Drift is an outfit in ‘Fortnite battle royal’ with extra superpowers. It upgraded in three stages, first, he granted a jacket, then a mask, and the last cloak. He came into the world of Fortnite when he was painting on a metal burger, as he came to bring the balance to the map. Drift is a part of the drift set.

What is included in the drift set?

The drift set includes:

  • Drift stream
  • Dual edge
  • Kitsune (pet)
  • Kitsune (wrap)
  • Oozie
  • Rift edge
  • Rift lightning
  • Rift rider
  • Summer drift
  • Drift print
  • DriftIn
  • Drift (spray 1)
  • Drift (spray 2)
  • Drift (loading screen)
  • Drift (outfit)
  • Atmosphere
  • Catalyst (spray)
  • Catalyst (outfit)

Drift appearance

After entering into the Fortnite world his appearance would be modified. As stage-wise, it is given below but one thing was mutual, he has never shown his face.

In stage 1:

In the first look, he wore a white sleeveless shirt, black pants with a black mask over his nose and mouth. He has a spiky kind of hairstyle, shaved from both sides. He also wore half arm gloves and full covered shoes.

In stage 2:

He was granted a red jacket

Stage 3:

He got his mask that looks like a cat or it could be a fox as well.

Stage 4:

His master gives him a cloak that makes him more powerful.


Fortnite is an online epic video game that comes in three modes. The game is all about secure the world from evil. It was released in 2017. The first version called ‘Fortnite save the world’ and the second version called ‘Fortnite battle royal’ were both released in 2017 and the third version ‘Fortnite creative’ was released in 2018.

The first and the third version got a success on epic level however, the second version ‘battle royal’ was a huge success, over 125 million players played this game every year and creators earn millions of dollars with it.

The game can be played on platforms like Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, IOS, Android.

Fortnite Save the world:

In-game is consist of 4 players who are fighting for the same goal. Their ultimate goal is saving the world from the husk. The game can be played by 4 players at a time.


The story begins when a huge distraction happened in the world due to a storm and 89% of the population vanished. These dead peoples are turned into husk zombies who walk around the town to kill survivors. The commanders are under the shelter home and they have a responsibility to save the survivors from these husks.

What is a husk zombie:

Husk zombie is a kind of zombie who looks like a skeleton. They can survive in the sunlight and the person who is affected by them has a feeling of hunger.

Fortnite battle royal:

Fortnite battle royal can be played by a single player, two-player, or even four, it depends on players’ choice and availability. This is the battle between you and the other players. Here no zombie exists, you or your teammate have to save themselves from other players as well as the toxic storm that shrinks the definite land on the map eventually, the place of survival gets shrinks and the opportunity to encounter opponents increased.

In the start, the player drops down from an airbus without any weapon, right after landing player needs to load with weapons and vehicles to survive. If the player remains in the toxic area for a longer period then it can be eliminated or lost itself.

From time to time an alarm activates that blinks in pink color that shows the affected area due to toxic storm and how much it close to you.

This game is the most popular version of Fortnite. Every month millions of people play this game that is a huge success for its creators.

Fortnite creative:

Fortnite Creative is an advanced version, a player can create infrastructure, tracks, weapons, and others according to their desire. Players can invite their friends to the game.

In short: Fortnite is a surviving game that comes in three modes in every mode one or team has to survive either from zombies or from the other players. It can be played 4 players at a time. Players have weapons and they have the ability to construct a wooden bridge, and with an ax, they can destroy anything.

Drift entrance into the Fortnite world

He was an ordinary boy from California; he went to the desert where he found a giant metal burger. He painted a kitsune mask in a pint hood over that burger, while doing this a thunder spark appears in the sky that brings him and burger to the Fortnite world as he dropped from the sky.

First, he was amazed about what happened to him and where he was but soon he realized that he is in Fortnite. He ran here and there to find someone, at last, he finds a man who stands at the car fixing station. Drift fixed his car and in return, he gives him a lift into his car.

On the other hand, an evil called Ragnarök was planning to take over the town. Drift met john wick and his partner and tell them all about his transforming story and also asked why he teleports here, as he had a curiosity about it.

They told him that he has something in him due to which he brings in to the Fortnite world, that something may be the powers he has or the abilities that might help them to fight against evils. Mr. wick and his partner find Ragnarök, they want to defeat him but unfortunately, Ragnarök kneeled them down and threatened them to kill.

Suddenly, drift appears, fight with Ragnarök and save Mr. wick and his partner. As a reward, Mr. Wick gives him a full sleeves shirt and a jacket then Mr. wick said “Come Home with Us” and accepts him as a part of their team.

Drift got his mask?

In Fortnite world, he met Brite Boomer, Rex, Cuddle Team Leader, and few other people who greeted having drifted in their team. One day Mr. wick came to drift as he wants to share something with him. Before he came drift and little Kelly (Brite boomer) hang out with each other. Mr. wick asks him to come along with him but drift insists him to talk in front of Galley.
However, Mr. wick brings him alone. By the time the leader of self and ‘Skystocker’ (rivalry team) bring Kelly unknowingly and trap her into a cage.

Mr. wick brings him to a man who looks like a monkey. At first, drift making fun of him but when he describes everything to him he gets scared and refuses his proposal.

The monkey face man said: “Many years ago a proficiency was made, a player come to the different world bring balance to the map, I believe that player is you”.

