How many States in U.S.A?

The United States of America has 50 states stretching more than 3,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Every state has its own capital and its own date of inception. Most of the states were founded by French, Spanish and England people but the first person who discovered America was an Italian explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus. He stepped foot on the land of America on October 12, 1492. Since 1937 it has been a national holiday in the United States. Christopher died in May 1506 in city of Spain Valladolid.

Delaware was the first state of U.S.A. it joined the union on Friday, December 7, 1787 and Pennsylvania second on Wednesday, December 12, 1787. The very first 13 States were in this Union from 1778 to 1789.

Now we will discuss every state origin date and its history and culture in detail.

1. Delaware December 7, 1787

Delaware Size is 2,489 square miles and capital Dover. Nicknames are The First State; The Diamond State; Blue Hen State; Small Wonder. The moto is Liberty and Independence

The first of the first 13 states to sanction the government Constitution, Delaware involves a little specialty in the Boston–Washington, D.C., urban hallway along the Middle Atlantic seaboard. It is the second littlest state in the nation and one of the most thickly populated. The state is composed into three districts—from north to south, New Castle, Kent and Sussex—all settled by 1682. Its populace, like its industry, is moved in the north, around Wilmington, where the major beach front thruways and railroads go through from Pennsylvania and New Jersey on the north and east into Maryland on the south and west. The remainder of the state contains the northeastern corner of the Delmarva Peninsula, which Delaware imparts to Maryland and Virginia (subsequently its name). Most state government activities are situated in Dover, the capital.

According to legend, Delaware was nicknamed “The Diamond State” because Thomas Jefferson referred to it as a “jewel among the states” due to its prime location on the Eastern Seaboard.

2. Pennsylvania Wednesday, December 12, 1787

Pennsylvania capital is Harrisburg. It is the second state of U.S which formed and joined the union. There are many historical places in Pennsylvania and lots of historic movements. As it is the oldest state its population is more 12 million people and its size are 46,055 square miles. The nickname of Pennsylvania is Keystone State

One of the first 13 settlements, Pennsylvania was established by William Penn as a safe house for his kindred Quakers. Pennsylvania’s capital, Philadelphia, was the site of the first and second Continental Congresses in 1774 and 1775, the last of which delivered the Declaration of Independence, starting the American Revolution. After the war, Pennsylvania turned into the subsequent state, after Delaware, to endorse the U.S. Constitution. In the American Civil War (1861-1865), Pennsylvania was the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, in which Union General George Meade vanquished Confederate General Robert E. Lee, stopping the Confederacy’s Northern intrusion, just as Lincoln’s well-known Gettysburg Address. Vacationers are attracted to Pennsylvania by its landmarks to America’s progressive history, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Celebrated Pennsylvanians incorporate nationalist and creator Benjamin Franklin, frontiersman Daniel Boone, painter Mary Cassatt, inventor Robert Fulton and comic Bill Cosby.

On September 18, 1777, expecting that the moving toward British armed force would seize and soften the Liberty Bell for ammo, 200 cavalrymen moved the notable image of opportunity via parade from the Philadelphia State House to the storm cellar of the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, where it stayed until the British at long last left in June of 1778.

3. New Jersey Tuesday, December 18, 1787

New Jersey capital city is Trenton. It became part of union in December 18, 1787 and is one of the founding member state f United of America with total population of 8,791,894 people. The New Jersey total size is 8,723 square miles which is quite big and nickname is Garden State

One of the first 13 states, New Jersey was a significant battleground during the American Revolution. Situated in the core of the clamoring Atlantic passageway and settled between New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey has the most noteworthy populace thickness of any U.S. state. New Jersey was named for the island of Jersey in the English Channel. Its long and delightful coastline has since a long time ago made New Jersey a well-known get-away goal, with more than 50 ocean side hotel towns including Asbury Park, Atlantic City and Cape May. The state additionally flaunts an amazing melodic inheritance Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Frank Sinatra all hail from New Jersey. It is known as modern focus yet wins its “Nursery State” moniker New Jersey is a main maker of cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes.

