Does Jersey Mike's Delivery?

Does jersey Mike’s delivery? Yes, it delivers to your doorstep in minutes. Jersey Mike’s Subs is a network of submarine sandwich shops in the United States, operating out of Manasquan, New Jersey, by A Sub Above, LLC. There are around 2,000 Jersey Mike’s restaurants in operation. Besides the U. S., there are also two sites in Ontario, Canada.

Does Jersey Mike's Delivery?

Jersey Mike’s Subs:

Trade Name Jersey Mike’s subs
Type Private
Industry Restaurants
Predecessor Mike’s Submarines
Founded 1956; 66 years ago in Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Founder Peter Cancro

At age 14, Michael Cancro of Points Pleasant Beaches, New Jersey, started part-time work at Mike’s Warships, a local sandwich business in the nearby borough of Point Comfort but only a few streets west of Point Good Beach High School, created in 1956, and from there on its second owner.

The business was situated at 1009 Trenton Street, Point Pleasant, NJ. Cancro’s mother encouraged him to purchase the store when it was put up for sale once again in 1975.

  • Cancro, then a senior in high school, raised $125,000 in only three days with the aid of his school’s football coach, a banker. Today, Cancro is the founder and CEO of the firm.

  • Cancro led to making the eatery in 1987. It had 750 sites as of 2014, with another 650 in various stages of construction.

  • The number of Jersey establishments increased by 197 in 2015, and Mike’s locations are now topping 1,000. New Jersey Mike’s restaurants are acquiring a stronger presence just on West Coast, notably in Southern California.

  • Jersey, the original Trenton Avenue building that Mike formerly occupied, is still used as a business training facility.

Jersey There’s a new kind of sandwich store in town, and it’s right on Lincoln Street (400, to be exact) adjacent to the Hingham Shipyard. All the subs are made in front of the diners using Italian bread baked fresh several times a day.

The first “Mike’s Subs” started in the mid-1950s in Point Comfort on the Jersey Shore, when the “submarine sandwiches” was still a novel concept in the United States.

According to Quinlan, the company’s slogan, “Sub Above,” means “becoming the greatest we can potentially be in all we do.”


Franchise owner Bob Quinlan, who is in the Hingham business a couple of days a week, told the Hingham Anchor, “The high-quality, materials we utilize are the difference-maker.” We slice the meats and cheeses for each sandwich to order, and we chop the veggies every morning.

The flavor that cannot be exceeded:-

Mike’s Way sandwiches, which include red wine vinegar with oil, red onion, lettuce, cucumbers, salt, and oregano, are favored by many consumers. The Hingham restaurant offers various options, from hot and cold sandwiches to kids’ meals and combos.

The Cancro Special decided, named after Jersey Mike’s founding member Peter Cancro, features provolone, ham, prosciuttini, and cappacuolo; other menu items include turkey and provolone; the Stickball Special; tuna fish; the Club Supreme; the BLT; and the BLT.

In addition to the Portabella Cheesesteak Sandwich, Mike’s Famous Philly, Chili’s Cheese Burger, Big Kahuna Chicken Cheddar Steak, and Meat Ranch and Animal Chicken Cheese Steak, the menu also features grilled portabella, mushroom, Swiss sub and provolone, and Swiss cheeseburger with green bell peppers, both of which are suitable for vegetarians as well as other hungry customers.

Customers frequently finish their meals with a gluten-free dessert from Udi’s or one of David’s cookies or brownies. Additionally, there is gluten-free bread for purchase.

Note: Some of the most popular items on the menu include Italian subs and the Philly cheesesteak. Sub in a Tub is the menu item of choice for people who would want to have their meal without the bread.

Jersey Shore-themed casual:

Jersey You may eat in, take out, or have food delivered to you from Mike’s. Quinlan described the restaurant as a “pleasant, relaxed spot” with a Jersey Shore motif, replete with a surfboard decorated with lights that hung from the ceiling. Providing a positive experience for our consumers is paramount.

  • A Jersey With Hingham’s Name On It Maryanne Chipman, the “amazing” manager of Mike’s, employs several young people from Hingham.

  • Quinlan has found that most of Jersey Mike’s new and regular customers share his enthusiasm for the franchise’s ethos.

  • “We take great pride in our work. There is a noticeable trend of customers going out of their way to express their satisfaction with our service. They make a fantastic group.”

Franchise partner Al Graziano relocated across New Jersey to join Quinlan after learning about his family’s employment history at the first Jersey Mike’s location. Jersey Mike’s sub shops may be found in 48 of the 50 states.


Jersey Mike’s is well-known for its fresh, made-to-order sandwiches and generous charitable contributions.

The Hingham store has been a major supporter of the local community, hosting fundraisers for groups and including Hingham High School Athletic Committee and, more recently, the United States Tennis Union Foundation. Making a positive influence in people’s lives is what it’s all about, he said.

Deep roots:

Jersey, The background, Mike is fascinating. Point Pleasant student in high school Peter Cancro started working at Mike’s Subs when he was 14 years old, in 1971, 15 years following Mike’s Subs initially opened just on Jersey Shore.

  • After hearing Cancro’s pitch, his football coach, a banker, agrees to finance his business venture.

  • In the mid-1980s, summer tourists to the Point Pleasant region told Cancro that they’d miss his sandwiches when they went.

  • Some even picked several large subs packaged for travel to travel back to various winter residences nationwide.


Genuine subs and working at the shop were two of his favorite things. Ever the ambitious senior, Cancro contemplated purchasing the store after overhearing its owners discuss a possible sale.

Some Famous Products of Jersey:

Peter Cancro learned the proper method to make sandwiches at the first Mike’s Subs when he was a teenager, and that’s a lesson passed down to every restaurant in the chain.

