Yennefer, born in 1173 in Belleteyn, was a witch who lived in Vengerberg, the capital of Aedirn. She was the mother of Ciri whom she saw as a daughter in the sense that she did her best to save the girl and keep her in pain and she was Geralt of Rivia’s soul mate. He helps advise King Demavend, a close friend of Triss Merigold, and a small member of the Supreme Council Staff within the witches’ relationship. The Lodge of Sorcerers tried to seduce him after its collapse, but they did not see eye to eye as the Lodge wished to continue its political agenda through Ciri


He was born in 1173. Yennefer had a difficult childhood from the time of his birth because of his legacy. Yennefer’s father immediately hated her because of this disturbance and guilt of Yennefer’s mother so keeping it on her side, with the witch and blood elven, not revealing that she had had a miscarriage before, which made it strange. At first, his mother tried to protect the yennefer, hoping it was God’s will, but her father beat Yennefer until one day someone else left them both. The mother was very worried about her husband leaving her, after which she also started beating her daughter. Because of her great natural forces, she was found at the Aretuza School of Witches on one occasion, when rectoress Tissaia de Vries became her pastor and became a human mother. Yennefer attempted suicide but cut off both of his wrists during training, breaking his ankle, but he survived. Tissa announced that her determination was the only thing that kept her from feeling even though she was weak and continued training. In line with the witch’s legacy, any physical disability, including her crookback, was miraculously removed. Yennefer eventually succeeded as a witch.

Geralt meeting

On one occasion, Yennefer settled in the city of Rinde again, disregarding King Heribert’s order that no magician could wait in Rania, who witnessed his magic in public and brought his magic festival to customers by staying with Novigrad’s lawyer, Beau Berrant, thus freeing his harbor from the law while at the agent’s house. The witch attacked her as she slept one morning, identifying herself as Geralt of Rivia and that she needed her help to free her best friend, Dandelion, who was worried about Djinn. After a thunderous greeting in which Geralt responded sarcastically to his question, Yennefer agreed to cure the poet but secretly made up his mind to catch the djinn, after Dandelion made his final wish. When Geralt tried to stop him from using Dandelion, his charm caught the witch, and she was happy to do her bidding against those in the city council who were against her.

He has Dandelion after Geralt’s arrest; now get up and be sent to the city with the direction of making his wish to release Geralt. Yennefer tried to capture the djinn, but it provoked him, destroying the best part of Rinde in the battle, not knowing that the leader of the djinn was not Dandelion, but, Geralt, who still held one desire. Geralt was seen watching Yennefer fight his magic, and he tried to stop her, leading them to fight. He got the best out of her and revealed to her that she was the one with the back wish that could open the djinn. Geralt knew that when he made a wish, the yennefer would be too weak to unite the djinn and kill him. Geralt, therefore, saved their lives, wishing that their future was bound together. Yennefer thanked the witch, who was ready to commit to him, and the two began to communicate.

Year in Vengerberg

Melitele Temple

Yennefer moved to the Melitele temple in Ellander and announced to Nenneke about her barren treatment. He spent time staring at Geralt, while he was in the temple, and after discovering that he was not there he challenged Nenneke and ended his fight with him before leaving the temple. He confused Fringilla Vigo, a Nilfgaardian witch during the Battle of Sodden Hill. Later by magic, his eyes were restored but he was still piercing the spiritual mark. She was as desolate as many witches. She secretly looks for a way to reintroduce her birth. Giving motherly love to Ciri the child guessed by Geralt by the Surprise Law who taught her magic while she was at Ellander, in the Melitele temple under Nenneke’s watch.

Wild Hunt Capture

While Geralt was passing through a fork during the drinking Rivian Pogrom Rob and Jennefer were near death trying to rescue him, Ciri transferred them to a boat and led them to the apple pie of the Isle of Avalon. He then passed away, using his power to leave their world. On the island, Yennefer and Geralt lived together peacefully in a farmhouse and stopped wasting time. Both were supposed to be ■■■■ all over the world, though a song sung by Dandelion shows that some hope they were married and living on a happy island. Eventually, Wild Hunt winds approached the island, set fire to the home and garden, and took Yennefer’s prisoner; want to use him as a temptation to catch Ciri.

