crease. Combine a brown eye shadow with a gold or pearl highlighter.

:large_blue_diamond: Smoky eyes with medium or dark brown eyeshadow work great with light eyes. The contrast between the eye shadow and the colour can really make your eyes shine.

:large_blue_diamond: If you have very fair hair, fair skin, and blue or blue-grey eyes and like a natural look during the day, go for cooler colours like taupe, grey-brown, grey or pink.

:drop_of_blood: For green eyes:

:green_square: Purple enhance the green in your eyes and can really make them shine. One of my favourites (I also have green eyes!) Is Meisha Deep Orchid. If your skin has a pink tone, a colder one and pink cheeks, it is better to use cooler purple tones and combine them with a pearly highlighter. For example, Beauty of the Earth, pearl shade or Meisha Midnight Frost.

:green_square: If you have warm brown skin and green eyes, you can choose warmer eye shadow colours, such as purple, mustard or peach. You can combine them with dark chocolate brown or light grey to add more depth. Combine with a golden glow, such as Beauty of Earth, Sunlight or Meisha Sun Glow eyeshadow.

:drop_of_blood: For Hazel eyes:

:star: you can’t go wrong with neutral beige and medium brown. If you want something different to accentuate your brown eyes, try fresh shades like Meisha Secret Garden or Earth’s Beauty Aquamarine. For a fun look, you can also try the pink colours, like Meisha Wild Iris, Pink Cloud or Earth’s Beauty Rose Quartz. For an impressive effect, you can even combine the colours pink and brown and finish with a pearly or golden glow.

:drop_of_blood: For Brown eyes

:brown_circle: If you have dark hair and brown eyes, shades of eggplant or dark purple are very attractive to you. For example, Earthy Plum Earth’s Beauty eye shadow. Combine this colour with a touch of gold or pearl to complete the look. If you want to highlight the brown in your eyes, try the blue eyeshadow. You can try a lighter blue for a more modest look (Meisha Falling rain) or, if you like a look with strong tones, you can choose darker blues like Meisha Midnight Surf and the beautiful Earth Blue Midnight blue. Combine the blues with a touch of pearl for the best effect. If you want to play it safe, you can also use shades of brown and copper, like Earth’s Beauty Copper and Meisha Copper Earth. Combined with a touch of pearl or gold for the best result.

How to Apply Natural-Looking Eye Shadow:

:drop_of_blood: Natural eye makeup for light skin

If your skin is fair to fair, follow the eye makeup tutorial below to learn how to apply eye shadow for natural-looking makeup with light eye shadows and brown eyeliner.

:low_brightness: STEP 1: APPLY EYE PRIMER
The eye primer is essential for any makeup, including natural makeup. Don’t have an eye primer? No problem! Simply apply for Full Coverage Waterproof Anti-Wear Concealer to create a smooth canvas for your eye shadow application.

:low_brightness: STEP 2: APPLY TAUPE EYESHADOW
Before you dive into the shadows, you’ll want to get your hands on a natural shadow palette, To add the lightest colour to your lids, switch from light brown to medium brown from the lash line to the crease. Since this is meant to add enough natural-looking colour, you shouldn’t let any eye shadow run over the top edge of the crease. Also, you don’t want to apply the shadow so hard that it creates a strong dividing line. For this reason, it is best to apply the eyeshadow with a soft blending brush, as you can use it to blend colour smoothly without creating lines.

:low_brightness: STEP 3: ADD SIZE FOR SHINY EYES
One of the easiest ways to create the impression of googly eyes is to apply a slightly shimmering shadow in the centre of the eyelid, directly above the pupil. For the look, apply the lightest shade on the palette with a tapered blending brush so it doesn’t fade all over the eyelid.

:low_brightness: STEP 4: EYE TO EYE MODEL
Instead of drawing a rough, artificial black line, use The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner in brown to line your eyes. To give your eyeliner a natural look, apply it near the upper lash line and expose the lower lash line.

