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Harley Quinn is a negative come positive character in injustice 2. She is with the batman’s team called insurgency. She is against Superman because he killed his partner joker. She uses her powers in a good way, as she is on a mission to protect the world from Gorilla Grodd and Scarecrow.

harley quinn

Harley Quinn personality in injustice 2:

Once get off as a madwoman, she joined an insurgency to fight against crime and bad peoples. she is still mad although have a good sense of humor, she loves to crack a joke, however, sometimes it would not be fit best. As seen in the game she is a fun-loving girl who is smart and intelligent.

Harley Quinn’s appearance in injustice 2:

A quite different form of injustice the God around us, she wears skin-tight pants which are half black and half maroon with a broad neck top, color is same as pants. Her hairs are blond with a little bit of color in the tips, which is used to make two high ponytails like in the previous season. Still, she is looking like a ■■■■■ because of her makeup look.
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Background story of Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn’s real name is Harleen Quinzel, she is a psychiatrist who worked at Arkham Asylum as an internee. She was assigned ‘joker’ as a patient to her while treating she falls in love with him and accompanied him as a partner in crimes. she changed her look and turn in to a sexy ■■■■■ who is very cruel. As seen in injustice she is very quick and does gymnastics very well, she could do anything for the joker.
When superman kills the joker, Harley becomes so much upset and gets rivalry for Superman inside her. She joined a batsman team called insurgency just to stand against superman.

Harley v/s joker in injustice 2:

Once she had a dream that joker came back, she transforms into a joker’s costume. On the other hand, the batsman is sitting on a chair, his hands are bind with a rope. Mr. j came and gives her a knife to kill the batsman, but she refuses to kill him. That is the point when she realizes that the joker is not a good person he uses her for crime purposes and it also shows that she is loyal to batman.

joker-injustice 2

Harley Quinn in injustice 2:

She first appears when green arrow and black canary came into the batman headquarter with Bruce Wayne, Harley Quinn was sitting on a chair and watching data that was collected by brother’s eye, as she is now a part of the team and she wants to monitor all the data before leaving for a mission. She takes some time to say hi to them and suddenly she exposed herself by turning her chair towards them. Bruce explains all the situation about Gorilla Grodd to her. Trio went away for the mission while leaving, Oliver asked Bruce if he really trusts her. He replied, after joker’s death she comes up with a different person. She also loves being called Harleen again.

What is the mission of Gorilla Grodd?

The Gorilla Grodd and the society is planning to get scarecrow to ship fear gas from the slaughter swamp to Grodd. They want to rule the world and for that, the Gorilla Grodd is an intelligent epic from an anti injustice society. He teams up with some of having superpowers. They all are against the justice league.

When the trio reached they try to secretly observed as they saw scarecrow henchmen helping ■■■■ shot to load the fear gas while loading they were talking about the invasion that will be happened tomorrow. Scarecrow and poison ivy see them and bind three of them in her vines. Harley thinks that poison ivy came here to help them but she becomes shocked and disheartens when she got to know that ivy is with the scarecrow. She cut off the vines around her with the help of a knife that she got from the batman cave headquarter and then she released a green arrow and black canary. She was curious to find out why ivy joined the opponent’s team and not using her powers in a good way, she molds her by offering to team up again but she refuses. On the other hand, Green arrow and black canary fight with the scarecrow.
gorilla grodd in the gorilla city
Scarecrow exposes his fear gas on three of them, arrow and canary fell but Harley tolerates it wisely and said: “huff this stuff for kicks”. In return, the scarecrow threw more gas over her that urges her to fight, after defeated the scarecrow she fell and go to sleep. During sleep, she dreaming a joker who manipulates her to kill a batsman but she refuses and said her love relationship is over. As soon as she defeated the joke, wakes up from her bad dream. Harley ran behind the green arrow and black canary to catch them. Meanwhile, the scarecrow escaping on his boat, green arrow tries to catch them although, caught some of his goons. Swamp thing arise behind and attack them. After the defeat, Harley told him about a scarecrow that he and his goons who threatening the swap, and they came to stop him, after knowing the truth he becomes on their side and attack his goons to stop them. Harley said thanks to him for helping them and offer him to join their team but he respectfully declines.

After that three of them reached the Gorilla city where they saw Gorilla Grodd speech his army and introduced his society members to them. Black canary ordered Harley to be with the jet and ready to get them out of here but unfortunately she was captured by the gorilla army. While she was taken to the place cat women attack them and rescue Harley. Both the women’s fight together to and defeat gorilla troops and then go back to Gotham.

