Window of opportunity

Window of opportunity,

Definition of Window of opportunity:

  1. A favorable opportunity for doing something that must be seized immediately.

  2. A window of opportunity is a short, often fleeting time period during which a rare and desired action can be taken. Once the window closes, the opportunity may never come again. In a competitive market with many participants seeking to maximize tangible or intangible value for their constituents—whether owners, other shareholders, employees, or perhaps their community—the window will shut fast as soon as a good deal is recognized.

  3. Short timeframe during which an opportunity must be grasped or lost.

  4. A window of opportunity can apply to a variety of situations, and sometimes they go unrecognized.

Synonyms of Window of opportunity

Chance, Lucky chance, Good time, Golden opportunity, Time, Occasion, Moment, Favourable moment, Favourable occasion, Favourable time, Right set of circumstances, Appropriate moment, Appropriate occasion, Appropriate time, Suitable moment, Suitable occasion, Suitable time, Opportune moment, Opportune occasion, Opportune time, Opening, Option, Window, Window of opportunity, Slot, Turn, Go, Run, Clear run, Field day

How to use Window of opportunity in a sentence?

  1. In investing, trading opportunities for hot IPOs, a real estate purchase, or a chance at an M&A deal all present themselves as windows of opportunity.
  2. Windows of opportunity are often fleeting, and if the window closes before the decision is made, the chance can be lost forever.
  3. Windows of opportunity are short periods of time within which a key decision can be made that will produce a desired outcome.
  4. Management, coaches and players view this season as a window of opportunity that must be seized.

Meaning of Window of opportunity & Window of opportunity Definition

Window Of Opportunity,

Window Of Opportunity Definition:

  • Meaning of Window Of Opportunity: The window of opportunity is a short and often short period during which rare and desirable steps can be taken. Once the window is closed, the opportunity may never appear again. In a competitive market where many players seek to maximize the tangible or intangible value to their customers, whether they are owners, other shareholders, employees or perhaps their communities, a good deal is recognized. The window then closes quickly.

    • The time window is a short time during which important decisions can be made that lead to the desired result.
    • The window of opportunity is often temporary and if it is closed before a decision is made, the opportunity can be lost forever.
    • In terms of investment, business opportunities for large IPOs, property purchases or entry into M&A deals are presented as a window of opportunity.

Literal Meanings of Window Of Opportunity


Meanings of Window:
  1. Opening on the wall or roof of a building or vehicle equipped with a glass frame so that light or air can be carried out and the view from outside can be allowed.

  2. Transparent box address on the envelope.

  3. A framed area on the display screen that displays information.

  4. Opportunity for rest or action.

  5. The range of electromagnetic wavelengths in which the medium (mainly atmosphere) is transparent.

  6. Foil strips are scattered in the air to prevent radar detection.

Sentences of Window
  1. The parliamentary break offers a good window for presentation.

Synonyms of Window

aperture, casement


Meanings of Of:
  1. Expresses the relationship between part and whole.

  2. Express the relationship between scale and size and value.

  3. Indicates an association between two entities, usually one of membership, the first sentence header and the second something related to it.

  4. Indicates the relationship between direction and reference point.

  5. Indicates the relationship between a general category or type and a particular object belonging to that category.

  6. Derived from a verb or after a related noun.

  7. A reference to a substance or substance that describes something.

  8. Express the hour for the next hour.

Sentences of Of
  1. North of Watford

  2. Nice to meet you.

  3. In New York it will be from quarter to three.


Meanings of Opportunity:
  1. A moment or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Sentences of Opportunity
  1. More export opportunities

Synonyms of Opportunity

window (of opportunity), room to manoeuvre, suitable time/occasion/moment, freedom, show, a kick at the can/cat, look-in, (clear) run, opportune time/occasion/moment, break, scope, elbow room, latitude, possibility, shot