Are you curious to know about the white sand beach? The beach with only one mineral in the sand is called the white sand beach. And that mineral is a white quartz crystal. The beaches of the Gulf Coast of Florida have the whitest sand in the U.S., particularly the Panhandle and the southwest coast. According to Stephen Leatherman (Dr. Beach), the prettiest of these white-sand beaches is Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota.

Top White Sand Beaches in World:

We’ve rounded up some of our top picks from the best white sand beaches to be found to give you a helping hand. We’ve also included a few hidden gems that might be a little trickier to hit, but for the views, they are well worth it. This is our list of top white sand beaches of the world.

  • Bequia, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines

  • Carillon Beach, Miami

  • The Maldives

  • Grand Exuma, Bahamas

  • Panama City Beach, Florida

  • Kapalua Bay, Maui

  • Tahiti

  • St. Lucia

Where are the white sand beaches located?

There are more than 50 white beaches around the world that are known for their beauties. Besides the east coast beaches, for the sea coast lovers, the appeal of soft white sand can really make a coastline stand out & irresistible.

What is the whitest sand beach in the world?

The whitest sand beach in the world is Hyams Beach of New South Wales and it has a Guinness World Record to prove it. Life at a beach is that you cannot miss out on family & loved ones. Just three hours south of Sydney, amid the crowds, this striking and touristic beach will leave you in awe of its beauty.

This white sand beach is a long beach situated in Jervis Bay with beautiful white sand. From Greenfield Beach or Vincentia, the fastest way to get there is to take the White Sands Walk, so you can enjoy more than one of Jervis Bay’s beautiful white-sand beaches.

Like other beaches, Hyams Beach is not as crowded. Unfortunately, there were no lifeguards. But the beach itself is a healthy and fun place for relaxation.

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White Sand Beaches in the USA

The following are the white sand beaches in the USA. People are crazy about these places’ beauty & take time out to travel to these picnic spots.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

This is the perfect white sandy beach. Second, the excellent places to eat, to mention just two specialties; Frenchies and Cooters. Peace and silence, Clearwater Beach is a perfect place to relax before going home after the hustle and bustle of Orlando.

Carmel Beach, California

With its candy sand and idyllic atmosphere, surrounded by wind-carved cypress trees and bluffs topped with quaint cottages with billion-dollar views, this crescent is a perfect place to relax and play. Autumn and winter days are often clear, crisp, and stunning. Carmel Beach is not only a paradise for people; this is also a canine fun spot. Parking can be a challenge, particularly during summer and on weekends, as the official car park is not that large.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Only suggested a spot on the east side of Oahu is snorkeling at Lanikai Beach. On this side of the island, the exposure to the very normal trade-winds makes snorkeling difficult. The fine white sand beach is stunning on the plus side and the waters are a good snorkeling depth.

Marco Island, Florida

The hallmarks of Marco Island are beautiful white sand beaches, water sports, bird watching, and outdoor adventures. Your holiday will be uniquely Floridian with one eye to protect the environment and the other for all-out fun. Marco Island is suitable for enjoying the sunlight.

white sand USA beaches

White Sand Beach Philippines

The Philippines is a big hit with beach aficionados, blessed with pristine white beaches and emerald waters set against lush tropical land. This is our list of the best white-sand beaches in Bali, from the wildly famous to the hidden gems. Life at the beach is irresistible & hard to ignore in the holiday season.

Dumaluan Beach

For those searching for a tropical paradise getaway, Dumaluan Beach has fine white sand and clear calm waters. Do not let the marketing of the region stop you from enjoying it; there are areas where you can get away from the crowds.

Since the shore is big enough, you can do a lot of activities: play beach volleyball, throw a Frisbee with buddies, ride a jet ski, or go kayaking to name only a few.