Drift said: he is a teenager and wants to live a normal life, he is not ready for this responsibility while saying this he ran away.

When he reaches back he saw the Kelly is in the trap, the rivalry leader offers him to join his group then he releases Kelly otherwise he kills her. Drift accepts his proposal and releases Kelly but he deceives him.

After that he returns to monkey face man and apologizes for his behavior, he accepts the mask that gives him more strength and power. That man said he trained him for the mission.
He got a cat or somehow fox-looking mask over his face and a hood cover his head.

Drift upgrade to his jacket?

The two evils conspire to take over the Sam-sa-wokon temple, as they want to make headquarters over there. They both went to the temple, Wokan felt that something is not correct. After some discussion, they attack Wokan and keep him hostage.

On the other hand, drift went near the temple, he felt something is wrong in the temple when he reached omega and his evil partner stand at the entrance of the temple.

Drift asked: what are you doing here omega and where is Wokan.

Omega said: Wokan is our hostage now and this is our new HQ. they also make fun of drift while saying this: how you fight with us little boy you have even no mustaches.

They attacked each other and unfortunately, he injured badly and fell. He can’t stand on his legs so he crawled down to the stairs and went to Mr. wick. He told everything to him about what happened in the temple and Wokan.

Omega and his evil partner discuss with each other about shifting and change into the temple, they decided to cut off the big tree that is planted in between the temple.

While discussing off, they heard a sound, they get out of site to see what is happening, guess what drift was standing on the top of the hill. Evils threatened him to come again but he just insists to listen to his poem then he goes away and never come back, they agreed to listen to him.

On the other hand, Mr. wick went to the place when Wokana was trapped, Mr. wick killed the person who was standing as a guard and save Wokan.

Drift tells his childhood favorite poem called “Bacon” because he loves bacon. His intention just to keep them busy. After ending his poem, he attacked him with his gun, both evils ran away.
After resolving this trouble, they reached the temple. Wokan and Mr. wick praised his courage, wokan granted him a black long jacket as his reward. Drift becomes so much happy after having a jacket. Mr. wick gives him one piece of advice ‘it is a powerful thing, after having this you feel stronger but one thing keeps in mind that never let this jacket control you’.

Behind his cloak there is a sign in pink color the resembles ‘Torri’ which means break down into two parts. It actually describes drift’s own situation as he was a rift between Fortnite and the real world.

Drift unlocks secret superpower:

One night when the drift and lizard man rest in their room, eventually they saw a straight bright light came from the sky, they go outside to see what is happened. A girl standing in front of them, in a white dress with two wings in her back. She told them about the battle between the ice king, dark ranger, and prisoners.

She also gives them a way to defeat them, they need three superpowers which are fire, light, and breakers of chains. if they successfully get these powers, they would be able to defeat otherwise can’t and if they could not find these powers the island would be domed.

Drift asked her that: how we find these powers?

She told: you must get the fire from the volcano, light from heaven, and the breakers of chain from the cold dark cave.

Then he asked: how we use these superpowers.

She told: fire defeat the ice king; light defeat the dark ranger and breaker of chain defeat prisoner.

Then with a blink they disappear and reached a glacier to get the fire volcano. Drift has a weapon called rift edge in his hand. They move further to find the fire volcano and after a little struggle, they get their first power “fire”.

Both drift and little lizard came back, then with the second blink, they reached to the cold dark cave where they find a hammer that is actually a breaker of the chain. Meanwhile, an evil attacked him but drift to kill him.

With the third blink, they reached heaven where they find light in the temple and that’s how they become succeeded to unlock secret powers.

Summary: drift Is a costume or outfit in the Fortnite battle royal that contains superpowers. As shown in the short film drift Fortnite, he came from the real world to bring balance to the map he was awarded a pink jacket than a mask, and the last cloak. He is considered as a potential guy who is sent to this world to save the island. He was a teenager and often evils make fun of his age.


The frequently asked questions regarding the topic ‘drift Fortnite’ are given below:

1. What was the age of the drift in Fortnite?

As shown in the movie, drift was a teenager, evils make fun of his age and don’t take him seriously but as said he was a “Big Bomb in A Small Packet”. He even has no mustaches.

2. Why drift did a fake death scene?

He was annoyed with his girlfriend because she insists on him getting marry and have kids so, he decided to show a fake death in front of her. He makes a long bridge and jumps from it. Everybody including his best friend’s raptor and Kelly becomes very upset and accuses his girlfriend of his death. When the raptor was alone drift comes in front of him and tell him about his fake death.

3. Who was Mr. wick?

It is funny but the character of Mr. wick is inspired by the movie Jhon Wick. It is an American super hit movie the character was played by a famous American actor Keanu Reeves.


Kids love this article called drift Fortnite because it describes all about the character called drift. Drift is a part of ‘Fortnite battle royal’, the game is all about survival on an island from the other players and the toxic stream that shrinks the island. the player who survives at the end would be the winner. Fortnite has two more versions ‘save the world’ and ‘creators’, three of them are popular but battle royal outbreak the records.

Drift is a normal teenage boy who teleports into the Fortnite world because ha is the only one who can balance the map. Wokan (the old master) granted him a mask and the cloak that increase his powers and make him stronger.

He has tremendous potential that impresses everybody. Mr. wick as john wick who help him in every stage, he met some peoples here that become his best buddies. Drift is a part of the drift set.

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