How many seasons of hunter x hunter?

How many seasons of hunter x hunter? There are a total of 6 seasons and 148 episodes of hunter x hunter. There were 2 parts to the series. The first time it came out in the year 1999 and then the remake was made in 2011.

How many seasons of hunter x hunter?

1. hunter X hunter best characters :heavy_check_mark: :

:small_orange_diamond:The series “hunter x hunter” seasons fascinates the viewers to the level that it is still on-topic on every platform. All of the episodes and 6 number of seasons are based on rocking characters categorized into:

  • The main characters.

  • Female characters of H X H reflect “POWER”.

  • H X H villain characters that have a motive to give an evil side to the story.

:point_right:t2:Here is the list of all characters that includes all-powerful names of the TV show.

  1. Alluka Zoldyck
  2. Chrollo Lucilfer
  3. Leorio Paradinight
  4. Killua Zoldyck
  5. Isaac Netero
  6. Shizuku Murasaki
  7. Tsubone
  8. Melody
  9. Pakunoda
  10. Palm Siberia
  11. Machi Komacine
  12. Biscuit Krueger
  13. Gon Freeccs
  14. Hisoka Morow
  15. Komugi
  16. Kurapika
  17. Ging Freecc

How many seasons of hunter x hunter?

:arrow_right:Alluka Zoldyck:

Alluka Zoldyck is the youngest child. Alluka is one of the cutest and the sweetest roles in the HXH series. She has an elder brother and they shared a very sweet bond together. The affection and love they have for each other can clearly be seen in the scenes. She had proved to be an unfortunate daughter of Zoldyck children.

  • Alluka Zoldyck of HXH has these characters:
  • She has blue eyes.
  • Her hair color is black.
  • Her complexion is much similar to pale.
  • She wears traditional outfits.

:arrow_right:Chrollo Lucilfer:

Chrollo ■■■■■■■ is the leader/boss of the phantom Troupe i the seasons of hunter x hunter. How many seasons of hunter x hunter? 6 total seasons and ■■■■■■■ has appeared in so many scenes of the series. He has special value for the Phantom in his heart.

Chlorella proved a very cruel person as he killed innocent lives during hunter seasons. But he did not seem that clever, his personality reflects the charming side.

  • Chlorella ■■■■■■■ plays an antagonist role in the anime.
  • He has grey eyes.
  • His hair is black in color.
  • He is very capable of making fruitful strategies.

:arrow_right:Leorio Paradinight:

Leorio Paradinight is among the characters of hunter x hunter seasons anime who is cruel and greedy. His aim is to become rich, even super-rich.

He is a good friend of another killing character of the anime Kurapika. He used to share his plans with his very dear friend.

He was in search to get financially sound. That was the reason that he planned to sell Stipend and with this money pay the finances for doctor training and help needy doctors.

Leorio is the most passionate among all other members in HXH seasons. He proved himself very responsible for his planning and aim. His ambition was the priority for him.

:arrow_right:Killua Zoldyck:

Killua in anime is stronger than Gon. The reason behind this is that he has the potential to fight as he possesses the capabilities that are more than enough to make the opponent down. On the other hand, Kiluua has light strengths so he has less strength. Still, apart from these few points, Killua is more powerful than Gon in all other areas.

Killua has a nature that never accepts to use his powers for evil acts. In fact, his brother is against this belief of him as his brother possesses a different personality. The way he interacts with others reflects his gentle personality.

He is obsessed with chocolates. You can see in the series that he always loses his patience when it comes to chocolate snacks. The way he reacts to these items shows that his inner self is still a child who wants to live in a chocolate world.

:arrow_right:Isaac Netero:

The age of Isaac Netero is about 110 years old. His life went to training and meditating in the wild.

It is very unfortunate for Netero’s fans in the hunter hunter series that he died from suicide. He committed suicide because he had a plan to kill Meruem from the ■■■■ and he gave it a try as well. But eventually, Meruem healed from the incident.

When he became chairman his behavior improved a lot. He became a very kind person. He had a devil personality when in his teenage.

