10 U.S Winter Vacation Ideas From Ski Resorts to Sunny Beaches

We have seen people taking summer breaks, spring breaks, and whatnot. But why should we have fun only during summer or winter, why not in winter too?

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Winter vacations can quickly debase any holidays that you take in warmer seasons.

You don't believe us, right? Well, there are dozens of extreme outdoor adventures that one can take in winters.

Do you want to get cozy with the winter cold? Yes, we have a spot in mind. Do you hate colder climates? We have the right destination where you can flaunt the boxers and bikinis.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at some fabulous winter vacations that you book from any <a title="Platinum travel agency in Louisville" href=Platinum travel agency in Louisville, ■■.

1 Go Ice Fishing At Lake Of The Woods, MN:

Ice fishing is an exceptionally thrilling activity that many people adore. So, give the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota a try to enjoy one of the best ice fishing spots in the U.S.

Post your spot on the frozen lake along with other die-hard ice fishing fans. Cut the hole and keep an eye on crappies, saugers, northern pike, and much more.

2 Sport Bikini or Boxers at Naples, FL:

Want to skip the snowmen and ice skating? Well, then head down to Naples, Florida. Here you the temperature hovers around 76 degrees even during December.

Around mid to late December, you can find various boat parades, twinkling vessel processions hosted by the Naples, making it the best spot for people who want summer feelings even during winters.

3 See The Santa At Cleveland, OH:

Do you want to provide your kids with a little activity during the holiday season? Well, head towards Inventionasium in Cleveland. Here the children are asked to invent toys inside Santa's workshop. The kids even get to meet Mr. Kringle during the stay.

The experience has gone virtual with the current situation, meaning the kids will have a zoom session instead.

4 Try Curling At Salt Lake City, UT:

Well, let's talk about the most underrated winter sport that is curling. Trust us; curling is one of the most doable sports that can become a new skill of yours.

You can easily acquire an intro course at Utah Olympic Oval and master the game in no time.

6 Go On A Romantic Getaway At Jackson, WY:

Winter is unrealistic, but the winter at the Teton Mountains, Jackson, Wyoming, is a perfect spot for nature lovers. Amid the holiday season, the city's spectacular town square lights up in plenty of twinkling lights.

You can quickly come across local resorts and ranches that will make your stay a romantic getaway with your loved one.

7 Find The Best Holiday Sightseeing In NYC, NY:

Rockefeller center in NYC is the best place for holiday sightseeing. This year, you can see the vast Norway spruce believed to be 11-ton, 75 ft in height, and 45 ft in diameter from Oneonta as the Christmas tree.

The tree will be decorated with 50,000+ multi-colored, energy-efficient LEDs along with a gorgeous Swarovski Star.

8 Dip In Hot Springs At Dunton, CO:

We all live for a hot bath during the winter. But at Dunton, Colorado, you can do it outside in the hot springs with a charismatic view of a snowcapped mountain.

This once abandoned mine is restored correctly with an old west saloon and dance hall. In winters, you can come across various activities like dog-sledding, ice climbing, and even heli-skiing. And since you are at Dunton for the hot spring pools, do not miss the snowfall because it is one of the best spots to view snowfall in its full glory.

9 See Christmas Lights In Washington, DC:

The nation's capital comes to life during the holidays. Besides the official monument, you can experience the best holiday treatment at Georgetown Glow. It is located nearby the tranquil university town that has world-class light installations.

The display has been put up by international artists for almost six years now. And we are sure it will happen this year too, meaning it isn't something to be missed.

10 Go On A Ski Trip At Vail, CO:

Ski trip at Vail, Colorado, is widely regarded as the country's top ski destination. Besides skiing and snowboarding, Vail offers a lot of activities amid the holiday celebration. The property is brightly lit with light decorations, has ski bikes, tubing lanes, a kid's snowmobile, and many more things.

Bottom Line

Well, we are sure that this list must have explained to you what you are missing in the U.S. by avoiding winter vacations.

So, waste no more minute and contact the best Platinum travel agency in Louisville, ■■, that is Platinum Travel, to make the most out of your winter vacations.