Who Is Fiona Loudon?

Fiona Loudon is the Scottish wife of Daniel craig, a famous actor. Fiona Loudon was born on May 5, 1968 and have American nationality. Fiona Loudon star sign is Taurus, and she is as of 2021 living in Scotland with her parents. Her husband, Daniel is knowns for his acting income block blusters films of fictional secret service agent James’s bond. He also worked in Casino Royale. Fiona Loudon has been known in Hollywood industry for her acting in the stage dramas. Fiona Loudon didn’t act much in the movies as compared to her husband, Daniel.

1- Full name Fiona Loudon
2-Height 5’6” (1.85 metres)/ 171 cm
3- Birthday May 5, 1968
4-Nationality Scottish
5-famous for Ex-Wife of Daniel Craig
6-Age 52 years
7-Marital status Divorced
8-Zodian sign Taurus
9-Mother Name Not known
10- Father Name Not known
11-Sister name Not known
12-Weight 60 kgs(132 lb)
12-Ethinicity Causicain
13 -Qualifications Bachelor’s in arts
14- Color of eyes Green
15-hair color Blonde
16-occupation None
17-Net worth 10 million dollars
18-Religion Christianity
19- Daughter name Ella Craig
20-Mother-in-law names Carol Olivia Craig
21- Father-in-law name Tim Craig
22- Boyfriend 1

Fiona Loudon

Fiona Loudon in public:

Fiona Loudon was seen in public with Daniel craig on 2 April 1991, in a restaurant. When the news was filled with the popular relationship of these celebrities even then nothing much was spoken about the relations. It is rumored that Fiona Loudon met her ex-husband, Daniel craig in a party in London. They started off with being the friends and then these friendships turned into the love story. The close colleagues of Daniel craig said that Fiona Loudon will come to shooting to meet Daniel Craig. When the daughter of Fiona Loudon come to existence, she was also kept away from the public. The daughter of Fiona Loudon was born after four years when their relationship come to the public. Also, Fiona Loudon after becoming mother didn’t come much in the public with Daniel craig. While Daniel was working in the blockbuster movies of the agent James bond , Fiona Loudon maintained a distanced from the public. Also, apart from being the girlfriend of Daniel craig, Fiona Loudon was never seen to date any one before. But contrary to her girlfriend, Daniel craig was involved in many relationships while being in relation with Fiona Loudon. But none of her husbands’ affair come into the public. After divorcing Fiona Loudon, Daniel craig married Rachel Weisz. Now that Fiona Loudon has been divorced from Daniel craig, her biological daughter, Ella Craig have made her appeared in the public. She is also an Instagram star apart from her Fiona Loudon, who always was seen to be away from the public eyes.

Early life and education of Fiona Loudon: :baby: :books:

Fiona Loudon was born on May 5, 1968 in the small city of Scotland. She was born to a Scottish parent and her mother was a housewife and her father was a farmer. Her mother from her early age have made her learn cooking and other small skills that can help Fiona Loudon in her difficult days. Fiona Loudon says that he would listen to Michael Jackson in her early age and also liked to read Shakespeare when she was small. Education of Fiona Loudon started with a neighborhood school located near her home in Scotland. Fiona Loudon was very nerdy since her childhood. She was excellent in mathematics and science. After receiving the matriculation degree from Scotland, she moved to America for higher studies. She further continues her education from Harvard institute. Fiona Loudon, according to her daughter Ella Craig likes to educate the poor children in her country, Scotland. For pursuing her further education, she went to art studies degree in bachelors. When she was completing her educational degree of bachelor’s in arts. She met her husband, Daniel Craig in 1991. Soon the affairs of Daniel craig and Fiona Loudon surfaced the media. They decided to get married in 1992 and soon became the parents of a beautiful daughter named Ella craig.