He is the owner of overwhelming superpowers but still, he has a sweet nature. He loves challenges and always welcomes them.

:arrow_right:Shizuku Murasaki:

Shizuku Murasaki appears in various scenes of hxh seasons. How many seasons of hunter x hunter? 6 is the answer and this character is found several times in a season.

When it comes to what kind of a character Shizuku is, there is a list that will describe her character briefly these are:

She is a potential team member of Phantom Troupe. She proved herself a capable fighter and proved herself a perfect strategist. She easily absorbs the pattern of the opponent and plans in a very short time and replies back with full energy.

She has a superpower that can extract blood from anyone who is injured.


Tsubone is the versatile character of hunterxhunter. She works for a long period of time for Zoldyck. She is the owner of remarkable skills. She is a potential woman as she has the power like Conjuration Nen. By using this ability she can easily transform herself into different kinds of vehicles such as bikes, airplanes, etc.


Melody and Kurapika were very close friends. Apart from this, she is a great music hunter in hxh series or anime. The character is very strong, she proved herself the best fighter. She has the complete potential to win the battle.

She has a unique technique that is Zen. This is used to divert the mind of the opposite person.


Pakunoda in Hunter Hunter is the OCG. She is a valuable member of Phantom Troupe. She is among the best female characters in the anime. She has a few incredible capabilities that make her a super power girl. The ability to tolerate a lot and fast running skills make her unique and special. She also has the power to read others’ brains.

:arrow_right:Palm Siberia:

Palm Siberia entered as the position of Chimera Ant soldier in the H X H anime. You already know that How many seasons of hunter x hunter? So there is nothing strange for you to have heard about Chimera Ant Soldier that had appeared among one of the seasons.

There was a point when she lost all emotions. Anyway, she was a pretty girl who knows good cooking so far.

:arrow_right:Machi Komacine:

Machi Komacine, another HXH person. She was little and known for her terrible behavior. But still, she proved herself strong, powerful, and the best female. She has the bare sort of hands through which she easily defeated her enemies.

:arrow_right:Biscuit Krueger:

Biscuit Krueger was the female player in manga (hunterhunter). In fact, she showed a very professional attitude and was such a good treasure hunter. She is around 57 years. She had muscular features that made her strong.

:arrow_right:Gon Freeccs:

Gon Freeccs was the rookie hunter in the anime named Hunter x Hunter. He was 14 and weighed around 108 pounds. He was born on the 5th of May.

His father was also a Hunter so he followed him and made the same career. He never ever wondered regarding the thoughts others have about him. His spontaneous personality allowed him to sort out all the mess.

:arrow_right:Hisoka Morow:

Hisoka Morow Known for the best Magician and yet the antagonists player of HXH manga. He is 27 years old and was born on the 6th of June. He fought the Greed Island dodgeball which was the tournament among Killua, Gon, and Hisoka.


Komugi played well in board games of H X H. She was a blind yet the most genius member. She entered In Chimera Ant arc (seasons of the anime). She was the owner of nature who had empathy inside her.


Kurapika was pretty good at engaging others. Another trait of his personality was the angry nature. But still he proved to be a humble and nice person.

:arrow_right: Freeccs:

Ging Freeccs played the character of Gon (another Hunter x Hunter series character). He showed great care and affection for his little son. He became the Chairman of the Association of Hunter and he played very well with this position.

2. Storyline of hunter x hunter: :heavy_check_mark:

Disclaimer: As the show has 2 versions. 1999 version and 2014 version. Both of these have a separate plot along with bundles of twists in each scene. The story given in the below passage will give you a basic idea about the plot.

:small_orange_diamond: The hunter x hunter is a TV series that aired in 2011 and ended in 2014. Series composed of 6 seasons. Each season carries a spice for its viewers. There is the curiosity about How many seasons of hunter x hunter? The 148 EP of 6 seasons and every season with a twist is the reason that amazed the anime lovers.

