Periwinkle Blue Clues

Periwinkle Blue’s Clues is a cartoon character that was appeared for the first time in the cartoon series of “Blue’s Big Mystery”. The Periwinkle blue clue is a character of a male kitten, which is also known as “Peri”. The kitten Periwinkle, who is of a light purple color, was appeared in the third season of the show.

Background of periwinkle blue clues

Blue’s Clues is a popular animated television show with a preschool theme.

The Blue Clues Show:

The Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler and Angela Santomero are the creators of this television show. It was broadcasted on the Nick Jr. Channel.

The story of the show moves around the adventures of the Blue.

It was aired on television form 1996 to 2006.

Main Theme of the Show:

The main theme of the show was based on a world, inside which everything is made of paper, craft materials, cutouts and clays.

The presenter of the show is a human host. He uses to live in a yellow house. The house interior was shown made up of the anthropomorphic objects.

Steven Burns was the host of the show from 1996 to 2002. There were created animated characters that used to interact with the host on the screen.

Blue’s Big Mystery , Season 3:

The character of periwinkle was appeared on the screen for the first time in the third season of a television show Blue’s Clues.

It was aired on 25th September 2000 in United States. This season was written by Adam Peltzam while the director of the show was Koyalee Chanda.

Characters in the Show:

Following were the characters in the series ;


This is a character of a 5 year old female puppy. She has a light blue fur with dark blue spots on it. Traci Paige Jhonson gave the voice over for the character of Blue puppy.

She is shown as a loyal puppy that makes new friends without any hesitation.

Steve :

He is the host of the first four seasons of this show. He is also the master of the Blue. He is shown helpful and energetic.

Joe :

He is the host of the show how replaced Steve in the last two seasons.

Josh :

He as the host of the reboot series “blue’s clues and You”. He is a singer and he also is the cousin of Steve and Joe.


This is a mailbox installed on the path that is just in the front of the Blue’s Clues house. He is a cheerful mailbox. He has a purple color. Each day the mailbox delivers letter and the emails.

After receiving them the host also sings a song called Mail time.

Sidetable Drawer:

This is a drawer where is placed the Handy Dandy Notebook. This sidetable drawer is in the room that is lying to the left of the thinking chair.

Mr. Salt:

He is a salt shaker, and a home maker of the Blue’s Clues House.

He is responsible to make food for the other residents of the house. Mrs. Pepper is his Wife. They both had worked as a cook in the Paris.

Shovel and Pail:

Shovel and pail are the siblings ,they used to live in the garden of the Blues Clues House. They both are 6 years old. They love to build sand castles in the garden.

They both had a dream of becoming animal’s doctor in the future.

Tricky Tock :

She is a small alarm clock placed on the bed side table of the Blue’s Clues room. She is 5 years old. She is called as tickety for the reason as she is so short.

She loves to count things. She has the responsibility of ringing the bell each morning to wake up the residents of the house.

Slippery Soap:

This lavender colored soap bar is just 5 years old and lives in the bathroom of the blue’s clues house. He is always shown surrounded by the bubbles.

Felt friends:

This is a group of the children who are all common friends. They are shown made-up of the geometrical shapes.

Snail :

This snail is a pink garden snail. This is not a main character but appears hidden on the screen some three times in each episode.

Periwinkle (Debut):

Periwinkle is shown in the season 3, and is a 5 years old kitten. The Periwinkle has a long distance friend from the city known as Plum; he is a bird of purple color.

  • Kevin
  • Horace
  • Freddy
  • Duarte
  • Gopher
  • Squirrel

Periwinkle Blue Clues Storyline:

The storyline in this season includes the investigation of the fort, that was built by some anonymous behind the house of the Blue’s Clues.

Who is the Mystery Builder?

Mr. Salt and all of their friends try to investigate and solve the mystery.

Blues also asked the viewers to find out that who actually has built this fort.

Blue then also leaves her Paw-print on the screen, which he meant that they should play the Blue’ Clues. Steve brushed up the game’s rules that resulted in the steal of the paw-prints.

Steve shocked and investigate from the viewers that where has the paw print gone.