Hunt passed through different countries with Yennefer in tow and passed through Sodden, Cintra, and Angren, taking 23 other prisoners. In the meantime, it was bloodshed and fire, a wild pursuit all over the world. Determined to save him, Geralt chased Hunt passengers for more than a year. With the support of Letho of Gulet, Serrit, and Auckes, the three witches of the Viper School who connected him after he rescued Letho from a Slyzard, he resisted the Wild Hunt at the Hanged Man’s Tree in Nilfgaard on the Winter Solstice of 1270. Exceeded by the Riders, the fight extended a ■■■■ end, and Geralt suggested a deal with Eredin Breacc Glas, King of the Wild Hunt, to marketing his life for Yennefer’s. Because of both satisfactory baits for Ciru, Eredin admitted without delay.

Alliance with Nilfgaard

Left in the custody of Letho, Serrit, and Auckes, Yennefer was ill, burning and babbling to the position that the witchers trusted she would die. Even though she recoups from the illness, she was left confused and had no memory. Not wishing Geralt’s oblation to go for nothing and aware that the strong-willed, abstracted sorceress would likely not live long on her own, the four traveled the states of the Nilfgaardian Empire combined. Yennefer was a hard friend liable to an ■■■■■■■■■ during their time together. She tried to corrupt Auckes at one point and handle a prong between the witchers. Yennefer got into problems everywhere they went and Letho, Serrit, and Auckes got her out of it. They were arrested by the Imperial secret police one day. In Nilfgaardians guardianship, Yennefer was isolated from the three witchers and inquiry at length, even though without any abuse. Letho trusted it was through her that the Nilfgaardians experienced the Lodge of Sorceresses. As we must not have well informed on her soul sorceress purposely, he concluded that they used magical means to spile into her evocation. Yennefer was closely observed by the men of Vattier de Rideaux, leader of the Nilfgaardian private service while at the palace.

Yennefer was grasp prisoner in a cell until the day that Emhyr reached to her and provided to allow her to let out and free power of the Imperial bank in replace for helping him discover Ciri, his sweet daughter. Wishing to help Ciri, who she also considered as her daughter, and aware that the great power of the Emperor would be of best help to that end. Yennefer allowed. Concluded that Geralt had to get out the Hunt and believing that his witcher alteration would repel any badly injured, she selected opposite seeking but her loved ones and spent the months that chased attempting any means she knew to search their embrace daughter. Ways consisting of discovering charm, channeller, and astrology all failed to disclose Ciri’s whereabouts but brought her schemes to the recognition of the Wild Hunt, who started to Hunt after her series. Observing the Wild Hunt’s chase of her and having depleted magical means, Yennefer eventually selects to join the help of Geralt, Ciri’s take on a father and the great tracker she knew.

The witcher in White Orchard

Yennefer sent Geralt a letter in May 1272, organized to meet in the village of Willoughby. But the village had been exposed, because of the Third Northern War approaching the state, so she leads the way through to the Nilfgaardian Garrison, moving through White Orchard is completely a race. She led the way to Vizima from the Garrison, meeting with the ruler, regarding the situation of Ciri. She listened Geralt was in White Orchard searching for her after a while, so the sorceress mounts with a Nilfgaardian guard to the White Orchard inn where she established Geralt and Vesemir.

Yennefer declared to Geralt that the ruler himself had called for the witcher to Vizima. After admitting and saying their farewell to Vesemir, the set left with the guard toward Vizima. The company was bombarded by the Wild Hunt once night hit. The riders murdered all of the fighters and just before they could grasp Geralt and Yennefer, the sorceress demolished an overpass with magic, stop up their stalking. Just two of them reached Vizima alive.


The woman of Vengerberg was well known for her beauty, although she was closely a decade old. Yennefer had catches of curly, jet black hair smell with violet and gooseberry fragrance, falling in a waterfall of curls on her well-formed shoulders. Her face was very soft, the shape of the face is triangular with a lightly withdraw chin. Her eyes were sparkling with an extraordinary violet powerful gaze, in aggression blazing with livid, blue-grey fir. Those eyes also hide intelligence and arrogance. The nose of the Yennefer slightly long, her mouth was pale with thin and slightly curved sweet with lipstick, proud lips. On her long neck swing a black marigold with a star made of sable charming with a multitude of small diamonds studded in it.

