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Nick Jr. Face was a Nick Jr’s animated host in a program that was aired on Nickelodeon, on weekdays in America. It was designed for preschool kids from ages 2 to 6. The Nic Jr. Face is mostly seen singing songs and making announcements about the upcoming TV program. he can also change his color along with gestures.


The face was Nick Jr.'s mascot from September 1994 to October 2004. Piper replaced Face as the show’s new host from 2004 through 2007. He regularly sang songs and announced the impending television show. He’d occasionally engage with a Nick Jr. character (typically from the show he’s introducing), such as Blue and Periwinkle from Blue’s Clues, the title character from Little Bill, Bob from Bob the Builder (from offscreen), or Philomena Fly from What’s the Buzz with Philomena Fly. His hallmark phrase was his mimic trumpet noises, which he regularly made after uttering the programming block’s name (“Too too toot”).

1. Nick Jr Shows

The programming block of Nick Jr was premiered in 1988. As mentioned earlier the show was created for the pre-school kids. Nick Jr. Face has worked here as an animated host of the block.

1.2 Grow, Learn, and Play

A new series Cappelli and Company premiered in 1993 that was featuring a new Nick Jr. logo. That logo was containing an orange parent with a blue child. The slogan of this show was Grow, Learn and Play. In this, a female announcer was also added.

Frank Cappelli was the host of the show. They further added shorts from The Jim Henson Company in the show timing. A sub-block was also created later by adding the Muppet Show in it. This show was broadcasted from 1993 till September 1994.

1.3 Play to Learn

Face, the animated host was rebranded and reintroduced by the channel on September 1994. His task was to introduce any upcoming show and to announce the commercial break. He was designed to give different performances. The face was seen this time capable of appearing as objects like an astronaut, a robot, a window, a clown, wood, and even the traffic light.

He was given the ability to create different voices and sound effects. Like a signature three-note trumpet sound that he created after every bumper. He was seen changing his colors as well with the changing moods and feelings. This show was aired from 1994 to August 2003. Chris Phillis gave his voiceover to the Face.

1.4 Nick Jr. Play-Along

Back in 2003, new interstitial series was launched that was named Nick Jr. Play-Along. Zack and Robin were the two hosts of the show. This time they also included two puppets known as Feetbeats.

It ended on October 2004. This time the face appeared with new looks. His face now had a chin with the addition of the eyebrows. The voice-over to Nick Jr Face was given by Babi Floyd, who was an announcer on Nick on CBS.

1.5 Love to Play

Another rebrand interstitial was received by Nick Jr. on October 2004. This was produced by Little Airplane Productions. The new host was Piper O Possum. The new slogan this time was “Love to Play”. While the new announcers were Kobie Powell and Chris Phillips. These interstitials ended after three years in 2007.

1.6 Play with Us

Another rebrand was started by Nick Jr. for TV. In this block, the preschool kids were attracted to the slogan “Play with Us”. The new logo of Nick Jr. was created in the form of animated animals**. It was aired on September 2007 till 2009. In these interstitials, they have not added any host for the first time.**

1.7 Nickelodeon Play Date

The new Nick Jr’s block was rebranded on February 2009. It was named Nickelodeon Play Date. Many bumpers were featured this time. For example finger puppets and drawings etc. Nicolette Pierini was the announcer.

In the same year, a new branding replaced it with the name “Nick: The Smart Place to Play”. It was screened till May 2014.

1.8 Return of the Nick Jr. Branding

It was May 2014, when the block of the Nickelodeon preschool was rebranded with its old name of Nick Jr. They made use of **“Only on Nick “**at the end of the commercials and programs to differentiate between the titles. They also redesigned their website to create a match with the Nick Jr. app. On the 21st of May 2018, they started calling their Nick Jr. to block “Nick Jr. on Nick”.

1.9 Other Names of the Nick Jr Shows

There have been different names for this show at different times like;

  • Nickelodeon’s Play Date from 2009-12
  • Nick: The Smart Place to Play from 2012 to 2014
  • Nick Jr. On Nick from 2014 to 2019

1.10 Slogans

There had been different slogans that were used in the Nick Jr. show, as they kept changing every time with its rebranding.

  • Nick Jr.’s Just for You. 1988-91

  • Nick Jr. Is Here Just For You. 1991-93

  • Grow Learn And Play 1993-1994

  • Play To Learn 1994-2003

  • TV For The Next Generation 1994-96

  • TV Made Just For The Pre-Schoolers 1996-1998

  • Just For Me 1998-2001

  • Where I Play To Learn 2003-04

  • Love To Play 2004-07

  • Play With Us 07-09

  • It’s like Preschool On TV from 09-12

  • The Smart Place To Play 12-18.

  • Ready To Play 2018-


The happy smiling animated face was the host of Nick Jr. an American preschool kid’s show. The show had many segments. The Nick Jr. Face used to sing songs and announced the upcoming program on TV. The show was relaunched many times with different names and different slogans to grab the attention of the kids.

