How old is SpongeBob show? “Twenty”. This amazing series is now twenty years old. This has made it the longest American animated series. This is an American animated comedy television series which ruled on TV as the number one kids’ series.

Let us first talk about creator of this incredible show “SpongeBob Squarepants”. This show was created by Stephen Hillenburg.


Stephen McDannell Hillenburg was born on August 21, 1961 and died on November 26, 2018, at the age of 57. He was an American animator and marine science teacher. His megahit nickelodeon series “SpongeBob squarepants” is the main reason for his worldwide fame. He had also been the leading producer of first three season of this show, and then he halted the production. Hillenburg also directed and wrote the story for The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie in 2004 and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, which was released in 2015. He was awarded by two Emmy Awards and six Annie Awards for SpongeBob squarepants. Apart from this, the show was also nominated and won several other awards.


SpongeBob squarepants show was first aired as a preview in the United States on May 1, 1999 and then officially premiered on July 17, 1999. The show was an immediate hit. SpongeBob and company have been on TV screens all around the world for 20 years now and in 2018, this series started airing its 12th season and now its 13th season began airing in October 2020. This show has become the fifth-longest-running American animated series. It is now the highest rated series on nickelodeon.

A third film and adaptation to this television series, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, released in Canadian theaters on August 14, 2020.


The series narrates the adventures of the title character and his friends in the fictional underwater city in the Bikini Bottom. Most of the characters are animated sea creatures based on real life species.

Main characters of the show are mentioned below:


SpongeBob squarepants is the main character of this series. Character is voiced by Tom Kenny. SpongeBob is a joyful sea sponge, appeared as yellow colored, having big blue eyes with two teeth out of his mouth and a rectangular shaped body. He usually wears white collared shirt, brown short pants with a red tie. He lives in pineapple house and works as a fry cook in fast food restaurant known as Krusty Krab.


The age of SpongeBob squarepants remains a secret to its viewers. His age is still a mystery.

According to the date on which the first episode of the series was on-aired i.e. May 1, 1999, SpongeBob must be 21 years old. But in the episode “Sleepy Time”, SpongeBob got his license, which tells that he was born on July 14, 1986. Another episode “No Free Rides” again shows his license with the exact date of birth, so it is taken as official. So, SpongeBob squarepants was 13 when the series was first premiered. This means SpongeBob, in the year 2020, turned 34 years old.


Bill Fagerbakke gives his voice to this character. Patrick is an overweight, lazy, pink star fish with pointed head and lives under the rock. He usually wears flower printed short pants. He is the best friend of SpongeBob. He has the least intelligence in whole group of friends, but he is always the one who encourages SpongeBob when they two get in trouble. He remains unemployed throughout the series.


Eugene Harold Krabs, more commonly known as Mr. Krabs, is a short, red crab with large claws. This character is voiced by Clancy Brown. He lives with his daughter, Pearl, who is a young whale. He is the owner and founder of the Krusty Krab restaurant. He is extremely greedy, money-hungry, materialistic and miserly. His only interest is to have money.


Squidward Tentacles (voiced by Rodger Bumpass) is an octopus with large nose and a round bulbous head. He is SpongeBob’s neighbor and co-worker. Squidward is rude, bad-tempered, stubborn, egoistic and sometimes sadistic. He works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab. He hates his job and performs it with a lack of enthusiasm. He is an arrogant, dry artist and musician, who paint himself in portraits.


Sandra Jennifer Cheeks or Sandy (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence) is a squirrel who lives in an air-filled glass dome and wears a diving suit to breathe under water. Sandy comes from the state of Texas. She is a talented scientist and explorer who came to Bikini Bottom to study the creatures of sea and their way of living. She is extremely fond of playing sports and karate.


The character of Mrs. Puff is dubbed by Mary Jo Catlett. She is paranoid porcupinefish who wears a sailor uniform. She is SpongeBob’s teacher at boating school where she teaches him driving underwater boat like cars.


Sheldon Plankton (voiced by Mr. Lawrence) and Karen Plankton (voiced by Jill Talley) are the owners of the Chum Bucket restaurant. Plankton is a small planktonic copepod while Karen is a waterproof super computer. As a computer, Karen is the most clever and smartest resident of Bikini Bottom. Karen also works as cashier and chef in her own restaurant. Plankton is jealous of Krab and his success. He is power-hungry. His main goal is to steal Krab’s secret recipes of Krabby patties.


Lori Alan gives his voice to Pearl Krab. Pearl is a young whale who lives with her father “Mr. Krab”. Pearl has grey skin and she is tallest out of all the Bikini Bottom residents, with blonde colored pony-tail which she ties with a pink scrunchie.


Garold or Gary (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a SpongeBob’s pet sea snail, lives with him in pineapple house. Gary has a pink shell with purplish-blue spots and red spiral on it. SpongeBob sometimes asks Gary to help him when no one else is there.


Is Bikini Bottom a real place?

No, Bikini Bottom is a fictitious place, which took inspiration from the real life location of Bikini Atoll, a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean.

Why did Stephen Hillenburg create this series?

Stephen Hillenburg was himself a marine biologist. He wanted to create something of his own. SpongeBob actually looked like a real sea sponge, as befitted his educational role.


The creator of this extra ordinary series is Stephen Hillenburg. SpongeBob Squarepants is undoubtedly one of the most lovable series which has been awarded many times. All the characters are amazing. And yes, most importantly this series is now 20 years old and it shows no sign to end soon, so enjoy watching it!


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