4 Georgia Wednesday, January 2, 1788

Georgia is one of the richest and state full of luxury hotels and vibrant night life especially its capital city of Atlanta. Also, Georgia is one of the oldest states to form the union on Wednesday, January 2, 1788. The total population of Georgia is 9,687,653 people according to the survey held in 2010 and now in after 10 years it will be close to 10 million people. The total size of Georgia is 59,425 square miles and its nickname is Peach State; Empire State of the South.

The biggest of the U.S. states east of the Mississippi River and the most youthful of the 13 previous English settlements, Georgia was established in 1732, at which time its limits were considerably bigger including a great part of the present-day conditions of Alabama and Mississippi. By the mid-nineteenth century, Georgia had the best number of estates of any state in the South, and in numerous regards typified manor culture and financial reliance on subjection. In 1864, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman attacked Georgia, caught Atlanta and started his notorious March to the Sea, cutting a 200-mile-wide area of fire and decimation arriving at all the best approach to Savannah. Georgia’s landscape varies enormously as it clears from the Appalachian Mountains in the north to the bogs of the Atlantic coast on the southeast to the Okefenokee Swamp on the south

In 1957, Martin Luther King, Jr. what’s more, other social liberties advocates framed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in Atlanta. Devoting themselves to the peaceful achievement of equivalent rights for African Americans, the gathering was a huge supporter of the social liberties development and keeps on being dynamic on social equity issues.

5 Connecticut Wednesday, January 9, 1788

The famous state of Connecticut is the one of the oldest states of U.S.A with capital city of Hartford. Its population is 3,574,097 people according to 2010 survey as of now in 2020 it is suggested that it will be around 4 million people. The size of Connecticut is around 5,544 square miles. Nicknames of Connecticut are Constitution State; Nutmeg State; Land of Steady Habits; Provisions State

Connecticut is situated in the northeastern corner of the nation. At first a rural network, by the mid-nineteenth century material and machine fabricating had become the prevailing businesses. The home of Eli Whitney and Samuel Colt, Connecticut was a main producer of firearms and different arms. Today Connecticut lies amidst the incredible urban-mechanical complex along the Atlantic coast, flanking Massachusetts toward the north, Rhode Island toward the east, Long Island Sound toward the south and New York toward the west. Hartford, in the north-focal piece of the state, is the capital. The state is generally rectangular fit as a fiddle, with a beg stretching out toward the southwest on the New York fringe. In zone it is the third littlest U.S. state, yet it positions among the most thickly populated. The state’s most noteworthy east-west length is around 110 miles, and its greatest north-south degree is around 70 miles. Connecticut takes its name from an Algonquian word signifying “land on the long flowing waterway.” “Nutmeg State,” “Constitution State” and “Place where there is Steady Habits” are for the most part monikers that have been applied to Connecticut.

6 Massachusetts Wednesday, February 6, 1788

Massachusetts is very old and founding state of U.S with capital Boston. Boston is the oldest city of Massachusetts and United States. It is also the hub of auto motive industry of U.S. The total population of State of Massachusetts is more than 6.5 million people exactly 6,547,629 according to survey held in 2010. The size of Massachusetts is 10,554 square miles. Its nickname is Bay State.

Massachusetts is a state in the United States of America. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Its capital and biggest city is Boston. It is on the east bank of the United States. It is close to the Atlantic Ocean and the conditions of Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The word Massachusetts originates from Native American language. It signifies “place with slopes.”

Massachusetts was one of the leaders who were European individuals lived when they came to America. It was one of the principal American settlements. The Pilgrims from Plymouth, England came to America for strict opportunity in 1620. Massachusetts has some well-known schools in the USA, including Harvard University. Massachusetts is likewise perhaps the most extravagant state in the United States. Its significant urban communities are Boston, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts watches a legitimate occasion considered Patriots’ Day on the third Monday of April every year, remembering the main skirmishes of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

7. Maryland Monday, April 28, 1788

Maryland is one of the founder states of U.S. its capital is Annapolis and total population is 5,773,552 as of 2010 population survey. The total area of Maryland state is 12,406 square miles. Its Nicknames are Old Line State; Free State; Cockade State; Oyster State; Monumental State

Maryland lies at the focal point of the Eastern Seaboard, in the midst of the extraordinary business and populace complex that extends from Maine to Virginia. Its little size gives a false representation of the extraordinary assorted variety of its scenes and lifestyles that they cultivate, from the low-lying and water-situated Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay region, through the metropolitan Baltimore, its biggest city, to the forested Appalachian lower regions and heaps of its western scopes. Annapolis, the state capital, is additionally home to the United States Naval Academy. Maryland is the main maker of blue crabs and is eminent for its crab cakes.

