How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there?

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there? The anime hunter x hunter is of 148 episodes based on 6 seasons. It comes under the list of best anime TV series of 2011-2014.

Out of 148 episodes of Hunter X Hunter 6 seasons, there is a list of scenes, characters, plots, and so much thrill is waiting for you.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:hunter x hunter:

The best anime hunter x hunter is a series that is famous because of its incredible 6 seasons of 2014 which is part 2 of the H X H. It comes back after 1999 and the show was exceptional from the previous one.

H X H is best because it has proved best in:








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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Why you should watch hunter x hunter series?

  • Because hunter x hunter is a show full of thrillers and out of 148 episodes each of them is the attention-grabbing episode.
  • The creator of the show HXH has so much potential to elaborate his imagination
  • Series is a complete package of powerful roles, graphics, demonstrations, etc.
  • Hunter x Hunter is coming under the list of 5 top anime series.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:hunter x hunter seasons and episodes overall:

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there? Episodes and titles of HXH? The show developer creates scenes and divides them into arcs, episodes, and seasons. Each episode has a title that gives a blurred idea of the story.

The rough chart will demonstrate the episode’s division according to the arcs.

No. :writing_hand:t2: Name of Arc: :question: Actual aired date: :open_book: Actual ended date :small_red_triangle_down: Aired date in English: :point_right:t2: Ended date in English: :small_orange_diamond: :arrow_right: Episodes: :clapper:
01) Hunter Exam :clapper: October 2, the year 2011 April 8 in 2012 April 16 and 2016 16 April 2016 November 5, and the year 2016
02) Heavens Arena :clapper: April 15, the year 2012 July 8 in 2012 November 12 and 2016 12 November 2016 February 11, and the year 2017
03) Phantom Troupe :clapper: July 15, the year 2012 December 9 in 2012 February 18 and 2017 18 February 2017 July 15, and the year 2017
04) Greed Island :clapper: December 16, the year 2012 April 14 in 2013 July 22 and 2017 22 July 2017 December 2, and the year 2017
05) Chimera Ant :clapper: April 21, the year 2013 July 2 in 2014 December 9 and 2017 9 December 2017 March 30, and the year 2019
06) Election :clapper: July 8, the year 2014 September 24 in 2014 April 6 and 2019 6 April 2019 June 22, and the year 2019

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:small_orange_diamond: hunter exam arc:

1) Departure And Friends
2) Test of Tests
3) Rivals for Survival
4) Hope and Ambition
5) Hisoka is Sneaky
6) A Surprising Challenge
7) Showdown On The Airship
8) Decision By Majority?
9) Beware Of Prisoners
10) Trick To The Trick
11) Trouble With The Gamble
13) Last Test Of Resolve
14) Letter From Gon
15) Hit The Target
16) Scramble Of Deception
17) Defeat And Disgrace
18) Trap In The Hole
19) Big Time Interview
20) Can’t Win But Can’t Lose
21) Baffling Turn Of Events
22) Some Brother Trouble
23) A Dangerous Watchdog
24) The Guard’s Duty
25) The Zoldyck Family
26) Can’t See If You’re Blind
27) Then and After

:small_orange_diamond:Heavens Arena arc:

(1) Arrival At The Arena
(2) Nen And Nen
(3) Awakening And Potential
(4) Fierce And Ferocious
(5) Destiny And Tenacity
(6) A Surprising Win
(7) An Empty Threat
(8) Power To Avenge
(9) The True Pass
(10) A Big Debt And A Small Kick
(11) Ging And Gon
(12) Reply From Dad

:small_orange_diamond:Phantom Troupe arc:

EPISODES OF phantom TROUPE ARC :arrow_right: EPISODE TITLES: :point_right:t2:
01 Wish And Promise
02 Nen Users Unite?
03 Gathering Of Heroes
04 Defend And Attack
05 A Shocking Tragedy
06 Buildup To A Fierce Battle
07 Restraint And Vow
08 Chasing And Waiting
09 Condition And Condition
10 Very Sharp Eye
11 Pursuit And Analysis
12 Ally And Sword
13 A Brutal Battlefield
14 Assault And Impact
15 Fake And Psyche
16 Fortunes Aren’t Right?
17 Allies And Lies
18 Beloved And Beleaguered
19 Initiative And Law
20 Signal To Retreat

:small_orange_diamond:Greed Island arc:

EPISODES OF GREEN ISLAND ARC: :arrow_right: EPISODE TITLE: :point_right:t2:
(1) Bid And Haste
(2) End And Beginning
(3) Invitation And Friend
(4) Reality And Raw
(5) A Hard Master
(6) Strengthen And Threaten
(7) Evil Fist And Rock-Paper-Scissors
(8) Strategy And Scheme
(9) 15 15
(10) Pirates And Guesses
(11) A Heated Showdown
(12) Guts And Courage
(13) Bargain And Deal
(14) Chase And Chance
(15) Insanity And Sanity
(16) Victor And Loser
(17) Ging’s Friends And True Friends

:small_orange_diamond:Chimera Ant arc:

