Best states to live in

Best states to live in are Washington, Minnesota, Utah, New Hemisphere, Idaho, Nebraska, Virginia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Florida. U.S news released its best states ranking in 2021 in which Washington (2nd time) is on the top of the list. The survey is based on how a state serve their residents in terms of technology, opportunities, education and other basic facilities.

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Why Washington Is On The Top Of The List?

This happen again in best states ranking that Washington takes 1st place in the list, why?
There are several reasons which brings Washington on top of the list but there are two reasons which are highlighted and unique:

  • Low-carbon energy system
  • Robust secondary education system

This is one of the remarkable effort and wonderful initiative taken by Washington to grow fastest among the nation\states but these are the economic efforts which help Washington grow faster and better. But there are also many reasons by which Washington become no.1 are:

  • Washington is full of nature.
  • It experiences 150 days of annual, measurable raining.
  • Olympic mountain, San Juan Island and mount Rainer make Washington a paradise for visitors.
  • It is the birthplace of top companies like Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing.
  • It gives shelter to more the 7 million peoples.
  • The main and key industries of Washington are: maritime, aerospace, agriculture, technology and clean energy.
  • Rich in producing large amount of country’s edibles.
  • It has more the 13 national parks which annually attracts millions of visitors.
    Washington monument

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The Top Three Best States:

Rank States Best known for
01 Washington National parks and forests
02 Minnesota Largest shopping mall
03 Utah Low crime rate

Top three states according to world record.


Washington D.C or Washington is the district of Colombia which is located by the Potomac River. It is capital of US and most of the government activities are take place here. Washington is not only the state but it is the important place of US in terms of career opportunities because Washington is the home of headquarters of many international companies or professional association such as: world bank, international monetary fund, organization of American state, national geographic society, human right campaign, international finance corporation and American red cross. It also host more than 177 foreign embassy which is more then enough to draw the attention toward this rising state and easily we can say that Washington is one of the best state to live in, for work and for study for any age group.

State’s best places to live:

The list of best places to live in Washington State are:

  • Olympia
  • Redmond
  • Walla Walla
  • Seattle
  • Bellingham

Olympia is the capital city having eye capturing natural scene, beautiful restaurants, family parks and children’s museum where you can have fun and spend great time with family and kids. It is the smallest city of US with low crime rate. Due to less population this city is very peaceful and safe to live alone or with family. So if you plane to move then Olympia is your place.
Olympia is comparatively affordable.


The Redmond city is actually not a tech-town it provide outside activities rather but this city is consider as the very important city as it is the birthplace of two well-known companies i.e. Microsoft, Nintendo America so anybody who want to move here has a good opportunity to work and grow with these companies. This city is the best place for adventure lovers, photographer and videographer. It offers a bike-friendly move from ldylwood Beach Park to Farrel-MCwhirter loop trail.

Walla Walla:

Walla Walla is a small town far away from the city with less traffic and crime. If you are seeking for peace then Walla Walla is your town. But it doesn’t mean that people are not educated here, this small town has two robust educational institute i.e. Whiteman college and Walla Walla university.


Seattle is state’s largest and expensive city having many seaports that’s why it is known as seaport city. The king city of Washington is surrounded by water, mountains and forest. This never stop city has its own charm and glamour. The city is best to live for those who want to leave a mark on their community and even on world. It has lots of job opportunities because it is the home of many famous industries along with headquarters of Microsoft and Amazon.
So if you are dreaming about your bright future then Seattle is your place.


Bellingham city is also count as the expensive city but not like Seattle. This city is situated near Canadian border having many eye capturing views like Snow-capped volcano and Mount Baker. It is also the best place to live in Washington State especially for young generations because the education and industries of Bellingham is highly recognizable around the state. It also has many restaurants, parks and coffee shops which is perfect to live with family.