Dating and marriage of Fiona Loudon: :wedding:

It was the peak of summers when the dating scandal of Daniel craig come into public. But at that time , the couple didn’t think of anyone and continues dating. They started dating in April 1991. During this dating period, Fiona Loudon would go to the shootings of Daniel Craig and would help him do his works. Even when dating Daniel craig Fiona Loudon didn’t get ignored from her education, she continued her educational degree of arts while dating. After some time, in dating life, Fiona Loudon decided to marry her boyfriend, Daniel craig. It was a beautiful lake restaurant where Fiona Loudon was given an engagement ring by Daniel Craig. After one year of dating, Fiona Loudon marries Daniel craig. The marriage ceremony was taken place in 5 star restaurant in London and all the people were invited in their marriage. Fiona Loudon was even wearing a beautiful red wedding dress in her marriage. The theme of the marriage ceremony was Christmas and all the guest involved in the marriage was instructed to wear Christmas clothes. According to Daniel craig , his marriage with Fiona Loudon was one of the most memorable day of his life. He says that her biggest achievement of his life was get married with is life long partner and friend Fiona Loudon. But its lookalike the young couple didn’t handle their marriage carefully and eventually after two years they both decided to call off their marriage. They divorced in December 1994. After few months of marriage , Fiona Loudon welcomed her only daughter Ella craig in 1992. According to Daniel craig, divorcing after marrying Fiona Loudon, was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Fiona Loudon after her marriage was called off didn’t appear in public and is said that she is living with her daughter, Ella craig alone.

Age of Fiona Loudon and body measurement: :running_woman: :ideograph_advantage:

The age of Fiona Loudon is 52 years as of 2021. She was of 25 years of age when she married to Daniel craig. Upon reaching the age of 26 years, Fiona Loudon had become the mother of the first daughter of Daniel craig. At the age of 28 years, Daniel craig decided to divorce her. She left to her hometown with her only daughter Ella Craig to Scotland when she reached 29 years. Since then, no news about where Fiona Loudon is and where is living has come. Fiona Loudon has a model like body measurement besides the fact that she was not a model. Her height is 1.86 m and has ideal body measure of 35-27-34 inches. Apart from this ideal body measurement she has got green eyes with silky blonde hairs.Fiona Loudon is said to have Mid-Atlantic Accent. Apart from the age and body measurements we can from the life style of Fiona Loudon can get Best Life Advice.

Fiona Loudon- An actress: :dancer:

The craig family is all in the acting career. Starting with her husband, Daniel craig who is the famous actor of Secret service agent of James bond series and who has a main role in making his movie “Sky castle” , a block buster movie. But in contrast to Daniel craig , Fiona Loudon has played many roles in stage dramas of Scotland. But she officially starting her acting career with theatre dramas of London. She got some minor roles in many movies including Skycatsle. But opposite to Fiona Loudon, her ex-husband played a vital role in making many of his movie, super hit. Fiona Loudon earned only 456k USD from her working of acting in the Hollywood industry. Although it is of no doubt that Fiona Loudon’ s ex-husband has played an incredible role in many movies, but the natural acting done by Fiona Loudon shouldn’t be ignored. She was a marvelous actress of her times. Many of the famous producers of American theatre academy was seen praising the beautiful actress for her acting. The monies in which she has shown her incredible acting are ‘ Man-eater (2017)” and “ Trauma is a time machine(2018)”.

Acting career of Fiona Loudon

Parents, siblings, and net worth of Fiona Loudon: :moneybag:

