Best Places To Live In Canada

Best places to live in Canada are Quebec City, Edmonton, prince Edward Island. These cities are full of historical places and also the citizen beautifully followed their culture here. These are the [best places] to live, work and visit in Canada but keep in mind that you should have some command on French language because the locals of these cities usually do not speak in English.
But, the best place to live in Canada is totally depends upon your priority, your needs and your interest. If you are searching for the Canada places to live first you need to know why you want to move there. There are many reasons one can wish to move Canada. Either you want to move there for business or to buy a house for permanent stay or you are a student and want to live on rent. There may be so many reasons to live in this beautiful country, let’s take a look what is the priority wise best place to live in Canada but before that lets acquaint yourself about Canada.

Lake Mountain, Alberta Canada

Welcome to Canada!

  • The beautiful country Canada is considered as the second largest country in the world.
  • Canada is the neighbor of important oceans, i.e. Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean.
  • The total population of this country is around 37,742,154 people which is the 0.48% of the world population.
  • 36.9% of Canadian population is Black, some cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary have Black population and known as black Canadian.
  • Canada has ten provinces and Ottawa is the capital city of Canada.
  • The national/official languages of Canada are English and French.
  • The currency of Canada is Canadian dollar which is represented by CAD.
  • The queen Elizabeth II owns the land of Canada.

Beautiful Canada:

Canadian flag:

The national flag of Canada or the Canadian flag has two vertical red borders with some white area sandwich between them. On the white part of the flag on center there is a red maple leaf having 11- corners which is the symbol of hope, peace and equality.
Canadian Flag

Province wise population of Canada:

Province Population
Ontario 14677.9
Quebec 8494.5
British Columbia 5103.5
Alberta 4472.8
Manitoba 1381.9
Saskatchewan 1195.1
Nova scotia 967.1
New Brunswick 775.6
New found land 522.3
Prince Edward island 57.4
Northwest territories 45.1
Yukon 41.3
Nunavut 9.3

Prime minister of Canada:

Canadian government:

Canada is an independent democratic country. Canadian government is divided into three levels and each of them barring its own set of responsibility. Those levels are:

  • Federal
  • Provincial
  • Municipal
    Since Canada is an independent country it has its own rules, regulation and own government but still Canada is considered as the part of British Commonwealth and hence Queen Elizabeth II is also the Queen Of Canada.
    JUSTINE TRUDEAU is 23rd and the current prime minister of Canada. Previously he was the member and leader of Liberal Party of Canada since 2013. He was born in December 25, 1971 in Ottawa, Canada and earn his last degree from the University of British, Columbia in year 1998.

List of 5 prime minister of Canada:

Prime ministers Duration Age
Stephen Harper 2006 – 2015 62
Paul Martin 2003 – 2006 82
Jean Chretien 1993 – 2003 87
Kim Campbell 1993 74
Brian Mulroney 1984 – 1993 82

Did you know?
Ottawa is considered as one of the ugliest city of Canada because it has no Tulips.

Best place to live in Canada:

Selection of best place in Canada is depends upon the following reasons:

  • Best place to work in Canada
  • Best place to buy a house in Canada
  • Best place for outdoor activities in Canada
  • Best place for food lovers in Canada
  • Best place for renters in Canada
  • Best place to live in Canada with families

Best place to work in Canada:

Moncton is the best and rising city in Canada with lot of opportunities including commercial hub and low price of house and living. The industries of Moncton include auto parts, woodworking, paper board, fisheries and farm implement. In short everyone can get something from Moncton. But be careful this city is little bit dangerous because of its crime rate which is higher than any other city of Canada.
Following is the statistic of Moncton city:

Moncton city Statistic
Population 1239,220
Household income $97,334
Unemployment rate 7.4%
Average house price $410,000
Estimated living cost (per person) $2,406
Crime rate 6,176
Average monthly rent (1 bed) $1,186

beautiful sunset at parlee beach, Moncton city, Canada

Best place to buy a house in Canada:

The best and cheapest place to buy a house in Canada is Saint John which is not only the beautiful city of Canada but also the oldest one. Saint John is considered as the industrial city of the Canada along with the active sea ports. The city also involves in modern technologies. It provides very cheap real estates, so if you are thinking for take a move then Saint John is the best option to buy a house along with earn a living.

Saint John, New Brunswick Statistic
Population 67,575
Household income $52,132
Unemployment rate 7.0%
Average house price $200,961
Estimated living cost (per person) $2,016
Crime rate 4,215
Average monthly rent (1 bed) $814

st,john’s worth plant

Best place for outdoor activities in Canada:

Saint John is the best place for outdoor activities too such as fishing, photography or ice skating. As mentioned above that saint john have active ports which is good for fishing and this city is full of interesting and historical places which provide best locations for photography and videography. In addition Newfoundland in Saint John provide you an average of 234 cm yearly snowfall which is perfect for ice hockey and skating.
Following is the statistic of Saint John, Newfoundland:

Saint John, Newfoundland Statistic
Population 108,860
Household income 69,455
Unemployment rate 8.1%
Average house price $239,500
Estimated living cost (per person) $2,264
Crime rate 5,508
Average monthly rent (1 bed) $854

beautiful whale on the beach of newfoundland

Best place for food lovers in Canada:

Foodies can go through all around the world to find the best cuisine but if we specifically talk about Canada Ottawa is the best place for food lovers it has best restaurants of the world which serves almost all type of food. So if you are real food lover and plan to move Canada then you should choose Ottawa, you will love it.