Cagwait Beach

Approximately 32 kilometers (20 mi) southeast of Tandag, the capital of Surigao del Sur, is Cagwait. It is bordered in the north by the towns of Bayabas, in the south by Marihatag, in the west by the Diwata Mountains, and in the east by the Pacific Ocean. It has a land area of 21,410 hectares in total (52,900 acres).

San Juan, La Union

San Juan, La Union is one of the premier surfing destinations in the world. For all levels of surfers, the district has waves, whether you are just learning the ropes or are honing your competition skills. You can sit back and relax on the dirty white sand after riding the waves and enjoy one of the best Luzon sunsets. With many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, the neighborhood also has a distinct vibe.

Anawangin Cove

One of the country’s premier surfing destinations is San Juan, La Union. For all levels of surfers, the district has waves, whether you are only learning the ropes or honing your skills for competition. You can sit back and relax on the filthy white sand after riding the waves and enjoy one of Luzon’s best sunsets. With many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, the area also has a different feel.

Daku Island

The largest of the three included in the island hopping tour is Daku island and the only place you can buy lunch for the day. There is an admission fee that was so needless given all the money we paid on the tour and lunch. You can buy your own food from the market and bring it to have it grilled for the fee. Overall, boats crowd the water and the ground is crowded with people, grills, and rental huts. The water is good, but the problem is over-pricing and overcrowding.

In a nutshell, Sand Beaches in the United States are where you will schedule the holiday you have been dreaming about. The image of a faultless beach is one that, of course, always contains white sand, palm trees, clear water, and blue skies. While many of the white sand beaches in the world lie in tropical locations, you’ll find that the USA is the best so far.

White Sand Beach Caribbean

Think of the Caribbean and the imagination automatically conjures up visions of desolate beaches of talcum-powder fringed by palm trees on one side and clear water on the other. And happily, the fact holds true altogether. The beaches appear to be pure, white sand, with most of the islands surrounded by coral reefs. The romantic beaches for couples are the best places for honeymoon.

Eagle Beach, Aruba

The beach and neighborhood of Oranjestad, Aruba, is Eagle Beach. For its many low-rise resorts and large public beach, the neighborhood is popular. It is Aruba’s largest beach and has soft white beaches. It has been ranked as one of the world’s best beaches. This is not a beach that’s nude. Public nudity in Aruba is illegal.

Trunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay is a world-class stretch of white sand and turquoise water and the most photographed beach with a marked underwater trail for snorkelers to begin with. Due to its popularity, cruise ship passengers and sightseeing tours can become very crowded.

Crane Beach, Barbados

Many consider Crane Beach, originally a harbor, to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. In reality, it was ranked by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as “one of the ten best beaches in the world”. In this place, there are powerful waves, making Crane Beach a great boogie boarding spot.
Since it opened in 1867, the Crane Resort & Residences, standing on the cliff above the beach, has been a favorite among honeymooners.

Palominos Island, Puerto Rico

Palomino Island, a private island with the luxuries of a resort, perfectly captures the essence of a secluded tropical paradise. Spend the day dancing to the surf, diving, snorkeling, and enjoying water sports on the beautiful blue water with shades of turquoise and emerald green, lounging under tall palm trees.

Philipsburg, St Maarten

The capital, and a busy deep-water port, is Philipsburg. It is a popular port for cruise ships and therefore boasts a vibrant duty-free shopping city, a variety of resorts and villas, as well as a well-served airport, and numerous leisure and sightseeing activities. The island has stunning beaches of powdery sand, quaint European-style towns, and rolling green hills in its history.

Rundown: Islands such as the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Anguilla, and Aruba are renowned for their fascinating stretches of coastline, and many of these dreamy sand and sea parts also provide convenient access to some of the best beach resorts in the Caribbean. In this list of top beaches in the Caribbean, you’ll find the ideal stretch of sand to live out your tropical dream, from seductive crescents of sparkling white sand and blue sea backed by lush jungles to sublime slices of the reef-fringed shore.

White Sand Beach in the UK

The coastal landscape of the UK is varied and extends for thousands of miles, which means you don’t have to leave the islands to find white-sand beaches and sapphire seas.