Despite being the mother of famous Instagram star, Ella Craig, and ex-wife of Daniel craig there is not much known about the family details of Fiona Loudon. The name of her parents and siblings are unknown to the public. It seems that Fiona Loudon has always tried to keep herself and her family away from the public because of the problems face by paparazzi. Fiona Loudon being the brilliant actress has always led a peaceful life with her husband, Daniel craig before the divorce. Fiona Loudon being the working lade even before her marriage with Daniel craig have a whopping net worth of 10 million dollars. Her husband Daniel craig is a famous actor with a big sum of money as his net worth. Her ex-husband, Daniel craig have a net worth of 73 million dollars. He has gained this much net worth because of his acting in many blockbuster movies. His every movie has got more than 5 star ratings making him rich than many another actor in Hollywood. The most successful movie of her husband is Daniel craig is ‘Sky castle” earning up to 1.209 billion dollars. This movie in which Daniel Craig was working was made from a small budget of 200 million dollars but due to incredible acing of Daniel Craig, this movie beat all the previous records on the box-office. In the divorce , Fiona Loudon have got almost 50 million USD from Daniel craig as a compensation. Also, it is said that Daniel craig also give million dollars to Fiona Loudon to make her daughter Ella craig raise well. But only few million dollars were spent on Fiona Loudon’s daughter, Ella Craig as she in her early age started earning. Now all this million-dollar net worth of Daniel craig is in bank account of Fiona Loudon. Its is approximated that Fiona Loudon have 69 million dollars as her net worth. Fiona Loudon has received a mansion from her ex-husband that has million dollars price. Fiona Loudon’s ex-husband is living in Boston with her wife and one daughter called Grave Craig in an 8 million USD mansion. Her husband is included in Hollywood 15 highest paying actors in the world. :money_mouth_face:

Reason of divorce of Fiona Loudon: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

Definitely it was difficult for the young parent, Fiona Loudon, and Daniel Craig to raise their daughter , Ella Craig. Fiona Loudon was studying in her university and Daniel craig was working in some of his block buster films when difficulties in their marriage begins. The main reason of the divorce of Fiona Loudon from Daniel craig was because Daniel would come home drunk and would beat Fiona Loudon. At the time of divorce, Fiona Loudon also put blame on Daniel craig for not taking care of her daughter Ella Craig. Behind this , Daniel craig was rumored to be in relation with her now wife, Rachel when he was married to Fiona Loudon. This was the second most important reason that led to the divorce of Fiona Loudon. Also, Fiona Loudon was a free girl always wanted to live in her own thoughts, but with Ella craig come lot of responsibilities on the shoulders of Fiona Loudon. Fiona Loudon being the only one to take care of her daughter asked for separation in 1992 from Daniel craig. When the rumours of divorce of Fiona Loudon surfaced their close friends’ ears, they tried to save their marriage. But it seems that both Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig were happy with their decision. In an interview, Daniel Craig ha said that “ I am not regretting my decision to divorce Fiona Loudon ; indeed, our marriage was done hurriedly. It had become difficult for both of us to appreciate the small things of each other and the responsibility of Ella Craig was also a big one to him.” After the divorce of Fiona Loudon, no news is there about her. The only news that there is about her is that her daughter, Ella Craig have become into a gorgeous lady and is working as model and actress in movies. The divorce was taken place on 2 April 2004. The decision of divorce according to the close relatives of Fiona Loudon is acceptable and respectable for them. The divorce led Fiona Loudon to come back to her past life in which she was happy living alone with her loved ones. While Daniel Craig moved of from his divorce and started dating his lifelong friend called film producer Rachel Weisz. Daniel craig after 21 years after the divorce from Fiona Loudon, got married to her(Rachel Weisz) on 22 June 2011. Rachel Weisz is famous in Hollywood for her work in ‘The Mummy’. The wedding ceremony of Daniel Craig was held in a restaurant with only 4 people in the wedding, in which one was her own biological daughter, Ella craig. The other guest was son of Rachel Weisz from his ex-husband whose name is Henry Chance Aronofsky, a movie producer called Darren Aronofsky. It is also rumored that it was Daniel Craig that filed divorce from Fiona Loudon.