State’s best places to work:

The list of best places to get job in Washington State are:

  • Maple valley
  • Vashon
  • Silver firs
  • Sammamish
Maple Valley:

Maple valley is safe, sound and peaceful city of the Washington state having lots of job opportunities as it is the shelter of many well-known and growing companies. If someone wants to move Washington for finding best suitable job then maple valley is indeed a best choice. There is a list of companies which offers best opportunities for success seeker is:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Pitch book
  • J.P Morgan

The word Vashon means “God is gracious and merciful”. Vashon is the place of Washington State which covers an island called Vashon Island. It is not very far from Seattle and most of the people own their own home. The job opportunities are also good here and working is different sector like banking, technology and networking. The list of some famous companies are:

  • Cisco system
  • Adobe
  • Island baking company
  • DocuSign
  • Outreach
Silver Firs:

Silver firs is the country side area of Seattle covered with trees, greenery and forest it is the great place to live as one can easily find peace here. It also provide some good job opportunities as it is the home of some good companies for example:


Sammamish is the city of Washington which provide good education, living facility and fulfill all the basic needs of its residents. The golf course of Sammamish is known all around the state. It is the home of many good and well-known companies, i.e.

  • Expeditors
  • Holland America
  • Crowley maritime
  • Matson
  • ltk engineering services

State’s best place to study:

The list of best places to study in Washington State are:

  • Seattle
  • Olympia
  • Bellingham

Seattle is considered as the Throne of the king state Washington. Beside all the facilities of living, entertainment, job and also the treasure of nature beauty Seattle also provide a quality education by having best universities and colleges, one of the best university of Seattle is “University Of Washington”


Besides providing basic needs and facilitate people with their everyday essentials Olympia also known for its valuable education and high schools which are high rated in overall state. Olympia is considered as an educated community which is supported by a recognized educational system. The well-known educational institute of Olympia is “The Evergreen College”.


Bellingham is also a good place to live and the best place to study as it ranked on sixth position in Washington for best colleges and known as Best College Town. Bellingham city also introduce virtual study system in which students can study on their own schedule. There are many colleges and institutes in Bellingham city but “Western Washington University” is famous among them.
In short Washington is one of the best state to live in, best state to grow and best state to achieve the goal.

Statistic of best cities of Washington:

Places/Cities Population Cost(per person) Unemployment rate Crime rate
Olympia 53,630 $919.07 6.1% 37.61%
Redmond 80,915 $2,250 4.0% 26.68%
Walla Walla 34,400 $1,476 5.5% 35.14%
Seattle 3,433,000 $1,165 5.6% 52.35%
Bellingham 96,014 $1,051 6.8% 32.97%
Maple valley 27,542 $59,763 5.2% 18.62%
Vashon 10,291 $2,241 5.4% 18.07%
Silver firs 22,358 $2,054 3.3% 43.11%
Sammamish 66,686 $1,014 4.1% 1.7%

Data collected by the survey 2019-2021.

Did you know?
White house Movie Theater is a coatroom.

Seattle, Washington


Minnesota is on the west of US along with the border of Canada. It is also known as “land of lakes” because it has more than 10,000 lakes. The famous lake of Minnesota includes:

  • Lake Itasca
  • Lake superior

State’s best places:

Following is the list of best places to live in Minnesota State:

  • Falcon height
  • Saint Paul
  • Victoria
  • Plymouth
Falcon height:

Falcon height is previously a village of Minnesota state which later become a city in 1973. It is one of the best place to live in Minnesota as there are number of restaurants, family parks and coffee shops. Most of the residents have their own home. Crime rate of falcon height is comparatively low, one can easily move and settle here with family as it is totally safe and schools and colleges of this city is also high rated. It has lots of job opportunities as well and considered as a good city to move for young professionals, the top companies of falcon heights include:

  • Thomson Reuters
  • Medtronic
  • United health group
  • U.S bank
Saint Paul:

Saint Paul was a town in 1854 but it is the capital city of Minnesota State. The science museum of Minnesota in Saint Paul increase its popularity. It is little bit expensive but best place to live alone or with families because it offers a lot of family-friendly activities and places to visit. The must visit places with families include: Indian Mound Regional Park, Raspberry Island Regional Park, Harriet Park and zoo at Como Park and lots of science and art museums. Schools and colleges are highly rated in Saint Paul and you can get good education for yourself and for your little ones and you should not to worry about earnings because the city provides best career opportunities as it has the headquarter of a well-known company “ECOLAB” the chemical and cleaning product company.


