How Many Episodes In Naruto

How Many Episodes In Naruto

Are there too many episodes in Naruto?

Naruto has 220 episodes.

Naruto Season 1: Episode 125

Naruto Season 2: Episode 2652

Naruto Season 3: Episode 5378

Naruto Season 4: Episode 79 104

Naruto Season 5: Episode 105 130.

Naruto Season 6: Episode 131 156.

Naruto Season 7: Episode 157 182.

Naruto Season 8: Episode 183 208.

Naruto Season 9: Episode 209 220.

Naruto Shippuuden has 215 episodes so far. There are new episodes every week. The series is still going on.

Naruto Shipping, Season 1: Episode 132

Naruto Shipping, Season 2: Episode 3353.

Naruto Shipping, Season 3: Episode 5471.

Naruto Shipping, Season 4: Episode 7288.

Naruto Shipping, Season 5: Episode 89 112.

Naruto Ship Season 6: Episode 113-143.

Naruto Ship Season 7: Episode 144 151.

Naruto Ship Season 8: Episode 152 175.

Naruto Ship Season 9: Episode 176 196.

Naruto Ship Season 10: Episode 197

How Many Episodes In Naruto

How Many Episodes In Naruto

Naruto Season 5 Episode 1

Naruto Season 4 Episode 1

There are 220 in Naruto and 215 in Naruto Sheppoden (hence the 445 episodes in both series), but Shepoden is still in sight. 215 aired a few days ago and new episodes air every week. So you're less than 100 episodes away from Shippuden, but that's not the end of the series.

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How many episodes are there in Naruto?

How many episodes are there in Naruto and Naruto ship? There is no movie in it! I'm on Naruto Ship Episode 123, am I nearing the end or is VVVVERRRRY far from it?

Naruto = 220

Naruto Ship = 215 for now (more to come!)

All together = 435 (I think)

How Many Episodes In Naruto

How Many Episodes In Naruto

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220 episodes and 9 seasons.

This corresponds to countless chapters at intervals of 2.5 years. In other words, it's a fill-in and the manga ends with a mobile phone around Episode 140, so now wait a while with Manga Part 2 so it doesn't reach the mobile phone.

How Many Episodes In Naruto