Red Wedding Dresses

Red wedding dresses symbolize good luck, pleasure and wishes. The red bridal dresses are rather gushy and effusive compared to white. In Europe it was mistakenly believed, that red gowns were not appropriate for wedding ceremonies & were not sufficiently important. Perhaps it was because people were unaware of the charm of the color red. Red is the bright and optimistic color for the brides. In East especially in sub-continent & China It is the color of wedding dress.

red wedding dresses

What does a red wedding dress?

On your wedding day, there’s an endless list of reasons why you might plan to stand out in a red wedding dress. It might be symbolic, it might be a cultural factor, or it might simply be a personal choice. Let’s look at some of the most common meanings behind red wedding gowns:

Cultural influence-The choice to wear red in certain cultures is related to tradition and the belief in what the colour symbolises. Hindu and Sikh brides, for example, will choose or be asked to wear red for their wedding, as it reflects the marriage’s fertility and prosperity. Brides are usually dressed in red in China, which symbolises good fortune, prosperity and happiness.

Seeing red brings an instant connection with love, passion, and romance, symbolising something extraordinary. There is no better time for these feelings to be welcomed than when you marry the one you love.

Bridal red wedding dress

A chance to stand out-A white gown would just not cut it for many brides. Red is an ideal choice if you’re the kind of person who likes something a little different and special.

Red is your favourite colour. On your wedding day, it’s sometimes as easy as completely adoring a certain colour to wear. Go for it if that colour is red, and don’t look back!

One of the three main colours is red. Red is a powerful colour of character that belongs to warmth and happiness, indicating happiness, strength and passion. It is full of power and impulse. It has positive strength, onward and upward. Mostly a lively individual would enjoy the colour of red. A lot of individuals will now select red as the colour of their wedding theme. Red can be seen in certain ways, such as ornaments and dressing, in this way.

West is shifting to red wedding dresses?

West is taking a cultural shift in wedding dresses. Brides prefer to go for red wedding dresses over the white one. Nowadays as they look new and imaginative, more and more brides opt for wedding dresses with unique colours. There may be some objective explanations for wearing red wedding dresses, or it may simply be a matter of the bride’s personal preference.

Here let’s find motives behind this shift;

Red wedding dresses suit brides with all the body shapes that are possible. So, red wedding dresses look as great as those in standard colours, plus size. Also with all kinds of hair and eye colour, red can suit the brides. There are so many shades of red that you will definitely pick the one that most suit your appearance.

Choosing a wedding gown that is entirely red is not compulsory. To the traditional gown, you can just add some colourful accents. There are many possible white designs with red wedding dresses that are at the same time traditional, creative and bright. In addition, there are some red hair accessories you can add. It can be a red flower crown or a hair vine adorned with red crystals, for instance.

If you have a wedding in the red colour scheme, the red gown can be selected as it will ideally suit the reception theme. Or if you’re planning a Gothic wedding, you can search for some cool black and red wedding dress ideas.

In addition, if it’s your second wedding, you might not want to wear that white gown. The majority of the brides choose other-coloured gowns. They are usually pastel ones, but the red gown is the choice of the most self-confident girls.

Summary: If you simply like it you are free to wear a red wedding dress. It may happen that you do not plan to get married in a red wedding dresses at first, but you just fall in love with a certain gown while visiting wedding salons and can’t stand buying it. Love is definitely a serious reason for getting the red bridal gown at first sight.

Red wedding dresses idea 2020:

Clearly, not as many red wedding dresses as white or ivory ones are on display. They even make custom orders for some brides. Or not between wedding dresses, but between prom and evening gowns, you may look for the right gown. Now, we would like to provide you with some inspiring wedding gown ideas, some of which can also be used as red wedding guest dresses.

Red and Gold Wedding Dress

Nothing looks more glamorous than the red and gold mix. These colours are conventional for Indian and Chinese wedding gowns, but can also be used for all possible types of more traditional Western bridal gowns.

The gold elements are as a rule, applied in the form of sequins or beaded elements to the red gown. The gown with embroidery also looks astounding. It can all be vice versa, though and the gold dress can be decorated with red decorations.

Open Back RED Wedding Dress

You have to take care that you don’t look too vulgar if you make up your mind to wear a red wedding gown with an open back. Therefore if the back is open, choose a gown with a closed front. Even when those gowns have sleeves, it’s lovely.

Modern brides are fond of wedding dresses with an open back. And it’s not weird that they look attractive and help to build a nice accent. The open back can be featured in any silhouette of the wedding gown and that is fantastic news for all the brides.

Red & Black Wedding Gown:

If you like this colour scheme, red and black wedding dresses in princess silhouettes are one of the best choices. It needs to have a bit of airiness as the gown is very rich in colours. The multi-ruched skirt preferably copes with this assignment. In addition, the body is adorned with rhinestones, making the dress look shiny and luxurious.

Red and White Wedding Dresses

You may not want to wear white, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to compromise a classical look. Consider going for a full-length red & white bridal dress for a look that is both traditional and modern.

red & white wedding dresses

Although your wedding look will add an on-trend aspect to the dusty shade, the long cut will keep things sophisticated and elegant. You will have a range of styles and fabrics from which to choose once you have decided on the length. Try choosing a matching choice for your wedding.

Red Embellished Wedding Dresses:

There is no denying the elegant and glamorous look of a Red & Gold Embellished wedding dress. A Red Embellished wedding dress, however, may look just as polished and even more exciting. So if you’re looking for a stylish and traditional wedding dress, be sure to consider the Red Embellished style. You will look gorgeous and trendy on your special day by combining timeless embellishments with a modern dusty hue.

Consider an all-over embellishment pattern for a classic take on this look or opt for embellishment and style of Tissue Silk. If you want a more conventional contemporary look, consider choosing a dress with an embellished shirt and a flared floor-length gown skirt instead.

Summary: It’s up to you whether or not you need to wear a red gown on your wedding day. It looks unforgettable but be prepared that your option will not be understood by certain guests. If you like red but still want to observe the wedding customs, look at the prevalence of white and red highlights in white and red wedding dresses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are the most frequently asked questions.

What country wears red wedding dresses?

Brides typically choose to wear red wedding dresses in Eastern cultures, such as China and India, to represent good luck and auspiciousness.

Is it rude to wear red at a wedding?

Nevertheless, for obvious reasons, there are some traditional dress rules you should follow at a wedding, such as never wearing white." Studies show you should aim to avoid at a wedding is red. "Full-blown red can set a precedent for trying to outdo the bride.

Is it OK to wear a red wedding dress in West?

A chance to stand out-A white gown will just not cut it for many brides. Red is an ideal choice if you’re the type of person who loves something a little different and unique. Red is your favourite colour, and sometimes it’s as simple as adoring a certain colour to wear on your wedding day.

Why do Pakistani brides wear red?

Why are brides from Pakistan wearing red? In the hope that the newly married couple will remain happy and in love with each other the colour red symbolises love and passion. It also represents a threat or quarrels that are part of married life.


As she walks down the aisle, every bride wants to shine, and what better way to do this than with a red wedding dress? Perfect for injecting a bit of sparkle on your wedding day a red dress will look beautifully special and trendy. So if you’re the kind of bride who enjoys a little luxury and isn’t afraid of trying anything new, why don’t you pick the dusty hue? To inspire your bridal look, there is a rounded-up range of trendy and contemporary red wedding dresses in the market.