Victoria is also one of the best place to live in Minnesota State, most of its residents have their own home and it is not too much expensive city. The city is totally safe to live with family or permanently settle here, the schools of Victoria City is good too and it also offers some good job opportunities. The highly rated companies of Victoria includes:

  • Sun country airlines
  • Marathon reality, INC

Plymouth is the seventh largest city of the Minnesota state and third largest suburb. This is the best place to live, work and study. There are number of beautiful parks, coffee shops and shopping malls and the city also provide a good highly rated education which is all a family person want. In addition Plymouth also provide great opportunities to build the career, some of the top companies of Plymouth are:

  • Thrifty white pharmacy
  • Truck
  • Christopher and banks
  • The mosaic company

search Minnesota jobs here :point_down:t3:

Statistic of best cities of Minnesota:

Places/Cities Population Cost(per person) Unemployment rate Crime rate
Falcon height 5,321 $34,365 4.5% 17.37%
Saint Paul 310,368 $1,062 4.6% 39%
Victoria 9,383 $128.2 3.7% 17.5%
Plymouth 78,134 $113.8 3.4% 13.08%

Data collected by the survey 2019-2021


Utah is the mountainous state very family friendly and one of the best place to live in US. It is famous for its skiing. Utah state university is widely known in all over the state, it serves more than 28,000 students yearly.

State’s best places:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Sandy
  • Highland
  • Heber city
  • Provo
Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake City is one of the best place to live in Utah State as it has all the facilities anyone can wish for, in addition it is one of the safest place of the state with very low crime rate. It is the Gem of Utah because it is “All in one”. Salt Lake City known as business heart because it has many headquarters of very well-known companies such as Goldman Sachs and McCann. In short Salt Lake City has full of career opportunities, if you are plan to move in Utah State then Salt Lake City is your place. Also SLC is full of historical, cultural and architectural venue. The city is also good for outdoor activities because it has ski resorts for skiing. The education of SLC is also high rated, the list of leading institutes of Salt Lake City is:

  • University of Utah
  • Westminster College

Sandy is basically the part of big city “Salt Lake City” but because it is far away from downtown that’s why it feels like the separate city. It is very family-friendly place of Utah State because it is very affordable to move with family along with great restaurants, shopping malls and many other outdoor activity areas. This suburb is full of career opportunities having many widely known companies and the education system of Sandy is also very popular among the state, “Lincoln institute of financial education” is renowned institute of Sandy. In short sandy is the best place to move with family and for young professionals.


While the whole Utah state is the best state to live in but highland is the one which is full of natural and breath taking beauty, best place to live with family, property rates are comparatively high but your investment in highland is worthy because it is safe to live with family. There are lots of venues where you and your family can spend quality time i.e. Cedar Hills, Holladay, East liberty Park, Cottonwood Heights. And don’t worry about your earnings because highland is the growing suburb with lots of job opportunities especially for young professionals because experience which they gain here is overall notable. Schools/collages are also highly rated and you don’t need to worry about the education of your little ones. Some of the widely known educational institutes of highland are:

  • Cedar ridge elementary school
  • Loan peak high school
  • Mathnasium learning center
  • Newlane university
Heber city:

Heber city or Heber valley is the heart of mountains of Utah. It is very popular and growing city because of its tourist destinations and many jobs of Heber city is tourist based or government. The city is very close to Wasatch mountain range which is the part of Rocky Mountains very perfect place for young ones or the adventurous lover. The top activities related to the mountains are:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Camping
  • Skiing