Camber Sands, Sussex

Camber Sands is one of the excellent beaches in the area as it is one of the few to have a sandy beach, with stone and shingle beaches being many of its neighbors. Swimming at Camber Sands is safe, but tourists need to be aware of the rapidly rising tides at the beach. Riptides - sweeping swimmers out to sea if swept up in one - are one of the most common causes of coastal deaths.

Holkham Beach, Norfolk

The beach is supported by lavender and golden dunes, and a series of shabby-chic brightly painted beach huts. Look out for fritillary butterflies in dark green and peregrine falcons. But take note of swimming - only swim where red and yellow flags are indicated safely as there are heavy tidal currents.

white sand beach

Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall

Located in the far west of Cornwall, Porthcurno Beach has received several awards and it is easy to see why. It’s an oasis of breathtaking natural beauty with beautiful fine soft white sand washed by a sea that turns turquoise in the sun and high cliffs on both sides offering shelter. It’s an oasis of incredible natural beauty with perfect fine white sand washed by a sea that turns turquoise in the sun and high cliffs on both sides offering shelter.

Pentel Bay, Tresco, Isles of Scilly

Tresco is a subtropical jewel and the second largest of the islands with lovely white sand beaches. It is the only island to be privately-owned; Lucy and Robert Dorrien-Smith are currently taking care of it. For beachcombing or just relaxing on a beach, the island is also excellent - there is no better place to chill than the sugar-fine white sand of Pentle and Appletree Bays.

Rundown: Right here in the UK, there are plenty of stunning sandy beaches. Expect beautiful coastal walks, fine sands out of the Caribbean that looks like something, lush green scenery, and plenty of enjoyable activities. Watersports, cycling, and lazy beach days are all on sale, and it’s easy to find everything from bustling resorts to quieter gems with so many white-sand beaches.

Could artificial white beaches spell eco-disaster?

Yes, such artificial white beaches are a big threat to the ecosystem. The model case is of Manila, Philippines, an artificial white beach that is under heavy criticism from all over the world.

The government of President Rodrigo Duterte has filled a 500-meter stretch of coastline beside the U.S. embassy in Manila with sand made from tonnes of crushed Central Philippine dolomite boulders, despite opposition from environmental campaigners.

After dumping dolomite sand, usually used in construction, on the shores of Manila Bay as part of a beautification scheme, the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources has come under fire from green groups and government officials.

Critics argue that the 389 million pesos ($8 million) project has skipped public consultations and environmental evaluations and certificates are incomplete, which means that its actual effect on the marine life of Manila Bay remains unknown.

white beach

There has been criticism of the use of artificial sand, with conservation groups saying that the facelift focuses only on aesthetics and has nothing to do with the environment. Critics argue that the 389 million pesos ($8 million) project has skipped public consultations and environmental evaluations, which means that its actual effect on the marine life of Manila Bay remains unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are the few now & then asked questions that will definitely raise your level of interest in the topic. Enjoy the read.

Which country has the whitest sand beaches?

USA, UK, Philippines, Caribbean & India all have the white sand beaches of almost the same quality. Only the difference is in the available there.

What is the #1 beach in the world?

According to the survey, the number one position went to Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos, followed by Whitehaven Beach in Australia and Anse Lazio in Seychelles.

Where is the clearest water in the world?

Without the Maldives, a roundup of the world’s bluest waters will be incomplete. It’s the home of turquoise-blue waters that seem unreal, so vivid. Maldivian waters, in fact, are so translucent and a treat for the eyes.


If you’re looking for the world’s white sand beaches then we have given you the list of all the famous white sand beaches in the world to plan your trip next year. Our world has more beaches with sugar sand than its fair share, which you will find on practically every continent. All the beautiful white sand beaches on this list are transcendental. No matter where your future travel plans will take you in the country, try to fit into one of this pristine sun and surf spots of these exotic white beaches.