2. Face: The Animated Host of Nick Jr.

The face is the animated host of the Nick Jr show. He is shown as the happiest and funny face. The face is simple with black smiling eyes and a smiling mouth.

He appeared as a host on Nick Jr. from 1994 to 2004. Later he was replaced by Piper as a new host.

He usually gives his entry on screen with the quote “Hi there! Face here”. He still is seen in the games that are available on Nick Jr.’s website.

2.1 Nick Jr. Face Voice-Over

Chris Phillips gave his voice to Nick Jr.'s Face from 1994 to 2003. While Jody Nazzaro and Jun Mizumachi were the voice-over artists of Nick Jr.Face from 2003 to 2004.

2.3 The Face’s Last Appearance

The show in which Face appeared for the last time was aired on 12th September 2004. They tried to redesign their Face appearance in 2003, in which they treated his brows, eyes, and mouth. But due to a poor response, they soon reused the old version of Nick Jr.'s Face.

2.4 Face Reappearances in Nick Jr.

Later in 2012, a New Year edition was aired by the name “The ’90s Are All That” in which Face gave its appearance.

In 2016 Face again gave his appearance in the Easter promo that was for “The Splat”.


Face is the only mascot of Nick Jr. that remained in the show for more than three years. Later in 2004, he was replaced by Piper Possum as a host. Though he gave his reappearance in “The 90’s Are All That” and the promo of “The Splat” in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

3 Children’s Psychological Response About Nic Jr. Face

There have been reported some issues related to the appearance of the Face. The kids who have autism were found scared of the Nick Jr.Face.

4 Nick Jr. Face Game

Nick Jr. launched the “Face Alphabet” game on their site in 1999. In this game, kids used to learn the alphabet. To teach the alphabet animals and different other objects were used. Today this game can be watched on YouTube. Otherwise, you will need to download it from the website, which is not recommended by the experts due to doubts about computer hazards.

#health # 5 Nick Jr. Face With His Different Features

5.1 Nick Jr. Face Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Sometimes Nick Jr.'s Face is shown eating a sandwich. While eating it he says “Hi there! It’s me Face; I am eating my favorite sandwich in the whole world peanut butter and banana. I want peanut butter and banana sandwiches but they are gooey you are watching the one and only Nick Jr.”.

5.2 Nick Jr. Face Potatoes

In this segment, Face was seen on the screen along with the potatoes, which come forth one by one. Then he counts the potatoes. So counting was done here.

5.3 Nick Jr. Face Many Faces

Nick Jr.Face has been shown making different types of faces like a happy face, red face, purple face or blue face and funny face, and so on.

5.4 Nick Jr. Face New Trick

In this segment, Face shows a trick he says “Hi there it’s me Face hey look at my new trick okay here goes hey wanna see that again ah. Whatever you listen making me busy. Now I am ready to watch the next show I am Nick Jr.” Saying this his mouth starts rotating and the eyes change into radiating circles.

5.5 Nick Jr. Face Sings Types

The face is often singing a different variety of songs like;

“Hi there! Face here I am singing opera, la la la la, and country in rock and roll”.

a. Nick Jr. Face Goodbye Song

The Face sings his goodbye song like that:
“Hi there! The face here is time to say goodbye but you know what there’s a time for one it’s called my very very short goodbye song here it goes, (bye bye good bye bye boy good boy so long see you later on Nick Juniors video)”.

b. Nick Jr. Face Birthday Song

Nick Jr. sings the birthday song every day by calling the date of that day. Here he sings “Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday from me to you”.

5.6 Nick Jr. Face Monster:

In this Face changes his gestures and tries to make it like a monster. Then he says,

“Hi, there! It’s me Face face the monster oh can you make a monster face how about this one here is my favorite Wrangler I better keep practicing your monster face because coming up next is a story about the monsters”.

5.7 Nick Jr. Face Busytown

Following is how Nick Jr. Face talks about Busytown,

“ Hi, there it’s my face you know Huckle act and lowly worms they live in a busy town where they are always so busy busy busy busy playing catching in busy flying kites, or just busy being busy in Busytown and they are coming next on busy world of Richard Scarry here on Nick Jr”.


Following are the frequently asked questions about Nick Jr.'s Face;

1. What happened to Face on Nick Jr?

Nick Jr. Face appeared on the Nick Jr. Show as a host from 1994 to 2004. But from 2004 onward he was replaced by another animated host known as Piper.

2. When was Face on Nick Jr ?

The face was the host of the Nickelodeon channel block and appeared for the first time on the 5th of September 1994.

3. Who was the voice of Face on Nick Jr?

Chris Phillips, Jody Nazzaro, and Jun Mizumachi gave the voice-over to the Nick Jr.Face at different times.


Nickelodeon launched a preschool block on its channel. There were many segments on this block. It was first aired in 1988. They created an animated cartoon host for the show that was known as Face. Nick Jr.'s Face was happy to face with many emotions on his face at different times. He could change his gestures according to his mood and also the color. He occasionally sings the songs as well. He remained the host of the Nick Jr. till 2004.

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