Yennefer had noticeable cheekbones, natural lightly bumpy eyebrows cut by hand and highlighted with charcoal, lengthy eyelashes, and tiny hands. Even in high-heeled shoes, she was not tall, she was beautiful but terrifying, having an emphatically thin and slender waist and slender legs. She always dressed in black and white, at moments wore tights, wore ■■■■■■■ but never wore insignificance with underwire, she didn’t require to. Her voice was low and deep. She over all feminine shape was one of the twenty years old girl and she survived with natural grace. It is indirect that her attractive looks were a result of magic and had been received during her training, as with most other sorceresses. Geralt notes how her shoulders are lightly asymmetrical and at the end of the tale noticed that Yennefer used to be a crookback. However, his love for her does not decrease.


The Last Wish

A soft triangular face, violet eyes, and small, lightly twisted lips emerged beneath the black braids. She had beautiful shoulders, a well-formed neck, and around it black velvet jammed with a star-shaped jewel shining with diamonds. The sorceress ended securing the bands of her slippers and stood up. Even in high heels, she wasn’t grandly tall. She vibrates her hair which he established, had kept its picturesque, messy, and curling disorder despite furious combing.

Sword of Destiny

She thought how gorgeous she is. Everything about her is gorgeous. And threatening. Those colors of hers that distinction of black and white. Attraction and risk. Her jet black, natural curls. Her cheekbones, noticeable, highlighting a crumple, which her smile- which she plans to smile-produced beside her mouth, amazingly narrow and pastel underneath her lipstick. Her amazingly asymmetrical eyebrows, when she bathed off the kohl that shapes them during the day. Her nose, beautifully too long. Her fragile hands, amazingly anxious, restless, and agile. Her waist was slim and slender, highlighted by an inordinately tightened belt. Willowy legs, setting in motion the loose shape of her black skirt. Gorgeous.

The witcher of the world

Yennefer help Dandelion in writing “The Magic and Religions of the Continent,” the third section of the collection. A piece of records paper developmental years as a pupil at Aretuza within the chapter.

Adept name; yennefer

Former name; Jenny

After opening trial established her mystical talent, the expert was declared to Aretuza’s first class. The girl comes from an obsessive family- her father injured her intellectually and physically, and she failed to protect her. This denial and abuse likely brought about by the distortion of the girl’s backbone and scapula or maybe by her different human-elven bloodline. It was doubtlessly surviving results of these disturbing childhood experiences that press her to try to kill herself soon after the admission to our tuition center. The girl attempted to cut her forearm veins and finished up imposing serious ligaments injury. Despite the above, the expert was personally suggested and very extremely graded by the Chancellor of our tuition center. Her distortions and ligaments damage was repaired with the use of greater magic during her first year, and her additional education has completely cleared Chancellor’s high belief. Yennefer is a greatly intelligent and hardworking student. Her result on succeeding exams has remained outstanding.

The Witcher

Yennefer does not arrive in the first play. During its occasion, the year 1271, yennefer is 98 years old. Nevertheless, she is accidentally introduced on many occasions.

  • In the Outskirts of Vizima, Geralt can speak to a poet, who informed him about Dandelion and informed him about the song of the White Wolf Dandelion’s sung. Between them the report of how “Geralt married a sorceress and they live on the joyful island somewhere.
  • At the starting of section 3, Triss informed Geralt that “the last moment felt this way, and a sorceress was playing with a genie.
  • In the middle of chapter 3, speaking to the butcher, close to the town hall, you can question him “Do you identify me? Anything you know about me?” he replies “they say you pursue anything in a skirt, but you are an actual dog for sorceresses, allegedly, you liked one once.”
  • In section 4, the landlord of the Country Inn at Murky Waters can describe a story about ciri. Close the end of it, he says that the sorceress liked the witcher and attempted to bring back him, but he died in the whole procedure.
  • If Geralt select Triss as Alvin’s defender in chapter 3, and if he responds to king Foltest when interrogated about their relationship that he loves Triss, the modernize on the identification quest says, between other kinds of stuff; “My oblivion stops me from recalling our relationship in the past, but I have the impression I once liked a sorceress, extremely”
  • In witcher DLC “after effects” made by CD project Red as a fragment of the witcher; magnify adding, Dandelion interrogates Geralt during their second discussion in jail;” and what about you and Yennefer? And Geralt says to him; I don’t wish to talk about this.”