A meeting was held between the batman team and the superman team where batman explains that cat women and Harley work under Cyborg as an assistant and help to restore brother’s eye.

In the next scene, Harley would be seen with ivy poison in Arkham Asylum where she was under her spell, she turns in to enemy mode and fights against cat women and cyborg. They want to wake up Harley from ivy’s control. They defeated ivy and bring back Harley after that they enter the batman cave where they ordered Harley to “stay at the door and see no one follow us.”

Then she moved toward the metropolis where wonder woman about to kill cheetah, she also fights with a supergirl. After checking super girls, she diverts her attention to her and recites the words “no-kill”. She attacked sward that was in her hand. Suddenly she attacked Harley by putting her knife across her stomach. Supergirl knocks her back and closes Harley’s wound with her heat vision, after that she brings her into her arm at the safe place.
After this she has not been seen in injustice 2, we believe that she was badly injured and needs time to heal.

What was the secret of Harley?

In injustice the God among us, Harley is a crime partner and an intimate lover of the joker. She was pregnant with him and give birth to a girl, she gives her name Lucy. When Harley becomes a friend of the black canary she told her everything about Lucy who is now 4 years old and lives with her sister, she doesn’t even know that Harley is her mother, and one day she hopefully knows the truth. Because of her affection towards black canary, she joined batman’s man team “insurgency” and helped them as their member in the Gorilla Grodd mission. After that, she was officially accepted as a team member injustice league. she has an impulsive nature that’s she needs to control often.

super man/ batman-injustice 2

Harley powerful weapons:

  1. Oversize pop ■■■: her oversize pink gunshot projectile damage but not vast although the damage can be increase through meter burn.

  2. Revolver: she carries a small revolver, in the game version one shot from her oversize ■■■ then the second shot as a meter burn from her revolver

  3. Two revolvers: she shot with two revolvers in the air that cause meter burns effect. It would be destructive.

  4. Shot in the air: this action means Harley jumps into the air and shot with her both revolvers at the same time. It also creates a meter burn effect in her first shot.

  5. Cupcake ■■■■: she toasts the cupcake into her shoulder and threw it into her enemy as a ■■■■. Meter burn affected after the second shot.

  6. Evil doctor: she played with her enemies, put them into a seat, and revolve around them. While doing this she injects a big injection filled with a harmful substance. The meter burn version increases the damage.

  7. Silly side: Harley does a quick dash.

  8. Tantrum: as the best athlete she can do numerous attacks that easily crackdown others. Those attacks include cartwheel, sweep kick, rapid shot, and forward or backward roll.

Harley moves list in different devices:

Basic Attacks:

Name Play station Xbox
Revolver Slap [ :orange_square: ] [ X ]
Revolver Slam [ :small_red_triangle: ] [ Y ]
Spot Kick [ X ] [ A ]
■■■ Smack [ :arrow_left: + :orange_square:] [ :arrow_left: + X ]
Take Aim/ Single Shot (IJ2) [ :arrow_left: + :small_red_triangle: ] [ :arrow_left: + Y ]
Harley Swing/ Mallet Slap (IJ2) :arrow_left: + X :arrow_left: + A
Ear Bash/ Ear Smash (IJ2) :arrow_forward: + :orange_square: :arrow_forward: + X
Overhead/ Bash Clown Bash (IJ2) :arrow_forward: + :small_red_triangle: :arrow_forward: + Y
Hammer Slam :arrow_forward: + X :arrow_forward: + A
Revolver Poke :arrow_down: + :small_red_triangle: :arrow_down: + X
Spinning Pistols :arrow_down: + :small_red_triangle: :arrow_down: + Y
Single Shot/ Take Aim (IJ2) :arrow_down: + X :arrow_down: + A

Air Attacks:

Name Play station Xbox
Side Kick/ Side Boot (IJ2) up arrow + :orange_square: up arrow + X
Double Kick/ Double Dose (IJ2) up arrow + :small_red_triangle: up arrow + Y
Double Stomp/ High Stomp (IJ2) up arrow + X up arrow + A

Throws and Escape

Name PlayStation Xbox
Forward/Reverse Throw ← / → square + X ← / → X + A
Back Throw Square + X X + A
Roll Escape * → R2 * → RT
Up Air Escape + R2 + RT
Away Air Escape ← + R2 ← + RT

Combo Attacks:

