Which are the Best Greek Islands to Visit with Children?

The pleasure of going on holidays with the family cannot be explained in words, especially when you are accompanied by your children. This offers all the members of the family to spend quality with each other in a cheerful environment enjoying the view of beautiful destinations and sceneries that come in their way. But finding a location suitable for the family vacation is a quite difficult task because not only you have to explore the beauty of that destination but your children will be also there you need to take care of them.

If you are also going through the same confusion then there can be nothing better than visiting any of the islands in Greece. It would be interesting to know that there are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, and most of them are inhabited and well-developed. In fact, some of them are recognized as the best place for partying with friends and family. Anyhow as you will be travelling with your children, then below is the brief of some islands which are best to enjoy the holiday in the company of your children. These beaches are sandy, surrounded by caves and coves, offer lots of space for children to play on their beaches, and of course enough time to their parents for enjoying the fun-filled holidays with all the families present at one place.

When you should visit Greece?

Undoubtedly Greece can be visited during any month of the year, but normally the best time to visit Greece is between May and August when the temperature reaches to its peak above 40 degrees and people can be seen struggling for finding someplace to relax in shade. As you will be travelling with your children it is better to avoid these months, as seeing children crying in the hot waves is not less than a curse for the parents. It is therefore recommended to visit the Greek islands during the early days of October.

Three best islands in Greece to visit with children

Although most of the islands in Greece are party-friendly islands, some of them are even crowned as party islands, still, there are some islands which are best to visit with children. Their brief description is mentioned below:

  1. Crete: It is one of the biggest islands in Greece that has everything to offer everyone. The island is blessed with large and safe beaches. As the island had witnessed the origin of Minoan civilization its presence can be seen at different places like Knossos, followed by lots of various places for a family to visit during holidays. The best way to explore the beauty of its coastline is through the boat, where you will find more than 2,000 spices of Mediterranean sea life. For adults, there is an Aquaplus waterpark to enjoy heavy waterslides, whereas for children there are safe pools and waterslides. You should take your children to the magical cave Dikteon, the birthplace of Zeus.

  2. Paxos: Located at a distance of thousand miles away from the Greek mainland, the island of Paxos is the smallest in Greece located in the Ionian Sea near Corfu. The island is regarded as the place of love developed by the Greek God Poseidon for spending the quality time with his lady love. As the island is the smallest and located in the remote area of Greece it is visited only by limited people and therefore the best place to visit with children. Here not only you will find the peaceful and clean atmosphere but the stunning and iconic view of the island. To offer comfortable accommodation to the visitors there are lots of economical and luxurious villas in Paxos, which are elegantly furnished with necessary accessories. The island is surrounded by lots of small islands which can be visited by ferry, some of the best places to visit nearby the island are Gaios, Lakka, Loggos, and many more.

  3. Rhodes: Rhodes is recognized as one of the best islands to visit with children The eastern coast of the island has golden sandy beaches spread in a vast area along with shallow waters suitable for little ones to enjoy walking on its beaches. The island has a fascinating combination of forests, mountains, churches, beautiful villages, and lots of various beautiful destinations. It would be interesting to know that the old town of Rhodes has been honored with the title of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Final Thoughts

At the southern coast of the island, the town of Lindos offers a beautiful view of hills along with a natural watchtower that played an incredible role in protecting the wealth of the city in ancient times. Some of the churches with historical importance are overcrowded with visitors. In the north of the island, there is a valley of butterflies the best place for families with children to visit.

Besides, these three main islands there are lots of islands which can be visited with children during the holidays.