Red angry bird is a short temper, outspoken, knowledgeable, decisive, and a dominant bird among others due to this reason he was separated from his community. His strong leadership quality makes him stand out among the crowd, he was the leader of his flock. In the angry birds game, he has an extra-fierce battel cry that helps to knock down the tower in the battel from a small distance.
Here in this video, you can watch the 10 best movements mingled around a red angry bird. Hope you love it.

What are the angry birds?

Angry bird is a game that is based on some colored birds who are angry because of some bad green pigs. There is a group of pigs who always want to steal birds’ eggs and the angry birds always try to rescue their eggs and their selves from these mischievous pigs.

The angry bird gets famous because of its comic visualization, fun element, and low price. The game is designed for PCs and mobile phones. After its huge success, angry birds step forward, and in 2016 angry birds movie comes up with great success.

The game was designed by and launched by a finish company name Rovio Entertainment. In 2009, the game “angry bird” was launched just for IOS devices later on company launched this game for other touch screen devices, android smartphones, Windows operating systems, and PCs.

Characters of the angry bird:

Before a detailed conversation on the red angry bird, we take a small tour to overview all the characters of this fantastic game show.

Chunk (yellow color bird):

  1. Deuteragonist character of the series called angry birds.
  2. He doesn’t follow any rules and regulations of the flock, he is a free spirit.
  3. He is an impulsive bird, never wants to listen, always ready for action.
  4. His body and brain always moving, never gets tired as he is full of energy that tends him clueless and ignorant sometimes and brings a dire situation for him.
  5. He is skilled in martial arts and a very loyal bird of the flock.

Bomb (black color bird):

  1. Bomb or black color bird is the doer in the flock as he devoted himself for the sake of his flock.
  2. His boundary is free from rules and regulations.
  3. He is a very social and excited bird always ready to interact with the other members.
  4. As his name ‘bomb’ he is an angry bird, his temper could be a trigger to an uncontrollable range that can be difficult to handle.
  5. He loves to entertain other people with his out amusing behavior.

In short chunk and bomb both are the characters from the angry birds’ movie and game. They both are loyal to their flock and fight against green pigs who are always trying to steal their eggs. Every bird has its characters and abilities that help them to win in the battle.

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Red angry bird

Red angry bird is one of the leading characters in the game and the movie called ‘angry birds’, he is the dominant and prominent individual of the angry birds’ community often outcast because of his outspoken and short temper nature.

Redbird first appearance:

Rather than hatched out normally from the egg, this tempered red bird gets out from the poached egg by cracking it, this act shows how angry he could be when he comes out for the first time in the world. As shown in the movie red bird gets teased by his class fellows because of his broad eyebrows that generate more anger in him.

Glimpses of red angry bird personality:

As shown in the movie, the angry bird gets separated from his fellows, the reason for this separation is the lack of coordination between them. The red bird is a strong, decisive, dominant, outspoken, short temper, cranky and grumpy guy, more often he doesn’t listen to his fellows and wants to follow his ideas.

This, create a disturbance between him and other birds. In the angry birds’ movie, the red angry bird isolated or you can say separated from the rest. Due to this personality, the red bird complies with the main character or the iconic character of this series.

Story of a red angry bird:

The red bird has never seen his parents. In the movie, he is shown as alone and badly missed his parents, always try to full fill their place with paintings. He used to make drawings of himself along with his parents sometimes on a roller coaster and a beach, he spelled out whatever in him through his painting and the wishes that he always admires.

The green pigs who are so mischievous and always want to stole birds’ eggs are hated by the red angry bird. In the game, we played in the side of angry birds who are always trying to rescue their eggs like this in the movie ‘angry bird’ red angry bird with his fellows mainly include Jay, Jack and Jim, Chunk, Bomb, Matilda, and Terence (along with Hal, Bubbles, Stella, Tony, Silver and the Icebird who are not in the flock try to win the battle against the green pig.

The red bird doesn’t have the abilities as the other birds have but the only thing that makes him stand out among the crowd is his strong leadership quality and loyalty. Chunk and bomb are his best friends, they worked together and won the battle.

Red angry bird in-game:

If we talk a little bit about the background of this game then initially red angry bird was the main character of the game series, always fight against the green pigs however, as new levels upgraded and new characters explore we come to know that red bird is not as strong as the other birds are in terms of abilities and powers they have.
The red angry bird appears in almost all the series except ‘the big setup’, which is based on Hal and Terrence.

Angry birds seasons:

Angry birds season is the second episode of the game series called “angry birds”. There is no change in the character of the red angry bird in terms of look or size, it is the same as before.

Angry birds theme song:

the original theme song of the angry bird was composed by Ari Pulkkinen. He is a finished video game composer. The theme song of the angry bird is the most popular work of him. if you want to know more about video games then see the article :What are the different types of video games?

Why angry birds are angry?

According to Vesterbacka who is responsible to develop a gaming company called Rovio entertainment, told us about the game that the pigs who consider as the enemy of angry birds and always try to steal their eggs are not enemies. The green pigs get stuck on the island and they need food to eat, as they are hungry they always try to seek food for them, and for that, they keep searching for the birds. This act makes them angry.

Terrence (red angry bird):

Terrence is a red angry bird first introduced in 2010 in the angry birds series as a second new bird. He is also known as a fat bird, big bird, big red bird, big brother bird, and wrecking ball bird, as his size is so big he is the largest bird among all and a member of the flock.

He is the older brother of the red angry bird and used on the seventh number in the flock. Every bird in the series has some characteristics, the Terrence (red big bird) characteristics are as follows.

  1. Terrence is a lazy and dull big fat bird.
  2. He is very caring and protective when it comes to his flocks.
  3. He is not social mostly prefers to stand alone; his only friend is a red angry bird who is his younger brother.
  4. In the battle against green pigs, he is a good fighter.
  5. He is known to be a juggernaut bird among fans.

Summary: the red angry bird is the hero of the series called “angry birds”. He is an outspoken and aggressive bird due to this he often gets alone. He has an amazing leadership quality that makes him the leader of the flock. He can knock down the tower on the battlefield from a small distance. Terrence is a big fat red angry bird and member of the flock.


The angry birds’ series and its characters are mounted in your hearts; this series has various aspects especially the red angry bird. I hope this section will clarify it.

1. What does the red angry bird do?

As the main character of the game series called angry birds, the red angry bird has an extra-fierce battel cry, this helps in the battle to put down towers from a short distance.

2. Who is a red girlfriend angry bird?

Her name is Stella, a girlfriend of a red angry bird. She is a member of the angry bird flock, although she sleeps all the time only wake up 4 hours a day.

3. Is angry bird 1 still available?

As the series gets updated with modified implementations, it means that the classic angry birds game is not available to download anymore.

4. Which are the latest angry birds version?

angry bird 2 is the latest version of this game. This is a very popular game stolen the hearts of millions of peoples.

5. Is angry bird an offline game?

Yes, you can enjoy this game online and offline. Angry bird is one of the oldest and popular games on smartphones. It is designed in a way that as many people can play this even they have no internet connection.


Angry bird is a gaming series as well as become a movie when get popular among millions of people. A finished gaming company called Rovio entertainment designed this game, because of its comic visualizations, fun play, and cheap prices this game is among the most played game series. The story is based on angry birds and green pigs who are considered enemies of the angry birds and try to steal their eggs. Red angry bird is the main character and a leader of the flock. He is the angriest, dominant, and decisive bird among all. Due to his outspoken and short temper nature, he was separated from the rest community. Other than that, there are various aspects of his personality that you can experience when you read the above article.

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