Likes, Dislikes and Hobbies of Fiona Loudon: :heart: :heart:

Fiona Loudon, like her daughter, Ella craig liked watching haunted movies and fairy tails. She apart from this loved reading books that include some fantasy. The most liked holiday destination of Fiona Loudon is New Zealand. She in her free time liked to play with her dogs and cats. According to some rumors, Fiona Loudon liked to wear baggy clothes with a short scarf. In all the colours, she liked black and white color the most. She liked watching the movies of her husband , Daniel craig and in actress she loved watching Emma Watson. According to Fiona Loudon’ daughter, her mother disliked going on vacation on rainy days. In foods, Fiona Loudon didn’t like to eat sea foods. According to the close friends of Fiona Loudon, hobbies of Fiona Loudon include swimming, hiking, visiting famous places of the world. Her hobbies include painting in evening of a rainy day. Fiona Loudon favorite hobbies include eating Italian cuisine. He liked the acting of actor Will Smith and actress Charlize Theron. She liked to do shopping in her free time and loved visiting historical places. She also likes to wear 90s Hip Hop Fashion dresses.

Fiona Loudon daughter :girl::girl:

1- Full name Ella Craig Loudon
2-Height 5’7” (1.87 metres)
3- Birthday January 26, 1992
4-Nationality American
5-Famous for Daughter of Fiona Loudon
6-Age 27 years
7-Marital status In relationship
8-Zodian sign Scorpio
9-Mother Name Fiona Loudon
10- Father Name Daniel Craig
11-Step sister name Not known
12-Weight 45 kgs
13-Ethinicity American
14 -Boyfriend name Ben Hill
15- Color of eyes Blue
16-hair color Brown black
17-occupation Actress
18-Net worth 5 million
19-Religion Christianity

Ella Loudon:

It is said that Ella is closed to both her biological father, Daniel craig and stepmother , Rachel Weisz. But she loves with her mom , Fiona Loudon in New York. Ella craig is an Instagram star and the actress that have shown her acting skills in the movie called maneater and trauma in a time machine. Fiona Loudon’s daughter is working under the production company of Shakespeare and company. Ella Craig started her acting career from 2017 and is still in the Hollywood industry as of 2021. Accruing to Fiona Loudon’s daughter , Ella craig she never took the help of her father. She said that her close friends and colleagues would ask her to take help from his father so that she can get role in some of the movies. But according to her, she always rejected this idea. According to Ella craig, her mother Fiona Loudon always advises her to get success from fair means. Ella craig in contrary to her mother, Fiona Loudon is a very famous personality on Instagram. She has got 3964 followers and 996 following. She shares her day-to-day life non her timeline. Despite being the one to share most of the photos of her shoots and homes, she has never shared her mother picture. Also, during the lockdown of 2020, Ella craig was seen to come live on Instagram many times. It seems that Ella Craig has most of her social skills from her dad who is as special as her only daughter. Ella Craig is in close relationship with her stepmother, Rachael Mitchell who is also an actress like Ella. Ella Craig even participated in the wedding ceremony of her stepmother and her father, Daniel Craig. She is a lover of books. In her Instagram post, she recommended some of the most interesting books that she read in her childhood and they are:


Ella Craig recommended children’s book :closed_book: :green_book:
1- Jabber wocky
2-The Windows in the Willows By Kenneth Grahame
3- Anne Frank-The dairy of a young girl by Otto Frank and Mirjim Presster
4-The Curious Incident by Mark Haddon
5- His dark materials by Philip Pullman
6- Harry’s potter by J.k Rowling
7- Judy Blume-Are you, their god? Its me, Margaret
8-Angus thongs and full-frontal snogging by louis rennison
9-Frindle by Andrew Clements
10-Stornbreaker by Anthony horowitz
11- Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo
12-Just William by Richmal Crompton
13-Lord of the flies by William Golding
14-naughts and croses by Malorie ■■■■■■■■
15-To kill a Mockingbird by harper lee
16-The book thief by Markus Zusak