Why is it called Hunter x Hunter? The name reflects the story of hunter x hunter as the plot is based on the “hunter”.

How many seasons of hunter x hunter?

3. hunter x hunter best anime ever: :heavy_check_mark:

:writing_hand:t2:A Japanese anime hunter x hunter that spell like “hunter hunter” and symbolized as H X H is the best anime/series so far. That carries its place in the fan’s hearts even to date. In fact, the public is now curious and asking about Is Hunter x Hunter coming back in 2021? Even after the 6 on-aired seasons, they are demanding more.

:writing_hand:t2:Well, there is no clue given by people the core person of the project including Yoshihiro Togashi or Madhouse. Yoshihiro Togashi is the writer and illustrator of the show. There are a number of reasons that made the anime in high-demand.

Here are the top reasons that answer “Why is Hunter x Hunter so popular?” and questions like Is it worth watching Hunter x Hunter?

Here the top reasons are highlighting that is the best H X H best and with watching anime:

  1. Anime has interpreted the fight and war actions very optimistically.

  2. All seasons are a roller coaster ride.

  3. Dialogues have been written and delivered very smoothly and in the coolest way.

  4. The most powerful characters have drawn in the complete show.

  5. Stories have demonstrated in very straight lines.

:open_book: Read About Other Series:

4. Frequently ask questions:

:small_orange_diamond:H X H is the mon-airand liked the on-aired show. Fans of this anime often ask questions like How many seasons of hunter x hunter? And much more. Here the detailed information about the anime is given that considers the public questions.

Q.1 Who in Hunter x Hunter would win in a fight, Ging Freecss or Meruem?

:point_right:t2:Well, the Ging Freecss has all the potential to win the fight. Mareum in so many places failed to prove its ability and power. The reason is Ging is a very quick and hequick learner he learned the 100 hands Guanyin Bodhisattva technique in just one go. Thus his capability to reproduce the skill is the reason for his success.

Q.2 In Hunter X Hunter, how well would an adult Gon do against Meruem?

The overall scenario is giving the side of Adult Gon winning over the Meruem in so many ways.

Adult Gon is immensely talented and her strong nature makes him powerful. On the other hand, Meruem had come out in the game from Queen Chimera Ant. Which shows he is perfect for war.

Both have unmatchable powers in the game. Adult Gon is a very bad enemy. When he gets angry at someone there is no way for the existence of opposite power.

Q.3 In Hunter X Hunter, is Gon’s story over since he can no longer use nen?

:writing_hand:t2:To regain Nen’s power Gon in hxh has to pay a heavy price. As it was the power that he learned with Killua so now he can also learn it to regain the ability.

Q.4 How strong is Ging (Hunter x Hunter)?

:point_right:t2:In HXH Ging is the play character who is strongest even more than other strong skilled characters in the fights and wars. He has a skill named Netero. This ability kills all other skills and carries the number one place in the list of powers.

Q.5 Who is the hottest charactXH?

:small_orange_diamond:■■■■■■■’s name comes at the top of the list when it comes to being the hottest character in the anime series hunter x hunter. He is hottest because:

  • He is smart
  • Competing character
  • ■■■■■■■ is a strong fighter

Q.6 Who kills the king HXH?

Netero destroyed the king (Meruem) in HXH. he used a nuclear ■■■■ to destroy him. This strategy of Netero worked on point.

Q.7 Who is the blind girl in HXH?

Kumugi is the girl character in hunter hunter anime who is blind.

How many seasons of hunter x hunter? What about HXH character story? What is the HXH story? Above all, the main thing that covers all the parts in the series of characters. Each one of them creates a way that they have a clear impact on the particular scenes.

5. Conclusion :heavy_check_mark:

How many seasons of hunter x hunter? Segments count as 6 and 148. Means 6 seasons which is divided into episodes. H X H seasons have stopped increasing after 6. Arcs of the anime are:

  1. Hunter Exam.

  2. Heavens Arena.

  3. Phantom Troupe.

  4. Greed Island.

  5. Chimera Ant.

  6. Election.