:low_brightness: STEP 5: READY WITH A MASCARA
Again, instead of using black mascara, try Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara in Dark Brown for a set of lashes that look naturally full.

:drop_of_blood: Natural eyeshadow makeup for olive or medium skin tone

Is your skin in the mid or olive range? In that case, read the following natural eye makeup tutorial to learn how to apply eye shadow to your gorgeous tanned complexion.

:low_brightness: STEP 1: START WITH THE FIRST EYE
A little primer or eye concealer can make it easier to apply eye shadow. So, whatever your skin tone or what type of eye makeup you are trying to achieve, this should be the first step in your eye makeup routine.

:low_brightness: STEP 2: APPLY OLIVE EYESHADOW
A soft and shimmering olive colour looks beautiful and natural in combination with an olive or medium skin tone. To achieve the look, start by applying a very fine shade of olive green, to the eyelid between the lash line and the crease. Then add dimension to your eye by darkening the crease of the eyes to the same shade. Make sure to blend with a soft brush for a more natural blur.

A thin line of green eyeliner can help define your eyes just enough to really stand out. Use eyeliner, up to 24 hours in forest green.

:low_brightness: STEP 4: … AND YOUR GOLDEN GOAL
Following the lower lash line with a golden eyeliner, such as L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, up to 24HR Eyeliner Pencil in gold, can help brighten your eyes.

:low_brightness: STEP 5: FINISH WITH A MASCARA
Since your skin is a bit darker, you can wear black mascara and look natural at the same time. To perfectly cover your lashes, take a tube of L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara in Black and get started.

5 ways to master natural eyeshadow look

:peace_symbol: When applying dark eye shadows to the outside corners, use a small brush to “pin” the colour in place, then blend, for a cloudy, not-so-easily matted finish.

:peace_symbol: As you shade the crease, tilt your head back and look down in the mirror to see the entire surface of the eye socket.

:peace_symbol: Prep your eyes with a concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone (and make sure to set it with a translucent powder). Makes the shadows more pigmented and creates an even canvas to blend the undertones.

:peace_symbol: When blending, always make sure to make small circular motions (as opposed to a wiper-like motion) so that all the shades work perfectly together.

:peace_symbol: Instead of eyeliner, which can be harsh, use a curved brush and blend matte black eyeshadow at the lash line for a softer finish.


:one: How to prepare your eyes before applying eyeshadow?

Eye shadow primer is used to prepare eyes for shadow. Helps with long term use and makes the eyeshadow easier to spread, provides a good wipe to apply the eyeshadow and helps whatever stays put.

:two: Do you apply foundation on your eyelids before eyeshadow?

Never apply concealer or foundation to your eyelids, as this will wrinkle your eye makeup. Use your fingers to apply foundation for sheer coverage and a brush for medium to full coverage.

:three: What is the best eyeshadow for mature eyes?

As we said, the best shade for adult eyes is usually cream formulas because they don’t settle on fine lines. That said, it’s a good idea to set creamy products with powdered formulas to avoid cross-contamination. You can do this for eyeshadows and eyeliner using matte eyeshadow.

:four: What colour eyeshadow should a woman over 60 wear?

As our eyes get deeper as we age, the matte shade of light colours is better. Use a beige and smoky grey or brown colour scheme, plus a matte white highlight. Do not apply moisturizer or makeup on the eyes, between the lashes and the eyebrows.

:five: What ingredients you should avoid in eyeshadow?

The tests carried out established that 100% of the products analyzed contained nickel, 96% lead, 90% beryllium, 61% thallium, 51% cadmium, 20% arsenic and 14% selenium.


The eyes are one of the most sensitive external organs of the body. Not only does the eyeball hurt quickly, but the smooth skin around the eyes can also suffer easily. Yet women all over the world are toughening up in the shade that is teeming with toxins and chemicals every day. Switching to a natural shade can have a positive impact on your health, both short and long term. Learn why you should use a natural shade.