It appears that Ella Craig dint liked to put her father names as her last name in Instagram. Ella is with name “Ella Loudon” on Instagram. She besides the lover of some life changing books is also a fan of some thriller film. She in her Instagram post is seen to be in many adventurous states of the world. She also has a boyfriend whose name is Ben hill. Ella and Ben hill are both following each other on Instagram there is one pictures on her Instagram with her boyfriend with caption of “See you soon.” Ella craig is a model at company “select model global”. She started her acting career with the talent agency of new York called as “Buchwald talent”. She is a lover of vintage clothes also and have an Instagram with name “itg_ltd” for the same person. Recently in April 2021 Ella have started his own clothing store with name “elllas_bits_n_bobs”. This store is also on Instagram with 679 followers and 3 following. Ella craig is seen to do shot outs for her friends as well. She shared a post on 12 April 2020 about her friends. It seems that Ella craig is a best friend of her father ex-girlfriend ‘Satsuki Mitchell”. In one of the Instagram post Ella craig have mentioned her with some of the beautiful pictures drawn by her. Satsuki Mitchell is a photographer. Ella Craig like her father has been an incredible actress. Her acting in movie called “ Trauma is a Time machine” is one of the best movies of her career. Ella craig said that he likes to work in horror movies. Ella even got nominated for her role in ‘Tempest’. She also has a job in American theatre company that produce stage dramas.


Son-in-law of Fiona Loudon ,Boyfriend of Ella Craig: :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

The boyfriend of Ella craig is the fashion model with name, Ben Hill. He is one year older than Fiona Loudon’s daughter, Ella. Benn hill was born on 9 November 1991 and has a star sign of Scorpio. It is not much known that when did he started dating Fiona Loudon’ daughter. But its is rumoured that they started dating before December 2018. Ella craig even have posted the picture of Ben hill in January 2019. When Ella Craig was in depression it was Ben hill that led her come back to reality. Due to depression, Ella craig drop out from her university, she also left the acting career when she was in depression. The real reason of Ella craig depression is not known but it is rumored that she was depressed because of her roles in her coming movie called, The Tempest. The net worth of the soon to be son-in-law of Fiona Loudon is 50941 USD. He is being the fashion model have appeared in many fashion shows wearing Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Mango and Celine. He due to his outstanding looks that a fashion model must have has appeared in fashion magazine called Vogue. Fiona Loudon’s son in law is on Instagram with name “benhill511”. He is a fashion model at “DNA models”. He has got 596 posts, 14.4k followers and 815 following. Ben hill like Fiona Loudon’s daughter, Ella craig is a lover of travelling and dogs. Ben hill is from Georgia, United states. He is 6’2” inches tall.

Satsuki Mitchelle:

Satsuki was born in 1979 and is 42 years of age as of 2021. She was born in United States and her nationality is American.She went to Univeristy of Pennsylvania. She worked in movies including The Jacket(released in 2005),Light Night(released in 2010). She worked in late-night as a producer.She also produce Black Christain in 2006. Satsuki played a side role in movie Godsend in 2004 ,Criminal in 2004,Searching for debra winger in 2002 and Diggers in 2006. She left Danial Craid before getting married. Now Satsuki is dating a star of Hollywood movie called "Sex and the City " Also Satsuki Mitchelle was seen with her now boyfriend Jason Lewis in Hawaii’s one of the beautiful beach.

Scandals of Fiona Loudon’s husband :cupid: :gift_heart:

The scandals of Fiona Loudon’s husband were floating in the news even when he was in relationship with Fiona Loudon. It was rumored that after 9 months of his scandals with Fiona Loudon came to the news he was in scandals with another German model, whose name is still unknown. After divorcing Fiona Loudon, the list of scandals of Daniel craig increases with the following years. He in 1995 was rumored to have scandal with German actress whose name is Heike Makatash. Their scandals were called off in 2005. After this in December of 2004, he was seen in public with Stsuki Mitchell , who is the film producer in which he was working. Daniel Craig and Satuki Mitchell decided to turn their relationship to another level and got engaged in a small restaurant in 2002. Buts, it appears that Daniel Craig was not happy with this. He broke off with her and started dating another actress called Rachel Weisz. Rachel was a school fiend of Daniel craig. Rachel has done acting with Daniel craig in movie called Dream house. After the news of these scandals of Fiona Loudon’s husband came into news, they after one year decided to get married in 2011. The marriage ceremony of Fiona Loudon’s ex-husband was taken place on 22 June 2011. Only 4 people were there in the restaurant that were participating in Fiona Loudon’s husband marriage.