Provo is one of the diverse city of Utah State the main reason of its diversity is the large number of enrollment of students in a well-known university “Brigham Young University”, the students are not only belongs to united states but from outside of the country too who brings diverse culture in Provo. Provo is basically a technical city many new business are always introducing in Provo but beside it Provo city always encourage small business as well it has many art, craft and boutique markets where locals run their business.
To cut a long story short, Utah is one of the best state to live in US for youngsters especially by mean of education, jobs, outdoor activities, nature and beauty.

Statistic of best cities of Utah:

Places/Cities Population Cost(per person) Unemployment rate Crime rate
Salt lake city 200,567 $856 2.90% 66.8%
Sandy 96,127 $125.0 3.10% 26.5%
Highland 235,540 $142.8 2.5% 4.9%
Heber city 15,699 $118.9 3.0% 76.6%
Provo 116,403 $105.7 3.1% 16.07%

Data collected by the survey 2019-2021.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How many states are there in America?

There are 50 states in America, a federal district Washington DC, five territories and many islands. The 50 stars on US flags represents those states which is the symbol of freedom and independence.

2. Why Washington is the best state to live in?

There are many reasons which say Washington is the best state to live in. the first and the most highlighted reason is Washington is coming in top position in best state ranking in line. Other the this it is safe for family due to very low crime rate, the headquarters of many known companies are also in Washington which means you don’t have to worry about your career. Your kids can also get quality education here. Although the state is little bit expensive but it is worth visiting here or permanently staying here.

3. What is Seattle best known for?

Seattle also known as “Emerald City” is considered as king city of Washington state. Seattle is an important and popular city in many ways i.e. its top companies and education system but the city best known for its overflow greenery which retain all the yearlong.

4. What is the danger in Minnesota?

Although Minnesota is the safest and the best state to live in where one can get all the facility of life but there is one thing which is dangerous in Minnesota is “mosquitos” which can kill you.

5. How many lakes are there in Minnesota State?

Minnesota State is known as “land of lake”. It has approximately 11,842 lakes in Minnesota State which is less than Wisconsin but it covers more area then Wisconsin’s lake. The largest lake in Minnesota is “Red Lake” which covers the area of 288,800 acres.

6. Is Minnesota a good place to live?

Minnesota is one of the best state to live in US in terms of good education, proper living facilities, very low rate of unemployment, delicious food and average housing cost but it is not same for black Americans.

7. What is Utah best known for?

Utah is on third position in the list of top ten best states. Utah is best known for its natural beauty, stunning mountains, national parks and ski resorts. Utah is very friendly state of the world and the Utahans are very well mannered.

8. Which places are the neighbor of Utah?

Utah is the neighbor of Idaho in north, Wyoming in north and east, Colorado in east, New Mexico in southeast, Arizona in south and Nevada in west.

9. What cause popularity of Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is the popular city of Utah and considered as the economic engine for the state. It is a growing city and been very popular because of its vast number of job opportunities. If you want to move somewhere in Utah with family then Salt Lake City is the best choice because it is clean, beautiful and family friendly city to live with family.

10. Is Seattle an expensive city?

According to the recent report Seattle is 3rd most expensive city but it can be affordable if your income is above average. But it is worthy to move here either alone or with family because it has everything a family men wants.


There are many states which are consider as the good states to live in but Washington, Minnesota and Utah are the best states to live in US also they comes at top 3 position in world ranking. There are many best places in these states but you need to understand your needs and preference first. You should know why you are moving there? If you are moving there for career building then choose the city between Washington or Minnesota these two are the rising states and holding top 2 positions in world record. But if you are planning to go US with family for permanent stay then Utah is the best state to live in, very family friendly and safe, beautiful breath taking nature, good education and great opportunities for career building.

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