The viewers saw them that these prints have been shifted to the left side of the screen, and then they vanished by leaving scarce marks behind which also vanished later.


Using the tips of the Mr. Salt from the mysterious builder hunting season, Steve finds a leaf.

He matches it with different trees to find that out that to which tree exactly this leaf belongs. After finding the exact tree, he found some foot prints with the toes there.

Steve informs Blue that he has found his first clue. Steve further decides to follow the foot prints to investigate further.

He started following them and found them ending in a garden.

Pali was busy in watering his garden. Steve and his friend hide behind the tree. Then they found Tickety. She was playing games.

They requested Tickety to make her foot prints in the dirt so to compare it with those mysterious ones. But her foot prints didn’t match with the ones they were looking for. Later the other clue they found was a curvy skinny tail.

Now they were looking for just one more clue to solve the mystery.

The viewers saw the footprints on a path. These were starting from the stone wall.

They started following them, at a place they found them stopped and they were going in two different directions.

Steve come to know that these foot prints are the same which he found to which he had drawn on his not book.

Answer to Blue’s Clues:

After further investigation they collected clues include foot prints, a picture of pointed ears, and a curvy tail.

After analyzing their results they came to a conclusion that this is must be a kitten. As all of the clues are associated with the attributes, that can be in a kitten.

Then they started looking for that kitten, which they found pretty soon. Steve asked his name; in return the kitten asked their names.

After the introduction he told his name as Periwinkle. So he was the one building the fort outside the Blue’s house.

They all welcomed him to their neighborhood.

When was the Show aired?

The Blue’s Big Mystery show was aired in United States on 25th September 2000 on the Nickelodeon family of channels. While in United Kingdom on the 18th of September 2000.

In Which Episode Periwinkle was appeared?

Periwinkle was appeared in the 17th episode of the Blue Clues season 3.

The name of the Episode was “Blue’s Big Mystery”; while the question of the episode was “who is the mystery builder?”

Later he appeared in many episodes of the show. “Periwinkle Misses His Friends” was the 18th episode of the season 3. He moved from the city to the backside of the Blue’s house.

There he met new people and a new envoirment.

He actually had come from the city so this he always missed his friend Plum and his old house.

Characteristics of Periwinkle:

The Periwinkle is a small kitten who has a fur of a Periwinkle color, with this reference he is named Periwinkle.

He is a lavendery tabby kitten with a light shade of Periwinkle with purple triangles on his forehead and back. He has triangular shaped ears and a pink nose. He sometimes called as “Peri” by the host of the show Mr. Steve.

He had many hobbies including, putting on shows, magic tricks, and building fort. He has the talking ability unlike other characters of the show and further he also is bilingual. Periwinkle is an intelligent, playful and an energetic kitten.

He usually does the things he loves to do on grand scale. He also loves to hangout and collects things of his interest.

He has a long curly tail with four legs, while his feet are not shown with the visible toes. He also goes to a pre-school along with Magenta, Blue and other childers.

The famous Blue’s Clues show for kids, aired in the USA and UK consectively ; the character of the Periwinkle appeared in this show as a debut. One day Blue’s Clues finds that somebody is making a fort at the backyard of his house.

The entire neighborhood had no idea that who is building this fort. So they decided to investigate. For this purpose Mr. Salt provided his services along with his friends. They all collected the clues to reach to him, and finally succeeded in their mission.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are the frequently asked questions regarding Periwinkle Blue Clues;

1. Who is Periwinkle on Blue’s Clues?

Periwinkle is a small 5 years old kitten who was appeared in the third season of the “Blue’s clues show” in the neighborhood of the Blue. And has the ability to talk as well. He is very energetic a joyful kitten.

2. Is Periwinkle from Blue’s Clues is a boy?

The character of the Periwinkle in the Blue’s clues show is of a male kitten.

3. Is Periwinkle in the New Blue’s Clues?

The new season of the “Blue’s Clues and You” was announced in 2018, that was aired in November, showed much advances in the animations and the graphics. The kitten Periwinkle was seen missing in Action though.