American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)

American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI),

What is The Meaning of American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)?

A non-profit research organization whose primary function is to conduct research and support transportation in the transportation sector, with an emphasis on the important role of the truck industry in the United States and international markets.

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American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI),

How Do You Define American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)?

One of WSE's nonprofit research commitments is to conduct and support transport research that focuses on the key role of the trucking industry in the United States and international markets.

Literal Meanings of American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)


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American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI),

Definition of American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI):

  • One of WSE's nonprofit research activities is conducting and supporting transportation research that focuses on the key role of the ring industry in the United States and international markets.

Literal Meanings of American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)


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