Name Play station Xbox
Naughty- Naughty Square, Square X, X
I Hope It Hurts Square, Square, Triangle X, X, Y
Girl’s Best Friend Square, Triangle X, Y
Rude Joke Square, Triangle, X X, Y, A
Irresistible ← + Square, Triangle ← + X, Y
Let’s Play ← + Square, Triangle, Square ← + X, Y, X
For Mistah J. * + Square, X * + X, A
Miss Me Triangle, ← + X Y, ← + A
Batter Up (Ij2) Triangle, → + X Y, → + A
Go Night Night (Ij2) Triangle, → + X, Square + X Y, → + A, X + A
Hi Puddin Triangle, Down Arrow + X Y, Down Arrow + A
Pleased to Meetcha Triangle, Up Arrow + X Y, Up Arrow + A
He Loves Me A Little Crazy (Ij2) ← + Triangle, Triangle ← + Y, Y
Don’t Get Hurt (Ij2) * + Triangle, Triangle * + Y, Y
That’s Cute * + Triangle, X * + Y, A
Lollipops X, X A, A

harley weapon

Special attacks:

Name Play Station Xbox
Pop Pop Down Arrow, <-, Triangle Down Arrow, <-, Y
Line of Fire/ ■■■■■■ Fury (IJ2) Down Arrow, ->, Square Down Arrow, ->, X
Head’s Up/ Up ■■■■■■ Fury (IJ2) Down Arrow, <-, Square Down Arrow, <-, X
Oopsy Daisy (Air) /(GAU) Down Arrow, <-, Square Down Arrow, <-, X
Cupcake ■■■■ <-, ->, Triangle <-, ->, Y
Play Doctor Down Arrow, <-, ->, Square Down Arrow, <-, ->, X
Silly Side (GAU) <-, ->, X <-, ->, A
Tantrum Stance Down Arrow, <-, X Down Arrow, <-, A
Forward Cartwheel/ Cart Wheel (IJ2)/ Tantrum Stance Square X
Handstand /Bom ■■■■ (IJ2)/ Tantrum Stance triangle Y
Bullet Frenzy/ Tantrum Stance X A
Somersault/ Forward/Back Roll (IJ2)/ Tantrum Stance <-/ → <-/->
Get Em’ Boys (IJ2) L2 + R2 LT+RT

Character powers and abilities (IJ2)

Name Play station Xbox
Bad Rush [ 0 ] [B]
Double-Trouble (Bud Rush) Hold [ 0 ] Hold [B]
Lau Strike [0, Hold Up Arrow] [B, Hold Up Arrow]
Pounding Puppies (Lou Strike) [Hold 0 + Up Arrow] [Hold B + Up Arrow]
Like It Ruffs (Lou Strike) [Hold 0 + <-] [Hold B + <-]

Summary: Harley Quinn injustice 2 is quite a different character than “injustice God among us” now she is positive and uses her power in a good way. She fights against scarecrow, Gorilla Grodd, and his society for the sake of the world. She was badly wounded by wonder women but superwomen saved her after that she has not been seen in the game.


Frequently asked questions regarding the topic “Harley Quinn injustice 2” are given below:

1. What was Harley’s personality disorder?

Harley comes from a broken family; she wants to be a psychiatrist to know about the human psyche about relationships. When she met with joker he manipulates her with his uncontrollable lies that diver her mind into an impulsive and negative way. Because she belongs to a broken family, her all frustration gathers out like this.

2. why did joker dump Harley?

Joker is an evil character; he is not loyal to anyone. Because of Harley’s insistence on being his life, the joker was totally annoyed. He takes her in the vat of chemicals and asks her to jump in this to prove her love.

3. What was the name of Harley’s daughter?

In injustice 2 she told a black canary about her daughter. Her name is Lucy she is four years old; she doesn’t know that Harley is her mother. She lives with Harley’s sister.


To precise, in the above article called “Harley Quinn injustice 2”, Harley Quinn’s real name Harlen Quinzel is a psychiatrist internee who handles a very delicate case called joker (Mr. J). While treating he get involved in him and gets changed day by day because of his nonstop feeding to divert his mind, at last, he becomes a very different person who is cruel, dangerous, and at the same time a crime partner of a joker. When joker has killed by superman, she developed rivalry emotion for him. She joined the insurgency, batman team to use her powers in the right way. In injustice 2 she went on a mission called Gorilla Grodd in Gorilla City and against a scarecrow who was gathering fear gas just to destroy everything and overcome the world.

During the mission, her companion was a green arrow, black canary, cat women, and cyborg. she also defeats joker in her dream by refusing to kill batman and repulse his manipulation of getting like an old one. She showed full loyalty to the batsman. At last, she was badly injured by wonder Woman while saving cheetah and remind her of batman’s word “no killing”, the supergirl saved her and after that, she has never seen again.

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