Cheapest places to live in California

People are always looking for the cheapest places to live in California because the high rates of living in California, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles make it difficult to live in states like these but it is like a fantasy place with beautiful beaches and great mountains.

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However, California is one of the most expensive states but cities here are mostly cheaper than the state average like Bakersfield, Sacramento, Oxnard, Fresno, Chico, Eureka, and many others.


Bakersfield is the city among the cheapest places to live in California with a lot of adventure and regional attractions. You can explore its history of soil and Agriculture with modern and creative art and culture.

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However, Bakersfield is not like big cities But if you are on a budget trip you can do many things like Hiking mountains visiting parks, museums, theatres, and enjoying nightlife there. Some places you should visit while in Bakersfield are:

  • The Park at Riverwalk
  • Kern River Parkway Trail
  • Rabobank Arena, Theater & Convention Center
  • Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace
  • Fox Theater

You can spend your time touring these places at cheap prices, have fun out there, create memories and enjoy the food you love. Undoubtedly Bakersfield is the best place to visit within even a small budget and giving you the opportunity of exploring great wineries, hiking trails, national parks, and museums.

Also, this place is most inexpensive and affordable with less cost of living here with an average cost of living is approximate $1500 per month. The price of houses here is also very cheap in case you are looking for a house in California.


With an average $1500 monthly cost of living, you can enjoy many parks, museums, and theatres here.


The cost of living is extremely low in Sacramento as compared to San Francisco for the same quality, this is also unexpected for many tourists because Sacramento is the capital of California and has an affordable and excellent quality of living.

This city has affordable property prices, good-paying employments, and also an affordable lifestyle. Being the capital city of the state, Sacramento has lots of tourist attractions and for people who want to move here.

The average monthly cost for living in Sacramento is $2200.

cheapest places to live in California

  • It has the highest rates of employment in California.
  • A lot of places to visit from parks and museums to theatres.
  • Usually hot Summers.
  • Outdoor Adventures, Hi-tech companies, historical places, and modern architecture.

Sacramento is also at the center of the state and sometimes very overcrowded, you can find lots of stuff to do here and make your tour memorable in Northern California while enjoying the cheapest living in Sacramento.


Sacramento is also very affordable with a $2200 average monthly cost of living and if you can get a secure job you can also move here.


Oxnard is also one of the cheapest places to live in California with endless opportunities and great weather all year. This city is also famous for its safe city priorities and having the beach, people here are always looking for a house near the beach. Prices here are almost affordable as compared to other places. Oxnard is also an agricultural center with rich agricultural land circling the city.

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Some facts that why Oxnard is famous:

  • You can visit Golf clubs, wine tasting rooms, and strolls on Mandalay Beach.
  • It is an agricultural hub.
  • Every year there held a popular California Strawberry festival.
  • All beaches, museums, parks, restaurants, and festivals make your visit and living here so much extraordinary for life.
  • A 20-mile long Pacific coastline
  • Worldwide trade, tourism, cultivation, and defense make Oxnard more attractive.

The average monthly cost for living in Oxnard is $2200 which is almost affordable if you have a secure job you can move here.


If you love beaches and good living standards you’ll definitely love Oxnard, this city is also very affordable and have a low cost of living with an average of $2200 monthly.


Fresno is also among the cheapest places to live in California if you love the ocean and bright weather. It can also be a perfect place to live if you are a tourist, permanent or temporary resident. This is a city covered with beautiful surroundings.

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Things about Fresno you must know:

  • The weather is pretty hot here in the summers.
  • Crime rates are high.
  • A place near California University State area.
  • Close to both LA and San Francisco.
  • Lower than average air quality.

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Fresno is a place with national parks, 3 hours distance from LA, and has the most beautiful coastlines. The average monthly budget is $1600 almost it is very reasonable to live in California without expanding your budget.


Fresno is the cheapest place in California with only $1600 monthly cost of living but crime rates are high.

The cheapest city to live in California

In California, a lot of cities are the cheapest to live in as the cost of living in cities is less than in the state. Oxnard is widely considered the cheapest city in California, having beach museums, parks, restaurants, and yearly strawberry festival, and famous for its safety priorities.

Overall living cost in Oxnard is 138.5 which is 11.4% less than the state’s (California) living cost that is 149.9, also this is not only cheap but also has the best living standards.

I would also suggest some other cheap places to live in California that are Ventura, Simi Valley, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Vacaville, Camarillo, and Fresno.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

:one:. Where is the cheapest rent in California?

It’s generally considered that rent in California cities is very much costly, this is true in some cities, but there are some cities that are the cheapest places to live in California as the average rent price in California is $2,568 for 1 bedroom flat.

However, Turlock is known as the cheapest city to live in California. It has a small-town vibe and affordable living that you can rent a 1 bedroom flat for approximately $1,000 a month. There are also other cheap rent places like San Bernardino, Carmichael, Hemet, and Bakersfield, etc.

:two:. Which city has the lowest cost of living?

Wichita Falls, Texas, is considered with the lowest cost of living in the United States. You can also find good-paying jobs here.

:three:. What city in Southern California is the cheapest to live in?

Oxnard is the cheapest city located in Southern California and with many opportunities, good safety priorities, and great weather. The average monthly cost for living in Oxnard is $2200. And can visit Golf clubs, wineries, also every year there held a popular California Strawberry festival.

All beaches, museums, parks, restaurants, and festivals make your living here so much extraordinary for life.

:four:. Why is rent in California so high?

All the large cities and suburb areas have high rents because of the better opportunities of living standards, employment choices, and modern facilities. You can also look for cheaper places that are above mentioned but mostly in the outlying areas and with fewer facilities and high crime rates.

:five:. Why is California so expensive?

California is expensive because of expensive housing, high rents, gas is expensive, food is expensive, in some cities. Also, there is a state income tax, and many other local taxes but at the same time, there are many other cities that are famous for the cheapest places to live in California like Bakersfield, Chico, Sacramento, and Eureka, etc.

:six:. What’s the worst city in California?

Compton is the worst city in California with high crime rates and 27% poverty. This city is also on top because of crime and murder rates.

:seven:. What is the most dangerous city in California?

San Bernardino is the most dangerous city in California. The cost of crime in the city of San Bernardino was almost $3,959 per resident. But, this city is also on the list of most safe places.

:eight:. What is the cheapest county to live in in California?

Modoc County is located in California with an 8,907 population has the lowest cost of living and is considered the cheapest county in California.

:nine:. What is the most affordable beach town in California?

I would suggest Eureka, which is right across Arcata Bay from Arcata in Northern California. You can get some of the cheapest beachfront properties in California. Also, it has that small-town feel but with many adventures to do and many opportunities to explore.

However, there are also many other affordable beach locations like Crescent city, Oxnard, Long Beach, Ventura, and Oceanside, etc.

:keycap_ten:. Where in California should you avoid wildfires?

The most recent fire is the Pinnacles fire, which was started on July 28 and is 75% contained and has burned 171 acres so far. The largest active fire is the Dixie fire, which has burned 226,421 acres and you should avoid going near those areas.


California is a state with a huge economy, warm weather, historic places, cultural institution, national parks, and a beautiful ■■■■■ environment. However, with its huge economy, this state is expensive but you can find the cheapest places to live in California like Bakersfield, Eureka, Sacramento, Oxnard, Chico, etc. These places are affordable and with huge attractions and full of adventures that even you may decide to move here.

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