Fiona Loudon’s husband , Daniel Craig: :man_in_tuxedo:

Daniel Wroughton Craig was born on 2 March 1968 in an American family. He is most popular for his incredible acting in James Bond series. Daniel Craig was rose to stardom after his movie of Casino Royale in 2006, which brought him fame from every corner of the world. As of January 2021, he has been featured as a guest actor in three additional movies that are to be delivered on screen in the late 2021. His most popular shows include Our Friends in the North (1996), Munich (2005), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) and the secret parody Knives Out (2019). Daniel Craig is the elder child of Carol Olivia (née Williams), a teacher at high school, and Timothy John Wroughton Craig (1943–2020), who was a sailor in the Merchant Navy. She was pro in working with steel tools. His dad later got the ownership of two big Cheshire bars: the Ring o’ Bells in Frodsham and the Boot Inn in Tarporley. Daniel Craig has one a younger sister whose names is Lea. Lea craig was born in 1965. Daniel craig is said to be from French and Welsch families. Soon after the birth of her younger sister, Lea Craig they got separated in 1972. He along with her sister moved to Liverpool with mom, Timothy John Wroughton Craig. The whole family lived there on the Wirral Peninsula, where Daniel Craig went to elementary school Hoylake. He went to Hilbre High School in West Kirby. After completing his school training at 16 years old, he went to Calday Grange Grammar School as a 6th structure student. He played rugby association for Hoylake RFC. Daniel craig was a huge fan of rugby.

Block buster movies of Daniel Craig :file_cabinet:
1- The power of the one
2- A kid in king Artur’s court
3- Obsession
4- Love and Rage
5- Elizabeth
6- The Trench
7- Some voices
8- Hotel Splendid
9- I dreamed of Africa
10- Lara Croft. Tomb Raider
11- Ten minutes older: the Cello
12- Road to Perdition
12- Occasional, strong
13 - Sylvia
14- The mother
15- Layer cake
16- Enduring love
17- The jacket
18- Fateless
19- Munich
20- Renaissance
21- Infamous
22- Casino Royale
Theatres play of David Craig :film_strip: :film_strip:
1- Angles in America
2- The rover
3- Les Grandes
4- Hurly-burly
5- A number
6- A steady rain
7- Betrayal
8- Othello

SUMMARY :writing_hand:
Despite being the daughter of Daniel Craig, Ella was never seen taking the short cuts. It now only shows that Fiona Loudon has given her daughter a proper childhood training but also help her become a beautiful and hard working women.

Frequently Asked Questions :interrobang: :bangbang:

There are many questions regarding ex-wife of Daniel Craig named Fiona Loudon that his fans are curious about.

:one: Is Fiona Loudon on Instagram?

As a socially inactive person there is no Instagram account of Fiona Loudon. Even when Fiona Loudon was in relationship with her husband as a wife, she would come with her husband very less showing that she lacks social skills. Despite of Fiona Loudon not being active on social media, her daughter Ella Loudon is on Instagram and is living a queen life that she most of the time shows in her Instagram posts. Apart from Facebook, there is no account found with the name “Fiona Loudon” on Facebook showing that this beautiful actress hates every social media platform.

:two: What is the relationship between Fiona Loudon’s daughter Ella craig Loudon and Daniel craig ex-girlfriend?

The relationship between Fiona Loudon’s daughter Ella craig Loudon and Daniel craig ex-girlfriend, Satsuki Mitchell is of best friends. The ex-girlfriend of the famous actor of “James Bond series” whose name is Satsuki Mitchell was seen to be hanging out with Ella Craig recently. The Instagram account of Ella craig on 9 April 2020 shows the mirror selfies that was taken in Hudson with Satsuki Mitchell. Satsuki Mitchell is the film producer and photographer. In one post of Instagram, Ella Craig has done a shout out to the account of Satsuki Mitchell.