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Yennefer looks in flashbacks in the second play. In a voluntary experience at the very start of the game, Geralt meets the Crinfrid Reavers where they describe that they were planning to rape the sorceress and not him during the occasion of the Sword of Destiny. Despite this, they fail to recall her name trusting her to be called “Conifer”. At the ending point of the game, it is disclosed that yennefer is likely breathing, but has forgetfulness like Geralt, and she is discovered somewhere in Nilfgard. Also, if the participant chooses to stop sile de Tansarville from being rip up to portions, she will inform Geralt where to find for Yennefer.

The Witcher Battle Arena

Yennefer was a playable hero in the now unused MOBA, having been attached with the Season 2 modernizes on 29 June 2015. Her substitutive skin was called Ravenlord’s Embrace and one of ordnance was known as Dark Moon weapon.

The witcher’s 3: Wild Hunt

Yennefer was the major character in the tid game and is expressed by Denise Gough, her face was initially deliberated to be established on a 3D examination of Polish model Klaudia Wrobel. Nevertheless, after beginning in-game tests, the administrators decided to modify the face to provide Yennefer a colder and miserly look. Her first emergence is in the opening detail, wherein she is get away from a fight between Nilfgaardian and Northern forces. Having recuperated most of her remembrance, she ha admitted to the supply Emperor Emhyr’s curiosity in the hunt for Ciri. There is also a free DLC that provides Yennefer a substitutive outfit. Yennefer had a note conveyed to the witcher Geralt of Rivia expressing that she required to meet him actively.

Yennefer had provided them a place to meet her. However, the village was demolished compelling her to flee towards White Orchard where Geralt at the side of another witcher Vesemir off-track her line. Unknown to the witchers, Yennefer had then gone to Vizim, however as they had questioned the nearby Nilfgaardian force leader for information about her place, the leader told Yennefer of this, knowing the witcher to be Geralt, Yenefer moved to meet him instantly before taking him to Vizima to meet Emperor Emhyr var Emreis. En route, they are trapped by the Wild Hunt, who kill their Nilfgaardian guard, before Yennefer damages a platform to stop the Red Riders from following them. Geralt met Yennefer t the inn of the village, where she informed him she wished to broken a djinn that related to a mage who drops his ship near Larvik harbor. At this point, Yennefer admitted that she requires a djinn to delete Geralt’s last desire, which was to tied the two of them forever so that she could watch whether they actually love each other or if they are together because of the magical bond.


Yennefer came into the world in 1173, she had a very rough childhood from the time she was born because of her inborn crookback. Her father hates her due to this distortion and blamed her mother for it, declaring it was through her side, with mages and elven blood, not to describe her having had a miscarriage before, that resulted from that abnormality. Initially, she attempted to defend her trusting that it was the will of God but her father still beat her until he left both of them one day for someone else. After all this, Yennefer’s mother disturbed that her husband left her, she started to beat her daughter. And blamed her that her father had left because of her. Yennefer had prominent cheekbones, irregular eyebrows naturally but regulated by hand and highlighted with charcoal, long eyelashes, and fragile hands. She was not tall even in high-heeled shoes she was not tall. She was short heighted. Yennefer skin was as fragile as of sixteen years old girls. she was very intelligent and talented and always took the first position in the class.


1-How did Yennefer become beautiful?

It is suggested that her beautiful looks were a result of magic and had been obtained during her instruction, as with most other sorceresses. Geralt notice how her shoulders are moderately asymmetrical and at the end of the tale perceived that Yennefer used to be crookback.

2-Who is Yennefer in love with?

Yennefer fall in love with Geralt. This is very famous, but useless because of two reasons.

3-Why is Yennefer deformed?

