Definition of Naturalization:

  1. The admittance of a foreigner to the citizenship of a country.

  2. The act of causing something to appear natural.

  3. The alteration of an adopted foreign word so that it conforms more closely to the phonology or orthography of the adopting language.

  4. Legal process by which a citizen of one country becomes a citizen of another. It generally requires that the person (1) be staying in the adopted country for a specified minimum period (typically five years) and will make it his or her permanent residence, (2) is of good character and has not been in violation of immigration laws (or has been given amnesty), (3) has a sufficient knowledge of the local language, and (4) has taken an oath of allegiance to the adopted country.

  5. The introduction of a plant or animal to a region where it is not indigenous.

Synonyms of Naturalization

Americanization, About-face, Acclimation, Acclimatization, Accommodation, Acculturation, Accustoming, Adaption, Adjustment, Admission, Adoption, Affiliation, Alchemy, Assimilation, Assumption, Becoming, Breaking, Breaking-in, Case hardening, Change, Change-over, Citizenship by naturalization, Citizenship papers, Conditioning, Conversion, Culture shock, Domestication, Familiarization, Flip-flop, Growth, Habituation, Hardening, Housebreaking, Inurement, Lapse, Nationalization, Naturalized citizenship, Orientation, Papers, Passage, Progress, Re-formation, Reconversion, Reduction, Resolution, Reversal, Seasoning, Shift, Switch, Switch-over, Taming, Training, Transformation, Transit, Transition, Turning into, Volte-face

How to use Naturalization in a sentence?

  1. An application for naturalization as a British citizen.
  2. French naturalization of Creole words or phrases.
  3. I was hoping that my girlfriend would go through the naturalization process, so she could stay in the country with me.
  4. Carolina knew it would take a long time to process her immigration paperwork, but at least the naturalization process had officially begun and someday she would be an actual citizen.
  5. Trailers have contributed to the naturalization of a variety of social desires.
  6. The first report of naturalization of this species in the United States.
  7. I suggested that my colleague engage in naturalization to fully immerse himself in the prestigious and joyful American culture and he agreed.

Meaning of Naturalization & Naturalization Definition