Definition of Professional:

  1. Qualified or eligible persons in some activities.

  2. Do you participate in certain activities, such as in a B-salary job and not in a hobby?

  3. A person who has reached the level of competence in trade or business. See also professionalism.

  4. Family members or professionals.

  5. Individuals who have been certified for admission to compulsory degrees and / or programs through the Professional Association Code for professions specific to legal professionals. And their merits can often be measured against a standard.

  6. Be able or suitable for competent, qualified or trusted professionals.

  7. An individual commits or qualifies for a profession.

  8. A person who engages in a particular activity, especially a branch of sports or performing arts, as an important paid activity and not a hobby.

Synonyms of Professional

Apt, Cute, Handy man, Dead shot, Crackerjack, Politician, Experienced, Neat, Thorough, Masterful, Expert, Qualified, Old hand, Artisan, Vocational, Ingenious, No mean, Educated, Cordon bleu, Seasoned professional, Pro, Resourceful, Sharp, Expert, Practiced, Polished, Elder statesman, Primed, Daedalian, Slick, Coordinated, Proficient, No slouch, Technical, Expert, Competent, Shark, Non-manual, Authoritative, Skillful, Technician, Schoolish, Deft, Official, Crack shot, Professor, Scholastic, Quick, Experienced hand, Masterly, Clean, Accomplished, Adept, Adroit, The compleat, Artistic, White-collar worker, Artist, Full-time, Practised, Prepared, Master, Past master, Gownsman, Politic, Postgraduate, Accomplished, Specialist, Daedal, Dexterous, Clever, Paid player, Seasoned, Tactful, Masterly, Graduate, Businesslike, Connaisseur, Licensed, At concert pitch, Conversant, Executive, Attache, Finished, Skilled, Non-amateur, Good, Excellent, Journeyman, Industrial, Academic, Initiated, Coached, Whiz, Proficient, Goodish, Expert consultant, Knowledgeable, Conscientious, Maven, Master, Magisterial, Competent, Statesmanlike, Efficient, Technical adviser, Adept, Well-done, Businesslike, Skilled person, Able, Capable, Some, Quite some, Veteran, Deft, Virtuoso, Trained, Trained, Trooper, Seasoned, Brilliant, Scholarly, Gifted, Polished, Adept, Fine, Career, Graceful, Handy, Excellent, White-collar, Paid, Old pro, Bravura, Cunning, Maestro, Dextrous, Talented, Crack, Skilled, Functional, Professional worker, Graduate-professional, Diplomat, Finished, Past master, Consultant, Cross-disciplinary, Authority, Authority, Maestro, Interdisciplinary, Marksman, Skilful, Workmanlike, Statesman, Admirable Crichton, Pedagogical, Ready, Dexterous, Experienced, Diplomatic, Able, Office worker, Fancy, Connoisseur, Artiste, Efficient, Stylish, The complete, Professional player, Diplomatist, Salaried, Non-amateur, Prompt, Initiate, Virtuoso, Craftsman, Wizard, Masterful, Slick, Savant

How to use Professional in a sentence?

  1. The man had just completed his training as a plumber, had become part of a professional installer and could serve his customers.
  2. I have been working in the field of mental health for so many years that I am considered a trained professional for the mentally handicapped.
  3. Professionals such as lawyers and surveyors.
  4. Music is unforgettable and professional.
  5. Young professionals.
  6. A professional boxer.
  7. His critics thought he would never give up his amateur status, but Warren proved him wrong and he soon made millions as a professional poker player.
  8. His first season as a professional.
  9. He is a real supporter on stage.

Meaning of Professional & Professional Definition

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