Friends Halloween episode was aired in 2001. It was the sixth episode of season 8. Chandler and Monica threw a Halloween party into their apartment. The whole episode revolving around 6 friends and their comedy punches that would be enjoyed throughout the episode.

About friends:

Friends is an American sitcom series that consists of ten seasons. The series was first released on September 22, 1994, on NBC, it has been running for 11 years. On May 6, 2004, the last episode of this popular series was aired.

The series was based on six friends and their lives. Their names are:

  • Matthew Perry as Chandler
  • Courteney Cox as Monica Geller
  • Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani
  • Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe
  • Jennifer Aniston as Reichel Green
  • David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

The show is created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman under the banner of Warner bros. friends are among the top-rated shown and its last episode was watched by around 5.52 million Americans.

Halloween episode: (released in 2001)

Chandler and her wife Monica threw a Halloween party into their apartment. They invited all their friends along with their best friends’ joey, ross, Reichel, and Phoebe.

The is already crowded with guests, among their best friends Reichel reach first at the party she wore a black color dress but not as dresses as in Halloween. Monica opens the door for her and asked that why she did not wear a fancy dress. She replied, I am wearing a fancy dress soon I would not be fit in this dress, as she is pregnant.

As the Halloween festival was celebrated, while Reichel and Monica were talking, the door knocked, they are kids who came to get candies. Reichel request Monica to give those candies by herself as far as she got to know that she is pregnant, feel more parenting. Four kids come on the door; she gave 2 lollypops to each.

Meanwhile, phoebe reaches the party she wore a superwoman dress the three of them talk with each other. Monica wore a black women’s cat dress.

In the next scene, Ross reached the party. He wore a potato dress and an antenna over his head. Chandler came from the back and make fun of him by calling him ‘Doodie’. Ross declared that he is a ‘Russian spud nick’ but chandler continuously makes fun of him that irritates him.

Right after Ross, Joey reached the party in a normal dress. Monica asked him that why he did not wear fancy dress, he gave a very funny reply. He said he wears, as he is Chandler HaHaHaHaHa…. Then he makes a funny face and acts like he is Chandler.

In the next scene, Monica and Joey talk to each other and Monica said that Ross is stronger than Chandler and Joey. By listening to this Chandler gets angry with her wife for not taking his name. then they decided to held an arm match between Chandler and Ross that declare who is strong.

Some of them were in chandler’s favor and some in Ross favor, although the match was going to be a tie Ross wins the match because he convinced Chandler to defeat himself as his girlfriend in the party and it would be embarrassing for him if he loses, in return Ross admit that he is a doodie.

In another scene, Monica calls Joey and asked him who is good in the fight cat women or a supergirl, he said: of course cat’s women hands down but between you and phoebe, I give an edge to phoebe. Because she has done street and her crazy temper is more than Monica. Monica gets upset by this, in meanwhile phoebe join them and show her thought about her sister’s fiancé as she has impressed by his personality.

On the other hand, Reichel gives all the candies to a cute little girl because she said ‘I love you’ to Reichel and now she has no more candies to give other kids so she decided to give money in form of a cheque as she has no cash in her bag. She spent 80 bugs on kids, which is a lot then she brought more candies from Gunther.

The door knocks again and a kind stands outside, Reichel gives him some candies but he refuses and asks for money as he listened from kids that she gives money rather than sweets. The kid becomes angry and said ‘shut up’ to Reichel in return she also said ‘shut up’ to him. In end, the kids went away while crying that makes her upset. (the episode continues)

The spotlight part of Halloween:

the spotlight section of the episode of the American sitcom series friends “Halloween” is the armed fight between Ross and Chandler, to learn this section in detail:

chandler tease Ross calling him doodie, in return Ross called him a funny pink bunny who wore this dress at his wife’s insistence. Chandler makes him angrier by said ‘you are flushing’. A meanwhile Joey and Monica talk with each other, they have a general conversation during which she said Ross is stronger among the three of them except Joey. Actually, she was talking about Chandler, Joey, and Ross
Chandler gets upset with this statement and pushes Ross by his shoulder. Eventually, they start fighting with each other. Reichel interrupts them to resolve this dispute but Joey takes her out because he was enjoying fighting.

Mona who is Ross’s girlfriend suggests an armed fight to them. They agreed and sit at a table, Joey asked what the winner get, they said: “Pride and Dignity”.

The arm-wrestling started and they both give their best to win it, their arms stand in one position and nobody is going to win. Mona said to Joey that they both are very strong in return Joey said and weak too. Monica and phoebe make fun of chandler because he makes funny faces while wrestling. The fighting gets over with an agreement that Ross admits that he is a doodie and chandler giver up because Ross’s girlfriend is here and he doesn’t want to lose his pride in front of her.

When Ross win, Mona praised him.

End of Halloween episode:

When Ross wins the match, Monica said to chandler about losing the fight. He told her that he loses because of an agreement they did while fighting and it was not a genuine defeat, he also asked Ross to told her about their agreement.

Chandler and Monica argued and they decided to arm fight with each other, which declare who is stronger and guess what, Monica win.

With their fight ends “Friends Halloween” episode also ends.

Summary: Halloween is one of the funny and interesting episodes of the sitcom series friends. Monica and chandler through a Halloween party into her apartment, they invited all friends including their best friends. Lots of things happened in the episode like Racheal’s candy distribution, chandler’s and ross’s arm fight, and conversation between phoebe, Monica, and joey. read the above article to know in detail.


The frequently asked questions regarding the topic “Friends Halloween episode” are given below.

1. Why did Monica choose a bunny costume for Chandler?

Monica was inspired by her childhood storybook “Velveteen rabbit” so, she wants chandler to dress up like this but unfortunately, she did not find a Velveteen rabbit costume although, she got a pink bunny.

2. Who was Ross’s date in the Halloween episode?

Mona is the girlfriend of Ross and she was also invited to the Halloween party. She was the first person who correctly guessed Ross costume. Ross was also worried because Joey was taking interest in his girlfriend, he doesn’t want to lose her.

3. What is the child to whom Reichel gives all the candy dressed up?

When a cute little girl knocks at the door, Reichel gives her one candy. She dresses like a fairy, when she danced in front of her she gives one more candy to her in return little girl said “I love you” that makes her emotional and she rebuts candy bowl into her bag.

4. Who does Joey marry in friends?

Joey is the only one who never married anyone, the reason is the fear of commitment. He proposed phoebe and Reichel but unfortunately, nothing happened with it. He engaged Alex but it has not worked as well.

5. What costume does Mona wear?

In the Halloween episode, Mona who is a girlfriend of Ross was dressed as a nurse that looks simply marvelous. Ross dressed as a potato who wears an antenna over his head, he called himself a Russian spud nick.


To conclude the above article called “Friends Halloween episode”, it is funny and full of an entertaining show that was on aired in 2001. Chandler and Monica threw a Halloween party into their apartment and called all their friends including Ross, Phoebe, Reichel, and Joey. the whole episode is showing a bond between them although they bully each other such as chandler call Ross doodie because he dressed potato wearing an antenna over his head, in return he calls chandler pink bunny. Monica bullies her husband by saying Ross is stronger than him. Many other moments can be enjoyed while watching the episode.

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