Ottawa Statistic
Population 934,234
Household income $85,981
Unemployment rate 4.2%
Average house price $575,600
Estimated living cost (per person) $2,784
Crime rate 3,898
Average monthly rent (1 bed) $2,784

Did you know?
Canadian maple syrup is famous around the world.

Best place for renters in Canada:

Are you still in trouble for buy a house and house rent is getting high? Do not worry if you wish to move in Canada and you have not enough money to buy a house there then Edmonton is the best and cheapest city of Canada for renters. It also has lots of opportunities especially for youngsters because this city is known as technology, entertainment and cultural events. Let’s have a look on city’s statistic.

Edmonton Statistic
Population 932,546
Household income $87,225
Unemployment rate 7.8%
Average house price $39,900
Estimated living cost (per person) $2,356
Crime rate 8,779
Average monthly rent (1 bed) $910

beautiful ice castle, Edmonton, Canada

Best place to live in Canada with family:

Everyone search for the safe place where he can live with family, in Canada Charlottetown is the small, peaceful and safest place to live with family. It is the capital town of Prince Edward Island. This beautiful city has very low rate and having very mild winter or summer with beautiful snow fall. In short you can move anytime with family here without any trouble.

Charlottetown Statistic
Population 36094
Household income $53,736
Unemployment rate 7.8%
Average house price $277,000
Estimated living cost (per person) $2,093
Crime rate N/A
Average monthly rent (1 bed) $1350

historic confederation panorama, Charlottetown, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it cost lots of expense to live in Canada?

The cost of living in Canada is depends upon where you live and how you live (your lifestyle), in some aspect Canada is cheap among other western countries such as house rent or health insurance and also employment benefits for new parents in term of maternity leave which is paid and can be last for a year while most of the employer of US does not offer any such paid leave. Medical, education, taxes and utilities are also less than US but when we talk about consumer goods, foods and gasoline so these are considered expensive in Canada comparatively.

2. Is there any Pros and cons of living in Canada?

Everything has its Pros. and cons. lets take a look on pros and cons of living in Canada:

Pros Cons
One can experience 4 diverse seasons. Winter is unbearable cold here.
Canada offers universal health care. Less doctors more wait.
Basic education is free. Taxes are high.
Canada is growing every day. But CAD is still under US dollars.

3. What is the best province of Canada to live?

Ontario is the best province of Canada to work and live, it is the safest province as well as lots of job opportunities along with low living expense. This province is known as Canada’s economic heart because many head offices of different industries are located here. It also have beautiful, eye capturing parks, forest and breathtaking nature.

4. Is Canada a democratic country?

Canada is an independent and democratic country along with constitutional monarchy (a king or queen) who is the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of Canada. The parliament system of this democratic country is consists of three parts:

  • The Queen (head of state)
  • Senate (law making body for the elected government)
  • House of common (parliament house where members of parliament represents there district and sit together with elected prime minister)

5. What does crown land of Canada means?

Word CROWN represents ownership. 41% of Canada is the federal crown land while 48% is provisional crown land only 11% of Canadian land is private. The total crown land is owned by the Queen Elizabeth II.

6. What is the most respectable occupation in Canada?

Nurse is the most respectable occupation in Canada having 96% of common people vote. Doctors, scientist, vets and sales men are also in the list.

7. What occupations get highest paid in Canada?

Doctors, nurses, dentist, lawyers and oil/gas miner are the highest paid occupation in Canada. Following is the data of their yearly income (approx.)

Occupation Income (yearly)
Doctors 150,000 Canadian dollars
Nurses 74.000 Canadian dollars
Dentist 75,000 Canadian dollars
Lawyers 135,000 Canadian dollars
Oil and gas miners 77,250 Canadian dollars

8. What occupation gets lowest paid in Canada?

Station attendants, kitchen helpers, waiters, host, and bartenders get lowest pay in Canada.
Following is the data of their yearly income:

Occupation Income (yearly)
Station attendants 13.50 Canadian dollars
Kitchen helper 13.50 Canadian dollars
Waiter 11.85 Canadian dollars
Host 12.85 Canadian dollars
Bartenders 11.5 Canadian dollars

9. What are the most photogenic locations in Canada?

The list of most beautiful and photogenic location of Canada is following:

  • Banff National Park, Alberta
  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Vancouver Seawall, Vancouver
  • Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
  • Gros Morne National park, newfound land
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island National Park, Prince Edward Island

10. What is the most famous dish of Canada?

There is a list of famous and popular dishes of Canada as canada is also famous for its food, but POUTINE is considered as the national dish of Canada. It was introduced in 1950 in Quebec City, Canada. But now a days we can have it anywhere in Canada. Poutine has three main ingredient i.e. fries, chees curd and some gravy.

11. What is the national sport of Canada?

There are basically two national sports of Canada:

  • Ice hockey, winter sport
  • Lacrosse, summer sport
    Although lacrosse is original national sport of Canada but Canadians desperately owns ice hockey as their national sport as England do for football and consider as the game of life and death.


Finding the best place is little bit tricky in such a beautiful country. Every province, every city or even every town has its own charm and attraction. The best place of Canada is vary from person to person, needs to needs and priorities to priorities. Everybody see Canada according to their own need, for example: if you want to earn for living then Moncton is the city which is full of opportunities, if you plan to buy a house then Saint John is best city having very cheap real estates along with beautiful eye capturing views which also attracts photographers and yes you will have world’s best cuisine in Canada, if you are real foodies then you must visit Ottawa for the delicious treat. You can go there with your family as well the Charlottetown of Canada is the most peaceful and safe place to live for your family along with the beautiful weather to have fun with your little and love ones.

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