8. South Carolina Friday, May 23, 1788

South Carolina is one of the beautiful states of U.S.A with capital city Columbia. The total population of whole state is 4.6 million 4,625,364 according to 2010 population survey. The size is 32,021 square miles. Its Nickname is Palmetto State which has quite a history.

Settled by the English in 1670, South Carolina turned into the eighth state to confirm the U.S. constitution in 1788. Its early economy was generally rural, profiting by the area’s ripe soil, and plantation farmers relied on the slave exchange for modest work to boost their benefits. By 1730, people of African plummet made up 66% of the colony’s population. South Carolina became the principal state to withdraw from the association in 1861 and was the site of the main shots of the Civil War–the shelling of the governmentally held Fort Sumter by Confederate soldiers on April 12, 1861.

Today, South Carolina coastline close to Myrtle Beach has formed into one of the debut resorts goals on the East Coast and has more than 100 gardens and parks. Popular South Carolinians incorporate artists James Brown, Chubby Checker and Dizzy Gillespie, author Pat Conroy, fighter Joe Frazier, tennis victor Althea Gibson, government official Jesse Jackson and long-serving U.S. Representative Strom Thurmond.

9 New Hampshire Saturday, June 21, 1788

New Hampshire is a state of Unite of America with capital city Concord. According to the population survey of 2010 its population was estimated around 1.3 million (1,316,470). The total area of New Hampshire is 9,348 square miles which is quite big as compared to other neighboring states. The nicknames of this states are Granite State; Mother of Rivers; White Mountain State; Switzerland of America
New Hampshire is a state in the New England area of the United States. Its capital is Concord and its biggest city is Manchester.
New Hampshire was a British state before the American War of Independence. It turned into the ninth state on June 21, 1788, when it acknowledged the United States Constitution. New Hampshire was the ninth state to do as such.
The state maxim is “Live Free or Die” and the moniker is the Granite State. The state bloom is the lilac and the state winged creature is the purple finch. New Hampshire is a piece of New England. It is circumscribed by Maine in the East, Massachusetts toward the South, Vermont toward the West, and Quebec, a Canadian territory, toward the North.

New Hampshire’s vacation spots incorporate the Lakes Region, the White Mountains, the harvest time leaves, and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon. Some well-known individuals from New Hampshire are Franklin Pierce, Adam Sandler, and individuals from the band Aerosmith. New Hampshire is likewise well known for being the primary state to cast a ballot in the Presidential primaries.

10 Virginia Wednesday, June 25, 1788

Virginia is one of the oldest state of United States of America. Its capital city is Richmond with the total population of states is 8,001,024 million people is of 2010 survey. Virginia is the most official state of USA having all the government top headquarters. The size of Virginia is 42,775 square miles. Its Nicknames are Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents; Mother of States; Mother of Statesmen; Cavalier State

Virginia was the initial segment of the nation for all time settled by the English, who built up Jamestown on the banks of the James River in 1607. The home province of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other establishing fathers, Virginia assumed a significant job in the American Revolution (1775-83). During the Civil War (1861-65), the city of Richmond, Virginia, turned into the capital of the Confederacy, and the greater part of the contention’s fights were battled in the state. Today, numerous administration foundations are headquartered in Virginia, especially in Arlington, situated over the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. Notwithstanding eight presidents, acclaimed Virginians incorporate artist Ella Fitzgerald, tennis star Arthur Ashe, on-screen character Shirley MacLaine and creators Willa Cather and Tom Wolfe.