Definition of Quality:

  1. Advanced level in manufacturing field or condition free from major defect, defect and deviation. This is achieved through strict and consistent compliance with certain standards that guarantee product consistency to meet the specific needs of the customer or user. ISO 84021986 defines quality as a set of features and characteristics of a product or service that supports the ability to meet certain requirements. When an automaker detects a fault in one of its cars and starts recalling the product, the user's reliability and, at the same time, loss of confidence in the quality of the car decreases.

  2. The quality of something, the degree of excellence of something, in relation to other things like that.

  3. Attributes or characteristics that belong to a person or thing.

Synonyms of Quality

Trait, Frame, Quirk, Idiosyncrasy, Fine, Supremacy, Delicacy, Sense, Idiosyncrasy, Standard, Grace, Importance, Sophistication, Badge, Idiocrasy, Way, Humor, Feel, Tastefulness, Daintiness, Merit, Note, Affection, Feature, Aroma, Impress, Upper class, Beneficialness, Worth, Lineaments, Cultivation, Pleasantness, Appreciation of excellence, Condition, Kindness, Profitableness, Civilizedness, Milieu, Grandeur, Character, Configuration, Fiber, Rank, Stripe, Royalty, Keynote, Niceness, Trick, Expedience, Level, Perfection, Hallmark, Calibre, Footing, Spirit, Taint, Specialty, Constituents, Value, Situation, Rank, Composition, Form, Figure, Shape, Overtone, Affirmation, Hue, Quirk, Agreeableness, Ethos, Property, Feature, Differential, Al, Classification, Element, Usefulness, Discrimination, Atmosphere, Status, Nobility, Birth, Status, Characteristics, Singularity, Point, Crasis, Grain, Advantageousness, Arete, Value, Vein, Facet, Aristocraticalness, Stamp, Impression, Worth, Diathesis, Genius, Helpfulness, Individualism, Trait, Character, Dignity, Graciousness, Make-up, Seal, Choiceness, Smack, Excellence, Particularity, Soundness, Grade A, Disposition, Gracefulness, Temper, Place, Parameter, Goodness, Goodliness, Excellency, Individuality, Auspiciousness, Gentry, Tendency, Blood, Capacity, Cast, Patriciate, Undertone, Graciosity, Tone, Standing, Honorable descent, Part, Good taste, Brand, Streak, Air, Index, Physique, Nicety, Side, Rewardingness, Mold, Subtlety, Aspect, Complexion, Temperament, Eminence, Cachet, Elite, Nature, State, Grade, Station, Virtuousness, Virtue, Characteristic, Kind, Predication, Fastidiousness, Favorableness, Dharma, First-rateness, Mark, Body-build, Refinement, First-class, Validity, Odor, Flavor, Wholeness, Tenor, Feeling, Earmark, Ilk, Polish, Healthiness, Position, Climate, Taste, Benevolence, Role, Blue blood, Flower, Ancestry, Distinctive feature, Grade, Superbness, Aura, Savor, Makeup, Prime, Marking, Culture, Gracility, Sort, Fineness, Stature, Constitution, Humors, Benignity, Type, Token, Elegance, Nature, Attribute, Prominence, Factor, Society, Condition, Peculiarity, Cut, First-rate, Constitution, Class, Property, Suchness, Relation, Streak, Somatotype, Distinction, Tang, Superior, Finesse, Cogency, Habit, Nobleness, Gentility, Skillfulness, Peculiarity, Superiority, Acquired taste, Genteelness, Aristocracy, Blue-ribbon, Class, System, Fairness, Desert, Gust, Cultivated taste, Differentia, Mannerism, Noble birth, Caliber, Characteristic, Civilized taste, Attribute

How to use Quality in a sentence?

  1. When buying diapers, it is important to find a good quality brand that protects baby's skin and prevents diaper rash.
  2. We are in a normal position to create fear and try to balance quality and quantity, and this is a complex but necessary challenge.
  3. Better quality products
  4. Demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  5. In customer service, quality is the key to success in our relationships with others and in our product line.

Meaning of Quality & Quality Definition

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What is pepperoni made of?


Quality Definition:

Features or advanced. Standards of products, services, etc. vs. products, services, etc. Similarly. Attributes or attributes that someone or something possesses.

An operating environment in which the company's products or services meet customer characteristics when first manufactured or delivered.

Meanings of Quality

  1. The degree of something, the degree of excellence of something compared to other things of the same thing.

  2. Specific attributes or characteristics of someone or something.



  1. Levels of attributes or virtues. The quality of Active, Service etc. is measured and Active, Service etc. is measured. A trait or attribute that a person or persons have.

  2. Quality can be defined as, An operating environment in which a business or service meets customer characteristics when deployed or deployed for the first time.

Meanings of Quality

  1. The degree of excellence of something in relation to other things of the same kind.

  2. Assign attributes or characteristics of someone or something.

  3. Excellent good quality.

Sentences of Quality

  1. Improved product quality

  2. He is a standard player

Synonyms of Quality

trademark, variety


Quality means,

  1. Attributes or degrees of virtue. The quality of ucto, service etc. is measured and an ucto, service etc. is measured. A feature or attribute that a person or persons have.