Yennefer was Vengerberg came in the world as a crookback, full with crooked shoulders and a twisted frame. He also criticizes yennefer’s mother, declaring that the elven blood Yennefer had genetical from her was the reason for her crookback.

4-Is Yennefer Geralt’s wife?

If the games were a convention, the relation between Triss and Geralt would never have occurred. Yennefer. They are forever partners in the books. The games are properly non-canon so they are free to give several romance choices to the player because that’s what Bioware-style RPGs do.

5-Does Yennefer love Geralt?

Geralt and Yennefer romance does not look to be hasty but even before the last confrontation, there’s a coddle connection between the couple. They even share a bath and the sexual difficulty between them is obvious. Yennefer is said to be Geralt’s true love, so it would submit their feelings are real.

6-How did Yennefer die?

Geralt did die of the injury he tolerated at the business end of Rob’s pitchfork. Yennefer did die of strain while emitting charm in a strive to protect him.

7-Why does Cerys hate Yennefer?

Cery is jealous of Yennefer grasping Geralt’s phallus in her death grip, strange herself if she could handle the swing girth of the stuff.

8-Is Ciri Geralt’s daughter?

While the couple is confined by fate, Ciriis not Great’s daughter. Geralt is a witcher, and in the Netflix alteration, Geralt states of witcher being infertile. Ciei’s parents are Dunny, the Urchjeon of Eelenwald and Pavetta of Cintra.

9- Will Geralt and Ciri marry?

So primarily you could say they have a father-daughter relationship although Ciri never addresses him as “dad”. However, they do love each other very much. Geralt and Ciri were companions and destiny wished for them to be together because Geralt did not marry Cir, rather Yennefer.

10-Does Yennefer Cheat on Geralt?

Yennefer most surely did, while most of such relations were not enclose by the tales, one of her romances becomes a storyline in the short story “Okruch lodu”-there, it spins out Yennefer has been double-timing on Geraltwith a sorceress named Istredd.

11-Is Yennefer good or evil?

Yennefer is the real ■■■■■■ of the Netflix The Witcher. In Netflix’s The Witcher series, Yennefer of Vengerberg is a main character, positioned alongside Geralt of Riva and Cirias the managing forces behind the story- but in reality, she is the actual heroine of the show.\

12-Who murdered Geralt?

During the uproar, 76 non-humans died consisting of Geralt of Rivia who was run through in the chest with the pitchfork by a man named Rob. Yennefer of Vengerberg died attempting to cure the witcher. Their bodies were taken by Ciri.

13-What is Geralt’s real name?

Geralt’s name was one pickl out by him as well. In the books, Geralt select the name Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde, but his coach felt the name was too stupid and the only Geralt struck.

14-Who will Ciri marry?

In short, after, Calanthe managed an engagement between Ciri and Windham of Attre, a now 20 years old who once compete for Pavetta’s hand 7 years earlier. However, Calanthe had a change in heart and called off the engagement years after before setting up another one, this time to Kistrin, the sole prince of Verden.

15-is Ciri stronger than Geralt?

Practically, Ciri is the most strong magical member of the story. She had to teach how to control her powers so that she does not injure her surroundings. She is the only cause why Wild hunts retreated during the fight of Kaer Morhen. So obviously yes Ciri is stronger than Geralt in terms of magical capabilities.

16-can Geralt beat Yennefer?

Geralt did beat Vilgefortz who Yennefer could not but that was because Geralt was wearing a specific charm.


Yennefer was born in 1173 on Belleteyn, was a sorceress who lived in Vengerberg. Her father hates her. She had a very rough childhood due to her congenital hunchback. Due to this abnormality, her father hates her. Initially, her mother attempted to defend her trusting that it is the will of God. Yennefer’s father left both of them for someone else and after this her mother popular for her beauty. She was very gorgeous her fragile hand long eyebrows and her beautiful face shape was stunning. she was very talented and intelligent. She had prominent cheekbones. Geralt and Yennefer loves each other. But they didn’t marry because of certain reasons. Ciri was not the daughter of Geraly she didn’t call him dad or father even she loved Geralt. Geralt was killed in a pogrom in Rivia at the end of Lady of the Lake. Yennefer dies attempting to survive him.

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