Definition of Leadership:

  1. The task of guiding a group of people or an organization.

  2. Measures encourage subordinates to do something and commit to achieving goals.

  3. Activity, group of people or organization, or ability to do so.

    Leadership includes: defining a clear vision, volunteering to share that vision, sharing that vision with others, providing information, knowledge and procedures to achieve that vision, and all members and stakeholders. To harmonize and balance the conflicting interests of the holders. . The leader intervenes in times of crisis and can work creatively in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it can be learned and improved through coaching or guidance. One of Quaid-e-Azam's greatest talents today is Bill Gates, who, despite his initial setbacks, has a passion and innovation to lead Microsoft and the software industry to success.

  4. & nbsp; The people who become the heads of these organizations are considered together.

Synonyms of Leadership

Magistrature, Custody, Presidency, Superintendence, Managership, Control, New high, Hold, Princeship, Zenith, Influence, Rectorate, Predominance, Hegemony, Chieftaincy, Magnetism, Chancellorship, Supervision, Convenership, Whip hand, Highest, Ruling class, Seneschalsy, Purchase, Pressure, Dictature, Jurisdiction, Stewardship, Seigniory, Pontificality, Prime-ministry, Imperium, Leverage, Sovereignty, Aristocracy, Patriarchate, Aedileship, Popehood, Sheriffdom, Authority, Supremacy, Effect, Intendancy, Influentiality, Rule, Foremanship, Suasion, Regency, Initiative, Insinuation, Sheriffcy, Headship, Lordship, Supervisorship, Suzerainship, Popeship, Magistracy, Clout, Nobility, Charisma, Chancellery, First place, Pashadom, Proctorship, Directorate, Archiepiscopacy, Reign, Palms, Good feeling, Direction, Control, Importance, Moment, Sheriffalty, Championship, Regentship, Be-all and end-all, First prize, Authority, Sway, Sheikhdom, Most, Top spot, Magistrateship, Effectiveness, Esteem, Command, Suzerainty, Emirate, Credit, Provostry, Force, Hierarchy, Shrievalty, Consulship, Popedom, Eminence, Pashalic, Ascendancy, Chairmanship, Superintendency, Ne plus ultra, Administration, Chieftainship, Guardianship, Authorization, Guidance, Premiership, Power, Viziership, Potency, Metropolitanate, Direction, Charm, Chiefery, Pontificate, Generalship, Superintendence, Paramountcy, Chancellorate, Protectorate, Prestige, Blue ribbon, Governorship, Mastership, Acme, Record, Dominion, Mastery, Personality, Suggestion, Proconsulate, Patriarchy, Episcopacy, Metropolitanship, Proconsulship, Chiefry, Operation, Persuasion, Tribunate, Dominance, Weight, Incidental power, Enchantment, Presidentship, Seneschalship, Deanery, Rectorship, Domination, Chieftainry, Archiepiscopate, Height, Bishopric, Supervision, Captainship, Princedom, Say, Consulate, Repute, Prefectship, Protectorship, Prefecture, Kingship, Subtle influence, Mayorship, Vizierate, Overseership, Masterdom, Consequence, Regulation, Running, Upper hand, Dictatorship, Management, Maximum, Prime-ministership, Favor, Archbishopric, Primacy, Principality, Papacy, Preponderance, Mayoralty, Directorship, Provostship, Management, Guidance

How to use Leadership in a sentence?

  1. When I was young, my teachers told me that I had leadership skills. Today, because of these characteristics, I am doing a successful business with employees.
  2. The one who takes the initiative respects everyone, because he has many virtues, the first is a strong sense of leadership.
  3. When Tanya was promoted to manager, she took over the leadership position. She was fighting and she felt that her employees did not show much respect for her.
  4. Different styles of leadership.

Meaning of Leadership & Leadership Definition