Definition of Arrest:

  1. To detain a person and keep him or her in custody by lawful authority. Arrest may be made with an arrest warrant or without one (called summary arrest) in case of an arrestable offense, or where it is authorized by a statute.

Synonyms of Arrest

Jacksonian epilepsy, Rolandic epilepsy, Abdominal epilepsy, Abduction, Absorb, Absorb the attention, Access, Acquired epilepsy, Activated epilepsy, Affect epilepsy, Akinetic epilepsy, Apoplexy, Apprehend, Apprehension, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrested, Arrestment, Attach, Attack, Autonomic epilepsy, Backpedal, Backwater, Balk, Bearing rein, Bell, Bit, Block, Blockage, Blocking, Bottle up, Brake, Bridle, Bring to, Bring up short, Bust, Capture, Cardiac epilepsy, Catch, Catching, Cessation, Chain, Charm, Check, Checkmate, Checkrein, Chock, Choke, Clip the wings, Clog, Clogging, Clonic spasm, Clonus, Closing up, Closure, Collar, Collaring, Compare, Confine, Constrain, Constraint, Constriction, Contain, Control, Convulsion, Cool, Cool off, Cooling, Cooling down, Cooling off, Cortical epilepsy, Countercheck, Coup, Cramp, Curb, Curb bit, Cursive epilepsy, Curtail, Curtailment, Cut short, Cutoff, Dam, Dam up, Damp, Damper, Dead stop, Deadlock, Decelerate, Deceleration, Delay, Detain, Detainment, Detention, Diurnal epilepsy, Dompt, Doorstop, Drag, Drag sail, Dragnet, Draw rein, Drift anchor, Drift sail, Drogue, Ease off, Ease up, Ease-off, Ease-up, Eclampsia, Enchant, End, Endgame, Ending, Engage, Engage the attention, Engage the mind, Engage the thoughts, Engross, Engross the mind, Engross the thoughts, Enjoin, Enthrall, Epilepsia, Epilepsia gravior, Epilepsia major, Epilepsia minor, Epilepsia mitior, Epilepsia nutans, Epilepsia tarda, Epilepsy, Exercise, Falling sickness, Fascinate, Fetter, Final whistle, Fit, Fixation, Flagging, Focal epilepsy, Foot-dragging, Forcible seizure, Forestall, Freeze, Frenzy, Frustrate, Full stop, Govern, Grab, Grabbing, Grand mal, Grinding halt, Grip, Guard, Gun, Halt, Hamper, Hampering, Haute mal, Hinder, Hindering, Hindrance, Hold, Hold at bay, Hold back, Hold fast, Hold in, Hold in check, Hold in leash, Hold spellbound, Hold the interest, Hold up, Holdback, Holdup, Hypnotize, Hysterical epilepsy, Ictus, Immerse, Immure, Impede, Impediment, Imprison, Imprisoned, In custody, Incarcerate, Inhibit, Inhibition, Injunction, Intercept, Interdict, Interfere, Interference, Intermeddle, Interpose, Interrupt, Interruption, Intervene, Involve, Involve the interest, Jail, Keep, Keep back, Keep from, Keep in, Keep in check, Keep under control, Kidnapping, Lag, Larval epilepsy, Laryngeal epilepsy, Laryngospasm, Latent epilepsy, Lay hands on, Lay under restraint, Legal restraint, Let, Let down, Let up, Letdown, Letup, Lock up, Lockjaw, Lockout, Lose ground, Lose momentum, Lose speed, Make an arrest, Make late, Martingale, Matutinal epilepsy, Meddle, Menstrual epilepsy, Mesmerize, Minus acceleration, Moderate, Monopolize, Monopoly, Musicogenic epilepsy, Myoclonous epilepsy, Nab, Nabbing, Negativism, Net, Netting, Nick, Nocturnal epilepsy, Nuisance value, Obsess, Obstruct, Obstruction, Obstructionism, Occlusion, Occupy, Occupy the attention, Oppose, Opposition, Paroxysm, Pelham, Petit mal, Physiologic epilepsy, Pick up, Picking up, Pickup, Pinch, Power grab, Prehension, Preoccupy, Prevent, Prohibit, Prohibition, Protection, Protectionism, Protective tariff, Psychic epilepsy, Psychomotor epilepsy, Pull, Pull in, Pull up, Put paid to, Put under arrest, Rationing, Reef, Reflex epilepsy, Rein, Rein in, Relax, Remora, Repress, Repression, Resist, Resistance, Restrain, Restraint, Restraint of trade, Restriction, Retard, Retardation, Retardment, Retrench, Retrenchment, Rotatoria, Run in, Running in, Scotch, Sea anchor, Seize, Seizure, Seizure of power, Self-control, Sensory epilepsy, Serial epilepsy, Set back, Setback, Shackle, Sit-down strike, Slack off, Slack up, Slack-up, Slacken, Slackening, Slough, Slow, Slow down, Slow up, Slowdown, Slowing, Slowing down, Slowup, Snaffle, Snatch, Snatching, Snub, Spasm, Spellbind, Spoke, Squeeze, Stalemate, Stall, Stand, Standoff, Standstill, Stay, Stem, Stem the tide, Stop, Stop cold, Stop dead, Stop short, Stop up, Stoppage, Straiten, Stranglehold, Stricture, Strike, Stroke, Suppress, Suppression, Take, Take captive, Take in, Take in sail, Take into custody, Take prisoner, Take up, Taking, Taking in, Taking into custody, Tardy epilepsy, Tariff wall, Tetanus, Tetany, Thought control, Throes, Thromboembolism, Thrombosis, Throttle down, Thwart, Tonic epilepsy, Tonic spasm, Torsion spasm, Trammel, Traumatic epilepsy, Trismus, Ucinate epilepsy, Visitation, Walkout, Withhold, Withstand, Work stoppage

Meaning of Arrest & Arrest Definition