EPISODES OF CHIMERA ANT ARC: :arrow_right: EPISODE’S TITLE: :point_right:t2:
EP-1 Reunion And Understanding
EP-2 Unease And Sighting
EP-3 Very Rapid Reproduction
EP-4 No Good NGL
EP-5 Evil And Terrible
EP-6 The Fight Begins
EP-7 Kite And Slots
EP-8 Inspiration To Evolve
EP-9 A Fated Awakening
EP-10 Light And Darkness
EP-11 Promise And Reunion
EP-12 Duel And Escape
EP-13 Rock-Paper-Scissors And Weakness
EP-14 Compassion And Strength
EP-15 Interest And Curse
EP-16 The Strong And The Weak
EP-17 One Wish And Two Promises
EP-18 Date With Palm
EP-19 Friend And Journey
EP-20 Grudge And Dread
EP-21 A Lawless Home
EP-22 Carnage And Devastation
EP-23 Infiltration And Selection
EP-24 Combination And Evolution
EP-25 Tracking And Pursuit
EP-26 IPower And Games
EP-27 Power And Games
EP-26 IPower And Games
EP-27 Power And Games
EP-28 Check And Mate
EP-29 Doubt And Hesitation
EP-30 Resolve And Awakening
EP-31 Knov And Morel
EP-32 Return And Retire
EP-33 Gungi Of Komugi
EP-34 Taking Stock And Taking Action
EP-35 Confusion And Expectation
EP-36 Charge And Invade
EP-37 Monster And Monster
EP-38 An Indebted Insect
EP-39 Divide And Conquer
EP-40 Duty And Question
EP-41 Revenge And Recovery
EP-42 Insult And Payback
EP-43 A False Rage
EP-44 Strong Or Weak
EP-45 Fake And Real
EP-46 Defeat And Dignity
EP-47 Pose And Name
EP-48 Centipede And Memory
EP-49 Breakdown And Awakening
EP-50 Zero And Rose
EP-51 Hostility And Determination
EP-52 Unparalleled Joy And Unconditional Love
EP-53 Formidable Enemy And Clear Objective
EP-54 Magic Of Despair
EP-55 Flash And Trigger
EP-56 Deadline To Live
EP-57 This Day And This Moment
EP-58 This Day And This Moment
EP-60 Homecoming And Real Name

:small_orange_diamond:Election arc:

EPISODES OF ELECTION ARC: :arrow_right: EPISODE’S TITLE: :point_right:t2:
01. Debate Among Zodiacs
02. Plea And Favor
03. Alluka And That Thing
04. Join Battle and Open Battle
05. Magician And Butler
06. Needle And Debt
07. Sin And Claw
08. Approval And Coalition
09. Defeat And Reunion
10. Chairman And Release
11. Salvation And Future
12. Past And Future

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:hunter x hunter series theme:

The music theme of the hunter x hunter series has music sung by a number of singers on different occasions and scenes in almost all seasons. Here is the detailed chart.

HXH episode songs names: Singer Name: Episodes of H X H:
Just Awake By: Japanese band EP: 1-26
Departure (2 versions) By: Galneryus
Hunting for Your Dream By: Galneryus EP: 27-58
Reason By: Yuzu (Japanese) EP: 59-75
Nagareboshi Kirari By: Yuzu EP: 76-98
Hyōri Ittai By: Yuzu EP: 99-146

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:heavy_check_mark:Frequently ask questions:

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there? The answer is 6. The answer to the rest of the questions regarding hunter x hunter seasons is here.

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there on hulu :question:

There are 58 episodes consisting of 3 seasons out of 6 of the series H X H is on the Hulu platform.

Does Hulu have all of Hunter x Hunter? Nope! Still, there are 3 more seasons that are not available on the platform.

Q. Which is better Hunter x Hunter 1999 or 2011? :question:

There are a total of 3 seasons that are on-air that consist of 58 episodes of HXH. There was so much pressure from the Industry that there was a huge demand for the chapter.

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there on crunchyrol :question:

No! Crunchyroll does not have anime episodes. You can go to Hulu or Netflix option.

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there in 2011?

The 2 parts of hxh are different. The 2011 version of hunter x hunter was welcomed by the public in huge amounts. But the 1999 version of it was also got succeed. It is just like the second version was best as a whole and the first one got an appreciation for 1st scenes.

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there 2019 :question:

Netflix had a total of 3 seasons of the hunter in the year 2019.

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there on funimation :question:

Does Funimation have all seasons of Hunter x Hunter? Yes, all seasons that include 148 EP are available on the platform “Funimation”.

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there on tubi :question:

Does Tubi have all of Hunter x Hunter? Tubi is offering free services to users to make joy easy for anime fans. It has all episodes.

Further, you can go with the following options to watch H X H.

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Tubi
  • Adult Swim
  • Crunchyroll

Q. how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there in English :question:

Out of 148 episodes of Hunter x Hunter, how many have been dubbed in English till now? Not all the hunter hunter scenes have dubbed in English. Few episodes might be there in English but not all.

Q. **Is Hunter x Hunter a rip off of Naruto :question:**

There are so many areas that give a reflection of similarity between Naruto and hunter hunter. Some similar arcs are listed here as they share so many similarities when compared. These are:

HXH: Naruto:
Water Divination Chakra nature paper test
Nen Chakra
Hisoka + Illumi Orichimaru
Illumi Itachi + Neji
Naruto Gon
Biscuit Krueger Tsunade
Tonpa Kabuto
Kurapika + Killua Sasuke
Scarlet Eyes Sharingan
Phantom Troupe Akatsuki

Q. Should I watch Hunter X Hunter or not :question:

Watch hunter x hunter because it has:

  1. Deep and potential characters.
  2. Have sight of love couples.
  3. Exciting scenes are crowded throughout the whole series.


:writing_hand:t2:Hunter X Hunter is the most loved TV series of the years 1999 and 2011.

H X H writers have created so many other series which got equal success as this show did. The public already knows How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there? Still, they are searching for more and keeping themselves updated regarding the show’s return.