The franchise began with a single store in the sleepy New Jersey town of Point Pleasant in 1956. Yet, the enterprise expanded as time passed.

There is no longer any need to explain what a “sub above” is because everyone knows that Jersey Mike’s is famous for submarine-style sandwiches.

Best Jersey Mike’s Subs:-

The top 19 items on Jersey Mike’s menu are listed below. You may get kid-friendly sandwiches, regular subs, or hot subs.

Try them all out because there is no specific sequence to the rankings. Regardless of your taste, Jersey Mike’s has something for you.

Steak Kahuna:-

Like all of Jersey Mike’s sandwiches, the Big Kahuna Parmesan Beef is made fresh to order in front of you. You know you get the genuine deal when the peppers and onions go on the grill.

Spice up a traditional sub-cooked with delicate sirloin steak by piling the jalapeno and mushrooms. Put it all on Jersey Mike’s famous bread and cover it with melted white American cheese.

The #56 may be plenty for two people, but the other sizes are smaller. Despite its heft, this sandwich is bursting with flavor.

A Tuna Fish:-

Submarine sandwiches with tuna fish at Jersey Mike’s tuna sandwich are superior to all others.

This is your first time visiting a Jersey sub shop if you are scared about receiving a mushy sandwich with outdated tuna. Mike’s.

The #10 sandwich is made with the same care as the rest of their sandwiches; each day, they use fresh ingredients.

The chicken salad spread combines mayonnaise with some pepper and finely chopped celery. The bread holds up well under the pressure of this protein-rich sandwich.

As a starting point, the sandwich is fantastic. But a tuna sandwich done by Mike’s Way is the sort that will keep you going back for more.

Chimichurri Cheese Steak:-

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cheesesteak sandwich but wished it had a touch more kick,

Jersey If you’re craving cheese, try Mike’s Chipotle Cheese Steak. Stacks of nicely cooked USDA steak are topped with finely sliced peppers and onions.

After that, fresh slices of white American cheddar are warmed on the dish per the customer’s request.

However, the distinctive spicy chipotle mayo puts everything together and gives it the kick you hoped for. Have something refreshing to drink, and make sure to skimp.

The Ultimate Club:-

Check out the Clubhouse Supreme if you’re a fan of club sandwiches but are looking for something that contains even more protein. Choose top-quality roast beef and cook it in the oven.

Next, throw in some extra-thick slices of antibiotic-free turkey. Applewood smoked bacon, please. Layer some mayonnaise and melted Swiss cheese on top, and you have a meal.


The finished product is a sandwich with incredible flavor. Just ask for “Mike’s Way,” and it will have that little extra kick you’ve been craving. The rich meat flavor is well-balanced when combined with red wine vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. Do you provide tub subs at Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s allows customers to order any sandwich on the menu as a “Sub in such a Tub.” As the name implies, all the sub’s fixings will be provided in a separate container rather than on bread. If you look at the lettuce content, you’ll see that it qualifies as a salad.

2. We’re curious, what sort of beef does Jersey Mike use?

In 2000, when the firm had 170 locations, Mike’s began using Certified Angus Beef TM in their roast beef and cheese sandwiches. It now has over 750 operational and planned stores around the country.

3. Jersey Mike’s: do we get a warm or cold sub?

Thanks for the update, Shawn. In the past, your sandwich may have been grilled or cooked, but it has been our policy to serve our cold subs as is. Our mission is to serve our consumers consistently from coast to coast without compromising the quality of our signature sub sandwich.

4. How can I redeem my complimentary birthday meal at Jersey Mike’s?

On your birthday, we will email you a link to your Shore Points® website. You may verify that you received your birthday points by visiting the history page of your Shore Points account, even if you did not get an email. Used to get my anniversary offer without having to log in.

5. What is the policy at Jersey Mike’s about tipping?

All tips are collected at the end of the shift and distributed fairly. Similarly, salaries might be somewhat different. Crew members can make as little as the local minimum wage in some areas (though this varies greatly per franchise) and as much as $10 an hour (not including tips). Don’t discount the whole brand because of one bad franchise.

6. Do you think Jimmy John’s outshines Jersey Mike’s?

Without a doubt, Jersey Mike’s is the superior sandwich shop, but Jimmy John’s is the more practical option if you need a quick bite while on the go. Jersey Mike’s may be fresher and tastier, but it’s still a hamburger, and it might not be worth the effort to go out of your way to obtain one.

7. Can I get a Boars Head sub at Jersey Mike’s?

Whenever I have a sub from Mike’s, I know I get high-quality beef from Boars Head. They pour (and I do mean squirt) vinegar and oil all over your sub after you’ve finished loading it up with all your favorite toppings.

8. Which company is responsible for producing Jersey Bread from Mike?

Jersey Mike’s receives its sourdough bread from a reliable New Jersey source and ships it to more than two thousand stores throughout the country daily so that its customers may buy bread cooked the day before they eat it.

9. Can you tell me about Jersey Mike’s onions?

Jersey Typically, Mikes utilize white onions throughout their burgers. However, the red onion would be a nice change of pace. There was only one minor change made to the standard sub.

10. So, what’s special about Jersey Mike’s?

Their original sub sandwich, prepared “Mike’s Way” with onions, lettuce, peppers, olive oil mix, red wine vinegar, and seasonings, sets Jersey Mike’s apart from the competition. True authenticity requires the highest quality ingredients, such as meats and cheeses that have just been cut and served.


According to Business Insider’s assessment, Jersey Mike’s has superior flavor and uses superior ingredients compared to Subway. Kiersten Hafer, marketing vice president at Clemens Food Group, said that all of Jersey Matt’s pigs come through family farms across the United States, where the farmers care strongly about the health of their animals and raise them in a safe, caring environment.

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