:three: Is Daniel craig on Instagram?

Yes, Daniel craig is one Instagram with name “ Jamesbond007”. He has 1.5 m followers and 0 following. He has shared 1604 photos on his social media account. He joined Instagram on 7 march, 2015 and since then he has been active in posting his daily life pictures. It seems that he like his daughter , Ella Fiona Loudon is the fan of Instagram.

:four: How many wives are of Daniel Craig?

As of 2021, Daniel craig only have two wives, Fiona Loudon, and Rachel Weisz. Fiona Loudon was married to Daniel craig from 1992 to 1994. According to Daniel craig, her wife Fiona Loudon was her first love and the first girlfriend. After Fiona Loudon, Daniel Craig dated Satsuki Mitchell and got engaged with her. But soon they broke off the engagement. Rachel Weisz is the second and the last wife of Daniel Craig as of 2021. He has one child with name Grace Craig with Rachel Weisz.

:five: What is the religion of Fiona Loudon?

The religion of Fiona Loudon is Christianity. The mother of Fiona Loudon was Jews, but her father was rumored to be Christian making her whole family follow Christianity. Fiona Loudon is a religious person. According to her daughter, Ella Craig her mom is used to go to church every Sunday morning.

:six: In how many video games, Daniel Craig have worked ?

He worked in 4 videos games.

Games in which David craig have played role :video_game: :video_game:
1- 007: Quantum of Solace
2- Golden eye
3- James’s bond 007: Blood stone
4- James’s bond: World of Espionage

:seven: What is the favorite country of Fiona Loudon?

Fiona Loudon favorite country is her hometown, Scotland. Fiona Loudon loved going to her hometown where she was raised in her childhood. According to her, Scotland is her dream place to live. Also, after getting divorce from famous actor , Daniel Craig she went back to Scotland with her daughter. According to Ella Loudon Instagram post, her mother Fiona Loudon answer to What Are The Best Places To Go On Holidays? is always Scotland.

:eight: Who did Fiona Loudon married after Daniel Craig?

After getting divorce from Daniel craig, Fiona Loudon didn’t marry anyone. It seems that to Fiona Loudon, Daniel Craig is the only man she wants to be in her life. Rumours are that Fiona Loudon has close relationship with a Scottish actor, Sean Connery. After this news was surfaced in news, no response either from Sean or Fiona Loudon was give making this news a bit. Her divorce was taken place by the help of Divorce attorney

:nine: What are some favorite childhood books of Fiona Loudon, daughter?

Following are the list of favorite childhood books that Ella shared on her Instagram page.

Ella Craig favorite children’s book :orange_book: :orange_book:
1-Charlotte’s web
2-Tamora pierce, protector of the small
3-The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse by Charlie mockery
5- Pippi langstrump by raben
6-The beano book 1973
7- The dandy comic
8- The country bunny
9-The country bunny
10-The red balloon
11- Madeline
12-My family and other animals
13-James and the giant peach, Danny the champion of the world
14-The magic tree house series
16-A duck is a duck
17-Charlie bone
18-The BFG by Roald dahl
19-The fudge series by Judy blume
20- Possum magic
21- Martine
22-Historie de Babar by jean de brunhoff
23-My father’s dragon
24- Dr Seuss

:keycap_ten: In how many movies , Ella craig have worked?

Ella have worked in total 5 movies. Names of the movies are.

Movies of Ella Craig with years :film_projector:
1- Man-eater 2017
2-The visitant 2015
3- The tempests 2016
4-Trauma is a time machine 2018
5- Can’t let it go 2016


Fiona Loudon is the first and the ex-wife of Daniel Craig. She has a daughter named Ella craig that is following the path of her father as an actress. Fiona Loudon is now living a peaceful life with her daughter in Scotland. Like Ella, Fiona Loudon is the fan of her ex-husband movies and acting.


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